"Stories 18+" Lil sis's Friend Gina Discovers My Big Dick

Stories 18+ Lil sis's Friend Gina Discovers My Big Dick
This is a continuation of the tale of Ed who has a big cock. The first tale was "Lil s*s Discovers My Big Dick!"

Britney was looking forward to spending the day with her brother Ed who was home from college on mid-term break. Today would be really special since mom and dad would be gone. You see Ed was not just her brother but also the best fuck she had ever had in her life!

It all started last summer when she had walked in on him jacking off. What she discovered that day was the biggest cock ever! It was massive and in only a few minutes she was sucking and fucking Ed. Since then they had been careful not to get caught but when they were alone they fucked each other silly.

Ed had returned to college and Britney missed their fun and that giant pecker. Now that he was home she was going ride him every chance she could.

Just as these thoughts ran through her mind her cell phone buzzed. It was her best friend Gina.

"Hey girlfriend what's up?" She asked as she answered

"Steve just fucking dumped me!" Gina said as she sobbed

"Damned bastard! I told you he was a jerk!" Britney replied

"Can I come over for a while? I don't want to be alone!" Gina asked as she continued to cry

"Alright....we can work on getting him out if your system." Britney replied but then regretted that her plan for fucking Ed just went up in smoke

Britney hung up the phone and she knew Ed would really be disappointed since had been copping feels and flashing his cock at her since he arrived the previous day.

Just then Ed walked in the room and moved behind her: His moved up under his sister's top and he squeezed her small firm tits as he ground his stiff cock against her ass. Britney moaned with pleasure and excitement.

"Oh Ed that feels so fucking good but we have a problem. Gina is coming over. Her boyfriend dumped her and she is really upset. We will have wait until she goes home!" Britney said with real disappointment

"Come on s*s! Give me a little suck before she gets here." Ed pleaded

She could not resist and she turned and dropped to her knees. Ed pulled out his giant cock. She quickly began to suck on his cock. She could never get even a third of it in her mouth

Lust consumed Britney as she stroked his cock with her lips and her hands. Suddenly she realized that she would not be satisfied just sucking but she needed to make Ed cum.

"Fuck Gina don't come until Ed pops his nut!" She thought as she looked at her smiling brother

Britney moaned as the first massive jet if cum slammed in the back of her throat. Ed was moaning as Britney tried to swallow his cum down. She could feel it dripping on her chin as more sperm hit her tonsils.

Ed was just finishing filling her mouth when the doorbell rang. Britney struggled to swallow the large load of seamen but then realized it was all over her face and top.

"Please let her in. I need to clean up a little." Britney said as she bolted towards the bathroom

Ed chuckled as he pulled his shorts up over his cock that was quickly deflating. He walked to the door and opened it to see Gina. He had forgotten how pretty she was. Like his s*s she was on the petite size but her tits looked larger.

"Sure would like to tap that!" He thought as he let her in but said "Hi Gina! Sorry about what happened. Britney is in the bathroom and will be right out."

Gina looked at Ed and even though her mind was filled with emotions should could help but think how hot he looked. Just then Britney came in the room and hugged her friend. Ed smiled himself as he watched the two hug and thought how sexy it would be watch them do a little girl on girl action.

Gina held her friend tight and felt better to know that she cared. She pulled back and looked Britney in the face and started to sob.

"It will be alright, Gina! You are too good for him anyways!" Britney said as she looked in her friend's eyes

Gina was still sobbing but as Britney started to talk she caught a whiff of something on her breath. It was the smell of something that reminder her of her now x-boyfriend. She had trouble placing it.

The two girls went to the sofa and sat and talked. Gina's sobbing slowly changed to laughter as the two criticized and made fun of her x.

"He was always kind of self-centered. It was all about him!" Britney said

"Yeah you can say that! When we made out he would get off and I had to take care of myself!" Gina said as she remembered all the times her x pushed her head in his lap and shot a load of cum in her mouth

Then it hit her! Britney had the smell of cum on her breath! She must have just finished suck a cock off! But who....

Gina looked at her best friend and realized that it had to be true. Britney had to of blown Ed. Gina was turned on by thought of the two having sex and the she thought of her petite friend being fucked by her sexy brother. She started to smile and Britney just looked at her with that questioning look.

"Can I ask you something really personal?" Gina asked

"You know we are BFF's! You can ask me anything!" Britney replied

"Do you enjoy sucking cock?" Gina asked

"Yes! I like giving head." Britney replied

"Do you swallow?" Gina asked

"Yeah, I have done that! It's not that bad. What's this all about?" Britney asked as her curiosity increased

"I was just wondering if you only swallowed your brother's cum or if like others as well." Gina said with grin that said she already knew

"How did you know?" Britney asked

"Because I know what cum smells like! I have swallowed enough times for that jerk who just dumped me!" Gina said

"So are you going to tell others about Ed and me?" Britney asked with her fear growing

"Of course not! Your brother is hot! I'd fuck him if he was my brother too! You are fucking him?" Gina said

"Yes! It's incredible! He has the biggest dick you have ever seen!" Britney said as she spread her hands apart

"Wow he must be hung like a horse! I wish I could try him out!" Gina exclaimed

Britney smiled as she began to think that it would be the best way to keep Gina quiet if Ed was fucking her too.

"Well I think Ed would love to fuck you! You sure you are ready to try a real big cock out?" Britney said with a wink while Gina shook her head yes

"Get naked and I'll get him!" Britney said as she hurried from the room

Gina quickly undressed. She felt a little embarrassed knowing she would be naked in front not just Ed but her friend. Then Ed and Britney walked in the room. Ed looked at her in the nude for the first time and he just had that sexy grin spread across his face. He then dropped his shorts and removed his shirt and Gina inhaled as she saw his cock for first time. It was at least twice as long as her x-boyfriend and it was only starting to get hard.

"I told you it was big!" Britney chirped proudly

Ed walked up and kissed Gina with sexy kiss. Their tongues played briefly but then Ed put his hands on her shoulders and Gina sank to her knees. She grew excited as she looked the cock that was growing stiff in front of her. She looked at Britney who was now on the couch rubbing her pussy.

"Suck my brother's big dick!" Britney said

Gina began to lick the big cock. She held it up and looked at the heavy balls hanging below it. She kissed and licked them too as Ed moaned. She opened her mouth and slid her lips along the side of the long cock back to the tip. She licked the head and loved the taste of his man juice. Her lips parted and the cock entered her mouth.

It was then that she realized just how big it was. She opened her mouth wide and tried to swallow him deep throat like she had her x. There was no way this cock would go down her throat. She pumped furiously with her mouth and both hands as Ed let out a moan if satisfaction.

"Wow suck big dick!" Britney moaned as she fingered her pussy

Ed looked down at the teen girl doing her best to suck his cock down her throat and then at his s*s rubbing her pussy. Fuck this day was turning out alright.

Gina collapsed back and looked up at him with a sexy smile.

"Has anyone ever got the whole cock in their mouth?" She asked

"Not yet but I love to see a good effort!" He said as Gina moaned

He picked her up and sat her on the sofa. He pushed her back and started licking her pussy. She was sopping wet and Ed happily lapped up her pussy juices. Gina felt him lick and then suck on her clit. She started to jerk her hips with an orgasm and just it hit her she felt his finger push into her asshole. This was first time that anything went up it but her orgasm multiplied by ten in intensity.

She came to again and looked up at Ed looking down at her with his face covered with her juices.

"Read to fuck?" He asked

Gina shook her head yes but suddenly she was aware how big that cock was and she started to get nervous.

"We will go slowly and it will be fine. You are the same size as Britney and she did fine. I think it would be best if you got on top and lowered your pussy on me. Take your time and let your pussy adjust to it." Ed said as Gina moved to straddle him

Ed helped to hold Gina above his cock as she positioned the head at her opening. She felt the big head pop into her vaginal canal. She already felt so opened. She looked to see Britney staring intently at her starting to take Ed's manhood. Gina moaned as lowered herself and five inches if cock moved into her.

"Oh my god!" She screamed

Ed let her body come down some more and Gina felt herself being impaled on the dick. Suddenly and without explanation Gina pushed down until cock would go no deeper. She lay back on Ed as his has gently played with her nipples. She felt her pussy stretching to accommodate the cock. She was breathing hard but her pussy was so happy to be filled. She tried to move a little and a couple of inches slide in and out. She moaned with pleasure.

"Are you ready?" He asked in her ear

"For what?" She asked and then felt the cock slide out till the head remained and push back in. She squealed with delight.

Ed then pumped her with long slow and deep strokes. Gina just took the cock and wanted it to go on and on. He fucked for a long time but then rolled her off of him which made her groan with disappointment. Ed just chuckled but quickly pulled her into a dogie style position. Gina waited for the cock to enter her with growing tension. He pushed the head in.

"Just relax Gina!” he said as he stroked her back

Gina lowered her head and tried to relax and then he pushed hard and most of the cock entered her. Ed grabbed her hips and started fucking but now his strokes were fast and hard as well as deep. Gina was being pounded and her pussy could take no more and she started cumming on that giant cock. She was screaming and moaning but Ed just laughed and fucked her harder!

"Take it baby! Take that big fucking dick!" Ed said as Gina screamed with meaningless sounds as her body jerked with pleasure

Gina could not hold herself up so Ed flipped her on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy was ready and slid deep into her. He fucked her so hard that she could only grunt as he pounded that tight pussy. Then he felt his balls tingle and knew he was about to explode.

"Face or Pussy?" He asked Britney

"Face! Cum on her like you do me!" Britney screamed

Gina dropped to her knees and Ed stroked his cock. In a second she felt her face being blasted with rope after rope of sperm. Her body still tingled from the intensity of being fucked by the giant cock.

Gina looked up to see Ed and Britney standing over her.

"Was it good?" Britney asked

"Fuck yes!" She replied

"Well it my turn next!" Britney said as she slowly lowered herself and started to suck Ed's cock