"Stories 18+" Hardintown Glory Hole

Stories 18+ Hardintown Glory Hole
I was shocked as she was when I came face to face with Connie the mother of my daughter’s best friend. We were both standing in the hallway behind the video booths that had glory holes.

I could see that Connie had seamen on her chin and I could see additional stains on her dress. I knew that she had been enjoying anonymous sex just like me. I suddenly wondered which of us had sex with the most cocks.

Jeff laughed as he realized that we knew each other. He opened the door and we both stepped into the alley. We walked together in silence for a short ways but I knew that we had better talk about our situation.

"Connie, would you like a glass of wine? I think maybe we better talk." I said

Connie looked a little shocked as I spoke but then she smiled.

"Yes I could use a drink." She replied

"Follow me to my place. I don't think either of us wants to go to the local bar with cum stains all over our clothes." I said with a giggle

We drove back to my house and we gathered in the kitchen. My husband had already left for his evening shift. My daughter Sara and her friend Beth were upstairs doing whatever teen girls do. I pulled out a bottle of Zinfandel and poured two healthy glasses.

"Connie I suspect we were both surprised to meet like we did tonight!" I said

"Yeah, Jeff had said that it was all so discrete. First there was Coach Ochs sneaking out and then you are standing there!" Connie said

"Yeah the Coach is there often. Apparently he quite gay!" I laughed as I thought about the large man and what he did back in those booths

We both sipped our wine but I could see Connie glance at me.

"Tonight was my first time." She said as she looked at me and smiled

"It was not mine. Not by a long way! I have to ask Connie, will you keep my secret? You know that I go to the glory hole?" I asked as my heart beat increased

"Oh no! I would never say anything! I would not want anyone to know about me either!" Connie said

"Thank you so much! If Bob ever found out it would be my marriage. I really do love my husband but I also love being a slut." I said as I looked into her eyes

"How long have you been going?" She asked

"It started when I visited my sister a few years ago. We were out bar hopping on a girl’s night out and she told about glory holes. Later that night I was sucking a really big black cock for the first time. I have never felt more turned on!" I said

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 2

"I know! I did my first black tonight too! Only I let him fuck me too!" Connie said with excitement in her voice

"Tonight I did not get any black dick but I had some great white cock!" I giggled but my pussy burned with the thought of what had happened

My mind wandered back to the start of the evening when I told my husband that I was going to go shopping. I did a lot of shopping these days on Friday.

I knocked on the door and Jeff had let me in. He was friendly as always. I quickly went into my favorite booth. 

My pussy was soaked as I started the movie and peeked through each of the holes to see if they were occupied. I had only stuck my fingers through when a large cock came through.

I was so excited that I just sucked on him as quick as I could. I wanted to taste his cum! I wanted to be a nasty slut! His cock slid in and out of my mouth and then there was a quick knock on the wall. My mouth was filled with sperm and my pussy was throbbing with excitement!

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 3

"Thanks baby! You really like sucking cock!" Said the guy I had just blown

My mind was whirling as I loved being on my knees with stranger's cum on my face. I looked over at the other hole and I could see two fingers poked through. My next cock was ready for me!

I slid across the filthy booth and peeked through the booth. I could see just enough that there was a young boy looking at me. His eyes disappeared and the cock came through! I gripped it with my fingers and stroked the young cock. I wondered if I knew this boy.

"Oh fuck! Please suck it!" His squeaky voice said

"Are you going to be good for me?" I asked as my hand pumped his dick

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 4

"Please anything! I need to cum!" He moaned

"Lick my asshole!" I said as I smiled

"What? Oh god!" He moaned

"Eat my ass and I will suck you off!" I said as I loved teasing what had to be a young guy

"How will I do that? You're over there!" He said

"Stick your tongue through the hole." I said with a giggle

He did and I sucked on his tongue and then quickly backed my ass up to the wall. My little perverted friend started to lick my asshole. At first he was timid but then he started getting into it. So did I as my hand worked my sloppy wet pussy. His tongue was now fucking my asshole. My body started shaking as my orgasm hit me.

"Oh fuck yes! Eat my ass you bad boy!" I screamed louder than I intended

I was gripping the chair as my orgasm took control. Another cock was sticking through the wall in front of me. My hand stroked it as I moaned with pleasure.

"Please suck me off!" The boy said that had been eating my ass

I let go of the other cock and went to my knees. His dick was through the hole and I could see the pre-cum dripping from his throbbing dick.

"Ok baby I will suck you off but first you must tell me how old you really are!" I said as I was dying to know

"Fifteen! Please!" His voice said

My lips wrapped his cock and I pumped him in and out. It only took a few strokes and his cock erupted like a volcano! My mouth was filled as he squirted like a fire hose!

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 5

"Ohhhh Yesssss!" He hissed as his cock emptied into my mouth

"So did you like getting sucked off?" I asked

"Yes!" He said as his pleasure continued as I licked his cock

"What about licking my ass?" I giggled

"Ohhhhh please suck it some more!" The boy begged

"What about me baby? My cock needs you too!" Said a much older voice on the other side of my booth

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 6

I reached over and started stroking his cock too. I worked my way back and forth on the two cocks.

"Let me fuck that nasty pussy!" The older voice said

I smiled as I backed up against the wall and his cock pushed deep in me. He started to fuck me hard and we were making a thumping noise. I could see the boy try to see what he could of me being fucked. I knew he was stroking that boy dick as hard as he could!

"That's it fuck my pussy!" I begged as he pumped me

"Yeah nice and hot! Take that cock bitch!" Said the voice as I heard the boy whimper as he saw me being fucked

"You are a nasty boy watching me getting fucked! Save your hard on and I will let you try some pussy!" I said as I laughed but then groaned as my pussy orgasmed

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 7

"Really?" He said as his cock once again poked through the hole

I lightly ran my fingers on his big dick. I could see his pre-cum and I ran my thumb over the head and boy groaned so loud that he could be heard by everyone. Then there was a loud knock as the man fucking me announced that he was about to cum. I quickly squatted in front of him as his cock shot onto my mouth.

"Fuck yes! Take that baby! Mmmm!" He moaned

"Please fuck me too!" Said the boy

"Thanks baby, have fun with the boy!" Said the guy who had just shot on my face

I heard his booth shut as he left and I turned to the boy who was now sticking his cock through the hole. I slid the chair over.

"Ever had your cock in a pussy?" I asked

"No, please let me fuck you!" He begged desperately

I backed up and pointed his cock at my opening. He started thrusting wildly. I backed away.

"Let me start! You do not move! If you do I will just leave you alone! Do you understand?" I asked as I enjoyed being in control of the horny boy

"Yes!" He said and sounded even more desperate

I again backed up to his cock. This time he held still as I pushed on to the head of his dick.

He groaned as more of his cock was encased in my hot and sloppy wet pussy. I finally felt my ass push against the wall. I loved the feel of the stiff erection filling my pussy. Then in my mind I decided the boy should do the work and fuck me.

"Fuck my pussy baby!" I moaned

The boy started to fuck me hard and fast! I could tell he was desperate to cum! It must be torture on a teen boy to have sex all around him. I was almost tempted to give him my phone number for a real fuck but decided I better not!

Hardintown Glory Hole – Lisa’s Story 8

He was not the best fuck I had ever had but it was not from a lack of effort. Then to my surprise he knocked on the wall to tell he needed to cum.

"Cum in my pussy baby! Your first time should be filling a pussy!" I said and he fucked harder

"Shit! Oh god yeah! Cumming! Cumming in your pussy!" He said as he fucked my pussy

I could already feel the sperm dripping down my legs! Then he slipped out and the flood of boy juice ran freely down my legs

"Thank you!" He said sounding exhausted

I was coming off of my own orgasm and started to think about the fact that I had just fucked a boy young enough to be my son! I decided that maybe I had enough for the night. My emotions were mixed between delight at having been the boy's first and guilt as I thought about using a fifteen year old for my sexual pleasure.

That was when I walked out and came face to face with Connie.

I suddenly realized that I had let myself relive my entire perverted evening. Connie was looking at me.

"I'm sorry Connie I just spaced out!" I said

"That's ok. I was just asking did you have fun at the Glory hole tonight." Connie said

Before I could answer I heard two girls ask "What's a Glory Hole mom?"

Connie and I both turned to see our daughters looking at us with our cum stained dresses on.