"Stories 18+" She saw him cum

Stories 18+ She saw him cum
Danny lay on his bed, stroking his cock off with wild abandon. His single minded purpose was to get off, shoot his creamy white wad to give himself comfort and release. His firm grip encircled his youthful manhood in a death-like grasp and his pumping had become a blur to the eye. Danny felt his balls retract as his scrotum began to tighten, and he knew he was close to cumming.

He was so focused on bringing about his release of sperm that Danny did not hear his bedroom door open, nor took any notice of it or the gasp of shock and total astonishment that escaped from his mother’s lips. He continued his hard labored handwork, determined to feel the hot, almost molten sensation as his sperm escaped the small slit of his pee-hole.

Pam, Danny's Mom, had come to retrieve his dirty laundry for wash day, and though his bedroom door was closed, never thought anything about it, and let herself in. Now, she thought the better of it, but it was far too late to turn time back. Stunned by what she saw, Pam was stunned motionless and silent. She watched her son writhing in his pleasure as he pushed and pulled his foreskin, the swollen head of his cock red hot looking from his manual manipulations.

Danny threw his head back with his eyes closed tightly shut. His face contorted into a fiendish grimace, and his mother knew from all her experience with men that her young son was so close to the verge of spilling his seed. Pam was stunned by how rapidly she felt herself becoming aroused by watching Danny, and had to force her perverted thoughts back into the dark recesses from which they surfaced.

His cock looked so magnificent Pam thought to herself. Her son’s length and girth were substantial and his thick pulsating head were bound to give any woman satisfaction. In the blink of an eye, she envisioned herself mounting her son’s cock, savoring the feel of it stretching her pussy open as it slowly eased inside her body.

Instantly, Pam was repulsed by the thought of fucking her son, unsure where and why the thought had occurred to her. There was no doubt that Pam would have to try and figure this aspect out, never having considered i****t to be a viable option. Yet, she could not deny the way her body responded. Pam felt that her nipples had grown erect and her clitoris was now engorged with her u*********s excitement.

Hidden inside her panties, Pam’s labia became thicker and warm, and she could sense her moisture begin to surface. There was nothing she could do to stop herself and felt almost nauseated because of it. Without warning, Danny’s cock erupted its contents, spewing forth a massive gob with small splatters following it.

Pam tried to react, but the gooey liquid projectile hit her on the bare thigh and was already running its way down her leg. Her son’s ejaculate continued to ooze from the tip of his cock as he milked himself, eventually spilling over his hand with a glistening translucency. Pam quickly backed out of Danny’s bedroom, swiftly closing the door and ran to her bedroom.

She grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the night table and proceeded to wipe away the blotch of her son’s cum from her leg. Small spots of wet fabric dotted her shorts near the area he had hit her, but Pam would have to let those dry and wash them later. The tissues were saturated and heavy with cum, and she could just smell the strong heady scent that Danny had deposited.

Hesitantly, Pam held the tissues close to her nose and took in her son’s scent. She knew that she may never have another chance like this again, and the overpowering urge was greater than the perverse aversion. Vowing to make it her secret, and never sharing it with a living sole, Pam sampled her son’s cum with her tongue and tasted his salty offering.

It was neither better nor worse than any other man’s cum she had tasted, its only uniqueness being from where it came from. Pam began to loath what she had just done and tried to suppress any further sexual thoughts. Quickly, she doffed both her stained shorts and moistened panties for cleaner items and buried them into the laundry hamper.

Pam looked into the full-length mirror mounted on the wall, and straightened out her shorts and top. Satisfied, she walked into the hallway just as Danny came out of his room. Still holding the cum soaked tissues in her clenched fist, Pam nearly jumped as she was startled by his appearance.

"Hey Mom!" Danny exclaimed as he saw her.

"Umm... hey there. I was just doing laundry patrol... got anything to contribute?" Pam asked.

"Just the usual, do you want me to get it?" He asked.

"Sure, bring it downstairs," Pam replied. "Are you okay; you looked a bit out of sorts?"

"Not sure, all of a sudden I feel really tired!" Danny stated.

"Huh? I wonder why?"

Pam tightened her grip on the tissues in her hand, feeling their sticky wetness in her palm. Obviously, she could understand why Danny felt so ‘tired,’ any man that shot such a large load would have turned over and gone to sleep by now. Pam smiled thinking of how Danny’s father felt so exhausted after he had cum inside her.

"Tell you what. Take your stuff downstairs and I’ll go make you the mother of all sandwiches!" Pam exclaimed.

"How did you know I was also hungry?"

"A mother always knows when to feed her man!"