"Stories 18+" Mom teaches

Stories 18+ Mom teaches
My parents divorced when I was 10 over some drinking brawl assed thing. Dad drank a lot & when dad walked out he said, I’ll see you again in divorce court. Mom started to cry un-controllably. Hell, I didn’t know what to do. I took mom’s hand & tried to console her as best I could. She & I just sat there. I started to talk to her. I said, “Mom “We’ll make it. We will be alright”

“We will be fine mom, it will take some hard work but we’ll be ok, besides I know dad drinks too much and never once did I hear him say so, he will always get violate when he was about to pass-out & you don’t need that in a man. From now on I am your man. What do you think?”

On being at 18 years of age, I don’t know why I took interest in my mom. My mom, Sneha, 41 years of age was a real sex goddess. She had a beautiful fiqure of 32-34-32 with nice breasts and round smooth ass. Her best feature was her beautiful long smooth legs when she would be in her skirts.

I used to masturbate thinking of her and her desires. This would also drive me crazy and I wanted to love her. One such occasion happened when we shifted from New Delhi to Gurgoan. We were so tired arranging things in the house that I slept in my mom’s bedroom only. My mom came upstairs after her setting the kitchen. She was in her salwar-kameez at that time. I was half asleep that I saw her that she was preparing for the bath. Seeing me asleep, she went with her clothes inside the bathroom. Since our house was new, there was a two lock system at every door. The door could not be closed with one latch only. My mother didn’t knew this. She closed the bathroom door with one latch only. 

I took the opportunity and peeped inside the bathroom. My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the view was that. My mom had pulled down her pajama and was standing there with her kameez on only. Her legs were irrestible. I felt like licking them. She raised her kameez till her pussy and began massaging it. I saw her pussy from the mirror. It was hairy but cute. My cock stood up in its position. She took some shaving gel and applied on her pubic hair. After some time I saw her pussy clean shaved. Her pink pussy was looking gorgeous then her also. 

She then took off her kameez too. I could see her perfect pink boobs hanging from the mirror. She went into the bath tub and started lathering her body. After washing her body, I could hear moans coming out from her. I looked and saw that she was fingering inside her pussy. I was so delighted. I left the view and went upstairs and stated masturbating again. Till then she came to her room, and wore a perfect long skirt and top and called me for breakfast. I went down and saw that she was looking more hot and sexy. We ate breakfast together.

I knew Mom has been fucked only once and that also by my father. So decided to see her nude body again and this time she will show me. I knew my mother was a very playful and frank girl. One morning, It was Sunday, Mom was preparing breakfast. She was wearing her black long skirt and a check blue shirt. I woke up and I screamed “MOM” Come here! Something is wrong with me”

“Coming” I heard her say. Mom stepped in my room and asked me what was so wrong. I flew off my covers and said, “Look mom, this happened yesterday.” She looked at my standing cock. I thought she would become angry but she said

“Now you’re becoming a man, and quit a man I might add”. It looks like we need to have a talk.”

My dick was standing up like a shoulder about 6” above me. Mom just smiled at me and said, “Your penis will go down when you get up and moving around. 

“But why is it so” I asked. She sat on the edge of my bed and started to explain my questions. As she was explaining her hands softly rubbed my dick and it really stood proud. As she explained what was happening she said this happens to all boys my age. “It is nothing to worry about; it just shows you are becoming a man”

(I knew all about sex thru the neighbor girt but, I wanted Mom to explain it to me) as she talked to me about the sex I would some day have with a female to share this with. Mom kept looking at my hard-on. I asked her “What the use of it?” She replied “It is inserted in a woman’s vagina.” I asked “And what a woman’s vagina like?”

She lowered herself to the floor as I sat on the bed. Moved in closer to my dick. She said, the flesh of a female’s vagina is smooth like my hand. She rubbed me again and again. She said I would love the sexual sensations that a female would give me. “Like What Mom?” I asked. She said she couldn’t show me because of she was my mother. But she could tell me. Mom is one of those people that needs to talk with her hands. She couldn’t show me with out touching me. 

As leaned over and licked my dicks under side. “We have to forget all about this event away from this house. I can get in a whole bunch of trouble. Do you understand?” You can’t tell anyone about this. ”I mean anyone” Yes Mom I hear you. I me do you understand?” “Yes Mom” 

She took my hard cock in her hand and started to pump it while lightly squeezing it. Mom kissed the tip of my dick lightly and looked up at me with a smile on her face. “This is called a blowjob or giving head. She then put my dick in her mouth and began slow up & down sucking movements. “Oh Mom that feels good” She increased her speed and depth. she said, “This is called “Deep Throating.” She swallowed my dick into her throat. Mom, mom that makes my dick hurt a little” She said, It will feel better in a minute” She kept it up for a while longer. My dick started to explode this creamy substance. I was sweating profusely and lost my breath. Now that is you’re cum sweetie. Deep inside of your cum there is sperm; this sperm will make a girl have a baby, so you can’t put it in her until you have a girl to marry. do you understand?”

“Oh Wow mom this is interesting. Tell me some more” My breathing was returning to normal. She explained my penis has to be inserted in a female’s vagina. “How Mom” how does that happen” She started to rub me again .

I said her that I have never seen a female vagina, then I how can I know where it has to be inserted.

She after thinking said me, “Ok, I’ll show you my vagina, but be careful with that” 
I nodded. She then raised her skirt till her panty. I could see her white flower silk panty. She raised her legs and without removing her panty said, “This spot is my vagina. This Is hole in which a dick is inserted.” I put my hand on her vagina and could feel her hot hole and some hairs on it. I said, “But this hole is very small for mine, how will I insert it then.” After thinking she removed her panty too. I was amazed to my mom’s vagina in front of me. She guided her hands to her vaginal hole and inserted her finger in that and said, “Like this honey”. 

I could see her finger inserted in her vagina. After some time, she got up. Wore her panty. Lowered her skirt and now asked me to get up and be ready for the breakfast. During breakfast, I kept on asking her “How does a woman feel when inserted” etc. 

She finished her breakfast and went upstairs neglecting my questions. I went to her bedroom and asked her to explain me how to fuck. She said that since she was my mother she could only say orally but not practically. I needed a girlfriend to do this. As she said, I replied that I had promised her not to open this matter. Seeing eagerness in my eyes she said “Ok I’ll tell you how to fuck” She said to me to undress. I in no mean time took of my clothes and threw them. She now holding my hand said that it was to be done slowly. I took her hand on her shirt’s button and started unbuttoning them. I peeped in saw her pink bra. She had now completely removed her shirt. After seeing her in her bra, Mom cock was starting to erections. She then took her hands at the back and opened her hooks of her bra. 

She removed her bra and I saw her perfect pink tits hanging in freedom. I said, “Mom these are too great. I want to lick them” She allowed me to do so. I put my tongue on them. I bit her nipples and started squeezing them. She was now playing with my cock. She then took her hand removed her skirt. Now she was only in her panty. I took my hand and pulled down her panties too.

My first look at this naked female’s body made my dick hard again. She lay on her back and told me to get on top of her. I did and she aimed my hard dick to the entrance of her pussy. “This is called sexual intercourse. Now slide your cock in me. She was extremely wet pussy as I inserted my dick in her. “Now start pushing down and I will push up .This is called fucking or intercourse.” I think she was enjoying this more than I was.

She was thrusting up and up as high as she could with her eyes closed. “Oh, You are about to make me cum. Keep pushing down. “Mom do you have sperm in there also”? No, no son I will explain in a while”. Now push up on me. “Oh Yeah Baby, make me cum, it’s been so long. It feels so good. She clenched her teeth together her eyes we closed light. She started her movements real fast. I followed her lead and did the same.

“Oh Mom, it’s my dick again it’s like before” Yeah go ahead and leave me your cum in my pussy. I‘ll tell you when. She pumped a few more times. “NOW Son, Love your Mamma, give it to me. Sprit after sprit I left all I had in her hairless pussy. You have just had sex with a female and you did just fine, “Now 

She told me about her sexual intercourse encounter positions. Spooning, Missionary, Cow Girl, Reverse Cow Girl, Side by Side, Gapping & Doggie style. “Yeah I understand Mom, but can I see them”?

She went around to the other side and got on top of me. Slowly crawling down to my dick. “Now , this is called 69 or Oral Sex” she started to suck me off again. I just did as she did. I sucked her wet hole as best as I could. No, no Here do me this way. She instructed me lick and rub her slit until her clitoris was hard. “It’s right, here son She pushed the flesh away from her clit. And it stuck its little head out of her folds. There ya go suck my clit real slow at first and hard later. She kept up her sucking my dick and soon it was hard as I could get. It hurt it was so hard. Now, Son she tuned around and lowered her pussy on my dick. This is cowgirl. She rose up a little and back down. My dick seamed to grow while it was in there. She turned around. This is the Reverse Cow Girl. She continued her movements. She did the missionary, then the Spooning. She said, I saved the best for last. This is my favorite. Gapping.

She had me stand up, she lay face up on the edge of the bed with her butt nearly off and spread her legs as wide as possible. Now son come here. Put your young manhood in me. Hold on to my feet. And fuck me hard. I did as she wanted. She went into some kind of trans. Her eyes were closed, and moaning loud. “Oh Yeah. Just like that! Make your momma cum”. She thrust up as I went down and in. Her instruction was great. She was so patient with me. I felt my dick feeling like it did earlier. I started to speed up as she did.

“ Mom” Mom I am going to loose it again. It’s ok do it, let it go. My pee pee started to cum as my mom was reaching for every inch I had. She was thrusting up as she started to cum also. “. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......put it in Hard .....Fuck me hard Matt. I did as I was told. We had cum together. We lay there for a long time just cooing and petting.
“Matt” she said, “I will make you one hell of a lover for your wife when you are old enough” We dozed off with me lying between the wetness of her legs. Mom woke up first. I didn’t know she had gotten out of bed. She was in the shower. She came out a few minutes later. “Well it’s about time you woke up. It’s time for dinner. What would you like me to cook up for us”?

I said, “Some more of that pussy it just fine for me” She smiled at me. “Maybe later ”. With that we walked downstairs. I noticed a different look on mom’s face. It has kind of a glow to it. She just smiled and said, I Love you so Matt”……….

We spent very few nights in separate beds. We didn’t always have sex, but just cuddled each other with touching, kisses and rubbing until we got each other off. We were extremely close after that. I would be sleeping and she would come in my room while I was out, she jacked me off until I was hard. And mount me cowboy stile and ride me until I awoke with my yelling out. “Oh Mom” make me come. You can have all I have. Grind that sweet cunt on me. Soon I was giving her me cum deep in her hole. Later I noticed that I had grown another inch or so. She really enjoyed more of me then. I could feel contractions better also.

I will be graduating high school in the spring and off to college in the fall. She told me she had ranged a surprise party for me after my graduating from high school. She wants me to know how to satisfy two women at the same time. So the word couldn’t get back to someone else, she arranged for two women to come to our house. Now that is another great story…….. “Damn I am going to miss all that these women taught me for a little while anyway………