"Stories 18+" My Parents

Stories 18+ My Parents
I grew up in a small little Texas town, we lived in a very small old farm house just on the edge of town. I remember numerous times hearing my parents having sex in the next room. We did not have doors to our rooms. My dad had installed some louvered doors like the ones you put on a closet or pantry door. We had one bathroom and to get to it you had to go through my parents room. You could also get to their room via the kitchen.

I remember this one time laying in my bed hearing my parents going at it. My mom was very vocal while having sex and my dad was one of special encouraging words. This one time I remember first hearing the moans of my mom and wet slapping noises. Not sure what they was doing to make those noises but what ever they was doing sure was making my mom feel good. I remember hearing my dad asking my mom "How you like that baby"? my moms reply was "OH BABY DONT STOP" So I am guessing she was enjoying what ever dad was doing. Then it must have gotten a little more intense as I heard my mom starting to get vocal like hearing her asking my dad "OH BABY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME OH PLEASE BABY OH PLEASE BABY DONT STOP BABY YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUME BABY" and with in a few minutes I heard my mom scream out "OH BABY EAT MY PUSSY BABY I AM GOING TO CUM BABY OH BABY IM CUMMING BABY OH BABY HOLD ME HOLD ME TIGHT BABY PLEASE BABY HOLD ME" I now knew what my dad was doing to mom he was eating her pussy. Everything went quite for a few minutes and then I heard my dad tell my mom "SUCK IT BABY SUCK IT GOOD" with a pause and a deep breathe and then again "OH GOD DAMN BABY SUCK THAT DICK BABY" another pause and then "OH YOU WANT MY CUM BABY" my mom replied with a muffed tone "MMHUH" a yes tone to it. Then my dad "YOU WANT ME TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH BABY OR YOU WANT ME TO SHOOT IT ON YOUR FACE" I had a hard time making out what my moms response was but I could tell she did not hesitate in telling him. With in just a few minutes I heard my dad grunt and then I heard him "BABY I AM GOING TO CUM BABY YOU WANT IT BABY IM GOING TO CUM BABY" Then I heard him grunt hard I could tell he was cumming. Then in just a few minutes I heard my mom cough a little and then said "DAMN BABY THAT WAS GOOD I LOVE THE TASTE OF YOUR CUM" I laid there and stroked off and shot my load all over my chest I had to clean it up with one of my t-shirts.

It was a few more weeks before I heard my parents again. This time I was woken by the sound of my dad telling my mom to get on it. When I woke and heard this I was not sure what he meant but with in a few minutes I knew what they was doing. I heard my mom moaning and telling my dad how good his dick felt in her pussy. This time instead of laying in my bead I wanted to ease over to the door and peek through the louvers to see if I could see what they was doing. What a perfect view I had too. My moms back was to me and I could see my dads dick deep in her pussy as she was riding up and down my dads hard dick. I was not sure what got my attention more seeing my dads dick working in and out or all the wetness dripping from my moms pussy onto my dads dick. Either way I was for sure getting turned on ok I was as hard as a rock who am I k**ding. Well I watched this and pulled my dick from my shorts and was stroking it. All of a sudden my dad stopped thrusting up into my moms pussy and then I watched my mom ease off my dad. Only to watch her spin around and lower her wet pussy on my dads face as she went down on his dick. I watched my mom stroke and lick my dads dick. Then she took it deep in her mouth and was an expert at it I could tell she loved sucking dick. My dad must have been doing a good job of eating her pussy by the way she was wiggling that pussy all over my dads mouth. I was just about to cum when my mom stopped and looked right at me. It was a shock not only to me but my dad. As he asked "Baby what is wrong why did you stop" There was a deafening tone of silence. I was shaking and scared then my mom said "Nothing baby you was eating my pussy so good I got lost in the moment" Then she winked at me and my dad went to eating her pussy and she leaned back into my dads dick and was sucking on it as she watched me watch them. A few minutes went by and I heard my mom moan as she cummed and then my dad started convulsing and shot a load of cum in my moms mouth. Then she raised up looked straight at me open her mouth showing me dads cum and then swallowed it all. At that very second I shot a load of cum in my hand. I held it there not knowing what to do with it and then I made my way to my bed. Looked around for a shirt but then I heard something and turned and the next to my bed was mom. She leaned in and took my cum filled hand and sucked it all up and then licked it clean. She looked down at my limp dick and saw a drop of cum, she leaned over and sucked my dick into her mouth while rolling it around and sucking it clean. She stood up and looked at me placing her finger over her mouth as to say SHHHHH do not say a word. Then she headed back into their room I then heard my dad coming from the bathroom. Then I fell asleep.

The next morning I was getting ready for school my dad had left and it was just me and mom. Mom was in the kitchen cooking her some breakfast I never ate breakfast I always got it at school. I was in the bathroom for about 30 minutes I was not sure what or if my mom would say anything. I was coming out of the bathroom and my mom was sitting on their bed and as I walked by she said good morning . I replied back to her not making eye contact. She then stopped me by saying "Are you feeling ok today you look like you don't feel good maybe you should stay home from school today" I was kind of shocked she would say that as she always no mater if I was sick or not wanted me to go to school. I turned to face here and when I did I noticed my moms left boob was hanging out of her rob. My mom is not skinny nor fat she was very curvy and a red head with freckles. She had very nice size boobs and she had really nice lips. I was staring at her boob and watched as her nipple grew hard. Then she shifted on the bed as I went to speak. "Mom I feel ok" she stopped me by saying "Well you look like you need some moms attention" As she said this I noticed that when she shifted herself on the bed now I could see her bushy red haired pussy and what was shocking was how swollen her pussy lips where. My mind was everywhere and my dick was growing hard fast. I heard my mom moan "MMMMM nice" I looked up to see her staring at the bulge in my pants. When I saw that my mind went back to last night and what I saw and what my mom had done to me next to my bed. I was not sure what to do but my body was controlling me and my hand went down to squeeze my hard dick through my pants. Then my mom spoke again but this time I was not sure what to say or do but just do as she said. "Why don't you let mommy help you with that come over here baby" I walked right to her side of the bed.

That is when things became very interesting, as I got to the bed she reached out and freed my hard dick from my pants. She gripped it with just the right grip and slowly started stroking it. I was amazed of her touch and skill stroking my dick, she was a pro for sure. My dick got harder than it had ever been in my life. My mom must have sense it as she leaned over and took my dick into her mouth. I thought I was going to cum right then it felt so good. I let out a moan of pleasure "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" my mom continued and more moans of pleasure came from me "OH GOD YES MMMMMMMMMMMMM" My mom broke her hold on me and asked me "DO YOU LIKE HOW MOMMY SUCKS HER LITTLE BOYS DICK" I was not even sure if the words came out of my mouth or not but I told her "OH MOMMY I LOVE HOW YOU ARE SUCKING MY DICK JUST LIKE YOU SUCKED DADDY'S DICK" I do not think I was through telling her this and she was back to sucking my dick. I was getting close to cumming and again she broke hold on my dick and looking up at me asked me this "IS MY BABY BOY GOING TO CUM FOR MOMMY ARE YOU GOING TO ALLOW MOMMY TO TASTE AND EAT YOUR CUM BABY" She dropped back down on my dick with in just a few sucks and bobbed her head up and down on it and I was cumming. I could not warn her but it did not seem to bother her. I heard her moan and then say "MMMMMMMMMMMMM YOU TASTE BETTER THAN YOUR DAD AND ALLOT MORE FOR MOMMY TO EAT UP TOO" All I could do was smile, my legs where weak and I was wobbly. My mom told me to sit on the bed with her. 

I sat next to her and she looked at me asking me "Are you ok baby I hope mommy did not scare you" I just looked at her and said "No mom I am good are you good"? With a smile she said "No baby I am not good" "You got mommy all worked up and I need relief" I wasted no time I pushed my mom back onto the bed and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips our tongue touched and wrestled around with each other as I was trying to rip open her rob. I was fumbling around trying to open her rob. She stopped me and helped me get it open. As soon as the robe fell to each side of her body I was all over her. I was not even sure what to do but mom made sure to help guide me. "Slow down little fella" "Kiss me again" I did as she told me to and our kiss lingered for a while. Then we broke our kiss and she said "Take mommies breast and suck on them like you did as a baby" I engulfed one and then to the other. Mom told me again "Slow down baby you need to slow down take your time and savor them one at a time" Her nipples were so hard like pencil erasers. I played with them in my mouth and kissed and licked on them. Mom started letting out a few moans "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEA BABY THAT IS IT BABY SUCK MOMMY'S TITTIES" I did just that and then I felt mommy's hand on one of my hands as she pushed it down to her hairy pussy. As my hand touched her pussy I could feel her wetness. As soon as my hand touched it my mom's body jerked and she let out a yelp "OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM" It became like my hand knew just what to do. I started rubbing my fingers around her clit and along side her pussy lips. Then I dart a finger into her wet pussy "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YES BABY TEASE MOMMIES PUSSY BABY PLAY WITH IT MAKE ME BEG FOR YOU" I kept this up all the time sucking on my mom's tits. My mom's body was convulsing, I could tell she was bout to loose control. I then felt my mom's hands on my head as she started pushing my head downward. I knew what she wanted she wanted me to taste her pussy and eat her.

As my mouth got closer to her pussy I could smell the sweet but musky sent of her pussy. Then as soon as mu mouth was over her pussy I pulled my hand away as my mom pulled my face into her wet awaiting pussy. As soon as my mouth and tongue touched her pussy mom went nuts. "OHHH GOD DAMN BABY EAT MOMMY'S PUSSY EAT IT BABY DONT STOP UNTIL I BEG YOU TO STOP" "EAT MOMMY'S PUSSY EAT IT BABY MAKE MOMMY CUM BABY I WANT YOU TO TASTE ME LIKE I TASTED YOU BABY EAT IT BABY EAT THAT PUSSY BABY" I never slowed down or stopped eating her pussy "OH BABY IM GOING TO CUM BABY EAT IT BABY OH BABY IM CUUUUMMMMING BABY OH BABBBBBBY OHHHHH GODDDD BABYYYYY YES BABAY MOMMY'S CUMMMMING EAT IT TATSTE MOMMY'S CUM" "OH BABY HOLD YOUR MOMMY PLEASE BABY HOLD ME" I held her and I was so hard again laying there next to her. She noticed how hard I was and told me to stand up next to the bed and I did as I was told. She looked up at me and said "Stroke it baby let mommy watch you stroke it" I reached down and took ahold of my dick and slowly started stroking it, all the time she was starring at my dick. "THAT IS IT BABY STROKE YOUR DICK UNTIL YOU CUM ALL OVER ME" "I WANT TO FEEL YUR HOT CUM ON MY SKIN BABY SHOOT THAT HOT LOAD ALL OVER ME BABY" "COME ON BABY GIVE IT TO MOMMY GIVE ME YOUR CUM" About that time I shot my load all over my moms face breast and her belly, even a little dripped onto her thigh. My mom moaned "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THAT FEELS SO GOOD" I watched her scooped some with her fingers and place her fingers in her mouth and clean it off. She did this several times until she was all cleaned up.

Mom got up off the bed and told me she was going to go take a shower and clean up and for me to do the same. We both got out of the shower and got dressed she called me into the living room. As I walked in she was in her spot on the sofa and told me to sit in the chair. She then said "Look we need to keep this a secret and not tell anyone" I agreed and then we went on about our day. That afternoon my dad came home from work and was sitting in his recliner drinking a beer. I came into the room and he asked me how my day was "Hey son how was your day how are you feeling mom says you did not feel good this morning but should be feeling better now" I just said "I am good, day was ok" Dad "Not great just ok" "Your mom said yall had a great day" I was not sure how to answer so I said I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the restroom and as I walked into their room to get to the bathroom my mom stopped me "Hey you, how are you? Did you and your dad talk"? Then she walked over and gave me this kiss. I replied "We talked, he asked how my day was" I then slipped into the restroom where I say there sweating bullets scared my dad knew. I cam out and we had dinner and then it was bed time.

It was around midnight I heard my parents talking in their bedroom. I could not make out what they were saying and I strained to listen. After a few minutes of them whispering I started hearing my dad moan and then those words of encouragement "OH YEA BABY SUCK MY BALLS BABY, MMMMMMMMMMMMM YEA LICK MY ASS BABY THATS IT BABY TONGUE FUCK MY ASS WHILE YOU STROKE ME MMMMMMMMMMM" "DAMN BABY THAT FEELS SO GOOD" I laid there listening to my dad and I was getting so hard thinking back to mom sucking my dick earlier in the day. I then heard my dad tell mom "SUCK MY COCK BITCH SUCK IT BABY" I could hear my mom slobbering all over my dads cock. I was hard and wanted to pull my own cock out and play with it but I also wanted to get up and peek in n them. I sat up in my bed and realized the louver doors where open some. I was not sure if I should ease over to them but the sounds coming from their room was like a trance and drew me over to them. I looked in and thee was enough light I could see my mom's ass was facing me and she had her knees drew up under her as she was bobbing her head up and down on my dads cock. I could not see much more as my moms big frame was blocking the view. I heard my dad telling my mom "DAMN BABY YOU KEEP SUCKING MY COCK LIKE THAT I GOING TO SHOOT OFF IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH BITCH" My mom stopped long enough to ask him "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BABY" My dad wasted no time "I WANT TO FUCK YOUR PUSSY BABY" As soon as those words came out of his mouth my dad grabbed my mom and through her down on the bed spread her legs and started ramming his hard cock into her wet pussy. Mom was going nuts "FUCK TAHT PUSSY BABY FUCK IT GOOD AND HARD" "MAKE THAT PUSSY YOURS BABY SHOW ME YOU WANT THAT PUSSY, MAKE MY PUSSY YOURS" I could see my dads balls slapping against moms ass and I could hear the sloppy sounds of the wetness of my moms pussy as dad fucked her. 

Just then my dad stopped and pulled out and moved next to my moms face "SUCK YOUR PUSSY JUICE OFF MY COCK BITCH TASTE YOUR PUSSY ON MY COCK YOU LIKE THAT DONT YOU SLUT" "FUCKING CLEAN IT OFF BITCH BEFORE I RAM IT BACK IN YOUR PUSSY" She did just as he said and when she had it clean enough for him, dad moved between her legs again and went at it. Mom again was going nuts but this time she stopped dad and told him "GET ON YOUR BACK BABY I WANT TO RIDE THAT COCK BABY I WANT TO GET ON IT" Dad did as she told him and mom got on him and guided his hard cock into her pussy. Mom was bucking like a wild bronco rider and dad was meeting her bucking. I was stroking my cock and was fixated on my parents love fest. Then a shock of my life came to me. My mom looked straight into my eyes and said loud enough for dad to hear "DONT WASTE THAT HARD COCK OF YOURS SON COME FEED IT TO MOMMY" I stood there in shock not knowing what to do but I never took my eyes off them or stopped stroking my cock. Then I heard my dad "DO AS YOUR MOTHER TOLD YOU BOY FEED HER THAT HARD COCK LIKE SHE TOLD" I stepped into their room with my shorts around my ankles. Mom then told me "TAKE YOUR SHORTS OFF HONEY AND CLIMP ONTO THE BED WITH US AND STAND IN FRONT OF ME" My body did as she asked. As soon as I was in front of her she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me while she rode dads cock. 

A few minutes pasted I heard my dad yeal out "OHHHH BABY IM CUMING" Mom replied back "FILL MY PUSSY BABY FILL IT WITH YOUR CUM BABY MMMMMMMMMMMM" as my dad shot his load into my moms pussy. Mom eased off my dads cock I could see his cum dripping from it as she worked her pussy up to my dads mouth. As soon as she was over his mouth mom commanded dad "CLEAN YOUR CUM FROM MY PUSSY BABY" "EAT AND SUCK YOUR CUM BABY DO IT EAT IT BABY" I watched as a glob of cum landed on my dads awaiting tongue and he sucked into his mouth and swallowed. Then my mom lowered her cum filled pussy onto my dads awaiting mouth. I could hear my dad slurping and licking his cum from my mom's pussy. "OH THAT IS IT BABY EAT THAT CUM BABY EAT IT FROM ME PUSSY MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES BABY EAT IT BABY" She looke at me and asked "DO YOU LIKE SEEING YOUR DADDY EAT HIS CUM FROM YOUR MOMMY'S PUSSY" "DOES SEEING HIM EAT HIS ON CUM TURN YOU ON BABY" All I could do was shack my head yes. Then mom reached out and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it off. Dad must have cleaned moms pussy up as she moved off him and dad moved to the side of the bed.

That is when dad said "BOY I WANT TO WATCH YOU FUCK YOUR MOM" then mom said "FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME FROM BHIND BABY I WANT TO FEEL YOUR BIG DICK IN MY PUSSY" She moved in front of me and on all fours. I could not wait I was already deep in her pussy before she could finish getting in position. As soon as I was deep in her I heard her scream out "FUCK MOMMY FROM BEHIND FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY FUCK IT BABY FUCK MOMMY GOOD" I could not even respond other than to fuck her hard and deep. I looked over at my dad and he was laying there watching my cock going in and out of mom's pussy as he played with her sagging breast. Then dad said "GIVE IT TO HER HARD BOY FUCK YOUR MOMMY FUCK HER PUSSY FUCK HE HARD AND DEEP MAKE HER BEG YOU TO STOP" I started slamming my cock as hard as I could deep in her and as fast as I could. Mom responded "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA BABY FUCK MOMMMMYYYY FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK ME BABY FUCK IT HARD AND DEEP BABY MOMMY LOVE IT BABY DON'T STOP BABY FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I then watched my dad work his way under mom and I felt his tongue touch the shaft of my cock as he started licking mom's clit. "OHHHHHHHHHHH DADDY LICK THAT CLIT BABY" "DONT STOP FUCKING MOMMY BABY FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY FUCK IT" "OHHHH YEA BABY EAT THAT CLIT BABY EAT IT DADDY" I was pumping as hard as I could I could feel dad ever once in awhile licking my shaft and balls. I was not sure if it was an accident or was he doing it on purpose. I was ready to cum and I screamed out "IM CUMMING MOMMY" As I shot my load into my moms pussy. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES BABY FILL MY PUSSY BABY CUM FOR MOMMY AND DADDY" I emptied my hot cum deep in my mom's pussy. I left my cock in her until I went semi limp all the time my dad was licking mom's clit. She would let out moans "MMMMMMM OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMMMM" Just then my cock slipped out of mom's pussy and my dad caught it with his mouth. My dad sucked it clean and then I leaned back once he released my cock and watched him eat my cum from mom's pussy. I heard him say "MMMMMMMMMMMM DAMN MOMMA HIS CUM TASTE BETTER THAN MY CUM DOES" My mom responded "MMMMMMMMM SEE I TOLD YOU OUR LITTLE BOY TASTE REALLY GOOD" "NOW CLEAN HIS CUM FROM MY PUSSY BABY" I laid there and watched my dad eat my cum from mom's pussy.