"Stories 18+" Lil sis Discovers My Big Dick

Stories 18+ Lil sis Discovers My Big Dick
My name is Ed and I just finished my first year of college. It was a great year living away from home and the best part was all those horny girls on the campus. Everyone was away from home for the first time and open to new experiences. The parties were awesome but the sex was even better!

I was very fortunate to be blessed with extremely large cock. After my first fuck with a coed the word was out. The women on campus took it as personal challenge to fuck me. I was happy to accommodate them as well.

All good things seem to come to an end and the school year ended and I found myself back at home. Unfortunately I was used to getting pussy every day and after just a couple days at home I found that I was back to using my hand.

I was at home alone when I needed a little relief so I stripped down and started working my cock. I was thinking how much better it would be to have mouth on my cock when I heard someone gasp.

My eyes flew open to see my half-sister, Britney standing there looking at me naked with my big cock sticking straight out!

"Holy Shit! That thing is massive!" She said

I looked at her and did not know what to say but my cock was begging for attention.

"You would tear a girl apart with a monster like that!" She said and looked terrified

I continued to stroke my cock and I could see her scared look start to be replaced with a look of curiosity.

"Actually most girls love it. They say that it gets to parts of their pussies that most guys can't touch." I laughed

She walked closer and looked at it with wonder on her face.

"Beside how many cocks has my little s*s seen?" I asked with a smirk

"Just my boyfriend's!" She said sticking out her tongue

"So you have been getting fucked. Does he get you off? I bet he has a little dick!" I said teasing her

"Brian has a nice cock!" She replied defensively

"So how big is he?" I asked

She held her hands apart about six inches. But her eyes looked at my cock.

I stood up and walked over to her. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She looked at me with a scared look again.

"Go ahead and play with it." I told her

She slipped to her knees and worked my cock with her hand.

I watched her slowly start to stroke it. I had started this just as tease and embarrass her but now I looked on her and wonder if she would be a good fuck!

"I bet you can't even get the head in your mouth! Then again maybe you have never sucked a cock?" I teased again

She pumped my cock with her hand looked up at me.

"I think my pervert brother just wants help jacking off! He would probably run away if I get serious and started getting naked!" She said

I looked her in the eye daring her. She step back and removed her skirt and stood there in her swimsuit. I caught my breath as she lowered her top showing her small but sexy tits.

"Nice little body!" I said as I watched her wiggle out of the one piece

"I may be small but the guys seem to like what I have." She said with a smile

Damn she looked good! I stepped forward with my cock swaying in front of me. Her eyes were drawn back to my hunk of meat! I reached out and grabbed the back of her neck.

"Get on your knees and suck me! You know you want too!" I said as she looked at me with a stunned expression

"Remember I'm your little s*s. Maybe we should stop this." She said but her hand kept pumping my dick

"You want this too." I said as I pushed down on her should gently

Her knees bent and she slid to the floor. I was burning with lust as I pushed my cock against her lips. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened for my cock. I pushed in to her mouth about a quarter of my erection. She opened her eyes and was shocked at how much cock was not in her mouth!

I gently encouraged her to move her mouth up and down my prick as she pumped the rest with her hand. She pulled back and continued to look amazed at my manhood.

"That cock is gigantic! Has anyone ever been able to suck it all the way?" She asked

"Never more than half." I said as I pulled her mouth back on my cock

She worked hard at giving me a good suck but she kept gagging. She then sat back and wiggled her jaw. I could tell that the strain of sucking my thick cock was too much.

"I don't know if I can keep going! It's too big!" She complained

I grabbed her up and held her close. I kissed her lips and she kissed back with a passion. I laid her down on the couch and dove into her pussy. I had never tasted a sweeter pussy. She must have been really excited because she started to cum and she soaked my face.

"Oooooo fuck Ed! Mmmmmmmm!" She moaned with pleasure

"Time for you to see what real cock can do!" I said as nothing was going to stop me from fucking her

I sat down and pulled her on top of me. I pointed my dick at her opening and started to pull her down on me.

"It's too big for my little pussy!" She pleaded

"You will stretch open!" I replied as I pulled her down on my cock

More and more of my dick entered her. I rocked her back and forth on my cock and could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate me. Each push in more of my cock disappeared. She had gone totally limp as I lifted off and then pushed on my cock.

"Sooo big! Soooo goooood!" She purred

I still only had half my dick in her and I wanted to be all the way in her.

I pulled her off and she landed on the couch beside me. I stood up and moved behind her. I pulled her ass up in the air. Her pussy was wet and easier to enter. I started to push into her. Britney looked over her shoulder with terror on her face.

I pushed and two thirds of me slid deep in her. I grabbed her hips and pushed harder and more slid in. She fell forward and moaned as I pushed again and my whole was in her.

"You have the whole cock in you! Do you want me to stop?" I asked

"Please fuck me!" She screamed

I started to pound her with long deep strokes. Her body was shaking as wave after wave of orgasms rippled over her body. My balls were ready to unload when something occurred to me.

"Are you in birth control?” I asked

"No" she sobbed

I pulled out just before I was ready to shoot. I pulled her on the floor back on her knees. I stroked my cock as she opened her mouth. The load of sperm went all the way to the back of her throat. This caused her to shut her mouth by reflex which made the rest of my sperm coat her teen face. She looked so fucking sexy. She smiled as she looked up at me.

I wonder how long before her friends would know about my big cock. I wondered how many of them I was going to fuck before I went back to school! End