"Adult Stories" Brotherly love

Adult Stories Brotherly love
I was chatting with a fellow member talking about various things when I mentioned I used to expose myself to the sisters of my friends and even to my own sisters. He then asked if either of my sisters ever touched my exposed cock and I had answered that yes, one sister did touch my hard cock. Then I thought this can be another true story in my somewhat perverted life.

Back when I was younger and not really up on anything sexual, even though it was the 1960s, the sexual revolution decade, I became aware of the daily, heck, sometimes even hourly, hard ons that I was getting for no apparent reason. I didn't really look at any of the men's magazines my father had hidden around the apartmant and my friends rarely talked about girls. But I did discover that upon obtaining a hard on, if I jusr unzip my jeans and pull my cock out, it felt a whole lot better outside my pants then crunched up inside of them. At the time I would only do this in the privacy of my apartment when no one was around or if a bunch of us were out playing in a vacant lot I would scurry behind a bush, quickly unzip my jeans and pull my cock out until it became soft again. Usually after about five minutes or so my once hard cock would deflate and if any of my friends asked me what I was doing behind the bush I would tell them I was taking a piss. I don't think any of them ever really knew the real reason of my going behind a bush or shrub. 

The exposing of my cock to another person began sometime after when my good friend, his two sisters and I were playing some type of game down in his basement. Sure enough I soon developed a hard on. We may have been playing hide and seek because I remember at the time I was behind some boxes when I got my hard on. Thinking that I was relatively safe from anyone looking I unzipped and pulled my cock out. Just then one of my friend's sister came around the corner and saw me with my hard cock hanging out of my jeans. Fearing that she may scream I put my finger up to my lips and shook my head hoping she understood not to scream out. Luckily she nodded that she wouldn't scream but her eyes were locked on my hard on. Feeling totally embarassed, I quickly shoved my cock back into my pants and apologized to her. I did hear her go to her sister and whisper something and both began giggling. 

All that night I kept replaying what had happened with my best friend's sister and each time I wasgetting excited. I remember pulling my cock out of my pajamas and stroking it. My hand on my cock felt so good. I rubbed the head of my cock and stroked the shaft but nothing.

Fast forward a few months. I am in our basement and my older sister comes down to listen to her records. It was a hot day and we did not have air conditioning so the coolest place in the building was the basement. My sister had on shorts and some type of top. Being older then me, she was filling out in all the right places. Even after all this time I still thought back to when a girl first saw my cock. And soon I had another hard on. This time I felt bold. In another part of the basement I removed all my clothing and with my cock sticking straight out I walked into where my sister was listening to her records. She looked at me and told me to go put my clothes on. That was it! No comment. Nothing. So like the little brother I was I went in the other room and put my clothes back on. A thought suddenly occured to me. This time when I went into the room I had my cock hanging out of my unzipped jeans. I was hoping she would say something cool but she took one look at me, knowing she had to see my cock, and told me to put that thing back in my pants. Talk about deflating a male's ego.

I am not quite sure when this next event occurred but it had to be a few months later. My younger sister and I were goofing around, wrestling I think is what we were doing. Of course you can imagine that with all the body contact that was happening a younghorny guy like me soon developed a bulge in his jeans. My sisterjust happened to have me on my back on the floor when she jumped on me, straddling me and sitting on my bulge. She asked me what was so hard that she was sitting on. I answered without thinking that she was sitting on my thing. "Your thing?" she asked. "What is your thing?" Knowing our parents were nearby I whispered to my sister that if we went into the back room, furthest from our parents, I would show her. We both jumped up and went into the back room. My sister closed the door. She then asked me to show her my thing. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my still hard cock. She looked at it and gghen asked if she could touch it. I nodded yes. At first my sister just ran a finger up and down my shaft. Then she saw the hole and asked me if that is where I peed from. I nodded yes. My sister stood there looking at my cock and then suddenly asked me if I wanted to see where she peed from. I said sure. She then pulled her pants down and I was looking at a hairless slit. My sister then took her fingers and spread the lips open and pointed to the place she peed from. Then she said touch it. I nervously brought my finger down to her small pussy and she grabbed myfinger and placed it where she peed. She then pulled up her pants and said we can do this again next week.

What a long week that seemed like as I dreamt every night about what we will do the next time. And of course I had many raging hard ons that week. But the night came and my sister kept her promise. Again we went into the back room so we would be furthest from our parents. As soon as she closed the door we both took off our pants. This time my sister said she wanted to seem me rub my thing. I have to admit that up until that night, I had numerous hard ons but as of yet I never had ejaculated. As I began stroming my cock, my sister began rubbing her pussy. I watched as she again spread her lips and begin rubbing so ething that I later learned was her clit. As I was stroking myself and watching my sister playing with hersel, I felt a strange sensation welling up in my balls. I stroked faster. The sensation increased. Then it happened so suddenly. A small amount of something oozed from my pee hole. My sister noticed it and stopped what she was doing. We both looked at the stuff that had oozed out. Neither of us knew what it was but I did tell me sister that I had never experienced something like that before.

After that night, my sister and I met a few times more. Those times she wanted to, and I allowed her to stroke me while I rubbed her. I cannot remember if she ever achieved orgasm but she certainly achieved it in me. What are big brothers for.