"Stories 18+" Brittany and Her Brother

Stories 18+ Brittany and Her Brother
Then year old Brittany finished dressing for school and opened the door of her room to go down for breakfast and stopped short. Her brother Ryan, th**e years her senior, had left his door partly ajar, and she could see him in his room directly across the hall from hers,. He was standing with his back to her and he was naked. As she stood there transfixed, he bent over to step into his briefs and she caught a glimpse of his scrotum between his legs. Suddenly she wanted to see more, but he pulled up his shorts and started putting on the rest of his clothes, so she quietly headed for the kitchen.

Why had he shown her that glimpse? she wondered. When they were just a few years younger, they had occasionally gotten naked together, Ryan always the instigator of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" although Brittany needed little coaxing. He was always wanting to get naked with her and she was usually quite willing to go along with his suggestions. He talked about how he looked forward to when she would grow boobs and he'd have so much more to look at. Brittany looked forward to that time herself and was eager to be able to show them to him, but when the time came and they did start to grow, she suddenly became extremely self-conscious and refused to get naked with him, no matter how much he begged and pleaded. She still would liked to have seen his privates but no way would he show his if she didn't, so they hadn't been naked together for two years. After a while Ryan gave up trying to get her naked (and while he did his best to sneak a look, he hadn't succeeded.)

So why now? There was no way he would have let her see that much without the hope of reciprocation from her, she reasoned, so he must be expecting (or at least hoping for) her to reveal a bit in return. Just that little bit of a look was enough to reawaken the desire in her to see all of his privates, but was she willing to show herself?

When Ryan joined her and their parents in the kitchen she couldn't keep herself from glancing at his crotch even though he was fully clothed. Ryan was blissfully unaware of her sudden interest in his privates and he paid her very little attention. He hadn't realized his door had been open and he didn't know she'd seen him naked.

All through school that day her mind wandered into various scenarios, wondering just how far she was willing to go and wondering just how much he expected to see in return for what she'd seen. When she got home she had decided on her first step. She took off her bra, thinking that by going bra-less she would certainly attract his attention.

She was wrong, he didn't notice. Not because he was unobservant, but because she only had A-cup sized breasts and the blouse she wore was rather loose and made from a material that didn't cling at all to her body. She ended up going to bed frustrated and somewhat horny. Usually when she masturbated she fantasized about one boy or another from school but this time her brother's image usurped their place. After she orgasmed she drifted off to sleep, still imagining what he would look like naked. Oh sure, she'd seen him in the altogether lots of times when they were k**s, but she knew that had changed. 

The next morning she got braver. She knew he wouldn't show more until she had shown something, so after watching to see if he would leave his door open again while he dressed (he didn't) she headed down to the kitchen in her nightgown, poured a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat. "Britt dear" said her mother, "are you sick or something? Why aren't you dressed?"

"No, I'm fine" said Brittany, "Ryan was using the bathroom when I wanted in there so I thought I'd eat first and then shower and dress for school."

Ryan came into the kitchen and saw her with mussed hair and in a nightgown and said, "You sick Britt?"

"No" she said, "just doing things in a different order this morning."

As Ryan sat down to eat she finished her cereal and got up and took her bowl to the sink. Then she turned and walked past the table where Ryan sat with his eyes glued to her body. The soft, thin material of her nightgown formed around her breasts and hinted clearly what lay beneath, and it only reached down to mid-thigh. As she walked past, Ryan kept facing forward so it wouldn't seem obvious that he was gawking, but his eyes followed her as long as they could. Brittany didn't dare look to see if he was looking so she didn't know if she'd gotten his full attention but she thought it had worked. If it had, he she expected he'd be showing a bit more of himself soon. Just to be sure, maybe she should do a bit more.

When Ryan got home from school that day, the image of his sister in her nightgown was still vivid in his mind, so he found himself paying attention whenever she moved around the house. He was well aware of femininity, always had been but until now she had seemed so aloof, almost as if she repressed her sexuality. Was she loosening up? Was there a chance to finally see her nude body again? Probably not, but hope springs eternal in the mind of a hormone-drenched teen male.

His vigilance was rewarded when she walked past him on her way to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge. His eyes opened wide and focused on her chest. She was wearing a somewhat form fitting T-shirt, and he could clearly see that she wore nothing underneath it. He pretended to be focused on his homework as she returned but his eyes were on her boobs jiggling slightly as she walked by. "Holy shit, what's going on" he thought. "Is she aware of how much she's revealing? If she isn't and I say something she'll probably cover up again so I better keep quiet and pretend I don't see."

Brittany wondered how he could have missed her performance. Her shirt showed off her small boobs, he had to have seen them, but once again she hadn't looked to see if he reacted. "Did he or didn't he?" she wondered. She could only wait and see if he would take the next step.

Ryan watched her closely for the rest of the day while pretending not to, but since he didn't know what she was trying to do, he did nothing. Brittany watched for a reaction from him in vain. She thought it would come when they went up to their bedrooms. The second floor comprised of their two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large spare bedroom that was designated the "guest room" for when relatives came visiting from out of town. The master bedroom and living quarters were all on the main floor, so there was plenty of privacy and plenty of opportunity, but he just went to bed as usual.

Brittany concluded he mustn't have seen what she had done, but she wouldn't give up. The next morning she again went down to breakfast in a rather revealing nightgown hoping to get a reaction from him, and once again he noticed but pretended he didn't, and once again she was careful not to look to see if he was looking. 

Ryan still couldn't decide if she was unaware of how much she was showing, or if she was deliberately teasing him or, he hoped, she just didn't care anymore if he saw her body. Whichever it was, he wasn't about to take the chance of saying a word.

After school that day, Ryan tried to concentrate on his homework but couldn't - he was on alert for more revealing views of his sister. Once more he wasn't disappointed. 

This time she was wearing a loose fitting shirt that wasn't revealing at all - until she 'accidentally' dropped her pencil and bent forward to pick it up. Her shirt drooped away from her body and he got a good look at her boobs almost to the nipples! As she straightened up and the shirt fell back into place he quickly averted his eyes and pretended he was focused on homework. This time Brittany did check to see if he was looking but only saw him looking at his work.

That night in bed, Ryan was immensely horny for his sister. He masturbated twice to his fantasy of sex with his sister. Meanwhile across the hall, that same sister was masturbating while imagining sex with her brother.

In the morning Brittany decided to go a bit farther. In the bottom of one of her drawers she had found an old nightgown that had been her favorite a couple years ago. She had worn it as often as she could and it had gotten somewhat threadbare but she liked it so much she had refused to throw it away. Needless to say she had since outgrown it, but nevertheless she put it on. The thin material outlined her breasts and the bottom barely reached past her crotch. It left little to the imagination so she hoped her parents attention would be elsewhere. Just before she left her room, on the spur of the moment she stripped off her panties.

Ryan came into the kitchen and saw Brittany sitting there in her revealing nightgown and his jaw dropped open. He glanced at their parents to see their reactions, but their attention was on the newspaper they were reading. He got his cereal and sat down opposite her and made a mess of eating with his gaze locked on her boobs. Brittany meanwhile was nervous as a cat, her heart beating double time. She finished her cereal and took her bowl to the sink. Watching her, Ryan couldn't even pretend to eat. Then Brittany took it further. She picked up a cereal box and put it back on a high shelf. It was quite a stretch for her to reach that high and the effort raised her nightgown, and just to make sure it raised higher, she reached up with both arms. Ryan was agog! He could see the bottoms of the bare cheeks of his sisters ass! Brittany lowered her arms, her nightgown dropped down, she turned and walked out of the kitchen. When she got to her room, she was shaking and trembling so much she could hardly manage to get dressed for school. Meanwhile Ryan was trying to eat breakfast with a boner straining at his pants.

Brittany was frustrated when she got home from school. He had to have seen that last performance, he must have, yet there he was focussed on homework. She didn't know what to do, she wasn't going to reveal more, she'd given plenty of indication that she was up for what he'd proposed. How had it worked years ago when they got naked? she tried to remember. And then she did remember - it had always been his suggestion, and when she agreed he'd been quick to respond. So why wasn't he responding now? Could it be that he hadn't left the door open on purpose? Could it be that he didn't even know she'd seen him naked from behind? Another thing she remembered from before - it was always "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" from him. There was no way he would expose himself unless he knew for certain that he'd get to see her. How badly did she want to see him? She had been consumed with the thought of seeing his dick for 4 days and by now she REALLY wanted to see it. Was she willing to get naked in front of him in order to reach that goal? She hesitated.....but...yes, yes she was. "And If I show mine, then he will show his for sure" she realized.

When she headed up to bed, Brittany took a pair of scissors with her, and in the bathroom cut off all of her pussy hair as close to the skin as possible, and then she shaved it clean. "I have to show him mine" she reasoned, "and with hair in the way he wouldn't be able to see it, and he might not show his". She hid the hair in the waste basket and went to her room, got undressed and put on a bathrobe but didn't tie it, she just held it closed in front.

Ryan went into the bathroom and got ready for bed as usual. Britt had him so horny he knew he'd be jerking off as soon as he got into bed. He finished up and headed for his room, and saw Brittany standing in the doorway to her room, wearing a robe. She was looking directly at him. As he got close, she lowered her gaze to the floor, opened the robe, dropped it and stood there naked in front of him.

Ryan was stunned! He stood there, his mouth hanging open, gawking at her body, her small firm breasts with the pale areolas, her hairless pussy mound with it's slit. 

Five seconds passed. Brittany looked up at him and said softly, "Well?"

"Uh..uh..w..w..well?" he stuttered in response.

"I showed you mine" she said.

"Oh, shit, yeah, uhm sorry." and he whipped off his clothes as fast as he could, his hard-on standing at attention, pointing at her.

And finally there it was. It certainly had changed, as she'd expected. It was much larger than it had been the last time she'd seen it, the balls too. And she'd never seen it hard before. She reached out her hand and lightly ran her fingers along the shaft. She took it between her fingers and thumb and squeezed, testing the hardness. She ran her fingers up to the head. "Oh, that's velvety" she breathed, "and it's not hard".

Ryan took that as an invitation to touch and he placed a hand on her breast. It was so firm, yet much softer than he thought it would be. He tweaked the nipple and it hardened.

Brittany placed her hand around his shaft and slowly and lightly started moving it back and forth. She lengthened her stroke and pulled her hand right past the end so it encompassed the head and suddenly her hand was wet and slimy. "Did you cum?" she asked.

"No, no that's just lubrication" he said, "when I cum you won't have to ask".

"Are you going to cum?" she asked.

"Yeah, it won't take long with you doing that."

"I wanna see that!" she said, tightening her grip and increasing the speed of her strokes.

Ryan was right, it only took a dozen strokes and his dick erupted, spurting cum on her belly, on her hand and dripping a bit on the floor.

"Cool" she said, looking at the splatter on her abdomen, a couple globs oozing downward. She stopped their movement with her hand, smeared it around a bit and examined it in her hand.

"Show me how to do that to you" said Ryan.

"For sure" she said, and turned and walked into her room. She cleaned off her belly and hands with Kleenex and hopped onto her bed and laid down off to one side. "Come on the bed with me" she invited.

Ryan climbed on beside her and laid on his side facing her, supporting his upper body on his elbow and placed his hand on her pussy. She spread her legs apart and he slid his hand down the groove between her legs where she was wet and slippery. Moving his hand up and down her slit, he pressed his middle finger between the lips and found the opening of her vagina and inserted his finger until it met her hymen.

"Ohhh, that feels good" she said, "but you don't need to go inside." She reached down and took hold of his hand, pulling his middle finger up her slit until it reached her clit. Moving his finger in circles on it, she said, "This is the part that cums. Your hand feels real good everywhere in my pussy but this is my clit and it's the part that cums so you have to make sure you include it." And she let go of his hand. Ryan used his fingers to explore everywhere inside her slit, the inside of her lips, the inner labia, the vaginal opening and especially her clit. Brittany had been very horny to start with and now his ministrations were building her rapidly to orgasm. As it came closer she pushed her pelvis up and then jerked forward as the first spasm slammed her clit. Shuddering and grunting, she experienced the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had. Ryan was thrilled at the sexual pleasure he'd given her but suddenly she grabbed his hand and pushed it away saying, "Stop, stop, stop!"

"Did I hurt you?" asked Ryan.

"No, it just gets really, really sensitive right after I cum and it's just too intense to have it touched for a while."

"Oh, yeah, same with my dick." said Ryan, and he reached for the Kleenex and wiped off his hand. "That was really something!"

"Yeah, I came really hard, it was great, way better than when I do it myself."

"So how come all of a sudden you want to get naked again?" asked Ryan, gently caressing her small, firm boobs again, "For the past couple years you always said no when I wanted to and I gave up asking."

"Well, I got sort of.....when my boobs started growing, I don't know, I just....I guess for some reason I got really self-conscious....I didn't want anyone to see, I don't know why. But when you showed me your naked backside on Monday I suddenly really wanted to see more and I realized I didn't mind anymore if you saw me.

"What are you talking about?" asked Ryan, "I didn't show you my backside

"Yes you did, you left your door open so I would see it when you were getting dressed."

"Not on purpose, and I didn't know you saw me."

"You didn't? I thought you showed me a bit to see if I would show a bit in return."

"Oh wow" said Ryan, "so that's why you were walking around the house bra-less and eating breakfast half naked."

"So you did see!" Brittany exclaimed, "I couldn't tell if you'd noticed and when you didn't show more of yourself I thought it was because you hadn't. But you didn't even know why I was doing it?"

"No, but I sure appreciated it. I was afraid if I said anything you would realize what kind of show you were putting on and you'd stop."

"Yeah, you can be kinda dense" she giggled, "I had to get buck naked before you got the message."

"And there was no way I could pretend I didn't see that! Wow, I almost fell over!" He slowly slid his hand down her belly, heading for her vulva. "Is your pussy OK now? can I touch it again?"

"Yeah, it's fine, the super sensitivity only lasts a few seconds."

"Good, 'cause I'll never get tired of playing with it. When did you start shaving?"

"Just now" she said, " tonight when I was getting ready for bed. I figured if I showed you mine, you'd show me yours, but if I had hair there, you might say I hadn't shown you all of it and you wouldn't show me all of yours."

"Well I do like to be able to see it all so I'm glad you did. And he moved his hand down her slit and pressed his fingers inside. It was still super-wet. He took her left lip between his thumb and forefinger and moved them up and down.

"Mmmm, that's different" she purred.

He then moved to her right lip and did the same for a while Then he moved his fingers around inside the slit, exploring it all again and paying particular attention to the clit. He intended to get her off again. 

"You're...you're pretty good at that" she panted, opening her legs wider. She was definitely going to come again, she knew. She took his cock in her hand and started slowly stroking, and it responded by getting hard. He propped himself up on his left elbow again so he could have a good view of her body and his hand working her pussy while watching her hand working his boner. It took considerably longer the second time, but eventually Brittany felt her orgasm approaching and raised her pelvis up, pushing her pussy up against his hand. Her stroking got faster and faster and then she was grunting and shuddering again as the orgasm ripped through her pussy. Her orgasm had barely subsided when Ryan came, shooting his cum on her belly again. Satiated, they both lay there panting, their hands still holding each other's genitals. Ryan put his head back down on the pillow and Brittany turned her face to him. They laid there with their foreheads touching, their eyes closed.

After five minutes Ryan roused himself. "It's getting late, I'd better get cleaned up and go to my room."

"Yeah, I guess so. Hand me a Kleenex, you gave me a bellyful again." She looked down. "Actually there isn't near as much as last time."

"No, there never is the second time. But it felt just as good."

They took turns in the bathroom and went to their own beds.


The next morning Ryan awoke with the events of the previous night running through his head. It seemed almost unreal, as if he had dreamed the whole thing but the memory of the sensations was very real. He rose and went to the bathroom and used the toilet. He was about to take his shower when the image of his sister with water cascading down her nude body came to mind. The idea that he might get to wash that body made it more appealing. He left the bathroom and went to her room. The door was closed. He opened it slowly and looked in. Brittany was still asleep, her head turned slightly away from him, her hair spread across the pillow. He walked to her bed, sat down on it and watched her for a minute. Then bending down he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw his face close in front of her.

She smiled. "Good morning."

"Good morning" he responded, "you looked so cute I just couldn't resist kissing you."

She stretched, her arms out as far as she could reach. "Is it time to get up?"

"It is. Want to take a shower with me/"

She grinned. "Sure! Just let me pee first." And she jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. "Wait till you hear the shower going and then come join me."

When Ryan heard the shower going he entered the bathroom and they stepped into the shower together. They delighted in washing each other, first legs and arms and then moving to the bodies, but saving the best for last. As he was washing Brittany's back, Ryan worked his hands down to her cute little butt, washing it thoroughly, including inside the crack. When he touched her asshole she jumped and said, "Hey, not that!"

"Why not" asked Ryan, "you wash it, don't you?"

"Yeah, but....OK go ahead, and then I'm doing yours." And she did. Ryan didn't complain.

Then they washed each other's fronts. Ryan saved the boobs for last, soaping up his hands, washing, massaging and fondling them. Meanwhile Brittany had finished his chest and moved down to his boner. She washed it, then moved down to his bag and washed that, then moved back up to the boner and started stroking it. Ryan was still focusing his attention on her boobs.

"They've never been so clean!" she exclaimed, grinning.

"I guess that's enough" said Ryan, and he moved a soapy hand down to her pussy. She spread her legs a bit farther apart so he could get between. He washed the outside first, then pressed his finger into the slit.

"Stay out of my vagina" ordered Brittany, "if soap gets in there it burns and that's no fun at all."

"Will do" said Ryan, and he kept his fingers working on the front portion of the inside of her gash.

Meanwhile he was approaching orgasm and shortly he spewed his cum on her belly for the third time. When he finished cumming, Brittany let go of his dick and reached both hands up on his shoulders, and then clasped her hands behind his neck and leaned her forehead against him while he continued to masturbate her pussy. As her orgasm came closer and closer she started moving her pelvis back and forth, faster and faster until it hit, and she grunted softly as her body shuddered with its release. When she finished, she slid her arms all the way around his neck and tucked her head under his chin, hugging him. Ryan wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against him.

"Mmmmm, that was fantastic" she murmured, and they held each other while the warm shower cascaded down on them. After a while she said, "we'd best get cleaned up and get going." and she wiggled her belly side to side against his. "Slimy", she giggled, "now you have a belly-full of your cum too."

They rinsed off, shampooed their hair, got out and towelled off and headed naked to their rooms and got dressed.

Brittany came down to breakfast fully clothed. "Dressing for breakfast again, I see" commented her mother.

"Yeah, I realized it works better this way" she replied, smiling.

Throughout the day, Brittany reflected on what had transpired. She had only intended to look, but things had moved well beyond that stage in a hurry. It gave her pause, but nonetheless she was looking forward to resuming activities with Ryan that evening. 

Ryan couldn't believe how lucky he was, and he knew it wasn't just a one-time thing. He had fantasized about seeing her naked and feeling her up but had never really thought it would happen.

That evening as the family sat watching TV, Brittany faked yawning several times. Her mother noticed and said, "Britt, you're going to fall asleep on the couch, why don't you head for bed?"

"I guess I should even if I don't have school tomorrow" said Brittany, and she got up and headed for the stairs. As she passed her brother she smiled at him and winked. She went up to the bathroom and got ready for bed, which included a fresh clean shave for her pussy.

Ryan didn't know what to do. If he followed his sister up the stairs right away, might his parents suspect something? Was that wink from Britt code to come up right away, or did it merely mean she was looking forward to later? He managed to sit still for another 15 minutes until the show ended and then faked a yawn too and said, "I think I'll turn in too." and he headed upstairs. He used the bathroom to get ready for bed and went to his room. Brittany was sitting naked in his bed, smiling at him, the blankets covering her to the waist. Ryan grinned and stripped off his clothing. Brittany pushed the covers to the foot of the bed and he got on it beside her, his hand going immediately to her breast.

"Oh man I love these things" he said, and he lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue around the areola. The sensation was like a small jolt of electricity to Brittany, and she felt her pussy lubricating. She laid back for a while as he fondled and sucked her breasts and then she put a hand on his erection.

"I want to look at it" she said.

"OK, look" he said.

"I mean really look. Look at it close up. Examine it. Get off the bed, stand up"

"OK". and he stood. She move to the side and sat on the bed, her face close to his boner. She pushed it down with her forefinger and watched it bob back up. She pushed it to one side, then the other. She ran her fingers along it, then grasped it and squeezed. "It's hard inside, but covered with soft skin." She ran her hands down to his bag, feeling the balls inside, taking hold of the skin, pulling it to the side, then letting go and swinging the whole thing back and forth. She moved her hands back to his cock, moving it up, down and side to side, examining the head, seeing what it looked like from every angle. "The head isn't hard, how come?"

"Well, my dick has two chambers in it, and when I get horny the outlet closes up and won't let the blood out and the blood pressure makes it hard. Those chambers don't go all the way to the end, but if you press on the end, you can feel the end of the hard part in there."

She pressed. "Oh yeah, I can!"

"Seen enough?" he asked.


"OK, now I want to take a close look at yours."

"OK" she grinned, "you showed me yours, now I'll show you mine." And she crawled back onto the bed, laid down with her head on the pillow and raised her knees and spread them. Ryan got down between them, looking closely at her pussy. He could see it was very wet, the fluid coating the lips. He took his fingers and spread them apart, far enough apart that he could see into her vagina and the thin membrane of her hymen. He examined her inner labia, moved them around, felt them. He felt her clit, took it between thumb and forefinger along its length. Brittany moaned as the sensation sent more lube seeping from her pussy. Ryan got to his knees, sat back on his heels and looked at his boner pointing at her pussy so near. He shuffled forward, took his cock in his hand and put the head between her lips, moving it up and down. Brittany moaned again and made small thrusting motions with her pelvic area. Ryan moved his dick opposite her moves, when she went up, he went down, when she went down, he went up. After a short while, when it was at her vaginal opening, he pushed the head in.

Brittany felt the head go in. She knew they shouldn't, but she liked the feeling. She knew there should be more of that feeling and she wanted it, but then again she thought it would be best if she pushed him away. She couldn't decide, but because it felt so good, in the meantime she continued her up and down pelvic movements, but now she incorporated some circular movement as well. She moaned again.

Ryan stretched his legs back and laid on top of her, on his elbows in the missionary position. She continued her movements. He started some very short in and out movements of his own, making sure the head didn't fall out. It was ecstasy, but he had to have more. He thrust three inches of his boner into her pussy, popping her cherry.

She gasped and said, "Ow!" and hugged him tightly.

"You OK Britt?"

"Yeah, but...but it hurts."

"Does it hurt bad?"

"No, sort of like a sting and it's easing off."

Ryan started making small, slow movements in and out. Britt said nothing so he continued, gradually going deeper and deeper until his whole erection was buried in her pussy and his pelvis was right up tight against hers. Gradually he increased the length and speed of his strokes. "Holy shit" he thought, "I'm fucking! I'm really fucking! And I'm fucking Britt!"

Brittany's pain had subsided, she felt little of it any more and her arousal and pleasurable sensation of his cock moving in and out of her masked the slight pain. She lost awareness of it as she wrapped her arms and legs around her brother and resumed her movements. "Oh my God, he's fucking me, I'm having sex, I'm fucking! I'm really fucking!" she thought. The feel of his cock moving in her vagina was unlike anything she had imagined it would be.

When she wrapped her limbs around him and started grinding her pussy against him, Ryan knew that she was feeling a lot of pleasure, that it felt as awesomely wonderful to her as it did to him. He increased his tempo. It was fortunate, he realized, that he had cum three times in the past 24 hours, or he would already have blown his wad into her. As it was, he could feel his orgasm starting to build. He also felt Britt's arms and legs tightening up and her movements increasing. "Her orgasm is coming soon too" he figured, "I hope it gets here before mine".

Indeed her orgasm was close, and she sped up her movements and pressed against him harder and harder than then she was cumming, more intensely than ever before. A loud moan escaped her, then a series of soft grunts as her body spasmed in ecstasy. As she came down off her orgasmic high, Ryan reached his own orgasm, cumming big time deep in her vagina.

He stayed in her, both of them panting as they came down from their orgasmic highs. Brittany felt his hard-on soften and then he rolled off her, onto his side facing her. She rolled onto her side facing him and they held each other. After a while Ryan started to feel a little chilled, and he reached down and pulled the covers over them, and then they resumed their cuddling. Brittany was sated, she just wanted to cuddle more, but while Ryan enjoyed the cuddling too, he wondered how soon he'd be hard enough to fuck her again. It wasn't to be. Lulled by the physical aftermath of their orgasms, cozy under the covers they both fell asleep.

Brittany woke in the morning and realized they were spooned together. She smiled, remembering the sheer physical ecstasy of her first intercourse, and then realized that Ryan's erection was pressed against her butt. She could tell by his breathing that he was still asleep and she wondered at the apparent ability of guys to get turned on even while asleep. She didn't know about morning wood. She reached back and grasped his hard-on, slowly stroking it.

Ryan awoke to the feel of her hand on his cock and the need to pee. His bladder was full and wanting to empty, but as long as she was playing with his dick, he was in no hurry to stop her. He moved his hand to her small breasts and began to caress them. Brittany rolled onto her back and said, "Good morning".

"Good morning" he said, and leaned over and kissed her. She reached her free hand behind his head and returned his kiss, morning breath be damned. Ryan drew back from the kiss and moved his hand down to her pussy, and she spread her legs to allow him access. She was wet already, and as he moved his fingers up and down inside her slit she became wetter. Ryan's precum soon lubricated his sisters hand as she continued to stroke him. His arousal had overwhelmed his need to pee - he didn't even feel it anymore. He rolled on top of her and she spread her legs farther apart and drew her knees up, opening herself to him. With her hand still holding his boner, she guided it to her pussy and he entered all the way in two strokes.

Brittany wrapped her arms and legs around him, reveling in the physical pleasure of his cock moving in and out of her vagina with absolutely no pain this time. She moved to meet his thrusts, at the same time moving in a circular motion. Her orgasm built faster than the night before, she held him tighter and ground her pussy against him harder and then she was cumming. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh". Her body shuddered with the orgasmic spasms.

Ryan, realizing that she was cumming, increased the tempo of his pumping and within a half dozen strokes, he was cumming into her again. His orgasm ended, he stayed on top of her, enjoying the feel of her naked body under his. "That's a great way to start the day" he panted.

"Yeah" she said. He rolled of her and they cuddled as they had the night before, but not for long. "Damn, I really have to pee!" His arousal gone, his bladder had reminded him of the urgency of the need to be emptied. He jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. When he came back to the bedroom, Brittany said, "I have to go too. Come join me when you hear the shower".


From that point on, they fucked whenever they had the chance. They tried every position they could think of - doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, her on top, sitting, standing in the shower, they did them all. They slept together every night, taking turns between her bed and his and they always showered together.

After a couple weeks, during their foreplay one evening, Ryan said, "Let's try oral".

Brittany, sitting on the bed with Ryan standing in front of her, looked at the boner in her hands. "I...I don't.....I'm not sure I want to."

"Why not?"

"It...it seems kind of gross to put it in my mouth."

"But everybody does it" pleaded Ryan, "we should at least try it. It must be good or it wouldn't be so popular."

"I don't...I....you go first." she said.

"OK" he said and got down on his knees on the floor. Brittany leaned back on her hands and lifted her knees, spreading them and setting her feet on the edge of the bed. She wanted to watch him do it.

For all his eagerness, Ryan was a bit hesitant as his mouth approached his sister's pussy. He was just a bit grossed out himself and it didn't exactly smell like a rose. But he was the one wanting it so he moved in and licked her right lip between the slit and the leg crease from bottom to top. Brittany loved the sensation. Then he did the same to the other lip. Getting braver he licked the groove of her slit from bottom to top. Brittany spread her legs farther apart, wanting, needing more, which caused her slit to open. 

"Well, her goes nothing" thought Ryan, and he pressed his tongue between her lips at the vaginal opening and licked all the way up to her clit, then with his fingers he spread her lips apart and began working at her pussy with lips and tongue, massaging and sucking her labia and clit. Brittany thought she would go into sensory overload, she'd never felt the kind of intense sensation that came from his lips and tongue. Her orgasm was quickly building. She laid back and pushed her pussy against his mouth while her hands grasped his head and pulled it against her. Ryan recognized the signs. "No way" he thought, "if she cums she won't be aroused any more and she'd be less inclined to take my cock in her mouth. No way!" And he pulled away.

"No no don't stop!" she cried out as he got to his feet.

"It's your turn for a while" he said and he took her hands and pulled her up into a sitting position. He placed her hands on his erection. Brittany still was averse to putting it in her mouth, especially now that it was dripping pre-cum, but she desperately wanted him to finish what he'd started and this was the only way. She slowly leaned forward with her mouth open and took the head between her lips, her tongue moving slightly on the underside. Ryan's reaction was similar to hers - the electrifying sensation begged for more, and she gave more. Slowly moving her head back and forth, she gradually increased the depth into her mouth. She tried to go deep but gagged, and pulled back so her lips didn't go much past the head as she moved it in and out, her tongue swirling underneath all the while. The intensity was such that Ryan's orgasm came on very fast. He tried to decide if he should pull out, he wanted to stay in, but she might not like it. But there was no time for him to mull such considerations - his cock erupted into her mouth.

To her credit, Brittany didn't immediately pull back. He had never cum anywhere near that fast before so she hadn't expected it so soon, but she stayed until he finished cumming before pulling her mouth off him. Then, with her lips closed holding it in her mouth, she franticly looked for something to spit it in, the Kleenex was out of reach.

"Swallow" said Ryan, "that's the fastest way to get it out of your mouth."

She looked up at him, her eyes widened, then realized he had a point and she swallowed.

"That did not taste good, you weren't supposed to do that!" she declared.

"Yeah" said Ryan, "but it felt so incredible, it came on so fast I was cumming before I realized it."

"I didn't think you would cum so quick" she said, "I wasn't ready."

"Well if it felt as good when I did it to you, as it did when you did it to me, you should have realized it would be quick."

"Yeah I should have realized, it did feel incredible. Speaking of which, you have a job to finish." And she laid back on the bed with her knees raised and spread wide. Ryan knelt back down and plunged right in, licking and sucking inside her slit and then moved his attention to her clit. He licked it for a while and then started sucking on it, pulling her clit and the surrounding tissues through his lips and then pushing it out again, all the while swirling his tongue under itl Her orgasm came quickly and was explosive, she issued a sharp loud cry as it slammed her pussy and her body writhed and jerked with the contractions. When she stopped moving he pulled away, remembering that it would be super-sensitive.

"Ryan" she said as he climbed onto the bed beside her and put his arms around her, "I will suck you off and swallow any time you want if it means you will eat me out like that every time."

"It's a deal, Britt" he said.

The next time they did oral it was a 69, and it was even better.


Brittany and Ryan cuddled together on her bed in the afterglow of two very satisfying orgasms.

"My boobs are sore" she said.

"How could they be sore" asked Ryan, I wasn't rough, was I?"

"No, it's not you. They're sore inside."

"From what, growing pains?"

"Well it's probably because we've been fucking our brains out for more than two months now."

"I don't get it" said Ryan, "it's your pussy that should be sore, if anything."

"Two uninterrupted months. Think about it."

"What about it."

Brittany said slowly, "Two uninterrupted months of non-stop sex. With no time off for something like, oh I don't know, a period maybe?"

"Oh" said Ryan. "OH!" "Shit. So being knocked up will make your boobs sore?"

"Yeah, they're getting ready to feed the baby."

"The baby. Mom and Dad are gonna freak!"

"Yeah, for sure, but we don't have to tell them yet."

"So when do we tell them?"

"When I start to show. Won't be too long now."

Telling their parents did not happen the way they thought it would. It was two weeks later that Brittany, who sang in the school choir, was supposed to go to school a half hour earlier so they could practice a song to be sung later that day at assembly. She had set her alarm at the earlier time, but then had slept with Ryan in his room and didn't hear it. Her mother was expecting her down for breakfast earlier, and when she didn't show, she went up to her room to wake her and saw the bed was empty and hadn't been slept in.

"What the heck, where is that girl?" She checked the bathroom - empty. She checked the guest room - empty. "Where could she be?"

Then she looked at the door to Ryan's room. "No, she wouldn't be there. But it's the only place I haven't looked." Quietly she turned the knob and slowly opened the door. When she saw Ryan and Brittany spooned together, still sleeping, she thought she was going to faint. "No no, oh my God no! Oh what have they done?" On trembling legs she stumbled back down to the kitchen. Her husband saw her pale face with its stricken expression. "Heather, what's wrong?"

"Britt, she's...she's sleeping in Ryan's bed...with Ryan!" she blurted.

"Sleeping with Ryan like...like lovers?" he asked, not wanting to believe it.

"Yes, like lovers Jack! Come up with me and see for yourself."

They quickly climbed the stairs and walked to Ryan's door and opened it, standing there speechless. The noise was enough to rouse Brittany, even though she wasn't aware of what had awakened her. She stretched and rolled over onto her back...and suddenlyl noticed her parents staring at her.

"Ryan" she said, elbowing him several times, "wake up, you gotta wake up right now!"

"What what, Britt" he asked, stretching. "He blinked at her through sleepy eyes and saw her focused on the door. He looked in that direction and saw his parents. "Oh shit" he said.

Jack said, "Get yourselves cleaned up and dressed and then get downstairs pronto. We are going to have a TALK!"

Ryan and Brittany showered together as usual, then got dressed and walked hand in hand downstairs. Their parents were waiting in the living room.

"Sit down."

They sat together on the couch, still holding hands. Brittany grasped his upper arm with her free hand and hugged herself to it. She leaned her head on his shoulder. Ryan gave her a peck of a kiss on her forehead to reassure her. This did not go unnoticed by their parents.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Jack.

"About three months" answered Brittany.

"Oh my lord" exclaimed Heather, "What have you been using for birth control?"

"Nothing" they both answered together.

"Are you out of your minds?" asked Jack, "You're playing with fire and you're still k**s!"

"This ends now!" declared Heather, "Brittany I thought I didn't have to worry yet. You're young, you're not dating, I thought there was no need to put you on the pill. Well I know I can't trust you to behave any more so first thing today I'm going to make an appointment to get you a prescription."

"It's a bit late for that, Mom" said Brittany.

"What? Don't tell me...you're pregnant??"

"I'm pretty sure I am."

"Oh my God, no! And by your brother too. How many have you missed?"


"Well it's not too late to do something about that. I'll make an appointment at the clinic and get you in there as soon as...

"NO! My b**y." cried Brittany, putting her hand protectively on her belly.

"Britt, what are you saying, you want to HAVE this b**y? You're just a c---d yourself! You have no idea what's involved and you'll be ruining your life.

"You can't kill my b**y!" cried Brittany.

"Britt, be reasonable" said her mother, "you have your whole life in front of you, you're in no position to raise a c---d. For your sake, for Ryan's sake, for our sake, let's get rid of it and resume normal lives again!"

Brittany's hand still covered her belly. "Mom, didn't you love me before I was born?" she asked tearfully.

Heather looked at her without speaking for a moment. "Yes Britt" she said softly, "with all my heart." She turned and looked at her husband and said, "We need to talk this over in private." Turning to her ch-----n she said, you two wait right there until we get back. And she and Jack got up and went to their bedroom.

In their room she closed the door behind them and said, "We're not going to win this one."

"What do you mean" asked Jack.

"You saw the way they act together, they think they're in love. If we force them apart, what will that do to their mental state? It could well destroy their relationship with us for good. And if we force Britt to get an abortion, that will really put her over the edge. She'll hate us forever.

"But they're just k**s" protested Jack.

"Yes" said Heather, "just k**s. But we have no choice but to allow their relationship to carry on. I don't think it will be very long before they'll tire of it and go their separate ways. By then we'll probably have a grandc***d but I think that's the way it has to be.

Brittany and Ryan were sitting close together, their hands clasped together and their foreheads touching when their parents returned and sat down.

"We've decided what's to be done" began Jack, "Ryan, after school and on Saturdays, you will come to work in the autobody shop to do clean-up. You're going to need money, and I will pay you a man's wages for a man's work. You like to be a man in bed, so I expect you to be a man on the job. I also expect you to save most of what you earn. It is our duty as your parents to support you until you're grown, so we won't require room and board from you until then. But it will be your duty to support your own c***d, and you will. We also think that when you finish the current school year, you should quit school and come to work as an apprentice full time and eventually become a journeyman. You will have a family to support, after all. Does that sound acceptable?"

"Yeah...sure" said Ryan cautiously.

"And...." He looked at Heather. "We....your mother and I have decided that...that you two should move into the guest room. It has a queen sized bed and there's lots of room for a crib when the time comes."

Brittany jumped up and threw her arms around her father. "Oh thank-you, Daddy" she cried. She then hugged her mother, crying tears of relief. "Thank-you Mom."


Ryan did quite school and go to work full time in his father's autobody shop. In time he would become a skilled journeyman and manager of the business. When his father retired, Ryan bought the business.

As soon as they could afford it, Ryan and Brittany moved into their own place. Brittany gave birth to their fourth c***d shortly before her nineteenth birthday. She refused to use birth control because she wanted her c***dren close in age growing up together. But they made sure that the boys and girls rooms were as far apart as possible.