"Stories 18+" Mentoring My Son

Stories 18+ Mentoring My Son
It broke my heart to see how some of the neighborhood k**s and his classmates treated him. They called him geek, nerd, weird, strange, wimp, and even pussy. It wasn’t his fault that he was painfully shy, incredibly intelligent, un-athletic and awkward… and that he had no interest or talent in sports of any kind. It broke my heart to see how they treated him because he was a sweet, innocent boy who couldn’t help who he was. And it broke my heart even more when I saw the sadness in his face, and it always made me want to cry… because he is my son.

What made things even worse was, since his father had left us when Paul was just in middle school, I had become his mom, dad, mentor, teacher, and when I could… friend. And now here he was… a high school student with the intelligence of a college professor, and the social graces of a cloistered monk. I tried to get him to meet friends, to go hang out, to ask a girl on a date… but he had no interest in those things… or they scared him to death. Instead, he immersed himself in books and the internet… learning as much as he could about everything he could.

To this day I’m not so sure how Paul turned out to be the boy… or young man that he had become. I guess sometimes heredity doesn’t always apply. Please don’t get me wrong… I love him more than any mom could love her son, and I am so proud of him. But you would think the c***d of a very handsome college football player, and an attractive (according to other people) former cheerleader and catalogue model might pick up some of our athletic ability and self-confident traits. But somehow, that didn’t happen.

What hurt the most was that I couldn’t do anything to stop the horrible teasing and bullying that was happening at Paul’s school. High School can be a traumatic time for any k**, but it is ten times worse on those considered different, strange or unpopular. Even though he was at the top of his class academically, it seemed like he had such a look of sadness on his face nearly every day. I had told him that I was going to call the school and speak to his counselor or principal, but he absolutely forbade me, saying that would only make things worse. I felt like a terrible mother, watching my sweet son being tortured… and I felt even worse because it seemed that I was helpless to do anything about it. But then one day, something happened to change all of that.

It was after four o’clock, and Paul was late… and he was never late unless he was going to the library, and then he would he would always call me. I had called and left two messages on his cell phone, and was just getting ready to call the school when I heard the front door open. I was preparing myself to chastise him for not calling me back when he walked into the kitchen, and when I saw him my heart sank. His shirt was torn and dirty, his hair was a mess, there was a cut on his cheek, and his face was streaked with tears… I knew right away he had been in a fight.

“Paul honey… what happened” I asked him as I walked to him and put my arms around him.

He just buried his head in my shoulder, and choking back the tears he said, “Nothing mom… I don’t want to talk about it.” 

Obviously this was not an answer I was going to accept, so I held him at arm’s length and said, “Paul, you need to tell me what happened this minute.”

His bottom lip quivered and his eyes moistened as he said, “I just got into a fight… ok.”

“No, it’s not ok Paul… someone obviously hit you and I’m going to call that school right now,” I said in an angry tone as I walked towards the phone.”

But before I could dial, I got the shock of my life when my son blurted out, “You can’t mom… I punched him first.”

I stood transfixed, just staring at my son with my jaw somewhere around my knees. Paul was the most non-violent, non-confrontational k** in the world. Even contact sports made him uncomfortable. Plus, he hardly looked like a brawler. He took most of his physical traits from me… he was only about 5’ 4”, weighed about 120 pounds soak and wet, and also shared my blond hair and blue eyes. It wasn’t that he looked ‘girlish’… he just looked like the last person in the world that you would imagine in a fight. 

I wanted to say something but I was too dumbfounded to speak at first. Then I finally regained my composure and asked, “What in the world would make you feel the need to punch another boy?”

As he fought back the tears again, he answered in a cracking voice, “He called me a faggot mom… and I just couldn’t take any more.” And with that, my sweet, innocent, sensitive son broke down in tears, and began sobbing uncontrollably. Once again I took him in my arms… his body trembling as I held him. He wrapped his arms around me too as he cried on my shoulder so hard that his tears actually leaking through my shirt and wetting my shoulder.

After a few minutes of shushing him and telling him everything was going to be alright, I finally got him calmed down. He took off his backpack… filled with books as usual, and sat at the kitchen table while I retrieved a wash cloth and some Neosporin for the cut on his face. After he had washed his face I applied some of the ointment to the cut. As I did, I thought about what I was going to say next. Obviously, I didn’t approve of fighting… but there was also a little part of me that was proud that he had stood up for himself. Then I began to wonder why someone calling him a gay slur would bother him so much… after all we had always taught tolerance and equality. So I said, “Paul, if I ask you a question… will you answer me honestly no matter what?”

“Sure mom,” my son answered… finally calmed down and no longer shaking.”

I knew Paul had never lied to me, so I took a deep breath and said, “Paul, you seemed to have a really strong reaction to being called ‘faggot’… are you, ummm… are you gay?”

“MOM,” Paul hollered as he slid his chair away from me with a look of horror on his face, “how could you even think that?”

I quickly realized what a mistake I had made, and as my son glared at me with angry, hurtful eyes I said, “Paul honey, you and your dad had the ‘sex talk’ before he left, but since then you never talk about girls, you don’t seem to show any interest in them… and, well, even though you’re a teenager I’ve never found a girlie magazine hidden in your room, or caught you looking at porn, or…” and then I tried to stop myself, but it was too late. 

My own son just glared at me and said, “Really mom… just because I don’t spend all day looking at porn and jerking off… I must be gay?” But before I could apologize, he said, “Well mom, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being gay, but for the record… I do like girls, and I do think about sex… I just don’t constantly talk about it like the other idiot guys my age!”

And with that, my angry, hurt son stormed off to his room and slammed the door. I thought about following him, but realized that he was far too incensed at me for asking if he might be gay, and I just needed to leave him alone. I knew that anything I said at that point could only make things worse. 

So for the next hour, I just prepared dinner and wondered what our usual table conversation would be like that evening. I decided to make one of his favorites, barbecued chicken, in the hopes that it might help ease his anger. When everything was ready, I walked to his room and tapped on his door and said, “C’mon honey… dinner is ready.”

“I’m not hungry,” his terse reply came from behind the closed door.

I sighed in frustration and said, “Paul, I want us to have dinner and talk… please.”

This time, his reply was more sarcastic when he said, “Jeez mom, can’t a guy have a little privacy… maybe I’m looking at naked girls on the internet!”

My son had never used that tone with me, so now I went on the offensive and said, “That’s not fair Paul… I tried to apologize for my mistake but you just stormed off.” Then I said, “Look, I made barbecued chicken, I’m going to eat and you are welcome to join me.” And with that I walked off to the kitchen.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before he joined me because he always said how much he loved the smell of my barbecued chicken, and despite his slight build, the k** had the appetite of a horse. After about ten minutes I heard his door open and a moment later he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Without looking at me he said, “Permission to eat in my room.”

Now it was my turn to be terse and I replied, “You know our promise about always eating dinner together if we’re at home… permission denied.”

Paul let out a big sigh, but his disappointment didn’t stop him from picking up his fork and tearing into his chicken like it was going to be his last meal for a week. We ate in silence for almost the entire meal, and then he finally looked at me with misted eyes and said, “Gee mom… I just can’t believe you thought I was gay.”

I just looked at him and said, “Paul, I’m so sorry. I never really thought you were, but like I said, you never talk about girls, or even expressed any interest.” 

“Mom… you know how shy I am,” he quickly replied.

I just smiled at him and said, “I know honey,” then I asked, “So how did the fight start?”

He took a deep breath and said, “Well, there’s this girl I wanted to ask to the spring formal, but I was too shy to ask her in person so I wrote her a note. Well I left it on the lunch table and some jerk picked it up and read it. Then him and some of his friends who all think they’re so cool started reading it out loud after school and mocking me.” Then I saw his bottom lip start to tremble again when he said, “And then one of them said, ‘Shouldn’t you be asking a guy to the dance, since you’re a faggot?’ And that was when I lost it and punched him… and then he hit me and then we were separated.”

I looked at him and said, “Now you know I don’t approve of fighting,” but then I quickly added, “But I am proud that you stood up for yourself.” 

He rubbed the moisture from his eyes and softly said, “Thanks mom.”

As Paul and I cleared the table, I asked him if he still thought he was still going to ask the girl out. He told me that he didn’t know since he was sure she heard what had happened, and would probably laugh in his face. I asked who she was, and he said that she was a really cute girl with whom he shared some classes. Since Paul was in all advanced classes, I knew she had to be very smart. Then he told me that while she didn’t hang with the ‘popular’ crowd, they liked her because she helped tutor some of the jocks, and he figured that was how they knew her and why they were mocking him. I said maybe he should still give her a chance, and that maybe she wasn’t that shallow. Then my sweet son just smiled and thanked me for always trying to keep things so positive.

After we loaded the dishwasher, Paul excused himself to do his homework. I decided to pour myself a second glass of wine and go take a hot bath. As I ran the water and started to undress, I thought about how tough it must be for my son, and how he turned out so small and shy. As I said earlier, his dad had been a college football player. He wasn’t a star mind you, but he did play a lot. And he was definitely a handsome man… over six feet tall, about 200 lbs. with a very athletic build from his training. 

I had been a cheerleader in high school and college, and did modeling for a few catalogues while in school. I had even been approached by Playboy for one of their special “Girls of…” college issues, which I had turned down for fear my dad’s friends and my creepy Uncle Bill might see it and try to hit on me even more than they already were. Yet somehow our physical traits seemed to bypass our son. 

It isn’t that Paul is a bad looking k**. I may be partial, but he really is very cute. As I said, he has my blonde hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately, he just hasn’t grown into himself yet, but that’s just because he is so small and frail looking in comparison to the other k**s in his class. His short stature and thin build just makes him look awkward. Plus, no matter how hard I try, he had no interest in style, or what clothes he wears. In short, while he hates it, he has resigned himself to the fact that he is a geek.

After I finished undressing, I looked in the mirror and had to admit, with no vanity intended, that I still look pretty damn good for a woman in her thirties. My hair was still its natural blonde color, and my eyes were still as blue… and fortunately my face hadn’t started showing the cracks and lines that the stress of Paul’s father leaving us could have caused. My 34 C breasts hadn’t started to sag at all, and I still enjoyed running so my legs were still toned, my tummy was still tight, and my butt still looked as good in a pair of tight jeans as it did when I was twenty.

Once I was in the tub, I took a big sip of wine, and then I laid back in the hot water and started wondering how much experience with… or how much Paul even really knew about girls. His dad had given him the clinical ‘birds and bees’ talk a few years earlier. But even though he was in high school, I hadn’t seen or heard anything that indicated he was interested in dating, other than the revelation that he wanted to ask a girl to a dance… and I was absolutely positive that he had never even kissed a girl.

As I lay in the tub thinking about my sweet son, with a near-empty second glass of wine in my left hand, I suddenly realized that the fingers of my right hand were u*********sly stroking my nipple. I also noticed a familiar tingling just below my neatly trimmed pubic hair. At first I wondered why I was having these feelings at the very moment that I was thinking about Paul. But I quickly dismissed any connection to my son, because a warm bath and a couple of glasses of wine always made me a little horny. So once I solved the mystery of my rising libido, I let my free hand slid under the water, over my tummy and between my legs. Then I let out a sigh as my fingers found their target.

As I began gently stroking my pussy lips, which were already slick from both the bath oil I put in the water and my own natural secretions, I closed my eyes and began to conjure some of my favorite fantasies. Normally, I would bring a good romance novel… or even something from my own carefully hidden stash of explicit erotica to use for my ‘diddle session’. But since I had brought neither into the bath, I was left to my own graphic imagination. 

So I started mentally going through a list of men, and even a certain woman who I had fantasized about in the past. But suddenly, before I even realized it… my son was back in my head. I started to wonder, had he ever kissed a girl? Had he ever touched a girl, or had a girl ever touched him? Did he know what a woman looks like naked? Had he ever seen one naked? Had he ever seen me naked? Did he masturbate? Did he ever masturbate while thinking about me? As all these thoughts raced through my head, I put my empty wine glass down and was using one hand to play with my nipples while the other furiously rubbed my swollen clit… and I was about to cum while thinking about my own son! 

I sat up so quickly that water sloshed onto the floor as I did. My breasts were heaving up and down as I somehow managed to pull my fingers from my trembling pussy, which was on the very edge of an explosive orgasm. Something had subconsciously popped into my mind, and as I splashed some water of my face, I attempted to remember what it was. What involuntary vision was I having that had put me on the verge of such an earth-shattering climax? As I replayed it in my mind, I realized the vision I had was of my son kissing a woman as she slowly caressed his erect penis… coaxing him towards his first orgasm not caused by his own hand. And the woman in my vision, the woman who was giving my young son his first hand job… was me!!! 

At that moment, my mind was overcome with confusion. I didn’t know if it was the soothing water, or the wine, or what it was causing these thoughts of my son… but I needed to get out of the tub right away. I quickly stood up, but as I tried to step out of the tub, I slipped and fell back in with a loud thud. And that thud was followed by a loud cry of pain as I struck my knee on the hard porcelain. 

As I grasped my knee and groaned in agony, with tears filling my eyes, the bathroom door opened and my panicked son ran in saying “Mom… are you alright?” But as soon as he saw my naked breasts, he said, “Oh gee… I’m sorry mom.”

But just as he was backing out the door… his eyes still focused on my tits, I said, “Paul, don’t leave… I fell and hurt my knee, and I need you to help me out of the tub.”

He began to step towards me, and as he tried to avert his eyes from my naked body, he said, “Do you want me to get you a towel or a robe first mom?”

“Not yet honey, just help me over to my vanity chair first,” I answered still in pain.

Paul stepped over to the tub, and despite his efforts to avoid it, I could see his eyes scanning my body. My naked breasts were now floating above the water, and my pussy was easily visible in the clear water below. I have a garden tub, so I started to turn my body so my back was to him, and then I told him to put his hands under my arms to help lift me. At first he tried placing his hands under my armpits and lifting me, but he couldn’t hold me because the bath oil had made my skin very slippery. So I told him he would need to get a better grip. So he tucked his arms under mine, and that caused his hands to come to rest right under my breasts.

At that moment, there was no doubt in my mind that my breasts were the first he had ever touched… even though his fingers were barely grazing the underside. Then as I braced myself with my uninjured leg, Paul began to lift me. But as he got me half way up, my oil covered torso slid down his arms, causing his hands to move upwards… and suddenly my son’s hands were filled with my firm round tits. As he helped me to a standing position, I could feel his hands gently squeezing the soft flesh of my breasts, and I was sure he could feel my hard nipples pressing right into his palms. 

Once I was standing in the tub, I could feel Paul easing his grip, but I quickly said, “Don’t let me go honey… I can’t put any weight on my right leg so I need you to help me all the way out.”

So there I stood, naked and wet, with my son behind me and his hands gently squeezing my full round breasts. I couldn’t see his face, but I could imagine what he looked like. I also noticed that the trembling I had felt in my pussy earlier had returned. Once I was steady, I told Paul that I was going to turn to face him and then he could help lift me out of the tub. At first he asked if that was the best way. So when I told him that he wasn’t strong enough to pick me up unless I could wrap my arms around his neck for leverage, he agreed. The truth was that the pain was easing, and I probably could have gotten out of the tub without his help… but I didn’t want to.

Paul’s hands left my breasts and slid down to my waist, where he steadied me as I turned to face him… and suddenly he had a full frontal view of my naked body. His face was beet red, but it didn’t stop his eyes from looking me up and down. Now he could clearly see my full breasts, flat tummy and my small triangle of blonde pubic hair. It was then that I also noticed a change in my son. There was a very noticeable tent being pitched in the front of his flimsy pajama bottoms!

Once we had sufficiently scanned each other, I said, “Ok Paul, I’m going to wrap my arms around your neck so I can help you lift, and you’re going to have to pull me out of the tub.”

Now I’m not an engineer, but I know enough about leverage to know that since I’m a couple of inches taller than Paul, he was going to need to get a pretty low grip on my body to help lift me out of the tub. So when he wrapped his arms around my torso, I told him that wasn’t going to be able to lift me high enough that way… even though I knew that all I had to do was bend my knees a little.

Then I said, “Honey, when I wrap my arms around your neck, I want to put your hands under my bum... and when I say lift, you lift.”

Paul just said, “Ok mom.”

As I wrapped my arms around Paul’s neck, I felt his left hands slide down over my ass cheeks, and then his hands slid to my inner thighs… with his fingertips dangerously close to my pussy. My clit was buzzing as I felt my son’s hands holding me in such an intimate way. Then once we were in place I said, “Ok honey… lift!”

As Paul lifted me out of the tub, my crotch was raised, and his hard cock pressed right between my legs. At the same time, he adjusted his grip under my ass cheeks, and as he did his fingertips brushed against my pussy lips. Once we had gotten me completely out of the tub, I wrapped my ‘bad’ right leg around his waist to steady myself. Then as he lowered me onto my good leg, his stiff dick, still covered by his pajama pants, pressed against my pubic bone and dragged over my clit… causing my whole body to shudder.

When I was finally standing on the floor, I sadly disengaged from the full frontal contact with my son. I put my right arm around his shoulder, and he put his left arm around my waist, and then we slowly made our way to my vanity stool… with me still completely naked, and secretly wanting the moment to last as long as possible. As we carefully made our way over, I couldn’t help wondering why these feelings about my son were suddenly coming out of nowhere. 

Paul gently maneuvered me in front of my seat, and then helped steady me as I sat down. Once I was seated, I realized that my eyes were about even with my son’s crotch, and his erect penis was pushing his pajama bottoms straight towards my face. Paul realized it too, but before he could turn away I said, “So is that what was bumping against me when you were helping me out of the tub?”

He just blushed deep red and said, “Yeah… sorry mom.”

I guess I was still a little buzzed from the two big glasses of wine I drank, and I could tell he was embarrassed because he got an erection, so I just said, “Honey, today you’ve seen me naked, touched my boobs, my butt and whether you know it or not my vagina… so I’m pretty sure I’m the one that should be embarrassed!”

We both laughed, and as we did I saw his hard cock bounce up and down in his pants. Then I noticed that his pajama bottoms and tee shirt were completely soaked from helping me out of the tub, so I told him to go and get two towels and bring them over. When he did, I took one from him and then told him to take off his wet clothes and dry off. When I said that, his eyes got real wide and he said, “Mom, I’ll just go to my room and dry off and change.”

“Oh no you won’t buddy-boy… you’re not going to track water all over my carpet,” I said in a mock-stern voice, and then I added, “Besides, what makes you think I can be naked in front of you and you’re too old to be naked in front of me?”

With that, Paul set down his towel and reluctantly lifted his wet tee shirt over his head and discarded it. Then as he reached for the waistband of his pajama bottoms he started to turn his back to me, but I stopped him, then I giggled and said “I’m not hiding anything pal… so neither are you.”

Paul let out a big sigh, and then pushed his bottoms down, and when he did about six or seven inches of hard teenage cock, topped by a puffy pink head sprung from his groin. I have to say that I was surprised. I thought it would be smaller. And even though it was only a little larger than average size, it looked huge on Paul’s slight build! I looked at it for a moment, and then I did something I never thought I’d do in a million years. Whether it was because of the wine, or that fact that I was so horny, without even thinking I just reached out and took my own son’s hard penis into my hand.

As I squeezed his erect cock, Paul jumped back from my grasp and screamed, “MOM!!!”

I just laughed and said “Paul, I used to powder your butt and wash your privates when you were a k**, and you’ve touched and grabbed just about everything I have today… and besides, I was just going to tell you that you have a pretty impressive penis for your age.”

His eyes got wide and he said, “Really,” sounding genuinely surprised and proud at what I said.

I really think he needed a good dose of compliments after what had happened earlier in the day, so I said, “Honey, trust me, I’ll guarantee you have a bigger erection than most of the boys your age.”

I could actually see his self-confidence soar, and he just smiled and said, “Thanks for everything mom.”

I just smiled at him and said, “Hey buddy, you rescued me from the tub,” then I said, “I love you honey, and no matter what any jerk at school thinks… I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”

At that point, any logical reason for us to be naked was gone, so I reluctantly wrapped my towel around me, but not before giving Paul another good long look at my body, which he seemed to gladly accept. Then he wrapped his towel around his waist, but it did very little to hide the raging erection he was still sporting. Once we were appropriately covered, he supported me as we walked back to my room, with me still exaggerating my ‘hurt knee’ to make him feel needed. He asked me if I thought I should go to the hospital, but I just said if it didn’t feel any better the next day, I’d go to the doctor. Truth was, there was barely any pain left at all.

Once we were in my room I asked him to get me another glass of wine as I slipped off my towel. As I leaned against my bed to reach for my robe, I could feel him getting a good look at my naked ass one last time as he left the room. When he came back, he asked if I was sure I should have another glass. He knew I never had more than two glasses of wine, but I made the excuse that I couldn’t take any pain killers since I had already had some wine, so the third one would help me sleep. The truth was I just wanted another to help process how I felt about what had happened between us, and to help me sleep.

With that Paul gave me a hug and said good night, but as he was walking out the door I couldn’t help asking, “Honey, did you get an erection because I’m the first nude woman you’ve ever seen or touched… and please don’t be embarrassed to tell me the truth.”

He looked back at me and said, “Yes,” but then he added, “But it also happened because you’re really beautiful mom.”

All I could do was say, “Thank you honey… I love you.”

Paul smiled back and said, “I love you too mom,” and then he said, “I know you can’t get up, so I’ll leave my door open and if you need anything, call me and I’ll get it.”

After Paul left the room, I turned on the TV, and I couldn’t believe it was not even 9:00. I tried to watch whatever was on, but my mind kept racing back to what had happened earlier. As I took another sip of wine, I could feel Paul’s hands as they held my breasts. I closed my eyes and envisioned his young hard cock springing into view, bobbing up and down as it arched up from his groin. I remembered how thick it felt when I briefly wrapped my hand around it and squeezed it before Paul backed away. 

I had only bothered to put on an oversized tee when I got into bed, so when my hand slid between my legs there were no panties to impede my progress, and my fingers easily found my pussy. I couldn’t believe how horny I was as I began lightly stroking my fingertips up and down my wet cunt lips. I was still trying to fantasize about anything else, and convince myself it was the wine that made me horny. But it was no use… all I could think about was Paul. 

Suddenly I felt like I needed to talk to him. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say, but I just thought that we needed to address what had happened earlier, and how we both might be feeling about it. Plus I felt like I needed to tell him my knee was fine. So I took another big sip of wine, got out of bed and walked quietly down the hall to his room. 

He had left his door ajar, just as he said he would, but when I stuck my head around the corner I had to cover my mouth to keep from gasping out loud. There was Paul, sitting in front of his computer with his boxers around his ankles and his hand wrapped around his hard dick. I couldn’t believe he was sitting there jerking off so casually with his door open. Then I realized that he probably thought that I couldn’t get out of bed because of my knee.

I watched as my son slowly stroked his hand up and down his dick. I was mesmerized watching him manipulated the silky smooth skin that covered his cock shaft, and the ease in which it slid up and down over the hard column of flesh. The pink puffy head I had seen earlier was now a swollen purple knob, and the balls that had hung down below were now pulled tight against his body. 

I was experienced enough to know that the pace of Paul’s stroking meant he was in no hurry to cum. As I watched, I realized I wanted to see what was on the computer screen that had my son so engrossed that he hadn’t even noticed me there. And thanks to the wine I had drunk, I had pretty much lost all inhibitions. So I took a deep breath, and I walked into his room.

Paul was so wrapped up in what he was looking at that he didn’t even notice me until I quietly said, “Honey, can we talk?”

He turned and saw me, and with a horrified look on his face and cried out, “MOM!” as he quickly tried to pull up his boxerds. He finally got the waistband over his erection, and as he tried to get to his computer he said, “I didn’t think you could get out of bed!” But before he could reach the keyboard, I stepped in between him and the computer and saw what was on the monitor… it was a picture of me in a bikini from our vacation.

My son just sat back down behind me as I stood at his computer and began clicking on the pictures, and saw it was a whole gallery of me. Most of them were me in bathing suits from vacations, or at our community pool. Many of them were of me from behind, leaning over to talk to someone, or picking something up. As I looked at them, I couldn’t help but admit that I really did have a great ass.

Without turning to look at him, I softly said, “Paul, where did you get these?”

“I took most of them with my phone,” he answered sheepishly,

I continued scrolling and said, “I see you have a lot of pictures of me bending over… do you like that pose?”

His voice cracked as he said, “Yes… but it was also easier to take them with your back turned so you couldn’t what I was doing.”

I could hear the trembling in his voice, so I looked over my shoulder and said, “Paul, don’t worry… I’m not mad at you at all.” Then I said, “But I want you to stay in your chair… just move it back a little.”

When he had rolled his chair back, I bent over in front of him and put my hands on the computer desk, and immediately I felt the hem of my tee shirt ride up my hips. Paul was only about a foot or so behind me, and from where he sat, I knew my son could clearly see naked ass, and my blatantly exposed pussy. Then I bent over even further and began casually scrolling through his pictures of me. 

After a silent minute I calmly asked, “So do you always look at pictures of me when you masturbate?”

Paul just cleared his throat and said, “Not always… but a lot.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw his eyes were locked on to my exposed ass and pussy, and then I said, “Do you like seeing me bent over like this honey?”

“Jeez mom… ummm, yeah,” he answered, seemingly caught off guard by the question.

“I’m glad you do,” I said softly, and then I said, “Honey, I want you to take off your boxers.”

“What?” he asked, wanting to make sure he had heard me correctly.

“I said I want you to take your boxers off and sit back down behind me,” I repeated… looking back over my shoulder again and smiling at him.

As Paul stood up and began pushing his shorts down, I straightened up and lifted my shirt over my head… leaving me completely naked. Then I turned and faced him for a moment… giving him a good look at my tits again. When he sat back down, his hard cock was sticking straight up from his lap. Then I turned back toward the computer, and bent all the way over and rested my arms and head on the computer desk. Then I spread my feet wide and arched my back… giving him an even better view of my wet pussy.

I heard Paul gasp as the pose I was now in was something you see in porno movies. Then I said, “Now doesn’t the real thing look better than these pictures?” 

There was a short pause, and then I could hear his voice trembling as he quietly answered, “Yes.”

Once he answered me, I asked, “Honey, do you think you want to rub your penis again?”

“You won’t be mad,” he asked in a puzzled tone.

“I’d actually like you to Paul,” I answered, and then I added, “But only if you don’t mind me watching.”

Even though I was the one instigating it, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I never thought I would ever expose myself in such a lewd way to my son, let alone tell him to masturbate while looking at me. I knew the wine was a big factor, but knowing that Paul was going to jerk off while looking at me was exciting me more than I could ever imagine. Then to entice him even more, I reached back between my legs and began stroking my own pussy… right before his eyes.

I let out a groan as my finger penetrated my cunt lips, and I was sure from his angle that Paul could see how wet I was. But I he knew he probably wasn’t sure what I was doing, so in a strained and excited voice I groaned, “This is how a woman masturbates, just like when you rub your penis to feel good.”

Paul didn’t say another word, so as I stroked my dripping cunt I looked back over my shoulder and saw him staring intently at my pussy as I fingered myself. I could also see that he had starting jerking off again. The head of his cock was shiny and a deep purple, and was so swollen it looked like it might burst. I could also see the muscles in his face were beginning to tighten, and knew instinctively that he was going to cum soon.

I could feel that it would probably only take a few finger strokes on my inflamed clit to trigger my own orgasm, but I wanted to make this about my sweet boy. So I reluctantly stopped fingering myself, and turned to face my teenage son.

When Paul had seen me naked earlier, he had tried to avert his eyes… but now as I stood before him in all my glory, his gaze was almost burned a hole through me. I watched as he looked me up and down from head to toe, concentrating on my full round tits and hard pink nipples, and then down over my smooth tummy to my pussy. As he did, I could see his hand moving faster, and knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

That was when I placed my hands on his thighs and lowered myself to my knees in front of him. Then I gently grasped his wrist and pulled his jerking hand from his hard penis. A low groan of disappointment escaped from his throat, but it was quickly replaced by a moan of pleasure when I reached up and wrapped my soft, warm hand around his burgeoning cock.

At first I only held him and gently squeezed with my fingers, knowing it probably wouldn’t take too much stroking for him to shoot his load. I had never felt a cock so hard in my life. His shaft was like a steel rod covered with a thin coating of silk. The head looked like a purple mushroom cap. And there was a small drop of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. I could feel his pulse beating in his cock as I gently squeezed the shaft. Then I brought my other hand up between his legs and cupped his full balls, which were now pulled tight against his body as they prepared to discharge their contents.

After examining his beautiful cock and balls, I looked up and saw my son staring down at me with a look of overwhelming desire in his eyes. I smiled at him and said, “Paul honey, would you like mommy to make you squirt your cum?”

By now I was sure he knew what the word ‘cum’ meant, and without changing his facial expression he just groaned, “Yes… please.”

“Has anyone ever done that for you, honey?” I asked… already being 99.9% sure of the answer.

“Jeez mom… never,” he answered, his voice getting more strained.

“Good… I was hoping I’d be first,” I cooed. Then I began slowly gliding my hand up and down his shaft.

I immediately felt the muscles in his thighs tense, and saw his belly tighten as I began rhythmically stroking his penis, up to the swollen head, then down to his bloated balls, then back up… again and again. I could feel Paul’s body beginning to squirm and knew it wouldn’t be long before he let loose with torrents of young sperm. I could also tell it wasn’t going to last much longer because the small drop of opaque fluid that was in his piss slit had become the size of a pearl. Seeing that dollop of pre-cum must have triggered something in me, because without any thought of what I was doing, I pointed my son’s swollen cock towards my face, leaned forward, and took it deep into my warm, wet mouth.

Paul let out a cry of absolute ecstasy as my lips sealed around his rock-hard shaft. Instinctively his hips lifted from the chair driving his prick deeper into my mouth, and pressing the spongy head against the opening of my throat… causing me to gag for just a moment before I regained control. Once I settled him back into his chair, I began giving my sweet young son the most loving blowjob any woman had ever given.

Every emotion imaginable began racing through me. It was as if what I was doing was going to make up for all the hurt and pain my son had suffered at the hands of every bully who had ever called him names or pushed him around, and every mean ‘popular’ girl who had ever laughed at or made fun of him. At that very moment, I wanted to give my son a pleasure that those k**s could only dream of.

But if I was trying to convince myself that I was doing this strictly for my son’s pleasure, the raging fire burning in my cunt would beg to differ. I could feel the sticky wetness spreading on my inner-thighs as my pussy leaked its natural lubricant. As I slowly pumped my mouth up and down my on son’s beautiful cock, and caressed his balls with one hand, my other hand found its way between my legs and began stroking my swollen pussy lips.

I was completely overcome with combination of motherly love and wanton desire now. My tongue began circling the sensitive glans of Paul’s cock as my head bobbed up and down… plunging his hard shaft in and out of my mouth. At the same time, my fingertip, dripping with my own juices, had found my engorged clit and was teasing and tormenting it, causing my insides to tighten with impending orgasm.

With my lips still encircling his hard cock, I looked up into my son’s eyes and saw him looking back into mine. That was when I took him from my mouth momentarily and softly said, “I want you to squirt in my mouth, baby… mummy wants to taste your cum.”

When I sucked him back into my mouth, Paul groaned “Oh jeez mom.” Then I wrapped the hand that had been playing with his balls around the base of his cock, and my mouth and hand began moving in unison, up and down his shaft, while my tongue began to massage the nerve-filled spot behind the head of his near-bursting penis.

Paul was groaning steadily now, and I could feel his dick swelling even more between my lips … telling me he was about to cum. At the same time I began stroking my clit even faster. Then, as I felt the muscles in walls of my cunt and asshole started to tense, Paul blurted out, “Mom, I’m gonna... ahhhh!” And just as he cried out in pleasure, I felt his cock jerk violently between my lips, my mouth was immediately flooded with the first blast of my own son’s cum.

I have given a few blowjobs in my life, but I had never felt a cock come alive in my mouth the way Paul’s did. The shaft was pulsating wildly as the muscles deep in his groin began to involuntarily contract, pumping the thick white liquid from his full balls up through the six inch column of hard flesh. The tube that carried his load through his cock swelled again and again as each spasm caused Paul to groan with pleasure, and forced another spurt of young cum to squirt into my mouth. 

Maybe it was because he was so young, or maybe it was because he was my own son, but I had never tasted cum so sweet. I had to swallow the first few blasts quickly to make room for the next, but as the volume of each burst lessened, I let the creamy liquid coat my tongue, actually savoring the taste before swallowing the gooey treat. Finally I felt Paul’s body start to relax, and the violent jerking of his cock as he came had eased to a gentle twitching. Then, as the remainder of my son’s spunk oozed into my mouth, I swallowed one last time, and then let his deflating cock slip from between my lips.

As I licked the residue of my son’s orgasm from my lips, I looked up at him as he slumped in his chair, and I could see tears in his beautiful blue eyes. I immediately raised myself up on my knees and hugged Paul’s body to mine. I could feel his body shaking as he fought back the tears. As I held him close to my naked body, I whispered, “Paul honey… what’s wrong.”

I was worried that he might be feeling some terrible guilt or shame, and I wanted to reassure him that everything was alright, but instead he answered, “I’m just so happy mom… thank you.”

With that we just held each other for a few moments. Then I finally fell back onto my haunches in front of him and said, “So, did you enjoy your first blowjob?”

“It was the most amazing thing I ever felt mom,” he answered.

I laughed and said, “Well, I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.” Then I said, “Honey, I know the other k**s at school can be pretty mean to you, and how much that hurts you… and I just wanted to do something very special for you… and I’ll bet hardly any of those ‘cool guys’ that make fun of you have even touched a woman’s boob.”

“Really mom,” my son exclaimed, his face lighting up at the thought of experiencing something that the guys who bullied and tormented him probably hadn’t experienced. 

“Really honey,” I replied with a smile. Then I said, “But this has to be our secret, and remember… what I did was just a special gift that I wanted to do just for you.”

Well that wasn’t totally true. The fact was that I was more aroused than I could ever remember. Even though I claimed it was just for his benefit… my pussy was reminding me that I had been so close to cumming before I stopped masturbating to take care of Paul, and I was still horny as hell! As I sat back on my legs, I pressed my still inflamed clit against my heel and almost came. So as I talked with Paul, I began slowly rocking myself back and forth… grinding my clit against my heel and stimulating my already aching cunt even more.

Paul must have noticed my movements and said, “What are you doing mom?”

I was getting so excited that my voice actually cracked a little as I said, “Well honey, I guess I got a little excited while I was taking care of you, and I’m kind of rubbing myself against my foot.”

Paul just said, “Ok” as he watched my hips rotating back and forth as I humped my pussy against my heel. At the same time, I brought my left hand to my chest and began playing with my nipples. 

Just as I was going to slip my other hand between my legs and give myself the release I need, I looked at Paul’s crotch and saw that, much to my surprise, his spent cock was already growing back to full erection. I just laughed and said, “Ahhh, the recuperative powers of youth.”

Paul got a confused look on his face and said, “Huh?”

I nodded towards his crotch and said, “You’re already hard again.”

As his face flushed he said, “Sorry mom… you just really look sexy” And then almost without thinking about it, he wrapped his hand around his hard cock… a cock that just minutes earlier was pumping a fountain of cum into my mouth… and began slowly stroking it again.

Suddenly it seemed that some of the terrible shyness Paul had… even around me, had given way to some boldness. First he called me ‘sexy’… and Paul had never used a word like sexy. And now he was unashamedly masturbating in front of me again… without me telling him it was alright. It seemed the experience was giving him a little boost of self-confidence.

Right then I made a decision, and as I stood up I said, “Honey… I want you to wait about fifteen minutes and then come back to my bedroom,” and then I pointed at his hand slowly stroking his hard cock and said, “And you might want to save that.”

With that I went back to my bedroom and into my bathroom. My heart was racing and my pulse pounding as I thought of what I was about to do. I quickly got my hand mirror, put one foot on the side of my tub and checked my pussy. There were a few wisps of hair around the outer lips… which were still swollen and wet with excitement. I got my razor and did some landscaping around my pussy lips… which I gave a quick rub, but stopped for fear I would cum. Then I took a quick shower to be my freshest. I wanted to be squeaky clean and well groomed for what was about to happen.

I had just finished drying off and had a towel wrapped around me when Paul tapped on my door. He had put his boxers back on, but they still did little to hide the erection he was showing prominently. I sat on the edge of the bed, and then I patted the mattress and told him to come and sit next to me.

When he was seated I said, “Paul honey, I know how shy you are… especially around girls. And I’m wondering if knowing how to be with a girl might help you get over that.” Then I said, “What I did for you earlier was my gift to you, but now I want to know if you’d like to learn how to please a girl.”

“Ok mom,” Paul replied. 

Even though he said ok, I was sure he didn’t really know what I was saying. I think he was under the impression that I was just going to tell him all about girls. That was until I stood in front of him, took my towel off and dropped it to the floor. Even though he had seen me naked just a few minutes earlier, his eyes got as wide as if he were seeing me for the first time… I guess that is the reaction every time a high school sophomore sees a naked woman. But what he didn’t realize was that this time he wasn’t just going to get to look at me… he was going to get to touch me… and so much more.

As I looked at him sitting in front of me, scanning my body, I said, “Paul, have you ever kissed a girl.”

He just shook his head and quietly said, “No mom.”

Then I said, “Well then why don’t you stand up honey… I think it’s time you learned how.”

Paul stood up in front of me. He was still a couple of inches shorter than me, so I had to look slightly down into his eyes. I could see the nervousness in his face, so I gave him a reassuring smile. And then I took his cute face in my hands, leaned forward and gently pressed my lips against his. At first he kissed with his lips very stiff, but after just a moment he relaxed them and we kissed deeply.

I put my arms around him and then he did the same… with one had between my shoulder blades and the other on the small of my back. And then as I gently slipped my tongue between his lips to duel dance with his, I felt his bottom hand slide lower until it was resting on my ass cheek. Then I felt the head of his cock bumping against my thigh, so as I sucked his tongue into my mouth I grabbed his tiny ass and pulled him to me… grinding my pubic mound against his throbbing erection.

I could feel Paul groaning deep in his throat as he dry humped me. Then I broke our kiss and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Then I knelt in front of him and pulled down his pajama pants. Once again his stiff prick was bobbing inches from my face. And while my intention was completely different from earlier, I still couldn’t resist taking his tight little butt in my hands, pulling him towards me and sucking his beautiful cock into my mouth again… if only for a minute.

Paul let out a growl of pure lust as I opened my throat as best as I could and sucked his entire dick into my mouth. I directed him until he eventually got the message and began fucking my mouth. I knew I could make him cum in my mouth whenever I wanted to, but there were other things I wanted to teach him, so I took his dick from between my lips, and as I stroked him with my hand I said, “Honey, how would you like to learn how to make a woman feel the way I made you feel earlier.”

My sweet young son smiled wide and said, “Sure mom.”

So we climbed on the bed and lay together, and then we kissed again deeply. As we were kissing, I took Paul’s left hand and placed it on my left breast. At first he just let it lay there, but instincts soon took over and he began gently kneading my firm round tit, and flicking and pinching the nipple with his thumb and fingers, causing me to groan this time.

As we broke our kiss I said, “Paul, honey… will you kiss my breasts?”

My son never answered me. He just began kissing along my neck… causing me to shiver, and then he kissed and licked his way down over my breasts. I was so turned on anticipating Paul sucking my tits that I was afraid I was going to hyperventilate. And then I finally felt his velvety soft tongue drag across my hard nipple, and a deep groan of satisfaction emanated from my throat.

My body was on fire as my young son kissed and licked one nipple, then the other. Then, with my instruction, he took them lightly between his teeth and gently nibbled on them. At the same time I felt his hand sliding down over my soft belly towards my smoldering pussy. 

At first his fingers stopped in the small tuft of pubic hair I kept just above my pussy, but that was only until I said, “It’s ok baby… you can touch me.”

As he took my nipple between his lips and flicked it with the tip of his tongue… my son touched a woman’s pussy for the first time… and it was my pussy.

“Yessss,” I hissed as I felt Paul’s finger slide up and down the slippery lips of my womanhood. As he moved to my other nipple, I felt his finger penetrate my labia, and as he sucked my tits he began finger fucking me. I was like a matchstick on the verge of igniting as my son played with my body. It was hard to keep from writhing around because I was in such a state of arousal. His finger was plunging in and out of my cunt, and his soft lips, smooth tongue and sharp teeth were torturing my nipples. Paul had me on the verge of an incredible orgasm… and I hadn’t even told him about the clitoris yet!!!

Finally I lifted his face from my breasts, looked into his eyes and said, “Honey, would you like to learn how to use your mouth on a woman?”

“Sure mom,” he said enthusiastically, “What should I do.”

“Well honey,” I said, trying to keep my composure, “A woman likes it when a man slowly kisses and licks his way down her body until he is between her legs… and then she loves it when he licks her pussy.”

For a second I wondered if the thought of licking a woman’s pussy… especially one as sticky and wet with her juices as mine was, might be too much for Paul. But before I knew it, my sweet son was kissing and licking his way over my soft tummy. He even stopped and dipped his tongue in my belly button… causing me to shudder. As he got lower and lower, he moved his cute little body until he was lying on his stomach between my legs. And then I felt his tongue licking the smooth area where I shaved around my pubic mound. I’m not sure if it was because Paul is my son, or if it was the thought of teaching a virgin the finer points of sex… but I had never been more sexually aroused in my life! 

Once he was in position, I looked down and saw him inspecting my pussy very carefully. So as much as I wanted to feel his tongue on me, I thought I’d tell him a little bit about what he was looking at. First I told him that the things that looked like lips were the outer labia. He commented on how puffy and wet they were, and I told him that was what happened when a woman gets excited, just like a man gets an erection. Then I said that mine were wet because of him, and that I was so excited over what he was doing… and I could tell he was so proud of himself by the huge smile he got on his face.

Then I told him to use his thumbs to open my pussy, and I explained the inner labia and the vagina… and how it was perfectly shaped to accept a male penis. When I said that he looked up at me, and I could tell what he was thinking, but I just smiled at him and said we were going to take one step at a time. It was then that I showed him the magic button… my clitoris. As I was telling him that for most women the clit was their pleasure center, he dragged his thumb over my hard bud, causing my back to arch and a shriek of pleasure to escape from my lips. 

When he felt and heard my reaction he said, “Did I hurt you mom?”

I just giggled and said, “No honey, you just surprised me a little… my clitoris is really swollen right now because I’m so excited, so it’s very sensitive.” Then I said, “Would you like to try licking me now?”

“Sure mom,” he said, “Is there anything special I should do?”

“Well, I think most women like it when you don’t go right to the clit… it makes their pleasure last longer.” Then I said, “I also like it when you put a finger inside me when you do get to my clit.”

Just as I was going to ask if he was ready, he leaned forward and dragged his tongue from the bottom of my dripping cleft up to the top… stopping just short of my clit. I let out a loud moan as Paul began stroking his tongue up and down my outer lips, pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy with each stroke. Then he put his hands behind my knees, forcing my legs to spread wider. With each tongue stroke, it seemed his self-confidence was growing… and so was my lust. 

My son’s tongue was driving me wild as he pushed it deep into my cunt. Then as I looked down, he raised his face up from my pussy, and with his lips and face glistening with my juices he said, “You really taste good mom.”

I just groaned, “Thank you honey,” and then he pushed his tongue back inside me.

Even though this was his first time, my sweet young boy was giving me the pussy licking of a lifetime. Then, without warning, I felt his soft wet tongue drag over my tiny puckered asshole. I let out a squeal of surprise and pleasure as the tip of his tongue teased the super-sensitive area. I never thought I would care for anal play, and nobody, not even my ex-husband had ever licked my asshole… and the sensation was incredible.

Paul had my body on fire, and my pussy was quivering. I was moaning constantly, and spreading my legs as wide as I could so I could give my son’s tongue easy access. My body was writhing uncontrollably now, and Paul must have sensed I couldn’t take much more. And that was when I felt his lips encircle my engorged clit, and then his tongue wrapped around the nerve-filled button.

“Oh GAAAWD,” I screamed as Paul’s tongue began making circles over my swollen love button. Then he sucked it between his lips and began flicking at it with the tip of his tongue. I could feel muscles deep in my cunt start to tighten as my orgasm built. Paul felt it too, and almost instinctively he pushed a finger deep in my pussy as he licked my clit faster.

I was moaning and crying out “Oh god baby, Oh god you’re going to make mommy cum,” as Paul simultaneously licked my clit and finger-fucked my drooling pussy. My back was arching, and I was on the edge of climaxing when I felt another one of Paul’s small fingers, lubricated by my pussy juice, invade my tight asshole. 

That was all I could take, and as I screamed, “Oh Paul honey… I’m CUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG,” my pussy exploded. 

Involuntary muscle contractions started deep in my cunt, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. As I wailed out loud, the walls of my pussy and the tight ring of my asshole clamped down on my son’s plunging fingers, and pussy juice covered his face as I came. I was almost sobbing as the most incredible orgasm of my life completely took over my body. My head was lifted from the pillow and I looked right into his eyes as my beautiful son made me cum.

As my body twitched and convulsed, Paul held on, never taking his mouth from my clit. Then finally, the sensation was getting to intense, and I had to reach down and push his face away from my pussy. But he had the instinct to continue to slowly finger my pussy and ass… prolonging my pleasure. Then finally, as the last spasms of my climax rattled my pussy, my head fell back to the pillow.

I lay still for a moment, trying to catch my breath as my body radiating the warmth of post-orgasmic bliss. My son had given me a degree of pleasure that I had never felt before. As I looked down over my heaving breasts, I saw him looking up at me… his chin shining with my juices and a smile on his face. I let out a low groan as he gently extracted his fingers from my drenched pussy and puckered asshole.

Then he began moving up my body until his face was above mine. I could feel his erection pressing against my pubic bone. As I looked deep into his eyes, my hand slid between our bodies and my fingers grasped his swollen cock. I placed the spongy head against my swollen pussy lips, and then as I pressed my mouth to his in a deep kiss, my hands gripped his tight ass cheeks and pulled him forward… and buried my own son’s cock deep in my own cunt.

We both moaned into each other’s mouths as Paul buried his entire cock into me. Our pubic bones were pressed together, and my vagina was completely stuffed by his hard young prick. I held him there for a moment, wanting the sensation of having my own son’s penis deep in my pussy to burn into my memory… because I knew that this would only happen once. He wasn’t huge, but he filled me completely… stretching the walls of my cunt from the opening to my cervix. Then, Paul started to fuck me.

He groaned “Oh mom, it feels so good,” as he began to pump his rock hard cock in and out of my tight quim. I could feel my labia clinging to him as he extracted his prick until only the head was still lodged in me. And then I would feel so full when he would plunge himself back into me.

It didn’t take long for us to build a rhythm, and I was meeting every thrust with my hips. Paul’s blond hair was hanging over his forehead as he fucked me. Both of us were groaning and grunting as his small ass began moving faster. Even though I had just cum, and I didn’t always orgasm from fucking, I could already feel another orgasm building deep inside me. 

I could also tell Paul was going to cum soon, but I wanted him to experience other positions. So I quickly rolled him over so I could fuck him. I never disengaged from his cock as I began riding him. With me on top, Paul was able to reach up and fill both of his hands with my full round tits. My ass was bouncing up and down as I impaled myself on his hard shaft over and over. My son was looking up at me and groaning as my pussy literally milked his prick.

I leaned forward and kissed him deeply again, then I said, “Are you going to cum soon honey.”

He just looked up at me and groaned, “Uh huh.”

Then I asked, “Do you want to fuck me from behind?”

I think my using the word ‘fuck’ made him feel even more confident, and he said, “I’d love to, ummm… fuck you from behind mom.”

With that I climbed from on top of him and he knelt behind me. Then I reached back between my legs and grasped his cock and placed it against my opening, and with one thrust and a loud groan of pleasure, my son buried himself in me again.

Paul grabbed my hips and began fucking me hard and fast. Doggie style was always my favorite position, and I started fucking myself back against him. His slim hips were slapping against my full round ass cheeks as he thrust in and out of me like a piston. I felt my second orgasm getting close, but I wasn’t sure if I would cum before Paul did so I reached under myself and began stroking my clit to bring it on faster.

As Paul fucked me hard, and I furiously rubbed my clit, I heard him groan, “Mom… I’m getting close.”

I was still on birth control, so I groaned, “Cum inside me honey… cum in mommy’s pussy.”

Paul was grunting and groaning as he began slamming his prick in and out of me as I frigged my clit. Then I screamed “Oh fuck baby… YES!!!” as my cunt gripped his cock and I came. For the second time in less than thirty minutes, my pussy was having a nuclear meltdown. As convulsions erupted deep in my groin and spread throughout my body, I buried my face in my pillow so the neighbors wouldn’t hear my screams of pleasure. 

The nerves deep in my groin felt like they were connected to an electric charge that caused my cunt to clamp onto Paul’s cock like a vise, and that was more than any man could take… let alone a teenager. With one last thrust, Paul buried himself in me up to the hilt, and as he screamed, “Oh god mom… here it COMES!” my own son began pumping my pussy full of his warm seed.

Paul held onto my hips to keep himself buried in me as his cock spit its juice deep into my belly, and the contractions of my own orgasm help milk every drop of his spunk from his balls. And then it was over.

We both collapsed onto the bed… totally spent. Then, after lying together and catching our breaths for a few minutes, I finally said, “Paul, I want you to know that I love you more than anything or anyone on the earth, but this was a one-time thing.” And then as I fought back tears, I said, “I just wanted to show you that you should have the self-confidence to do anything… and I promise that you now know more about how to please a woman than any of those boys who make fun of you.” Then I added, “And trust me, when a girl does give you a chance to take her out… she’s going to be very glad she did!”

I could see the tears welling up in my sweet boy’s eyes as he said he understood. Then he thanked me and told me that he loved me. Then we hugged for the longest time, and then shared one last, deep, loving kiss… and it was over.

Well… it wasn’t quite over. As we shared that last, deep, loving kiss… Paul got yet another erection. Yes, the recuperative power of youth is amazing. So I decided that, as a final gift, I would give him one last blowjob… and I did. Then again, it wasn’t just for him. I wanted to experience the feeling of his beautiful young cock pumping my mouth full of his sweet cum one last time, so I could remember it always.

But something else happened that night… something more wonderful than the amazing experience I shared with my son. Paul was suddenly different. He asked if we could go to the mall and buy some new clothes, and he abandoned his geeky wardrobe. He also asked the girl from school if she wanted to go to the spring formal… and she accepted! In short, his self-confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

Then, through that summer between his sophomore and junior year, Paul went through a growth spurt. He grew a good four inches and put on about 30 pounds. He also started meeting some new friends, and is now invited to every party and event going on. And Megan… the cute girl he took to the Sophomore Spring Formal… she became his steady girlfriend.

Maybe these things would have happened anyway, but I like to think that the evening I spent teaching my son how to please a woman is the reason he found his self-confidence. But the best thing is that even though he is now popular… he is still my sweet wonderful son who stands up against anyone who picks on k**s who can’t stand up for themselves.

And when Megan visits, and I excuse myself to my room so they can be alone, I smile when I hear her muffled cries of ecstasy as my son expertly eats her pussy or fucks her… and I usually masturbate at the same time. And then I wonder if she has any idea how my son became so good at pleasing a woman.