"Stories 18+" My son has just fucked me

Stories 18+ My son has just fucked me
Hi there , In the beginning this story just happened yesterday and i'm still in shock but i thought maybe i will share it with you guys 

this is my story about me and my son having sex with the first time ,but first my name is sarah i'm 31 years old mother i give birth of him when i was 16.

i left skool and start to make myself ready for him him i was trying to get in Fitness again so i did i have a sexy body with 36C boobs and a nice round ass well when he was 1 years old his dad left us so it was me and him alone after 3 years i had another baby but this time a girl i was so busy taking care of them and and work hard but yes i do masterbate when i'm alone at the house or whenever i find a chance 

well its all started when i started to use xhamster on his laptop and seen this stories between son and mother thing 

it really turned me on so bad my pussy was dripping wet when i read this thinking about it like it was my son and me 

so yesterday i was talking to people on here and read stories on his room he was at skool so i saw this really hot story and i read it i can tell my pussy want me to get my fingers on it so i got to my son bed and started to masterbate so hard on his own bed i was thinking about him and the story i orgasm like 4 times and still going 

but then at my 5th orgasm i have squirt so hard i got half of the bed wet i couldn't believe i just squirted on my son bed my body was in a mess so i got up off the bed and didn't notice that my son will be here soon 

i got to the shower to clean up and i was still horny as hell 15 minutes later i heard noise outside and i said oh my god my son will come to his room and see the bed i dressed up fast without any panties or bra's just t-shirt and shorts and runes to his room but it was too late he was standing there his eyes on his bed then i came in and he said what happened mom what happened to my bed?

i told him my soda fall at the bed i was just gonna clean it up so i toke the the wet covers and got out of his room 

at lunch my son came down to eat he looks like he mad at me so i said whats wrong jack? he said nothing mom 

i can tell there's something wrong so i asked again tell me boy he said ok i saw your porn site you lifted open on my laptop

at this moment my heart felt to the ground my face became red and i said no it just opened by itself i think you have a virus 

he said no why u say that is the virus made you an account too ? and opened son and mom story ? 

omg i was shacking as hell i told him i'm sorry that he saw that its my fault i wont do it again but he said its ok mom i forgive you 

then my daughter came down so we stop talking and started to eat he didn't say a word he was just keeps looking at me every time i looked to him he was looking back at me all day well after dinner i told my k**s to go to bed because they have skool the next day my daughter got to her room and closed the door and the light my son the same then i got to my room which next to my son room he said he is going to sleep 

but i heard him moving in there so i opened my door so careful i don't want him to hear me coming and opened the door so slow his bed was far away from the door so he didn't notice i just got in his room i saw him on his bed the light of his laptop made me see him he was closing his eyes but his hand wan moving under the blanket up and down now i know for sure he is masterbating 

i didn't knew what to do so i man up and turned on the lights and said what the hell you doing ? he just freaked out and froze i came closer to see what on his laptop screen and i saw the story the same story i was masterbating on 

that really turned me on but on the same time i said to myself this is wrong then he told me mom i'm sorry i'm so sorry i told him close this site young man so he did i told him to take on his underwear so i can talk to him he said i cant mom there's water all over my legs now it might get wet i said water ? he said water yes like the story says cum 

i said omg jack dont do that on the blanket i toke the blanket off him and there was cum everywhere on it and his legs and the most shocking thing he still have a hard on and his cock was looking at me and i was looking too 

i said go clean up ur legs he walked in front of my eyes with his little cute cock hanging on the air he got into the bathroom and well i could smell his cum from the blanket i lick it all fast and it taste amazing my pussy was so wet and red 

i did the best thing i ever had i got to the bathroom while my son on it and told him i have to pee he was getting out i said no keep cleaning i will pee and get out fast he said ok the mirror in the front of him was showing me i could see he was looking so i toke my shorts off and my panties and he was still looking i told him wanna take a close up look ? he didn't say anything just come near to me and looked down to my pussy and said mom its wet like the story says i say yeah its so wet wanna feel it ? 

he said ok he put his hand at my pussy and i was falling to the ground i said son why wont we go to my bed and do that there he said yes please mom 

we got out and he got on my bed so i did and without wasting anytime he got his hand at my pussy i said thats it my man rub it with your hand so he did 

i was enjoying this so much then he got his finger inside i can feel it but i did nothing after 5 min i orgasm and he was playing with his cock and rubbing me at the same time 

i told him stop and get this cock out he toke his underwear and i saw his cock and said oh jack can i help you with that before he say anything my mouth was sucking his cock 1 minute later he cum in my mouth i said hummm it taste so good jack 

he was still hard so he said mom can i see your chest ? i said come and take my shirt off and he did and when he saw my tits he said mom they are big i said thank you jack 

he started to fingering me again i closed my eyes then i'm felt a hot thing got in so i looked and there it was my son and his cock inside my pussy he saw me looking and said can i ? 
i said mhm so he kept get it in and out fast i was moaning but not loud because i don't want my daughter to hear 

then 2 minutes later he cum in my pussy i was wow his hot cum felt so good into me 

he said mom i have to pee i said ok go so he left me with his sperm coming out from my pussy 2 minutes later he came back with a hard on again i was laying there waiting for him and again he put his dick inside my pussy and kept fucking me he cum in me again 

i told him not to cum again inside me just cum on my tits face where ever you want so he did cum on my tits 4 more times and his cock wont get hard again so i told him to go to sleep because its getting late he have to go to skool tomorrow he said no i want sleep in your bed i said you cant do that jack your sister may come in and see us he said ok 

and got his underwear on and left me with his cum in my pussy and my tits i kept licking what i can lick and got into the shower cleaning up his cum from me and the next morning (today) we didn't talked about it but i'm sure at night this will happen all over again he is at skool now so i used his laptop to write this i hope you like it 

love u all and i hope u Enjoyed it