"Adult Stories" Mom's Obsession

Adult Stories Mom's Obsession
I ran home from school as fast I could. I was expecting something in the mail, and I didn't want my mom to know about it. Since I turned 18, I was able to get one of those prepaid debit cards at the local supermarket. I was able to put in as much as I wanted on this card. This was great,because I made my money mowing lawns, or helping out at my uncle's garage for a few extra dollars. Plus it was a great way to impress the girls in high school thinking I had a credit card. Anyway, a couple weeks back, I ordered some adult DVD's,and for the past few days, ran home to see if they came in the mail. 

When I got home, I saw this white bag addressed in my name. "YES!!" I said as I ran into the house. Running into my room, and closing my door, I ripped open the package. Out came 4 DVD's. "Oh yes." I said as I looked them over. I had *'Schoolgirl Sluts Vol 2'. *'Love On The Anal Express'. *'Slutty Hitchhikers'. and *'Family Fuck Fest Vol 3'. I knew mom would be home soon, so I stashed them with some video games. She'd never find them there. 

The very next day I booked home again. I spent the whole day at school thinking of watching some sluts fucking on my television screen When I got home, I grabbed the first DVD that was in the pile. "Family Fuck Fest. Well, let's what this is about." I took it out of the case, setting in the DVD console. Naked as a Jaybird, I laid on my bed waiting for it to come on. "Of course... Fucking advertisements. Okay skip, skip,skip .Ahh Play movie. Okay, more shit. Yep the actors and models depicted are 18 or older. Yep, copyright infringements. Uh huh, blah blah blah. Okay here we go." 

The first scene was of a guy walking into his mom's room seeing her play with herself. I remember accidentally catching my mom doing that a few years back. Was shocked as all hell seeing her sitting up on the bed ramming this big ass dildo up her cunt. But I laid there thinking back on seeing my mom's nice naked body. For a woman in her early 40's at that time, she looked pretty hot. Even now she still is. She's like 5' 2 maybe 3" tall. With a very nice figure. A little belly fat, probably from having 2 k**s. Long straight brown hair, with just a few strands of gray. A hell of a rack in which she likes to wear skin tight pull over shirts or sweaters. They make her tits stand out,and skin tight slacks. 

I wasn't even watching the video now. I started thinking about my naked mom. My eyes were closed stroking my 7" hard on, forcing the images of that day into my head,and adding a few to it. Once in a while I'd look at the screen, then visualizing doing that to my mom. Since this is what I was watching, This is what I was imagining. I was getting really turned on, My wrist was twisting my hand around my cock. I didn't here the door open, but heard half my name and a gasp as I said, "I'm cumming mom." Semi white liquid came shooting out my cock, hitting my balls, and dripping down my fingers. As I opened my eyes, I saw my mom standing in the doorway, with her hand over her mouth. "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!" I yelled out as she stood there frozen, eyes gazed at my cum soaked cock. Simultaneously, I pulled the covers over me ,as she closed my door. I hit the off button on the remote, cleaned myself off, got dressed, and went into the living room. 

" Well, I guess that makes us even, doesn't it ma.?" She didn't say a word. she was in the kitchen preparing supper. I could hear the slam of the knife blade hitting the cutting board as she leered every now and again in my direction. The shock of catching her son in the act must've sent her back to the Stone Age. 

"Did you wash up?" She said biting into a piece of celery. 

"Yes mom." I said in a slow sarcastic tone "I washed up after I was done."

I just don't get parents. Everybody masturbates from what I was told. Hell I know she does it. I caught her too. But it seems like God is gonna strike you down if you talk about it.

We had our dinner in semi silence. Asking me how my day in school was. Most of the time we just ate our dinner a watched a rerun of 'Two an A Half Men' Of course, they were talking about masturbation. Oy Vay!!

It was about an hour before my bedtime, that my mom finally opened up. 

"Christopher. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure mom what." Looking in her direction.

"Did you enjoy it?"She said after exhaling the smoke from her cancer stick.

"Did I enjoy what?" Wanting her to be more specific. 

"Did you enjoy what you did earlier?'" 

"You mean jerking off? Yeah, I did until you saw me."

" So why don't you go out and get a girlfriend?' She said taking another puff.

"Because after the shit that Ashley said about me, no girl in school will go out with me. And yeah mom, just like you, I have urges as well. Maybe more because I'm supposedly in my prime. Plus it makes me feel better inside."

"What do you mean inside?" She inquired.

"I don't feel so tense and grumpy. I feel like a big weight gets lifted off of me when I do it."

She knew the answer to that. She just wanted to here it from me. I got up, gave her a kiss on her lips, (As I always did). and went to bed. 

The next day things, things were pretty much back to normal. I gave her a kiss good bye as I ran out to catch the bus. The chicks in school were making me horny, and I couldn't wait for the last bell, so I could dash home. 

Once home,I did the same thing the day before. I turned on the TV, and DVD player,and went at it. I saw my closet door open a little bit. I got startled, thinking somebody broke into the house. I could just see the headline now...."Naked man found dead in his home watching porn" To my surprise, it was my mom. She was standing the in her black leotards, with her left foot clasping her right, squeezing her thigh muscles tight,as she pressed down on her pussy looking as if she needed to piss real bad. 

"Go on honey pretend I'm not here." 

But I couldn't pretend that. She looked so hot in that tight outfit, that I wanted to rip it right off her body. She stood there,now feet spread slightly apart as she ran her fingers over her twat. A dark black spot was starting to appear on the crotch of her leotard. I stroked my cock harder, staring at her tit, and the profile of her curvy ass. 

She side stepped over to the side of my bed. She pulled her the fabric of her leotard to one side as she viciously rubbed her swollen clit and pussy with the other. Her mouth gaped wide open, as short rapid moans expelled from her mouth I closed my eyes, visualizing her cunt being plowed by my cock, as my wrist swirled my hand around around my shaft. I grunted, and she screamed, as we both reached our climax. Cum squirted out my pecker like a geyser erupting in the air. It sprayed down my leg, then another shot, coming down my hand. She came too.Her mouth gaping as she wedged her fingers deep into her cum soaked slit.She was cumming inches from my face.I could smell the musky odor of cunt juice as it flowed down the back of her hand. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head,Her eyelids twitching uncontrollably,as she gave out wicked loud sigh of relief. Followed by several others.

"She turned and sat on the bed, legs shaking like crazy. "Ohhh! Whew!! Ohhh." She said panting. I started to get out of my bed. "No" whew whew. "Give mommy a minute, and I'll bring back a wash cloth." She pushed herself up, grunting as she did. Left the room, then came back in minutes later. Once cleaned,I got dressed and met my mother in the kitchen.

As we sat down for dinner, mom came out and said,
"You know, It is Friday. There's no school tomorrow, and I don'tb have to work. So if you're up for it, we could do that again, but this time in my room. You can even bring your porn video if you want." 

"I don't think I need the video now. But okay? When?"

After our supper has settled. 

I couldn't believe my mom was into this.I kept wondering what made her change. So many questions were running through my 18 year old head. But I had to clear my mind for later on.

A couple of hours had passed,and she told me to wait outside her door. she opened it up,showing off a semi see through 2 piece pink nightie with matching panties that covered from her torso to just below her hips. My eyes scanned her up and down before she took me by the hand, and led me into her bedroom. 

"I have to admit Chris, I'm obsessed with your cock. I like how big and hard it is." She said rubbing my crotch. "I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I had to see it again." 

For the first time in my short 18 year life,I looked at my mother's eyes in a totally different way. Inside was a warm, loving, beautiful woman, who not only gave me life, but has a lot of life to give. My heart pounded out of my chest, as leaned closer, bending my head down,and pressing my lips to hers. Our mouths opened greeting our tongues together. her perfume was intoxicating, and I thought for sure I was going to cream my jeans. She pulled away as I tried to take her tit out of her nightie. 

"Not yet baby. Not yet. Tonight it's just masturbation.I want you to learn how to control your sexual emotions. You're too excited, I know. So let's just get on the bed."

I walked around to the other side of the bed. We took off our clothes,and began to play with ourselves. Our eyes closed as we envisioned our sexual fantasies.I could here her mumbling at first, coming a little bit clearer. 

"Oh Chris. Fuck me Chris. Oh fuck me." I could hear her say whispering. Then she whispered it again. "Fuck me Oh, that it Chris... Fuck me." 

I began doing the same thing back since we were both fantasizing the same thing. "Oh yes Cheryl. Yes. Ohhhh. You're so tight Cheryl." Mom opened her eyes and smiled right at me. I think she liked that I used her name instead of mom.

She wanted me to get on top of her. When I straddled her cowboy style, I stroked my cock in front of her. She pulled my hand away, grabbing my cock, a ferociously began whacking away. 

"Cum on mommy's tits baby, Cum on mommy's tits.Her strokes were intensifying. Even with the KY jelly as a lube didn't help the friction burn from starting.Finally I shot out my load of cum. It spewed on her face and hair, some on the pillow,and the rest on her chest. 

"Wow!! That a lot of cum. Where do you store it all?"

I was glad I came when I did.My cock was hurting something fierce. It felt like it was on fire, and I couldn't put it out. I got off my mom, leaving the room. I was in too much pain to think about my clothes.

"You okay honey?'

"Yeah." I didn't want to hurt her feelings that she stroked too fast on my pecker. I know she didn't mean it, at least I hoped not, and that possibly she lost control of her sexual emotion. Either way,it was going to be sometime before this wounded soldier saw any kind of action.

Saturday,mom thought we should take a break. But Sunday morning,she came into my room. She sat on my bed putting her hand on my cock. I winced due that it was still it was still tender and a little swollen.

"What's wrong honey?' She asked with a concerned tone. 

"My dick hurts ma. You stroked it too hard.and too fast. Now it feels like I got a sunburn on it."

"Oh baby. I'm so sorry. Hold on.I'll get you something that will help."

She left my room, then came back holding a bottle in one hand,and lotion in the other. 

"What's that?" I said as she walked back in. 

"Vitamin E." She held up the bottle in one hand. "And aloe vera lotion." 

I pulled down my briefs,wincing a bit as they brushed against my hurting cock. She poured a few drops of Vitamin E oil,along with the aloe lotion, and rubbed it along my cock. The coolness of the lotion helped ease the burning pain that my cock was going through. 

"There." She said giving my cock a kiss on the hood. "You apply this for a few days, and it'll be as good as new." She carefully pulled up my briefs, then gave me a kiss on the lips.

"I love you baby. You come down when you're ready too."

"I love you too mom."

Mom was right. A few days later, my cock had felt better. The only thing that was still tender was the skin just at the base of the 'One Eyed Cobra'. But within the next couple of days, that felt better too. Mom would check on it everyday seeing how the healing was progressing. Even if it was a tad bit sore, she'd give my cock a kiss to help heal it faster. She waited a week before she came into my room.

"How you doing sweetheart."

I said fine real long as I stretched then yawned. She bent over to give me a kiss. She was wearing her peach robe and I could see her tits hanging down as she kissed me on my lips.

Straddling over my legs , she said, "Let's take a look and see if we're 100% healed." She pulled my briefs down examining my cock as she pushed it this way and that. "Mmmmmm. It looks perfect." She bent her head down, as she pulled my cock toward my stomach. Sticking out her tongue, she began licking my ball sack. Electricity shot up through my balls making them jump like popcorn being popped. My dick got instantly hard as I felt her moist tongue riding up and down the sack. She look at me as she made an 'U' shape glide with her tongue, going up one way to hit one ball, the back down, and up the other way to hit the other. Then she open her mouth sucking in one of my testicles. A jolt of electricity shot right up my cock. Every part down there stiffened as she tongue tickled my balls. 

She worked her tongue up to the base of my cock. Licking the swelled up vein that ran up my scrotum. Again, jolts of electricity shot up throughout my pecker, causing it to pulsate up sporadically. She continued up, licking just under the swollen base of my hood. Her robe was open showing her dangling tits She again went into an 'U' shape lick around the bottom of the hood. My cock throbbed, and pulsated more, as blood rushed to the top of my cock. The helmet went from a pinkish red to a bluish purple as she squeezed The base of my Cobra's hood. She smiled looking at how swollen and hard my cock had become. 

Reaching down, she pulled her robe open, pulling out one tit, then the other. They dangled over my cock . She pushed her tits together, cupping my cock into her cleavage. My cock was titty fucking her, as she glided her tits over my hard pulsating pecker. She bent her head down as low as she could, licking the top of my dick as she slid her tits back down. With her last push down, She slid her mouth onto the head of my cock. Releasing her boobs, she slid down my shaft, tickling her tonsils with the tip of my dick. Pulling back up, wads of spit clung to my dick, making saliva strings as she took her mouth off of it completely. She went back down, slurping up her spit as she slid her mouth down my shaft. She held her head down, nose buried in spit filled pubes a my cock throbbed in her mouth. She pulled up again,sucking on the hood, while stroking the shaft. I held her head down as my cock pulsated, ejaculating hot semen in her mouth. she swallowed some, as another shot filled her mouth to the point she had to spit it out. She rubbed my cock against her cheek as more cum squirted on her face. She used my cock as a butter knife, rubbing my man juice all over her face. Mom licked up the cum she spat out. licking it clean off my stomach.She did the same with my cock. Strands of her long brown hair clung to her cum facial cheek. 

"You're a mess." I told her as she wiped her chin of cum and spit. 

"Not as much as you're going to be when I get done with you." She said tapping on my chest.

She got up off me.I could see her panties as she lifted her leg over to get off the bed. I could see the dark wet spot on her undies, showing a nice pink slit, surrounded by short dark hairs. She left the room, and headed towards the bathroom. I heard her turn on the water, and could here little splashes. She came out drying her face with a towel. 

"Come on." She said. "It's time to give you a facial now. I rose up out of my bed,and followed my mother into her room. She laid the towel she was using to dry her face on her pillow. 

"What are you doing that for." I asked.

"I got to sleep on that you know."

She told me to get in the center of the bed and lay down on my back. Resting my head on the towel covered pillow, she straddled herself on me cowgirl style sitting just below my cock. I saw that this time she had no panties on under her robe. She scratched my chest with her fingernails, then using her index finger going in circles around my nipple. She scooted a little higher, now sitting on my belly above my cock. I could feel the hairs on her pussy tickle my stomach as she wiggled her ass, playing around. She bent her head down, placing her forehead on to mine. We exchanged pleasantries, then began lip locking in a passionate kiss. Our tongues wagged like a dog's tail, bumping the sides of each other's mouth. 

She scooted up a little more. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she made a streak of cunt juice up my belly. Now she was near my lower ribcage. She pulled open her robe. Her tits flung out dangling just under my face. She lowered herself, swaying her tits left from right, slapping my cheeks as they passed. She grabbed her left boob. pushing it towards my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could trying to suck in as much flesh as I could. Her nipples were hard, and I could here her moan as I clamped my teeth down on her nipple, lapping my tongue along the top. I did the same with the other as well. and I could feel my stomach becoming more wet.

She untied the string to her robe and flung it wide open. Her pussy was hidden from sitting on me, but I could see a lovely triangular trimmed bush. She let the robe fall off her back, landing on my crotch. She removed the robe off me, then shook her head from side to side making her long brown hair flutter and fall over her shoulders. I know she was my mother, but she was a beautiful sight to see.

She did a somewhat leap frog putting her crotch up to my face. Placing her hands on the headboard, she lowered her hips, her pussy making contact with my awaiting mouth. She twerked her hips up and down, gliding her pussy over my stuck out tongue. Smeared pussy juice began to collect on my nose and chin. Her pussy had a very sweet aroma to it. her cum had just a hint of salt, and didn't have that tarty taste that other girls I know had. Whenever she slid her clit on my mouth, I'd stop her from moving so I could suck it in between my lips. Her clit was getting swollen and hard. I would move her hips, grinding my bottom teeth against her clit.She'd moan repeated times,her breath getting shorter, as her body would tighten up. I would suck her swollen clit into my mouth, clamping it down with my teeth. I'd flicker my tongue fast and furious over her teeth clenched clit.Her body tensed, legs shaking uncontrollably. She shook the headboard, banging it against the wall. Well the next door neighbors knew she was having fun. Her moans became louder and more frequent as her pussy was being eaten by her own son. She lifted up, bringing my head up with her. I never let go of the grip I had on her clit She thrust upward, then down, clenching every muscle from her stomach down to her clenched toes. With a final scream, her pussy gushed out it orgasm. Her juices flowing like a dam that just burst. Cum juice was all over my face, neck and chest. My mom rested her ass on my chest. She still hanging on to the headboard, breathing heavily. 

"Who the fuck... .(Breathing heavily)Taught....(Another breath) You how....(Heavy breath) To eat..(Short breath) pussy like that" 

"An old girlfriend."

My mom slithered off me onto the bed. She looked at the carnage that was left from her major orgasm. She noticed how her cunt fluids ran down my chest and shoulders onto the bed sheets. Then looking at me, she started laughing hysterically. 

"Well look who's a mess now smart ass."

That's my reward fora job well done."

I plucked the towel off the pillow, (Which by the way didn't work) and wipe my face of my mother's love nectar. Then I got up to wash off. She followed behind turning the shower on. She pushed me in, her following. After we were clean, we stood front to front. She held on to me, resting her head on my chest, until the hot water ran cold. 

During the weekdays. Mom and I would get up early to get a quick 69 in.. This kept us satisfied until we came home in the afternoon. Mom always made sure she got her protein shake, and I get my fill of pussy juice. Even at school, I would see Ashley and her cunt friends who helped spread all those bullshit stories about me, and wouldn't even care.At times I even said hi to her. Mom too was more livelier since we've been doing oral sex. Not that she never was, but now she walks around with a very special glow. 

It was a Friday, and again as was the new ritual, we had our little genital breakfast. It didn't actually fill us up, but like those commercials say, "It's part of a complete breakfast."

Later that evening, my mom had me standing by her bedroom door. When she opened it up, she was wearing this sexy rose colored satin nightgown. She also had satin sheets and pillow cases to match on the bed. There were candles lit around the room, and a bottle of champagne on ice with 2 glasses. 

"We're celebrating a milestone and history in the making tonight." She said giving me a glass of champagne. "A toast.To us and our future together. May we always be happy." 

We drank our champagne, and put the glasses down. She turned off the light,letting only the flickered flame of the candles become the source of light. 

Standing in front of her, I picked her up by her hips, gently laying her on the bed. I hovered over her staring into her deep brown eyes. "She was no longer my mother." I thought to myself gazing into her eyes. I bent down meeting her lips. Our tongues intertwining.Our hot breath filling our nostrils as we'd breathe in. My cock was getting hard. Her nipples pouting, pussy getting wet as we imagined what was going to happen. I pulled the shoulder straps down off her shoulders resting at the top of her arms, as she bent her arms removing the straps. She lifted up as I pulled her nightie down past her feet, dropping it on the corner of the bed. Then I hovered over her again. I removed my shorts and placed them next to her nightie. I then bent down squeezing her tits before I put her nipples in my.mouth. I'd go back and forth from kissing her to sucking on her rock hard nipples.

I rolled onto my back. I had her get on top, facing my feet. We did our 69. Getting each other ready for what was coming next. for 10 minutes we gave each other oral sex.

I had her lay back on the bed.I got on top of her kissing her passionately. Her legs were together laying flat on the bed. I was on top.My dick ready for the doors to open. She bent her knees outward. Opening her thighs to the treasure my cock's been waiting for. Her vulva spread wide showing the gateway to orgasmic bliss. My cock went in. gratified of the invite. It was warm and very wet. She made it very accommodating. After all, She was the Hostess. I was the Guest of Honor. My cock slid in deeper in deeper, until I was balls deep inside her.Our pubes intertwined as I met hers with mine. With my chest pressed up to hers, our heartbeats became insynched Her moans and short gasps of air told me that she liked being the toast of the town. Her pussy was flowing the nectar of the gods as I pounded her pussy with every inch my cock could muster to grow. Her hips moved when I did. letting me at times hit her ass with my balls. We were both tensing up now. We held each other tight, as I kept thrusting harder and harder into the cave that that bore me. The headboard was banging against the wall. No doubt giving the neighbors next door something to talk about. Our moans became louder and more intense as our bodies connected at the middle,became like a burning fire needing something to put it out. 

As she screamed, Hot sperm came shooting out of my cock like water out of a super squirter. I could feel my cock and balls get flushed with a raging flow of hot thick liquid. We came at the same time. 

After about 5 minutes, she told me we had to get up because her ass was soaking in a pool of cum. That's the two drawbacks of satin sheets. They're slippery as all hell, and they don't absorb liquids that much. We went into the bathroom to wash up. Poor mom, Her pretty little ass all covered in cum. I was nice enough to clean that part up. After cleaning up the mess on the sheets, and believe me, there was a lot.We laid down laying on our side spooning. She told me that in the house, and only in the house, I can cal her Cheryl. But outside, it was still mom.