"Adult Stories" Step daughters lesson

Adult Stories Step daughters lesson
My wife has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, pretty looking , but not yet fully developed and kinda shy . My wife keeps telling me she comes home from school with all the stories of her mates sexual conquests and it worries her as she has no experience and doesn't know what to believe in their stories , I say give her time .

One evening after tea ,my wife goes out to she her mother , I jump in the shower . When I come out and grab the towel,I'm aware of the door slightly ajar and some eyes looking through. Wrapping the towel around my waist I open the door to see lucy looking up ,saying sorry but with tears in her eyes. Asking her what the problem was she said her friends were talking about mens bits at school, saying things like head ,foreskin , balls and boner, and she was just trying to see what they were talking about . This was in the days before computers, I thought of suggesting a dirty mag , but then thought, just bite the bullit and show her . So I took her hand and asked if she really wanted to see and for me to describe it , shyly she said yes please. I took a deep breathe and let the towel drop, happily after the warm shower my cock looked quiet big and with a semi on , even I was impressed. I took hold of it , showed her the foreskin pulling it back over the head ,she said she could see why they called it the head, feeling slightly awkward as I could feel my semi turning to a full hard on , I lifted my cock up , cupped my balls to show he ,told lucy to feel them in my sack , she foundled them with both hands ,rolling the balls gently around . By this time I was fully hard ,all 6 inches. Is this a boner she asked I said yes , why does it get so big ,she askec again ,getting less shy , well I said it needs to get hard so in can enter a womans vagina and ejaculate its seed in there . She giggled and said they call it a cunt, to my surprise she said what does the seed look like , well its white and sort of sticky I answered. knowing teenagers I knew the next question , so started working my cock , making sure to let lucy see the foreskin peeling back and forth , after a minute I told her to cup her hands under my cock , then sighed twitched and exploded my load into her hands which made her jump . She played with my warm spunk as I washed again , she even tasted it but said yuk, we both laughed .

Sarah returned home later and went up to see lucy as she was in bed . As I was going to be up early next day I went to get ready for bed to . When I came out of the bathroom I was surprised to find both of them on our double bed , Sarah naked , lucy in her nightie .

As  I walked past the bed my wife grabbed my towel and left me standing naked infront of them both , I quickly covered my cock , but she said its ok as lucy had told her what happened earlier , and that she was pleased that I helped her with her school problem . Lucy had one more question and that was how does something that big go in such a tiny hole . 

They had both agreed that the best way to answer the question was to show . So nervously I put my head between Sarah's legs and began kissing the inside of her legs , slowly going up towards her pussy , then searching for her clit ,which is a big one , I started sucking and flicking my tongue over its head , I could hear my wife start to moan and feel her pussy getting moist , I took Lucy's hand , pulled one finger out straight and guided it into my wifes warm moist fanny , there , I said feel how wet and slippery it is and how easy your finger goes in . With that I kneel up and show Lucy my erect cock and ask her to guide it into her mothers cunt , she does and watches as the big head separates her mothers lips and slides in , she sits back and watches as me and her mother get into a rythm, I notice her nightie has come up above her waist exposing her hairless pussy and her hand slowly goes down to touch herself , her mother sees her to and encourages her to open herself and find her clit , which she does . Lucy leans back and rubs her red clit making low moans , I tell Sarah to go doggy so Lucy can see my cock slide in better , which she watches intently, as a finger goes in her moistening pussy . I could feel my self getting close to cumming , asked if I could unload over their tits which they agreed to , Sarah reached over and lifted Lucy's nightie off ,exposing her puffy inverted breasts and nipples ,they both lay down as I stood over and wanked my cock , shooting a warm jet of spunk over Lucy then my wife , leaving the last drip hanging from my shiny head Lucy reaches up and licks it clean , homework done ,we all smile .