"Adult Stories" Aunt Paula

Adult Stories Aunt Paula
Aunt Paula was in her mid-50s when Uncle Roger died. My family lived about 75 miles from them near the Oregon – California border. They had never had any c***dren and my mother didn’t want Aunt Pasla to be alone after the funeral, so I was volunteered to stay with her for a couple of weeks or so. Aunt Paula is a retired Jr. High School teacher, and a rather large boned woman. With Monster Sized tits that must weigh 30 pounds each, at least in my eyes they looked like it, I was only 18 at this time. And was on my first summer vacation before College

Naturally, she was distraught from her loss, having being married for nearly 37 years and now being left alone. I did what I could for her around the house, mowing the lawn and such, being on my best behavior so not to upset her worse than she was already. She had made some comments already stating that she was surprised at my good behavior. And from so many years working with k**s around my age she knew what she was talking about.

About the fourth day I was there, I found her crying at the kitchen table. Her large shoulders shaking as her tears fell, and her huge tits vibrating as she did. She was wearing an old nightgown and it wasn’t buttoned all the way up. I could see the top half of them, if I looked. And believe me, I was looking. My dick sprang to attention forming a noticeable bulge in my shorts, which she would be able to see if she looked. So I got behind her and rubbed her shoulders trying to soothe her and to hide my hard on from her. Talking to her softly, to get her mind off her grief. 

“You so sweet for staying with an old woman, when you could be out having a good Summers worth of fun instead.”

Then she turned around and pulled my face down then gave me a kiss on the cheek, her eyes glancing down at the protruding object in my shorts! I blushed and looked away, ashamed that she had seen it. She gave a little gasp, but didn’t look away, staring at it unabashedly. I looked down at her and all I saw was the tops of her huge tits. Making me blush even redder when she caught me looking. Then she did something I will never forget. Instead of getting upset with her little perverted nephew, she actually smiled at me with a gleam in her eyes. 

I would have never thought I would see the day that this would happen to me. Even if I had jacked off, thinking of her big tits on my face when I did for the last few days. Aunt Paula then asked me,

“Did you get so sexually aroused looking at my breasts? Is that why you have an erection?”

(The proper English of a School Teacher I guess, I shook my head “yes”. too afraid to speak for fear of my voice showing my excitement and maybe going up an octave or two. 

“That’s so sweet of you I never would’ve thought I could do that to a man your age!” 

And gave me a hug, her sitting and me standing, my hard on pressing into her tits as she did. I could feel the heat from her breast and her heartbeat pounding against me on my dick. I held her head closer to me and felt her breath on my shirtless chest. Then, she licked my nipple and slowly began to suck on it. 

I was shocked as her hand went to my dick and started rubbing it in my shorts. I was shocked to no end, never having thought she would do something like this, not since she was a Church going woman, and my Aunt to boot. My dick was pulsing as her hand touched it, she stuck her hand inside my shorts, wrapping it around my hard on as she jacked it off slowly.

She pushed my shorts down and I stepped out of them and she put her warm mouth on it, sucking it like she had needed this for a long time. My hips moved against her face as she swallowed my dick, and her hand kneading my balls, murmuring as she did. "Fuck!," I thought, Aunt Paula is really sucking me off, Hot Damn, who would’ve thought it could happen to me? 

She reached around grabbing my ass cheeks one in each hand and pulled my hips forward until her face was pressed against my pubic hairs. She had swallowed all 6 inches of my dick and never gagged! I was amazed, hearing about this but never really believing it, Deep Throat, Yeah sure! But she was sure doing it. And loving it!

I saw her hand move to her crotch and rub herself. That was all it took to take me over the edge, I cried out to her, 

“Oh Aunt Paula, Damn, I’m gonna Cum Aunt Paula, I’m gonna CUMMmmm!!!!! 

She kept massaging my balls as I shot my mornings first load into her hot sucking mouth Spurt after spurt I shot in her, as she swallowed every ounce of it, even moaning as she did. When I had finished ejaculating, she looked up at me and smiled. One of the first smiles I had seen on her in days. She licked her lips, saying that it had tasted so sweet, salty and thick just like she always licked her mans cum to taste. 

“Really? Women enjoy that? 

Her laugh came out as she said, 

“Oh Yes Honey, most of us really do like that!” 

“What else do women like, Aunt Paula?” 

With that question she got up taking my hand in hers led me to her bedroom. As I stood there naked, she undressed, taking off the old nightgown as my eyes bugged seeing her huge tits, her nipples must have been 1/2 inch long and the darker outer part at least 3 inches around. Her tits hung halfway down her stomach from the immense weight of them. Her legs were flabby and her pussy was really hairy, with thick wiry curly hair. She turned to get in the bed and I saw her big ass, it was full of cellulite, but for some reason it only excited me more.

I crawled in right beside her, putting my hands on her huge tits loving how they felt so jelly like, as I squeezed them tightly. She moaned,

“Squeeze them harder on my nipples. Now, sit on my chest. Rub your cock between my tits”

I was hard as a rock as she put it between her tits holding them tightly together.

“Fuck Them Danny, Fuck Aunties big titties for her, baby!” 

I didn’t know you could do that but I did it anyways, her hands bouncing her tits up and down on me as I pumped my hips. I felt her starting to sweat making it even slicker as I humped her chest. I watched her big nipples as she pinched them together and pulled them out as far as she could, stretching them out about 6 inches. Them squeezing them back together on my dick. I had an intense orgasm, shooting my spunk on her tits and neck, crying out loudly as I did. When I had stopped moving I watched as she rubbed my hot cum onto her body like a hand lotion, almost cooing at how much she loved the way it felt on her chest.

I fell off her in a heap of sweaty teenage boy, her hand lovingly massaging my balls as I lay on my back. She moved her head down to my dick and cleaned it with her warm mouth, licking its head down to my asshole. Now THAT felt incredible. Even though I thought it had to be one of the nastiest things I could ever imagine, licking an asshole, but DAMN, it felt good! 

Milking all my cum out that she could with a mouth working like a suction pump. She then rolled over on her back her fat legs opened as she drew her knees up and spread her thighs showing me her hairy wet pussy. 

“Kiss it Danny, Please kiss my pussy honey!” she begged.

I looked at it and wasn’t sure exactly what I needed to do, then stuck my face in between thick thighs. Her smell was intoxicating, really musky and inviting. I kissed the soft folds of her hot wet pussy. Her pussy was flooding as my tongue explored her inner walls as she received the sexual pleasures it she had been missing for years! Her puffy pussy engulfed my face as her hands shoved me deeper and deeper into her fat thighs. 

She was calling me a “Nasty little boy”. 

“That’s right you nasty boy, This is what nasty boys get, Eat my pussy you little pervert, Eat aunties hot pussy!” she cried out. 

I never thought she would use foul language but the words that started coming out of her mouth would make a Sailor blush I think.

The hotter she got the more she talked nasty, 

“Oh Yes eat my cunt! Don’t you stop you little fucker, Eat Aunties nasty pussy. Make me cum Oh Fuck Yes Make me Cummmmm!” 

As her orgasm’s started. She never let up from holding my face inside her legs as she thrashed around like her bed was on fire and she couldn’t get away from it.

“Oh Danny, that’s right eat it, Lick my cunt, suck my clit, you nasty little fucker!” 

As she moved her fingers from it she raised my face to it. 

“Suck it, Suck my clit!” She was screaming. 

I was glad she lived in the country so no one would hear her. Her clit was big too. It looked like a mini dick as I took it in my mouth, sucking it like she had me. After a few minutes of that she told me.

“Bite it you little Bastard, Bite my clit! Oh Danny I’m Cumminggggg!” 

Her sloppy wet cunt gushing as she came again, her big chest heaving as her legs clamped on my head. Her hot pussy oozing out her juices as I lapped them up!

As we rested, she told me that it had been at least 9 years since she had last seen a hard on since Uncle Roger was impotent. And that with the sight of mine it made her not think right, as she just had to feel it in her hand! 

“That’s alright Aunt Paula, I don’t mind at all!” I said with a big smile. 

She noticed that I was still hard.

“One of the good things about young men, is they stay hard!” 

I then asked her about her language when I had eaten her out.

“I can’t help it, Your Uncle Roger always talked like that when we had sex, and I just learned to talk like that also!” 

I asked her if she enjoyed that talk, she said with a shy smile, 

“Yes I do Danny, very much!”

“Do you want me to say those things to you Aunt Paula?” 

She shook her head up and down.

I was new to this language, but I am a very quick learner. 

“Get down and suck my cock whore!” 

Her eyes looked at me with a deep excitement. She did as I told her.

“Now bitch, lick my asshole like you did before, I liked that a lot!” 

She did. Her thick tongue was licking my sweaty puckered asshole, sticking her tongue inside it fucking me with her face. My cock throbbed as she licked on my ass. I heard her groaning as she tasted my shithole. Jacking my hard dick off as her eyes stayed glued to it. 

“So bitch, you like the taste of my ass? You like swallowing my hot cum? You’re such a nasty whore and all the time I thought my Aunt Paula was a good girl too.” (I told you I learned fast!)

I was really getting in to this I held her face in my ass cheeks like she had mine when I ate her sloppy cunt. She never stopped moaning as her tongue kept up its thrusting.

“Get up you nasty slut, get on your hands and knees like a dog so I can fuck you!”

She moves pretty fast for such a large woman I thought to myself.

“Now, spread those fat ass cheeks!”

She was eager to please me, and spread her ass open wide her face on the pillow and her ass pointing in the air. I spit on my hand rubbing it on my dick, then sticking my finger inside her wet pussy I finger fucked her a minute before roughly shoving my cock in her. She gasped as my pelvic bone slammed against her big ass. She started cumming as soon after I did that. I watched as her inner pussy lips clung to my cock as I pulled outwards, then sucking back in as I pushed towards her ass. I loved watching her ass jiggle when I fucked her. This was hot!

I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as hard as I could, her moans getting louder when I did. Her head turned as far as she could.

“Spank your nasty Aunt honey, I have been so bad and must be punished!” 

So I hit her ass with my open palm. 

“Harder, Spank me Harder!” She screamed.

I’ll show her I thought and I smacked her ass as hard as I could, watching her fat ass show my hand prints across it. She loved it, her ass bouncing, slamming against me with all her might as I kept slapping her ass hard. Her juice was dripping down my balls and inner legs as I pounded her. I called her every nasty name I could think of, only succeeding in making her hotter. Her orgasm’s were as large as her fat ass. Her cries getting louder as she came again and again. I told her I was cumming, and she turned around quickly throwing my dick in her mouth she sucked my spunk down, Gulping loudly as she did.

I was exhausted, having had three orgasm’s in less than an hour, fucking her like a madman for 15 minutes straight. I was drained! So was Aunt Paula! Her chest was covered in sweat, her pussy covered in her own juices dripping down the crack of her ass. Her eyes lost somewhere in space, Mine were closed grinning about what had happened to me! 

We did everything you can imagine over the next week and a half. My cock didn’t stay soft for longer than 30 minutes it seemed. She loved getting fucked in her asshole while I spanked her hard, then her sucking my cock clean. I learned to love calling her the nastiest of names when I fucked her or she sucked me. I never stopped enjoying the taste of her pussy juices. All in all a lot better than the summer I had thought I was going to have. 

Mom called at the end of the following week asking if I was ready to come home. I told her to talk to Aunt Paula to see if she had anything else we needed to finish up around here. Aunt Paula told her she would love having me stay as long as I wanted, that I had been a perfect gentleman and a pleasure to have around. Then with a smile as she looked at my hard cock in her hand.

“I can’t believe how hard his muscles are, and how much he has grown since I bathed him as a baby!” All while licking her lips!