"Stories 18+" Class demonstration of sex

Stories 18+ Class demonstration of sex
Me, Reena and Ajay were very close friends. We were almost of the same school going age. We used to most of the time move together and share almost everything between us. We were teens full of energy and vitality. 

One day the teacher was teaching us biology class and explaining the human reproduction system. The teacher was telling about the cock, the sperms, the ovum, the pussy and boobs and the whole process of human reproduction. She was explaining the topic with help of sketches and charts and asking questions to us on the topic to gauge whether we were understanding the topic. It was very interesting subject and all of us were very keenly listening to her. Suddenly teacher called me in front of the class and asked me to open my blouse and demonstrate my boobs to the class. I went in front of the class and was feeling very shy to open my blouse. 

Teacher asked as to who would volunteer to assist her and Ajay raised his finger. She called Ajay in front of the class where I was standing. She told Ajay to open my blouse and expose my boobs. Ajay too was hesitating but soon he got the courage and slowly opened the buttons of my blouse and opened also the bra hooks to pull out my boobs and expose them to everybody to see.. My boobs had taken the shape of oranges and had small nipples which looked all pink and so attractive. 

I was feeling shy and put my head down. Then teacher told Ajay to touch my boobs and lift them and show to the class the different parts including nipples. She told the class that the nipples would become stiff when excited. Some of the boys and girls in the class wanted to see this. Teacher told Ajay to just suck the nipples. Ajay wanted just this and he slowly took my right nipple in his mouth and started kissing it with great passion. While he was kissing my right nipple his hands were caressing my left boob. Within no time the whole class could see my nipples becoming all stiff and hard. 

Teacher asked the class to see as to how the nipples had all grown so stiff. She told the class that when the nipples grow stiff that meant the girl has become excited and when she gets excited--her pussy becomes wet. Some of the boys and girls wanted to see as to how the pussy was getting wet. The teacher called some girl volunteer to assist her and Reena came forward. She was called in front of the class and teacher told her to expose my pussy. Reena was not shy and immediately she lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. When Reena was pulling my panties down , Ajay was still sucking my nipples. 

I was almost become hot and excited and wanted somebody to really touch me and fondle me all over. Teacher came near me and opened up the petals of my pussy and called the boys and girls to come near and watch carefully as to how the pussy was dripping wet. I was totally wet and trembling. Meanwhile Ajay while fondling my boobs, kissed me deep on my lips and put his tongue deep inside my mouth. I was very much excited and shaking and trembling. Some boys and girls started touching my pussy lips and put their fingures inside to see as to what was that which was making me so wet. The teacher told them to look at my clit. Some of my classmates touched the clit and infact held it with their fingures and told the teacher that it had become stiff and hard and was pulsating. 

The teacher now invited the attention of the class to the bulge showing so openly in the pants of Ajay. There was a big tent in his pants. the teacher told the class that when the boy plays with the body of a girl--he becomes all excited and his cock becomes all stiff and hard. She told me to open the zip of Ajay's cock and show the cock to the class. I was feeling very excited and ready to do anything. I immediately opened Ajay's pant zip and the cock sprang out like a snake--all stiff and hard--with lot of precum at it's mouth. The teacher told the class to look carefully at the excited cock. Some girls wanted to know as to why the cock was getting hard... Teacher explained them that it was because the cock could easily slide in and out of the pussy. If it remained soft there was no way the cock could go deep in a girl. Teacher came forward and held Ajay's cock in her hands and said..."Now the cock is all ready to penetrate any girl... Anybody wants to experience...?"

Reena volunteered once again. The teacher told her to lie down on a bench. The teacher pulled down Reena's panties. Now Reena's pussy was all exposed to the whole class. Then she took Ajay to Reena and pushed Ajay's hard cock in Reena's wet pussy....The cock so easily went in. Ajay started giving in and out strokes and the whole class was looking at them with open mouths. All the boys in the class had their cocks fully hard and stiff ---which everybody could see clearly. It took just few minutes for Reena to reach her climax and everybody could see her shaking under Ajay.jay was holding her under him with great force, but still she was trembling and shaking in deep throes of the orgasm. Teacher asked the whole class to watch how Reena was experiencing orgasm and how her body was shaking uncontrollably. 

When Ajay was to reach climax, teacher told him to pull out his cock. Ajay unwillingly pulled out his cock after a few more strokes. The teacher held Ajay's cock and gave it a few strokes with her hand and showed it to the whole class to watch how the sperms were shooting out of it. Ajay's cock gave out spurt after spurt of heavy thick white cream--shooting high up in the air..It was an experience I will never forget in my life.....