Eric Dorrmann was in heaven. Or a sort of heaven anyway. After months of flirting with one of the trainers at the gym, a short, toned 20-something with dyed black hair named Nadia, he had bit the bullet and went for it. He walked right up and asked her if she might like to see his house sometime. 

She knew he was married but she did not give a damn. He was just over 40, kept himself in great shape, and she thought marriage was a joke anyway. If his wife wasn't hot enough to keep him interested that was hardly Nadia's concern. So she agreed on the spot, clocked out early, and the two raced back to his place.

Twenty minutes later, she was bouncing on top of him, her fake tits just barely swinging in time to the thrusts, keeping Eric mesmerized. He was fucking a twenty-five year old in the bed he shared with his wife and he could not have been more pleased with himself. 

Unbeknownst to the adulterous duo, Eric's 21 year old daughter Paige had decided to take an unscheduled sojourn home from college after her last course of the day was cancelled. With no Friday classes, she would not have to be back on campus until Monday and she knew she could not come back next weekend to celebrate her dad's birthday. So she thought this would be a nice surprise/an apology in advance for being too busy the following weekend.

She threw her bag down on the kitchen table and was about to shout upstairs that she was home when she heard it. A thumping noise. Groans. She was worried. What if someone was attacking her father? She knew he was in good shape, but if someone surprised him or there were multiple attackers... Without another thought she pulled the baseball bat from the front closet and ascended the stairs, heart racing, blood beating in her ears. She prepared to charge down the hall and save him when she heard something else.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Gimme that dick. Yeah. You like that, don't you? Mmmm. Fuck me!" came a female's voice from beyond the door. 

Paige blushed, embarrassed that she was so silly and what she almost did. But wait...that was not her mom's voice. She was sure of it. This voice had an accent...like Long Island maybe. What was going on here? Before she realized it, she was standing in the doorway of her parents' bedroom watching a spray tanned, fake titted woman bounce up and down on her father while her dad aggressively rubbed this other woman's clit.

"Oh god..." she whispered, horrified.

Her father heard her and sprang from the bed in a panic, nearly tossing the gym slut to the ground. Nadia recovered and saw the pale, stunned Paige in the hallway and smirked.

"Paige!" was all Eric could muster.

Nadia grabbed him and kissed him hard before gathering her stuff and walking out of the room, still naked. "Maybe later in the week then," she called over her shoulder as she brushed past Paige. In addition to Nadia not caring if someone was married, she sure as hell didn't care if she got caught fucking a married man. That was, by definition, somebody else's problem.

Both Paige and Eric remained rooted to their respective spots for a moment, neither sure what to do, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Paige broke first, running away from the bedroom with a sob. Eric pursued her in short order, so wrapped up in the moment that he neglected he was still naked and erect.

When he caught her and spun her around her eyes were already wet with tears, her mascara was trailing down her cheeks. She crumbled into him. Tall and athletic like her father, she had always had a reputation for a kind of feminine toughness that allowed her to be strong but still sexy. She was not used to showing weakness in front of anyone, but she could not help herself now.

Eric stroked her hair and urged her to calm down. When the sobbing stopped, he released her. She pushed him farther away, eyes now glowering.

"How could you?!" she demanded.

He pleaded, "Oh, baby girl...look, I know this must be devastating, but...it's complicated. I am begging you not to tell your mother. You can hate me. I'll understand if you do. But if you tell your mom it will destroy her, it will decimate our marriage, and it will ruin me."

"You had sex with someone else!" she yelled, hitting in the chest with her open hand, "How could you do that? How could you just go out and find some random stranger to cheat on mom with—"

"Baby girl, I am so—"

"—when, for years, I was right down the hall waiting for you?!"


"Oh come on, Dad. Don't be so dumb. I know you heard me moaning. I know you heard my vibrator buzzing. I know your heard the springs on my bed squeaking as I rode my dildo. Why do you think I was so loud? I kept hoping you'd come in and take what was yours. Instead, you settle for...that?! I mean, she had a nice body, but I am way hotter!"

"Paige," he began, befuddled, "you know...we cannot...I mean, you're my daughter and I—"

"So now you are moral?" she growled at him, stepping back into his personal space and shoved him slightly. 

Eric suddenly became very aware of his own nudity and tried to step away from her and cover himself. Her hand beat him to it, grabbing his still half stiff pole in her hands.

"Oh no...I just realized, Daddy...you never came did you?" she whispered, voice suddenly all apologetic regret, "I burst in and I totally left you high and dry. That's not a very appropriate way for a daughter to behave."

She stroked him slowly, staring into his eyes. Her green eyes were wide and twinkling, still glassy and red with tears. Her look of utter innocence was wildly out of step with what her hand was doing. Or, Eric realized, how fiercely the nipples atop her b-cup breasts were pushing through the fabric of her red ribbed tanktop.

"Wow...you must have had her sooooo wet, Daddy! I can feel her juice all over you."

"Well...umm...Paige, you need to—" he struggled to string together a coherent sentence.

"I know!" she said, a smile breaking across her face for the first time since she got home, "I can make it up to you Daddy." 

She dropped to her knees and pulled off her shirt in one fluid motion. Her firm braless tits bounced, her nipples briefly dancing up and down on his exposed thighs. Eric knew the breasts he was staring at belonged to his daughter, his little girl, but he could not look away. They were perfect. The right size, the right shape, high, proud, and topped by equally perfect rose colored nipples.

As her father stood in a breast-induced hazy, Paige took his cock deep into her mouth with a small satisfied moan. She felt him return to full rigidity in an instant, heard him gasp and exhale sharply. She pulled her head back and rolled her tongue around the head of his dick, ensnaring it like a boa constrictor might ensure its prey. Then, she took him even deeper than before, feeling the delightful stretching of the corners of her mouth and the loosening of her jaw. She repeated this several times until she was gagging on him and he was audibly rhythmically groaning in time to her oral acrobatics.

Paige let him slip entirely from her mouth with a pop and caught his cock in her hand. She marveled at its length and thickness and silently congratulated herself on being able to take on so much of it. She jerked the saliva soaked member as she stared up and her father towering above her. His face was a conflict mass of swirling emotions: fear, desire, confusion, guilt, and dread all compete for dominance over his handsome features. She smiled at him and licked her lips.

Then, in a little girl's voice she said, "Oh god, Daddy, I can taste her filth all over you."

She sucked him briefly before coming up for air again and assuring him, "Don't worry though...I've tasted pussy before."

She kissed the head and then let him see her pink tongue lick from his balls all the up the underside of the shaft before deep throating him again. Once more, she paused, and spoke to him, "Mmm...and she is one of the better tasting ones. I hope you got a chance to get a lick in."

She felt his cock jump in her grasp and saw the involuntary roll of his eyes upward and knew he was coming close. She returned to sucking him, using her hands more as well. He groaned and moaned. He shook with pleasure. Finally, he had no choice but to place both hands on the hallway wall to ensure his knees would not buckle. On her knees before him Paige happily sucked away, humming and moaning, her mouth filled with her father's adulterous and now i****tuous cock.

Eric made one last attempt to do the right thing, warning his daughter of his every nearing climax. "Oh god, baby girl, you have to stop. This isn't right."

She only shook her head and smiled around his dick.

"I'm serious. I—" he gasped, interrupting himself as she spit on his cock and rubbed it into the head before taking him deep once more. "God! Baby girl, please. If you don't stop I'll—"

"You'll do what?" she mumbled incomprehensibly around his thick member. She reluctantly extracted it from her mouth and tried again, dragging her dark red nails up and down his shaft, sending electric shocks of mild pleasure/pain through him. "You'll do what Daddy?" she repeated.

"Cummmmm," he moaned, eyes clenched tight, body rigid with a painful effort at self control and resistance, "I'll cum, Paige. If you don't stop, I'll cum in your mouth."

"Oh Daddy," she chastised him, "That's the whole point."

It was too much for Eric. He had been primed by the danger of fucking someone who wasn't his wife in his own bed, driven to full arousal by Nadia's talents and assets, and now... Whether or not the mouth around his dick belonged to his daughter was immaterial. It was a talent cock sucking mouth, the kind seemingly born for it with a long, playful tongue and thick full lips. Connected to a nearly perfect body, long, lean, with incredibly firm tits and talented hands. He could not resist. He was far too weak.

He began to grunt first, low guttural noises. No rhythm, no sense of humanity behind them. Just a****listic, full of want and need. Then, one hand came off the wall and reached down, tangling itself in Paige long curly chestnut locks. Eric began to fuck her mouth then, without concern for her connection to him, without concern for whether she wanted him to do it or not. She was something hot, warm, and wet and he would have her as he wanted her.

In response, she moaned and gagged but let him have his way. She enjoyed the feeling of almost suffocation as his cock filled her mouth and the sweet relief of air as he pulled back. Her lips felt larger than usual and sore and that too pleased her. She surreptitiously touched herself through her short vinyl athletic shorts, delighting and cursing the teasing feeling of almost enough friction against her clit.

Then, her father's breathing changed and he went silent but for quick gulps of air. He pulled her hair, hard and rough, towards him and her head, by necessity followed. She felt her nose tap his abdomen and began to gag and gasp around his dick. He did not pull back this time. Despite her enjoyment of his loss of control, she began to panic at her inability to get free. She looked up at his beseechingly but saw only pure, ugly, pitiless desire in her father's eyes. Even through the panic, it only fed Paige's desire further.

With a grunted, "Drink it!" and nothing more, he burst into her mouth. Thick, ropy shots of cum rapidly filling her throat, her cheeks, coating her tongue and teeth. She struggled to break free but Eric only tightened his grip. With no other choice, Paige began to take deep swallows suppressing all of her body's natural survival instincts to ensure her father's pleasure.

As he finished, his body went limp, his hand fell away. He stumbled back against the opposite wall, his tongue sliding free of his daughter's mouth. He felt thrilled, alive, satiated, and utterly sick. Paige remained on her knees, visibly gulping. Cum dripped down her chin from either side of her mouth in thick pearly lines. She wiped them off with the back of her left hand, then licked the hand clean, maintaining eye contact. Eric saw something that made her involuntarily quiver.

She rose to her feet then, all graceful lines, understated musculature and sinew. She walked towards him, her hips swaying side to side, her breasts rising and falling in tantalizing rhythm.

"Oooooo, Daddy," she moaned, "You were so rough with your little girl."

"Oh, god," Eric whispered, voice riddled with guilty pain, "I know. I'm so sorry. I just...I just lost it baby girl. I'm so sorry."

"I think I need a hug," she mumbled, suddenly only staring at the floor, and thrust her arms outward.

Not sure what else to do, he gave her just that, pulling her in close and gathering her in his arms. Her body was hot, almost feverish. He could feel his hard nipples press into him and tried to ignore how good it felt. She smelt great too, of clean sweat and mint bodywash. He pushed those thoughts away too. He had already gone too far....far, far too far. He had to be here for his daughter now then start to plan how he would live his life knowing he had sexually abused his daughter and forced him to swallow his seed.

"Daddy, was I bad? Is that why you were rough with me?"

"What? No, no, Paige. Don't be ridiculous. It had noth—"

"Was it because I've been with other girls? Because I've eaten pussy? And used double head dildos? And strap-ons? And ground my hot wet pussy against someone else's face? Or their hot wet pussies?"

Again he tried to reassure her, "You know I love regardless of who you're attracted to, honey. I would never do anything like what just happened because yo—"

He felt her hand on him then. First rubbing his back, then lightly walking fingers down his side and, finally, rubbing his cock in slow semi-circles. Despite himself, the talk of his daughter being with other women had somewhat aroused him and her hand only further that reaction. Within moments, he was 3/4 of the way hard already.

"Ooo, Daddy. I see that wasn't it at all, was it? You clearly don't mind if your little girl likes to play around with some friends do you?"

He gritted his teeth as her circles became tighter and firmer. His mind was still a mess. It did not even occur to him to push her away. Instead, his only thought was that if he could control the conversation, he would be okay. Unfortunately his first attempt at doing so yielded the question, "Who have you....been with?" The moment it tumbled from his mouth, he knew it was a terrible mistake. He also knew it was too late.

"Wellllllll," she cooed, "That's an interesting question for Daddy to ask his little girl."

He felt her run herself against his thigh before continuing.

"I am sure you are just looking out for me, right, Daddy? Just making sure I'm being safe?"

Eric tried to take it back, "You know, you're right. I shouldn't hav—"

"No, no. It's sweet," she claimed, "I appreciate that you are still looking out for me even though I'm an adult now. Cause we both know I'm sooooooo young in sooooo many ways that aren't my age."

She paused but started again before Eric could jump in. "There's been a lot, I admit," she whispered in a little girl ashamed kind of voice, "I've tried to be better, but..." She let that moment hang in the air, a pregnant pause rife with implication.

She continued, "I can tell you the important ones though, Daddy. You'd like that, right."

His cock twitched without his permission. He was frozen with horror at the way his body was betraying him.

"Mmm, I thought so," she giggled, "So there was Carrie. Do you remember her?"

He did. She was one of Paige's closest friends for years until they had a falling out after their freshman year in college. She was a tiny girl, no taller than 5' 1", with an improbably large chest that she never hesitated to showcase in v-necks, swoop necks, and off the shoulder shirts. Eric remembered her as very silly and giggly at almost all times.

"She was the first. One day after field hockey practice we were both running behind because we had been given extra laps to run for goofing off. Since we were captains, Coach trusted us to turn off the lights and lock the door when we were done with the showers so she headed out with the rest of the team.

"In the shower I couldn't help but notice that Carrie had shaved her pussy bald for the first time and I asked her about it. She told me to feel it and grabbed my hand before I could react. Initially, I just felt the smoothness. But she said I could stop, I couldn't. I could hear her voice getting breathy and I knew she was getting turned on. So I kept rubbing. I parted her lips and dipped my fingers into her. She was soooo wet Daddy. I couldn't just let her go home that way, you know? So we made out and fingered each other in the shower stalls until we were both all pruny and exhausted.

"We stopped being friends because she got a boyfriend and warned me she couldn't do what we were doing anymore. I ignored her, kept seducing her. I couldn't help myself. I knew I should respect her wishes, but...I don't know, Daddy. I just didn't. Her boyfriend eventually caught us. He was so mad. So I fucked him. Right in front of her. I was just trying to help, but she got so mad. Probably because I made him admit I was a hotter lay than her."

"Wow..." Eric breathed, despite himself.

"Did I do wrong, Daddy? I think I did. I tried not to, but I think I did."

"You...you made a mistake. It happens. Could you please stop touching m—"

"Yeah, maybe it was just a mistake. The next interesting one after her was Gretchen."

Gretchen was a redhead with lots of freckles who roomed with Paige before she moved off campus her sophomore year. Eric always found her sarcastic and quick witted and had, at times, enjoyed secretly memorizing the features of long distance runner's body and the mischievous gleam she had in her eye.

"We got drunk one night and I started to make fun on how clueless she was about getting a guy into bed with her. Next thing I knew, I was bent over my bed while she hate fucked me with a strap-on. God, Daddy, she abused me so good. I moved off campus not because I wanted to but because I had to. Neither of us was ever getting anything done. We still drop in on each other on occasion, especially when she's really made or I feel the need to be...punished for what I do.

"Jeez, Daddy!" Paige exclaimed. "I guess all guys really do like stories about girls getting together, huh? You're so hard right now. And just oozing precum. See?"

She held her index finger, a large bead of clearish liquid perched at the tip, shiny in the hallway light. Her tongue darted out quick and licked it clean. Eric felt dizzy.

She went back into her tale, "Then there was Professor Clydes,"

Eric recalled her being a 40's woman with striking hazel eyes who moved through a parents' weekend crowd with considerable poise.

"Angie Phillips,"

The woman who helped co-run the church daycare with Paige during services. She was maybe two years older than Paige and very curvy.

"Crystal Benson,"

Her he did not know.

"oh, and Mrs. Martinez."

Mrs. Martinez, Wendy, was the stepmother of Juanita, a latina spitfire who had been Paige's rival for years, a rivalry that had kept up all the way into college as they both attended the same university. Wendy was the platonic ideal of a trophy wife. Fifteen years younger than her husband, seemingly lacquered head to toe, happy to be subservient in public. She spoke in a giggly bimbo voice and carried herself the same way typically. However, Eric knew she could turn on a dime and go nasty bitch or flirtatious sex kitten as the situation demanded. He never had much interest in sleeping with her, but he wouldn't turn down the chance to see her naked or with another woman.

LONG AS THAT WOMAN ISN'T YOUR DAUGHTER!" his conscience shouted at him.

It ripped through his attention like scythe and for a moment he thought he could muster the strength to disentangle himself from her. Then she kissed his neck and moaned in his ear, "Daddy, I'm soaking my panties. I'm going to take them off."

"That's not a very good idea, Paige," he admonished her, trying for an authoritative tone of voice, but managing only a quivering whisper.

"Pleeeeeeasssssse Daddy," she groaned, "I hate how my panties when they are this wet. They just stick to me."

"Paige," he protested weakly. She ignored him, stepping back. With wink, she pushed her shorts and panties to the ground at the same time.

"Sooooooo much better," she declared with a smile. Despite himself, Eric could not keep his eyes from staring at the newly exposed flesh. Her pussy was devoid of hair except for a defined tuft just above it in the shape of a heart. Her lips pouted out slightly, her arousal shimmering around them and on her inner thighs.

"Does your little girl's pussy look good to you, Daddy?"

He tried to respond but found himself at a loss for words.

"Does mommy keep it clean for you like this?"

He shook his head, dragging his eyes upward, only to stop on her tits again.

"But you like it like this, don't you?"

He nodded.

"Is this wrong, Daddy? Is it wrong that I'm showing you my pretty, wet, bald cunt?"

"Oh, baby girl, it really is."

"But you said you liked it," she pouted.

"I know I did. And I do. It's beautiful. Very sexy. But it's still wrong."

She walked right up to him again, forcing him to back until he was trapped against the wall behind him. She wrapped her hand around his cock and looked him directly in the eyes.

"Is it wrong when I do this Daddy? When I stroke your hard cock?"

"Yesssssssss, baby girl," he growled, "It's really very wrong."

"What about kissing? Is it wrong for a little girl to kiss her father?"

He stuttered out a reply while watching her moisten her plump lips with the tip of her tongue, "Well...umm...not....ahh...necessarily. It depends on how, really."

"Like this?" Paige asked and pulled him into a deep open mouth kiss. Eric could taste himself and Nadia on his daughter's lips and tongue. She ground herself against his upper thigh, leaving damp evidence of her lust. He bent his leg slightly to make it easier for her and to increase the amount of friction. He cursed his compliance. 

She pulled away when they were both flush, their breathing ragged. "So?" she whispered.

"Very, very wrong Paige," was all he could manage.

"I thought so, Daddy. I thought so but it didn't stop me. In fact, it's what made me want to do it. I think there's something off about me..."

"Shh, shh. Don't say that," he rebuffed her negativity, "This has just been a confusing day. There's nothing wr—"

"It's okay, Daddy. You don't have to protect me from the truth. I feel it all the time. I know the things I want and do aren't ok. Aren't normal. Aren't right. I just...can't seem to help myself. My wiring is all messed up."

"Everybody feels like that sometimes," Eric offered, trying to stop hid daughter from thinking that way, "Especially when they're in college."

"No, no. This isn't a phase. I know this is who I am. I'm so bad, Daddy. I've got a head full of nasty thoughts and nothing telling me to stop. I'm so sinful."

Paige spun 180 degrees then, turning her back on her father. He breathed a sign of relief. She was walking away and this was over. He had been caught with another woman by her, lost his mind and used her like a blow-up doll, gotten so hard from everything about her: her body, her voice, her stories, and allowed her to disrobe before him.

Instead of walking away, however, she back into him and began to grind her ass against his rigid unit. He bit his tongue and moaned.

"Like right now, Daddy. We're going to fuck. I'm going to bend over and you are going to just fuck the ever loving shit out of me. And it must be wrong. It has to be."

"It is baby girl. It's wrong. And it's i*****l. We shouldn't—we can't do this."

"I know Daddy, I know," she agreed but continued to grind her ass against him. 

He became angry with her, with her refusal to listen to him, to listen to reason. Devoid of thought, he lurched forward and grabbed for her. The only place Eric could find purchase, though, were her pert breasts. His brain went sideways, his mouth dried, his heart began to race. They felt so good in his hands. So perfect. Like that's what he should have always been holding. 

He tried to get himself back on solid ground, apologizing, "I'm sorry, Paige. I just needed you to stop that and—"

"It's okay," she told him calmly, "That's part of my bad wiring. I make people around me do wrong too, Daddy. I make them just like me. I can't seem to help it, Daddy. I think maybe I don't want to help it."

She reached between her legs, grabbed hold of her father's hard dick, and guided it into her wet, waiting pussy. Eric did not fight her. It felt too good.

"Oh god, baby girl," he moaned.

"Does it feel good, Daddy?"

"So good. Oh, god. You're so tight Paige. How can you be this tight?"

"You're huge. Mmm...I can feel you stretching me. I'm so filled up with your cock. God...I love it. I fucking love it."

"We shouldn't be doing this. This is not what fathers and daughters do."

She blew right past the comment and focused on her own interests, "Do you fuck Mommy like this? Do you take her from behind like she's a common slut?"

"Uhh," he grunted, stunned by how it turned him to hear his daughter essentially call herself a common slut, "Not in a long time. She doesn't let me do doggy anymore."

"You can fuck me like this anytime you want, Daddy. Anytime. Fuck! You feel so good. I can't believe how hard you are for your little girl. Your precious little girl. Is this how you protect your little girl, Daddy? By fucking her? By making her gag on your cock and swallow your cum? Is that how fathers are supposed to treat their daughters?"

"Oh god, baby, no...no it's not. It's so evil what I am doing. So evil. Please forgive me, Paige."

"Oh, oh, uhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, going rigid and cumming, before demanding, "Just don't stop fucking your little girl!"

"Paige, please....oh god...oh god...I can't believe how good this feels. But Paige, we have to—"

"I never finished telling you about Wendy, about Mrs. Martinez, did I, Daddy?"

"You don't have to t—"

"I want to though. I need to do. Because I was so wrong. I did such a bad thing. She caught me one day. I had broken into their house as prank and was using Juanita's dildo to get off so she'd come home to find it just covered in my juices. But my information was bad. Juanita and her father might have gone away for the weekend but apparently Wendy stayed home. So there I was, legs in the air, her stepdaughter's dildo halfway inside me.

"Oh, baby girl," he groaned, the delicious image in his mind.

"I know, Daddy, I know. Your daughter's such a naughty girl. She caught me and she was angry, but I noticed she couldn't keep her eyes off me so I just kept fucking myself with it. She finally ordered me to stop but I whined that I was so close. And then I asked her if she would help. She pretended to be conflicted, but I knew she wanted to. So I just kept moaning and grinding away at that purple plastic cock and she broke. She pulled it out of me and just dove in, face first. God, Daddy, she ate me out for like an hour. And from then on, I owned her.

"That was fun at first. But I got bored. And that's when I did a terrible thing."

She paused and only the sound on their flesh smacking against each other was heard.

"It's okay, baby girl, whatever you did, you can tell me," Eric said, playing the part of a concerned father but really just horny to hear the rest of the story."

"Oh, Daddy....it's so terrible...so wrong. I made her fuck Juanita."


"Yeah, Daddy. I d**gged Juanita one night and tied her to a hotel bed and then called Wendy up. When she arrived, Juanita was awake, but blindfolded. And I ordered Wendy to fuck her stepdaughter. I told her she could never have me again unless you did it. And she did. Oh god, did she, Daddy. She did whatever I told her to and more. She got off on it, I could tell. Taking advantage of her d**gged, tied up stepdaughter. I broke them both that night...I made them like me...gave them bad wiring. Made them only want to do wrong. I couldn't help it Daddy, I knew I was being evil, but I didn't care. I finger fucked myself raw that night watching them lose their souls to fucking. I loved every second of it."

Eric's mind clicked off at the image of his little girl seducing the blond, artificial trophy wife to the point that she was willing to have sex with her latina stepdaughter just for another taste of Paige. It was dark. It was terrible. And it aroused him past all sense of decency. Now he really started to fuck his daughter.

"Yeah, Daddy! Give it to me. Fuck me. Oh god. Harder, Daddy. You liked that story, didn't you? It was so wrong, but you loved it. Come on, Daddy, show me how you loved it. Fuck your little girl hard."

And so he did, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back roughly to gain leverage.

"Yesssssssssssss," she hissed, "Hurt me, Daddy. Fuck me hard and hurt me. It's what I deserve, isn't it? Because I'm such a dirty slut? Because I'm wired wrong, wired to be bad? Can you fuck it out of me, Daddy? Can you fuck me until I'm a good girl again?

He bit her then, hard, on her right shoulder. It only served to further fuel her lust.

"Fuck!" she shouted, "Yes! Leave a mark. A big mark. Give mommy something to wonder about when I see her. Let her imagine what I'm up to at college, never realizing her own husband did it."

"You're such a fucking slut!" he growled, his voice a mix of menace and reverence, "You were just made for this...to be fucked."

"Hello?" a voice emanated from downstairs, "Is that Paige's car I see in the driveway?"

"Yeah mom, it's me!" Paige managed without stopping forcing herself onto her father's cock.

"What a great surprise!" her mother exclaimed, "Is your father up there with you?"

Eric tried to summon words, but could manage nothing so Paige responded for him, "Yup. He's just in the bathroom now."

"Okay, keep him up there until I tell you. I got him a few birthday gifts I need to hide before he can come down."

"Don't worry Mom, I'll occupy him," Paige promised, a wicked smirk on her face.

The front door slammed again as Paige's mom, Eric's wife, Laurie, returned to her car.

"We should stop," he groaned weakly.

"Yes," Paige agreed, but made no effort.

"I'm serious."

"I know you are, Daddy. And I know you're right. But I can't."

"Baby girl..."

"God, I love when you call me that with your cock inside me!"


"Daddy, you need to do the right thing and stop us. I can't. I'm bad inside. All wired wrong. If you don't stop us, 

I won't until you fill my pussy with your cum."

"Just a few more surprises to hide," Laurie's voice wafted up the stairs.

"Oh god, Daddy. I want her to see this surprise. Stop me Daddy. Make me do the right thing."

"You can't say anything."

"I know, I know. But I want to, Daddy. I need to. Stop us. You're the only one. Stop us."

But Eric knew he couldn't stop them, he couldn't do the right thing. Her pussy was too wet, too tight. She fucked too well. Her attitude was too intoxicating, her dirty talk too compelling.

"I'm begging you baby girl...please...stop now."

"Okay. All set!" Laurie shouted.

She heard hushed whispers and what sounded like slapping upstairs but got no response.

"Hello? Paige? Eric? Are you guys okay?"

"Great Mom!" came Paige's response. She sounded out of breath.

"Well, come on down here so I can give you a hug."

"Can't right now," Paige replied. Did she moan, Laurie wondered

"And why not, young lady?"

Upstairs, father and daughter struggled to gain control.

"We need to stop! Now!" he grunted.

"I can't, Daddy. I can't. I'm so rotten inside. Oh, god, Daddy. I want Mommy to see us. I want her to know you prefer your little girl's pussy. Stop me or I'll tell her."

He clamped a hand over her mouth but kept fucking her. She bit him and he let go with a quick shout.

"I said, why not?" Laurie repeated.

"Because, Mommy..." Paige began. She tried to stop herself. She did. Instead, she licked her fingers and began to slide them rapidly over her clit, "Because Daddy's fucking me!"

"You bitch," Eric spat, but did not stop thrusting into her deep wetness.

"What?" came the hesitant question.

"He's fucking me, Mommy! He's fucking his little girl!"

"I don't know what you think this is, but that's a terrible joke," Laurie replied, vocal cords tight with anger and something else...maybe panic.

"Come see," Paige invited her, "He's so deep inside me."

"That's it, I'm coming up there young lady and we're going to have a conversation about this."

"She's coming Daddy," Paige moaned and looked over her shoulder, "Last chance."

He could do nothing though but keep fucking her. He saw the blush on her cheek, the beads of sweat on her brow, the way her muscles in her back and ass tightened and released with each stroke and he was powerless.

A small strangled gasp drew his attention down the hall. His wife Laurie stood, hand over her mouth, ashen.

"See, Mommy, I told you."

"Eric! Paige! I..." was all Laurie could manage.

"Watch us, Mommy. Watch what a good fuck your daughter's become. Tell her Daddy, tell her how good I feel."

Almost automatically he replied, "Laurie...she's so good. Oh, god, Laurie. She blew me before and she made me cum so hard and swallowed damn near every drop. You haven't put me in your mouth in years and she loved every second of it."

"Tell her about my body."

"Look at our little girl," he said, "She's so hot, Laurie. Her tits are amazing. And her cunt. God! Her fucking cunt is perfect."

"Am I a better fuck than Mommy?"

"Yes, baby girl, so much better," he confirmed, "Your mom never fucked me like you are now."

"Oh god, Mom...do you hear what he's saying to his little girl? God, Mommy...he's so hard for his little girl. So. Fucking. Hard."

Laurie stood like a horrified statue before them. She could not respond.

"It's not his fault though Mommy, it's mine. I'm wrong inside. My head...I think I was born bad, Mommy. Daddy, tell her."

He grunted and began to speak, "Oh Laurie...god...she's bad, Laurie. Our little girl's a born slut. I had to fuck her...I had no choice."

"Mmm...call me a slut again," she ordered Eric.

"Slut!" he spat and smacked her ass.

She moaned in response, "Daddy, will you cum for me? Will you cum all over my back?"

"Yes, baby girl, whatever you want."

"Go crazy, Daddy. Just use my pussy. Show me what a slut I am. And then coat my back."

"Yes, baby girl."

He pulled on her hair harder and fucked her deeper and quicker.

"Oh god, baby girl. You're so tight. Sooooooo wet."

"Tell Mommy, Daddy. Tell her."

"Laurie...I can't stop fucking her pussy, Laurie. I don't want to. Her pussy's so much better than your dried up old cunt," he grunted, staring directly at his wife.

"Do like my body, Mommy?" Paige moaned, grabbing her tits and mauling them, "Do you like watching your little girl get fucked so HARD by your husband?"

Laurie groaned in response, "Please stop. Please, both of you...stop."

Eric felt guilty and ashamed to keep doing this in front of, and mocking along the way, his wife. To his surprise though, those feelings only heightened his arousal. He found his daughter's clit and just grazed it, propelling Paige to climax.

"Cumming, Mommy," she moaned and undulated, "CUMMING!"

As she came back down, she began to speak again, "Oh Mommy, your little girl's a slut...a whore. Do you see that? Do you see what a nasty fucktoy you raised?"

Laurie mumbled something inaudibly. Eric asked her to repeat it. Again she mumbled. Eric demanded she speak louder.

Anger finally overwhelmed her thick blanket of shock and she bellowed, "You're a fucking disgusting pig! Useless trash! You're both filthy sinful garbage."

"Mmmm, I know, Mommy," Laurie groaned in a voice dripping heavy with sex, "I know I am and I love it. Do you love it Daddy?"

"Every. Fucking. Second!" he panted behind her, sweat visible on his well toned body.

"We love it Mommy. And I love that you are watching us. I think you like watching us. Don't you, Mommy?"

"Stop it," Laurie begged, "Don't say such horrible things."

"Look at you...you can't stop staring at us...at my tits...the little heart above the cunt your husband is so deep in right now."

"Not....not true," Laurie whispered unsteadily.

"Yes, it is Mommy. Is it making you wet, Mommy? Are you soaking your panties watching Daddy use his little girl's body for his own pleasure?"

"N...no...never." Paige's mom eyes seemed to go unfocused and distant, her voice spacey.

"He's just using my pussy, Mommy."

"She's...she's your daughter."

"I know, Laurie," he gasped, feeling Paige's nails as they dragged across his sac, "I know and I don't care."

"You don't care, Daddy?" Paige pouted, looking over her shoulder.

"Oh god," he groaned, catching the look of lust in his daughter's eyes, "I do care, baby girl. I do care, Laurie."

"Then...then why?" Laurie whispered. Paige smiled and she noted her mother's nipples had gone so rigid they were visible through her bra and her shirt.

"Because it makes it fucking better," he growled, teeth gritted, "I love that this naughty tight slut I'm fucking is my little girl. It's soooooo wrong, Laurie. Soooooooo fucking wrong."

"Mommy....mommy...he's hurting me Mommy. He's so rough with me."

In her fogged mind, Laurie could still somewhat understand she should help her daughter. "What....what can I do?" she asked, dizzy.

"He needs to cum, Mommy. He's so close. Will you help me make him cum?"


"Just touch yourself, Mommy. I know you're wet. I know I turn you on. I've caught you staring down my shirt... "accidentally" walking into my bedroom while I was changing... you want to fuck me, too, don't you?"

"Paige, please don't..." Laurie weakly protested as she absentmindedly unbuttoned her suit jacket and unlatched her skirt.

"It's okay," Paige reassured, "I want you to. Look at me, Mommy. Look at your little girl get fucked."

"Pa—Pa—Paige," her mother stuttered, jacket falling to the floor, shirt open to exposed his bra clad tits, left hand sliding into her panties.

"Shh, Mom, go ahead. Make yourself cum. Finger fuck yourself while you imagine it's my fingers inside you."

Laurie curved her fingers into herself, two, then three, and pushed the flat of her palm against her clit. She felt powerless to not do as bidden.

"There you go, Mommy. That's a naughty parent. Don't you wish it was really my fingers inside you?"

Laurie said nothing, only intensified her masturbating. Before long, her knees buckled with pleasure and she allowed herself to fall to the floor, hand still shoved lewdly in her underwear. She writhed on the floor, eyes never leaving the scene before her.

"God, she's right," Eric whispered, judgment oozing out of each word, "You really do want to fuck her, don't you, Laurie. She seduced me, but you've been fantasizing about her long before this, haven't you?"

"Noooooo," she moaned, her other hand now playing with her tits.

Paige pushed her mother on the issue, "I think you have, Mommy. I think you think about tasting your little girl all the time. I bet you smell my panties when no one's home. I bet you suck on them while you get off, don't you?"

Laurie only moaned and groaned in response, eyes rolling up to the sky. Eric and his daughter laughed at what they felt was confirmation of Laurie's perversions. 

Oh, baby girl, I love fucking you, but your mom still looks good when she cums," he bent over and whispered to his daughter.

"Mmm...she does Daddy. Does it turn you on to see her like that?"

"Yes!" he hissed.

"Lose control then Daddy. Fuck your little girl as hard as you want. Pull my hair. Please, Daddy use me while Mommy cums in front of us."

Eric could not resist the offer and spun Paige's hair as tight as he would around his fist and pulled backward, pistoning his hips forward. Obediently, she pushed herself backward against him, taking him as deep as possible. Her father began to feel the familiar rise of inevitable orgasm brewing within himself. Below him his daughter allowed herself to be battered into another two orgasms, laughing, moaning, and mocking her mother, calling Laurie used up, old, and a fucking joke. With a roar, Eric pulled himself free and haphazardly sent jet after jet of thick white liquid all over his beautiful daughter's back.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Thank you Daddy."

He fell backward to the floor, head fuzzy. Guilt and desire warring inside his mind.

"Now Mommy," Paige called out to Laurie, "Come over here and clean us up."

"What?" was all Laurie could manage, eyes cloudy, tongue thick in her mouth.

"Come over here and lick us clean with your tongue. Now."

Laurie was too shaky to get off her knees so slowly, almost robotically, she began to crawl towards them. Her husband, red faced, sweaty, his dick shiny with his daughter's lust lay on the floor. Her daughter, smirking and confident, back covered in a coat of slowly cooling i****tuous cum stayed on her knees and elbows, ass lewdly in the air. Although she'd never admit it, Laurie could feel her mouth water as the prospect of doing as her little girl demanded.