"Stories 18+" Going back for Tricia

Stories 18+ Going back for Tricia
I had been trying to kick the smoking habit for several months. I enjoyed smoking but it was getting so expensive that I had to stop. Its difficult to accept just how much you like smoking until you try to give it up; it truly is an addiction. To make matters worse my wife read an ad in the paper for a hypnotist claiming that she could get you to give up smoking in three sessions. Of course I scoffed just like I always do when my wife reads something but eventually the nagging started to do my head in and I succumbed ringing the number in the ad and made my appointment for the following Friday.

I arrived early; old navy habits die hard. A lady, who I assumed was the receptionist greeted me, she was younger than me and really quite attractive. She introduced herself as Claire, led me into a room and it then became apparent that she was actually my ther****t. I was invited to take a seat in a plush leather chair and she sat opposite me crossing her very shapely legs. She started to talk to me softly in an almost seductive manner; I was very quickly under her spell. I wasn’t convinced that she would be able to hypnotise me but I certainly went to another place.

She took me back to a time before I smoked; I was 15, back where I grew up and life was good. I had a girlfriend Tricia who had moved in from across the other side of town. I never smoked before I met her and I had no need for the evil weed now that I had met her. I always told her that I would never smoke but clearly I failed on that score. I was keen to keep Tricia, I was convinced that I loved her and I was willing to do anything or forego anything to keep her. She seemed to feel the way I did; we fell in love and talked about marriage although at our age that would be a distant event. We did enjoy some sex but I never ever fucked her something that I have always regretted. If truth were known I was a little slow regarding sex with Tricia, never wanting to push it to the point where she might want to end the relationship.

I opened my eyes and I was back in the living room where I grew up. I was shocked to see Neil my 13-year-old brother sat in dad’s armchair reading his comic. It was just like I was really there it was so surreal; I stood up and looked in the mirror; it was me when I was 16. I was back in the sixties. I sat back down again; it was a lot to take in. I pinched myself thinking that I would end up back with Claire but I didn’t. 

I decided to go over to Tricia’s house but Mum was just dishing up dinner and stopped me dead in my tracks. I took my place at the table but in no time at all I was slamming the door on my way over the road.

Tricia was in the kitchen when I slipped into their house via the back door. She turned, smiled and dashed over to me wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. She felt so good; I put my arms around her and pulling her towards me tightly so that I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. She was still in her unflattering grey school uniform with her hair pinned back but it was just so good to see her again. We walked into their living room where her mum sat watching television while her little brother amused himself on the floor. He was only a toddler and we spent a lot of our time together looking after him while her mum and dad went out. It was fine; it meant that we could spend time together and in time it would give us the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies and engage in mutual masturbation. In those days lots of young people were being thrown together in marriage because the girl became pregnant. We were keen to avoid this; we wanted to get married because we loved each other and not because we had to. This meant of course that we never engaged in full intercourse. It just wasn’t possible for young boys like myself to get hold of condoms back then. There was no such thing as sex education which is a pity really because had there been we would have known that there are times that we could have fucked without her getting pregnant.

“Hi M’s C” I said taking my usual place on the settee. “Hello Martin” she replied. Tricia interrupted “I’m going up to get changed” and flitted out of the room. “How was school today then?” Tricia’s mum asked. “Oh pretty boring as usual” I replied having been taken quite aback particularly as I hadn’t the faintest idea of what school was like today. She went back to watching ‘Crossroads’. God I hated that programme; my mum used to watch it every day.

A completely different Tricia came back into the room a few minutes later. Her long hair had been released and hung down around her shoulders and she was wearing a blouse and a short pleated skirt. Simple clothes but she looked really quite stunning.

She came and sat astride me pinning my hands on my lap just tantalisingly half an inch or so from her panties. Its something she did a few times back then trying to initiate some sexual experience. I now know that I was an idiot but I always managed to get my hands out. We had never had any sexual contact other than my pressing hard against her breasts. But now; now I knew that she really wanted me to touch her and be intimate but I don’t think she expected me to do it with her mum in the room.

I looked into her pretty blue eyes and ran my finger over her panties along the line of her labia switching to my thumb when I reached the location of her clitoris. She shuddered slightly and opened her eyes wide, trying to be coy and silently mouthing to me “what are you doing?”

I slipped my fingers inside her panties and ran them up and down her pussy lips; I could feel that she was getting wet. Her eyes were now closed and she started to sway slightly. I glanced over at Tricia’s mum and as I did she turned and looked at me; instinctively I removed my fingers from Tricia’s panties, my hands from beneath her skirt and started to tickle her; she wriggled about and I think we got away with it.

Thankfully ‘Crossroads’ finished and Tricia’s mum picked up Andrew and took him up to bed.

Tricia waited until her mum was upstairs and said, “do it again, stroke my fanny with your fingers”. “Stand up a minute” I replied and she got off and stood in front of me. I ran my hands up her legs stroking her ass and reached for the top of her panties. I slid them down her legs and she stepped out of them obediently. I pressed them to my face briefly before throwing them behind the settee.

I parted her legs and slid onto the floor between them lifting her skirt dr****g it over my head so that my mouth had full access to her lovely hairy pussy. I placed a hand on each of her buttocks and pushed her cunt towards my ravenous tongue. I slid my tongue across her clitoris and she sighed. She had never experienced anything like this with me before and I could tell that she loved it. As I worked her clitoris with my tongue I lubricated two fingers with her pussy juices sliding them up and down her labia gradually working my way into her virginal hole. In only moments she was shaking and having an orgasm the likes of which I’d not seen her have before.

I sat back down on the settee and she lay down resting her head in my lap. I reached down and pulled her skirt up so that I could look at her hairy mound. I ran my hand over it allowing a finger to run down into the moisture of her pussy and she flinched quite violently; her clitoris still sensitive after the tongue-lashing I had given it.

We heard Tricia’s mum coming down the stairs and quickly flicked her skirt down. Her mum had dressed to go out and had put make up on. “I’m going up to the Pheasant to meet your dad,” she said. “Be good”. “We will” Tricia acknowledged.

We cuddled for a few minutes before Tricia excused herself to go to the toilet. She was gone a while and I assumed that she was checking in on Andrew.

Her entrance into the living room was accompanied by the clicking of stilettos on the tiled floor. She was wearing white stilettos and her mum’s knee length fur coat. She was holding the coat closed and her legs looked absolutely fantastic. My excitement increased because I knew what was coming, I had seen this before and I still think about it often. She asked “How do you like this” “ I love it” I said. She flung open the coat to reveal that beneath it she was completely naked.

“And how do you like this” she asked. “Absolutely fucking stunning” I said as I raced over to her. I put my arms around her inside the coat and kissed her, first on the lips then the cheeks and down her neck and throat until I reached her gorgeous breasts. She had ‘C’ cups and I love them.

She took my hand and led me to the settee turning to sit facing me. She ran her hand up the front of my trousers rubbing along the shaft of my cock. I could feel the blood surging into it as she stroked it through the material of my trousers. I unbuckled my belt and undid my trousers while Tricia toyed with the zip. My trousers fell to the floor and my rigid cock stood proudly to attention making a bulge in my underpants. Tricia tugged at them quite violently in her excitement and it was not entirely comfortable but suddenly he was free and pointing straight towards her beautiful face.

She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke gently while seductively fondling and squeezing her breast. She looked up at me and then kissed my cock. She started talking to it as though it was her favourite pet. She pushed the shaft up pressing it against my abdomen and cupped my balls rolling them around inside their own little bag. She sucked a ball into her mouth then released it licking up my shaft. When she got to the top she pulled the foreskin back and took my glans into her mouth. She had never done this before and the tentative inexperienced way she slid her lips up and down my shaft was exhilarating.

I had to stop her though; I was getting close and I really wanted her to feel the full force of my ejaculation inside her pussy. I might never get the chance to fuck her again. It is something I would never get to do yet here I am about to push my cock into Tricia’s cunt. Whether it be real or not I’m gonna do it.

I pushed her back on the settee and spread her legs wide. I went down and ran my tongue between her labia and pushed my tongue into her little hole; she was very very wet. Clearly sucking cock gets her very excited.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it along her pussy rubbing it across her clitoris. Her sounds were those of pleasure and I slid my glans down her pussy until it was nestled at the entrance. I pushed forward a little; it was so tight. I stopped and withdrew before pushing in again. Gently a little at a time getting deeper with each forward thrust. Her moans of pleasure were now mixed with those of pain causing me to withdraw and start again. I didn’t want to hurt her but I had to fill her cunt. Eventually I got all the way in; I started thrusting harder and harder and I knew she was gonna make me cum. Suddenly I collapsed on top of her and my cock started pumping my seed into her. It was every bit as good as thought it would be and more.

I withdrew my limp cock from her pussy and my cum quickly followed. Fortunately it dripped clear of her mum’s coat because there were traces of blood but we got it all over the settee and spent a good deal of the evening trying to clean it up.

I went home that night with a spring in my step. I went to bed happy that I had finally got to fuck Tricia and that it was far better than I could have wished for. I was asleep in no time.

When I woke I was back in a leather chair but the girl sat opposite me was just a teenager. 

“Are you Ok dad” she asked in a concerned voice. “Why shouldn’t I be?” I asked. “You were just shaking quite violently” she replied. “Well don’t worry,” I said “I’m OK. Anyway, why did you call me dad? Is it some sort of game?” “You’re starting to scare me now dad” she uttered shakily. “I’m not trying to scare you but who are you and where am I?” “You’re at home and I’m Kate, your daughter. What’s happened to you?” I sat there trying to work it all out myself. I should be back with Claire now but somehow I have woken up in another time and place. I had known everything that was going to happen with Tricia because it was already in my head. But this; this is completely new; nothing to do with me at all.

“Look Kate” I said, “there must be some mistake; you must be mistaken. Your dad must look like me but I can assure you it isn’t me. Where is your mum?” “Mum died,” she said “Don’t you remember? “I don’t even know who your mum is or was” I stated. Kate started to cry. “You should know her” she said “you were married to her for 20 years. Look”. She picked up a framed photograph from the sideboard and passed it to me. It was a picture of Tricia and me. We were still teenagers but we were stood outside the registry office being splattered with confetti. Tricia looked very pregnant. This whole situation that I suddenly find myself in appears to be as a result of me fucking Tricia just once. “Surely this baby she is carrying cannot be you, you’re far too young. What are you 15, 16?” “We will be 17 next month,” she said, “that baby is Hannah”. “And where is Hannah?” I asked. “She is at home; she is married; you gave her away” Kate half-screamed at me “Don’t you even remember her wedding either”. “Hold on a minute, you said WE will be 16 next month; who is we?” “Me and Amy” she said, “we are twins”. “Oh my God, exactly how many sisters do you have?” “Just the two” she said “and two brothers”. “This is getting out of hand now” I said “and how old might they be?” “Well David is 19; he is at Uni and Ben is 13”. “When did we lose your mum” “11 months ago; it was not long after Hannah got married. She had been ill for a while and in the end the cancer won”. I put my arms around Kate and held her close “I’m sorry” I said I really loved your mum. So who is looking after you all now?” She raised her head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes and said, “Well, you are of course”.

We made our way into the kitchen and I started plying Kate with questions. “What do I do for a living?” I asked, “You’re an engineer” she replied. “I can’t believe you’ve forgotten that, you only just got in from work”. “So I never joined the Navy”. “No” she said, ”you’ve been in the same job now for as long as I can remember”. “Do I have a car?” “Yes a Cavalier”. Well that’s something I thought; I’ve had two Cavaliers. “Have I got any beer?” I asked. She opened a cupboard and took out a can; I noticed that there were many more cans in there and I considered that I might be working my way through them tonight. 

By the time Ben and Amy got home Kate had already got dinner well under way. Kate took them aside and told them as much as she could about my unexpected outbreak of amnesia. Ben seemed to pay very little attention and quickly switched his attention to his ‘Game Gear’. It was strange to say the least, sitting down to dinner with supposedly my own family who I knew nothing about but they knew everything about me.

After dinner Ben disappeared upstairs and I sat at the table chatting with Kate and Amy while they did the dishes. Being identical twins they are both very pretty although I am probably being biased even after only knowing them for this short space of time. At first I could only tell who was who by the colour of their tops although as time passed I got to grips with their identities. The girls went to their room and left me in the kitchen with my thoughts and my beer. I decided that the best course of action would be for me to go to bed and hope that when I wake up I am back in Claire’s chair. I made my way upstairs and realised that I didn’t know which was my room. I knocked on the first door and was invited to enter. Amy was in bed with a laptop and Kate was sat at a desk. “Sorry” I said as I entered “which is my room?” “I’ll show you,” said Kate. Amy and I are worried about you. If you still can’t remember anything in the morning then we maybe need to get you round to the doctors. The bathroom is next door and your toothbrush is the red one”. “Thanks” I said.

I went to the bathroom but I never brushed my teeth cos the red one might be their dads but its not me. I used the toilet, flushed it and went into my bedroom. Tricia had clearly decorated it and not a thing has been changed since she died. I opened a wardrobe and it was full of Tricia’s clothes. Someone still can’t let her go.

I got undressed and got into bed. I lay there looking at the ceiling, thinking about the many times I must have fucked Tricia in this bed. After a stressful day I finally started to relax. I reached over to turn the light out and suddenly my door opened. It was Amy and Kate. They slowly walked into my room slipping out of their nightdresses and getting into bed on either side of me. They pushed me down on my back and pressed their bodies against me wrapping their legs around mine sliding their hands down my abdomen. I felt a hand on my cock and another was caressing my balls. “What are you doing?” I asked, “I’m your dad”. Kate put a finger over my mouth “Sshhh” she said, “talk later”.

They pushed the quilt down until I was completely exposed and then both went down on me. They continued to caress my balls while licking up each side of my cock. As each reached the top in turn they teased me, first licking my glans and then taking me into their mouth. Each time they plunged deeper engulfing more and more of my shaft. I was concerned that one of them night choke as I they took my glans slid into their throats but each time they came back for more.

As they worked my cock I caressed each of their gorgeous asses maneuvering them round so that I had access to their juicy young cunts. One of them was shaved but the other was beautifully natural and I realised that this could be a good way of telling them apart. I pushed my thumbs into their wet pussies and used my fingers to stimulate their labia and their clitoris.

I pulled Kate towards me and she straddled my head forcing her towards my waiting mouth so that I could feed on the juices of her young cunt. Having briefly lost the attention of my fingers in her pussy Amy ceased her sucking, spinning round into the cowgirl position and lowered herself slowly onto me. By the time she was fully impaled she and Kate were kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. Amy was rocking back and forth rubbing her clitoris against me I pressed my nose into Kate’s cunt and sucked hard on her clit. I could hear Amy’s moaning and groans of pleasure. She started to thrust, lifting herself almost completely free of my cock and then pushed down hard pounding her clitoris against my pubic area. Kate began rubbing Amy’s clit and she slowed her thrusting down into a steady rhythm. As my cock slid in and out of Amy’s cunt I could feel the effect of Kate’s frantic fingering as Amy’s labia were pulled this way and that. 

I gathered that this was not the first time that they had done this and in no time at all Amy started to cum. Her pussy pulsated as she started to ride her climax and suddenly I was with her. As I shot my sperm into Amy’s young cunt she relaxed still fully impaled and fell forward towards Kate. They hugged each other tightly and kissed like fully seasoned lesbians. Amy lifted herself from me and together we pushed Kate onto her back stretching her legs wide apart giving us both full access to her gorgeous cunt. Amy started to lick Kate’s clitoris and I slid my fingers up and down her meaty cunt lips before plunging two fingers into her wet hole. I inserted another and then a fourth; she was so wet that they slid in with ease. I withdrew my hand sliding it down perineum to her little rosebud. I slid my fingers in a circular motion around her asshole lubricating it and then pushed a finger gently into her ass. She flinched at first but seemed to enjoy the sensation. I went back to her pussy pushing my four fingers in and then withdrawing them enough to release my little finger with a fresh coating of her cunt juice. As my fingers continued to work her pussy I probed with my little finger eventually pushing it into her tight asshole. Her whole body started moving in rhythm with the attention from Amy and me. Her breathing got heavier and more frenzied; she was now writhing between us. She let out an almighty shriek and clamped her legs shut as her orgasm took hold. She seemed to physically shake for several seconds. Kate’s movements stopped; she slid onto her side, curled up and let out a huge sigh.

We lay there for several minutes without speaking until:

“Can I ask a question” I requested, “Why did you do this?” “Its what mum wanted” Amy replied “That’s right” Kate added. “She made us promise that we would always take care of you; and we do. Usually we take turns but we were worried about you and thought that tonight you maybe needed both of us. Its only until you find someone to replace mum, one day you will. We know it’s hard, but until then you will have us”. I interrupted “I figure that you may have misunderstood what she meant by take care of me. Have I ever fucked you before?” “Oh yes you have fucked us both”, Amy replied “We know that you shouldn’t but we love you dad and we believe its what mum wanted. Anyway it’s late and we have school tomorrow; we need to sleep”. “You’re right” I said, “but we need to sort this out, as much as I loved what we just did it can’t continue. We can talk again tomorrow”. 

They slipped quietly out of my room and I put out the light wondering whether I would ever see them again and more importantly how would I get home?

I never did see them again I woke up late and was alone in the house. I made coffee and sat considering what action I should take. With no computer I reverted to the phone book and started to see if I could find a hypnotist or ther****t to try and get me back to the world I knew. I trawled through a few, calling each in turn until I found one who could fit me that day. I figured that if I could go back to the point when I fucked Tricia, then maybe I could change things back. On my way I stopped to pick up a pack of condoms not knowing whether I would ever be able to use one. 

We had a couple of false starts. I kept waking up in my house but it just didn’t seem like I was really there. Eventually though it worked. I was back in my house with my brother reading his comic. This time it was right. I paced around impatiently waiting for mum to dish dinner up so that I could get over to Tricia’s. As expected Tricia was in the kitchen when I entered and of course her mum was watching that blasted programme. It was bad enough normally but it seemed like the longest episode of Crossroads ever. Eventually though I found myself enjoying the view of Tricia’s naked body as she stood with her mums fur coat open. Before I unfastened my trousers I felt in my pocket for the condoms. They were not there; they had not travelled with me. I could not fuck her this time. She started to suck my cock as she had before but this time I sat down on the settee. This time I would let her go all the way with my cock in her mouth. She knelt before me with her breasts dangling between my legs and sucked eagerly on my cock. I lay back and closed my eyes; she gripped my shaft and built up a nice steady rhythm with her mouth. I could feel myself cumming and in no time I was pumping my sperm filling her mouth and her throat. She continued to suck eagerly swallowing every last drop. It felt so good that I almost passed out.
I wasn’t quite ready for what happened next though. When I opened my eyes; it wasn’t Tricia kneeling in front of me it was Claire, naked, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

At the sight of her I jumped forward gripping her head tightly in both hands kissing her hard on her lips. I released her and wrapped my arms around her holding her so tight that I almost squeezed the breath out of her. “I guess you enjoyed that” she uttered gasping. “I did” I replied “but more importantly I’m back. I’ve been away for days and it was great but I’m just so glad to be back”. “You haven’t been away days” Claire announced “You’ve only been here an hour” “An hour?” I choked. “Yes just an hour but you were obviously in another world” she went on. “It was all so explicit I got so turned on by you and Tricia, it seemed so real. I was so excited by it I started to masturbate. I got so worked up that I needed your cock. You already had an enormous erection when I yanked your pants off and I was so wet that you slid into to me easily. While you were fucking Tricia you were fucking me. And when Amy mounted you that was me too. You made me cum so quickly. When Tricia was sucking your cock I decided to finish you off with my mouth. You were ready for me and soon filled my mouth with your hot cum. I loved it.” “It was good for me too,” I said, “albeit a little bit scary. I thought that it was real and I was lost in a new life that I knew nothing about; Tricia was in my mind but I’ve no idea where Kate and Amy came from. I’d be gutted if I have robbed the real twins of an existence by me being here which logic would dictate I have. However, I do know that Tricia is still alive so that must be a good thing. Maybe I could get in touch with her and find out more”. Maybe she actually had twins.

“You realise you have another two sessions booked with me” Claire advised “can I expect you back?” “Of course” I replied “I still smoke. I don’t think I need to regress again but I would dearly love to fuck you in this world rather than looking back to the past”. She stood up and walked across her office wiggling her ass, picked up her diary and turned around to face me, naked but for her white stilettos and said “We’d better book you in then”