"Stories 18+" My step mom turned me into a sissy slut for dad

Stories 18+ My step mom turned me into a sissy slut for dad
When I was in High school I would spend the summers with my dad and step mom. She was so hot and always dressed sexy, They were always very playful about sex, not like my mom and step dad. I loved the atmosphere.

During the week they would work all day and I would have the place to myself. I would always go into their room and see what I could get into. I found some picture of the 2 of them nude. Well after that I was always in their room jacking off to the pictures of my step mother naked. Little by little I would find other thing to help with my fantasies. I got into her dressed and would rub myself with her panties. It didn't take long before I was wearing her bras and panties while I jacked off. This became very routine for me every summer when I would stay with my dad and Georgia. (my step mom) 

I graduated high school, did some collage and thought I would join the work force. There was no work in our town, so I ask my dad and Georgia if I could come stay with them in Arizona while I looked for work. They said sure and I could stay as long as I wanted. Well, things went kind of smooth for a week or two. I was busy everyday putting in application and just driving around looking for work. We would all have dinner together in the evenings and just set around have some beers and chat. I was older now and a little wiser to the way thing were, so it didn't take me to long to figure out that my dad and Georgia were swingers. This turned me on to think of her fucking other men. 

As time passed and I was having no luck in the job market, I found myself at home more during the day. I was remembering back from when I was younger dressing up in Georgia's sexy undies and playing with myself. I went into their bed room and again dug out some of her things. It wasn't long before I was dressed and on the bed jacking off. I had found some more pictures of them and this time there were some shots of them having sex. With each other and other people. they were into some pretty kinky things. Some bondage and even bi. I found a picture of Georgia kissing some blond and a picture of my dad getting his dick sucked by a guy. In these pictures there were lots of toys. I decided to find these toys, if they were here. I located a box in the top of the closet that was packed full of toys. I got it down and looked though it. I looked at the vibrators and dildos, there were gags, and hand cuffs, ankle cuffs and chains. There was a gag with an "O" where you put your mouth to keep your mouth held open. This stuff really turned me on, and for the first few days I only looked at them and fondled them while I was dressed up like a sissy.

As the days passed and I was working my nerves up, I was fantasizing more and more about the dildos in the box. I was dressed like a sissy and I felt like one. I would hold it and kiss the head with my lipstick on. (I had progressed to full dress and make up by now). I would lick it and take it down my throat as far as I could without gagging. I would dream it was a real dick in my mouth, and finally I would start to fuck myself with this dildo. It had a suction cup under the balls and I could stick it to the head board and fuck it like it was a real man. I would fuck myself silly with this dildo every day getting more and more into my roll as a wanton slut. I would pretend to be a bitch for my man and wished I could use the bondage toys but was afraid that if I tried them, I would trap myself and be discovered.

I got up one Monday and as usual no one was home. Out to work I thought and I went through my routine of dressing up in Georgia's sexiest under wear and got my favorite dildo from the box. I lubed my "friend up and stuck him to the headboard of their bed. I got on my hands and knees in front of the toy and backed myself onto it. By now I was able to take the whole 8 inches of this dildo inside me. I started to slowly fuck myself with the toy. rocking back and forth, taking a little more with each back stroke. Until I was taking the full length of the fake cock inside my "pussy" I was now calling it my pussy, and when I was dressed up like this I was Donna. I would talk to my "lover" as "he" fucked me. I was so lost in my feeling, screaming for "him" to fuck me harder. "Fuck me with that big dick" I was screaming, I was really pounding myself onto this dildo by now, making like I was a whore who couldn't get enough. (and I couldn't)

I rode the huge dildo for a good while talking and screaming the whole time. I couldn't take anymore and I collapsed onto the bed. I hadn't heard her come in and didn't even now she was in the room until my step mom said. "Well, it looks like I was right". "I just knew you were a little sissy." "and I knew you were wearing my things". I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say, what to do. I was caught red handed. How long had she been there? how much did she see? I tried to stammer out some words, but she stopped me. "Don't even try, I don't want to here it". " There is nothing you can say to convince me that you are now a cock sucking sissy faggot who gets into my things and and fucks herself with my dildos. I started to speak again and she told me to "shut the fuck up". "You know" she says. "You make a pretty hot girl" "slutty, but hot". "I bet you've been having the boy fuck you for year" haven't you slut"? I did manage to say no before she cut me of with a sarcastic "Yea sure" Any bitch can ride a dick like I just saw you do has been riding the real thing", "or maybe you haven't, but I bet you would like to." "is that it sissy?" You haven't had any real dick yet but you been wishing you could." That's when she saw the pictures. "Whats this?' You've been looking at these while you fuck yourself with you little toy." :It can't be me your looking at because you are wanting dick." It must be your dad." "Is that it slut?" "you looking at pictures of you dad while you fuck yourself?" "Come over here" I slid over to where she was and she grabbed me by the wrist. She put one of the hand cuffs on my wrist and told me to give her the other. I told her I didn't want to and she walked out of the room. I set there on the bed wondering where she went and how much trouble I was in. She came back with a camera and started taking pictures of me in my slut cloths."Now" she said. " you are my slut" "You here me, you do as I say or these pictures go your mother and step father and I tell them how I came home from work and found you like this." I just hung my head and offered her my other hand. She cuffed my hands and told me to follow here. We went into the bathroom and she told me that she was going to fix me up right. 

Georgia set me down at her vanity and redid my make up. I looked in the mirror and I was hot. Then she left and came back with a wig. "You didn't find these, did you slut?" She asked me. " I have several different ones, lots of styles." "You will see." After she put the wig on me, not even my own mother would know me. She took me back into the bedroom and put a blind fold on me, put me on the bed with my knees tied up and spread. She said she had a friend who would just love me. I was couldn't believe this. Was my step mother really going to bring a friend over to fuck me? Could I do this? I knew I could and i knew that I actually wanted to. I was going to get fucked by a real man and my hot step mother was going to watch him do it. I couldn't see anything but I could here her walking around and messing with things. Then she dialed the phone and was talking to some one I heard her say I have a surprise for you and she is a hot little bitch, and she wants her first dick to fuck her. She came back into the room and said."It wont be long now slut,you will have some real cock inside you?" Then she came over to me and told me to open my mouth. I did as I was told and she pushed a gag in my mouth. It was the one with the "O" for a mouth. I was now helpless for her friend. Little time passed and I heard the front door open. I thought that she must have left it open for her friend. Then I heard my dads voice. I panicked. She set me up. She didn't get me ready to be fucked by her friend. She tied me up for my dad to catch me. I heard them talking and I figured She was telling him what was really going on. I heard him in the hall tell her that it would have to be quick because he had to be back to work. I thought, good a short talking to until later tonight. Then he entered the room. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there. I could here him walking around me. Then he says."So she wants a real cock in her huh?" WHAT! Did he really say that. That is my dad. Then it dawned on me that with all the make up, wig, blindfold and gag, that there is no way he would recognize me. I even said it to myself that my own mother wouldn't know me.

I tried in vain to tell him who I was, but with the gag, he could here anything but gargle. He was talking to Georgia, telling her that I must want it pretty bad. He turned his talk to me and tells me. "I don't have much time sweetie but I will try to make it good for you." " It looks to me like you would like to have my dick in that pretty mouth you have open for me." and with that, my dads cock entered my mouth. He pushed it into the opening of the gag as far as he could and I was able to take his whole dick in my mouth. Georgia knelt down beside me and whispered to me that. "you must really want that cock, the way you took the whole thing." You are a bigger slut than I knew. My dad was sliding his dick in and out of my mouth and I was horrified. That's when Georgia tells him that she thinks the slut wants to get fucked. He pulled his did from my mouth and went around, climbed up on the bed, got between my legs and fed his dick into my "pussy" "Oh yea" he says as his dick entered me. "That is one hot piece of ass." He slowly slid in into until he was all the way in. My dads dick was inside me and he didn't even know it was me me was fucking. "oh she is going to make a sweet girl." "much better then the boy she used to be." "This slut is made for fucking." "Oh really? You think so honey?" I here my step mom say. "You here that slut" You are much better off being a fuck toy for real men that to try and be a man yourself." She loved to rub it in, but she was saying this, my dad was starting to pick up the pace and he was really fucking me now. I didn't care what she was saying anymore. All I cared about was that cock inside me. I was trying my best to fuck him back. I was thrusting up to meet his thrusts. He told Georgia to get the gag out of my mouth so he could see my face better when I came. " you like that don't you slut." He was saying. I did my best not to answer him from fear he would know it was me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I had to tell him how much I loved his cock inside me and that I wanted him to fuck me harder. I did this in my best sissy voice and he did not notice it was his own son he was pounding hard with his cock.He fucked me for a while longer and then pulled his dick from me and pushed it at my hungry mouth. I opened my mouth and greedily sucked the cum form my dads dick. I swallowed every drop and even licked his cock clean. He had me lick his balls a little before getting dressed to leave. He bent down and told me I was a great fuck and that I had a really hot boi pussy. " looking forward to getting some more of that. With that him and my step mom left the room. 

She returned not long after. She removed the bounds,and blindfold. She looked dazed. "That was so fucking hot." she told me. "I thought it was going to be fun to humiliate you, but he really didn't know it was you." "and when he was really going to fuck you, I almost came in my panties right then." You loved it didn't you? you little slut." "You liked getting fucked by your dad." I couldn't deny it. I nodded my head yes. We talked about what had happened and both decided that my dad not find out it was his son who he had fucked. Then after our talk, my step mom said that if I was going to fuck her husband then I was going to fuck her also. I got out of my girl cloths and I fucked my hot step mom that I had dreamed about for years.