"Stories 18+" Mom let's daughter peek

Stories 18+ Mom let's daughter peek
My name is Lucy and I am a 45 year old mother. I am married and I have a 14 year old daughter. Here's my story.

My husband and I often sleep in the nude. Well, one morning I hear the door open silently and my daughter whisper. "Are you awake?" I motion to her to come in but to be quiet because her father was still sleeping. So she comes to the side of the bed and says her friend wanted her to go to her cottage with her and she wanted to know if it was ok for her to go. 

I told her that it was fine with me and that we would have to confirm with her father once he wakes up. She said ok, at this point I told her to wait a second while I got some clothes on and we could discuss a few more details. I pushed away the sheets and went to our master bedroom washroom to put on a bath robe. I got the washroom and went for my morning pee and through the crack of the door I noticed that when I got out of bed the sheets uncovered my husbands leg and it was just to say you could not see him penis. Our daughter was sheepishly lowering her head to try and catch a peak of her daddy's penis.

I flushed the toilet to get her a heads up and time to not get caught. However, I did not realize how much this little act of curiosity got to me. I made my way back to the bed in my bathrobe and sat down on the bed and started asking her questions about the cottage "Who will be there. Will there be supervision etc". She asked my questions quietly but my mind was elsewhere. I just kept picturing my daughter trying to look at her daddy's penis. I came back to reality and realized my husband was breathing heavily. I knew he was still out cold. I then did the unthinkable. I brought my finger to my mouth and looked at my daughter and made the motion of "shhhhhh". I slowly lifted the sheet so she could see it. Her eyes got wide as she saw my hand going to the sheet. Her eyes got even bigger when she saw his penis. I put the sheet back down and she looked at me with a huge smile and her cheeks were turning red. I went to her ear and whispers. You should see it when it is hard.

That's when it dawned on me. I have a shade I put over my eyes when I am trying to sleep and there is too much light coming in from the window. Once again I signal to my daughter "shhhhhh". I reached into the nightstand and took the eye shade and covered my husband's eyes. I sometimes wake him up this way and give him a "friendly stranger morning surprise". I had to get the elastic around his head gently but I managed to make it happen without waking him up. My heart was beating like crazy at this point. I look at my daughter with a big smile and she smiled back nervously. I could tell she was already excited because her nipples were poking through her thin morning t-shirt she was wearing. I took her hand and placed it on her daddy's penis. She just held it at first, not knowing what to do. So I motion with my hand to play with it and stroke it up and down. She followed my lead and sure enough my husband's penis began to grow. This of course woke up my husband but I was ready for that. I had my hand on his eye shade and I told him to relax and enjoy the morning surprise. As always, he obeyed and did not move. I played the role of a domanatrix in a way and told him he is not allowed to touch or more. Just enjoy.

My daughter had let go his penis while I was talking and I signaled to her to jerk off her daddy some more. She did not hesitate. She was eager and looked super horny, even biting her bottom lip a bit. At this point I was super horny. I decided to have a little fun on my own. I saw my daughter's nipples were hard as a rock. I put my hand on her breast above her shirt and gave her little perky B cups tits a squeeze. She tilted her head back a bit as if wanting to let out a little moan but she kept it in so that he daddy didn't realize she was in the room. At this point my husband was rock hard so I put my hand on the back of my daughter's head and guided it towards her daddy's penis. I opened my mouth to let her know I wanted her to suck on his penis. She opened her mouth and slowly put his penis in her mouth. It was cute to see her inexperience with giving blowjobs as she just slowly put the penis in and out of her mouth while sucking on it a bit. Despite her being a rookie I took a moment to myself and realized... wow!!! my daughter is sucking on my husband/her daddy's penis. My husband started squirming and I knew he was almost ready to cum. That's when I realized my daugbter probably isn't ready to take a load of her daddy's cum in her mouth. I pull her back a bit and signal her to get off the bed. 

She got off the bed and then I got on the bed and straddled my husband and slipped his cock into my pussy. I was extremly wet at this point so it slid in there without a problem. At this point I thought my daughter was going to leave the room but she just stood there and watched me starting to fuck my husband. I removed my robe to give my daughter a full view of mommy fucking daddy. Her eyes went straight to my breasts. I was close enough to the edge of the bed that I was able to grab her hand and guide it to my breast. She gave it a good squeeze and started playing with my nipple. Oh how my nipples were on fire. She stopped after 30 seconds or so and then her hand went down her pants. She was playing with herself while watching mommy and daddy have sex! This made me extremly horny, then as I thought I could not get any hornier, I see her body cletch a bit and she was having and orgasm. Well this sent me over the edge and I had the biggest orgasm ever, mhy pussy contracted with wave after wave of orgasms. This csaused my husband to have an orgasm of his own. His hot cum filled me up which caused me to have another orgasm. As much as I did not want this to end I signal my daughter to leave the room. I kept an eye on her and as she opened the door to leave I let our a couple of loud coughs. She made it out of the room and her daddy was oblivious to the fact that he got a handjob and a blowjob from his daughter!! He also did not know that his wife played with her tits and nipples and vice versa.