"Erotic Stories" Becoming A Cocksucker

Erotic Stories Becoming A Cocksucker
After my third divorce a year ago my sex life was strictly masturbation . I would browse the porn sites and jack off several times a week preferring to be by myself . To make a long story short I began to watch gay porn , really getting into watching all of the hot guys jacking off , sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass . 

My favorite videos were watching men sucking cock , eating cum and taking hot creamy facials . I would get my cut 7 1/2 cock so hot and hard as I slowly edged and began to lick my sticky wet fingers and eat my cum ! It was so hot the first time I actually came in mouth and all over my face then look in the mirror and scoop up the cream from messy skin and slurp it up . 

I took my worn and tattered denim cut offs and turned them into Daisy Dukes , cut so short that my ass was bare and my low slung balls were dangling out . I would wear them as I jacked off , my cock so hot that I would cum so hard wishing for some hot guy to suck me off and for me to suck him off . After I took a new apartment I met my neighbor John , an in shape guy 5 years older than me . He had me over for a few drinks as we talked about our divorces . He asked me if I was seeing anybody and we both laughed when I said I prefer the single life . He said that he had a massage table in his spare bedroom and asked if I was interested in a back rub . I said oh no , I will probably get a hard on . Well Kevin he said , that is the idea . I like to play with hard cock . But I am not gay John I told him as my cock began to stir . I think that I should leave . He asked if I was offended and I said no , just uncomortable . He gave me his phone number and told me to call him anytime .

I had a visible hard on as I shook his hand and went home . I immediately put on my Daisy Dukes and put on a cocksucking movie , my cock in a rage when I picked up the phone and called John . I asked him if he could give me a quick hand . I put a towel around my waist when I met him at the door . I want to show you something as we went to my bedroom , a hot guy sucking a hard cock on the computer . He looked at me as I dropped the towel and rubbed the hard aching bulge in my Daisy Dukes . 

Can you teach me how to suck cock John ? Please ? Why of course Kevin he stammered as he got naked , his fat 6 inch cock so hard as he got on his knees and rubbed my bare ass as he rubbed my cock with his face . I just knew that you had a big cock he panted as he cupped my balls with his left hand and reached into my shorts with his right hand and fondled my raging wet cock . My knees almost buckled when he said he loved how my fat cockhead squished in his fingers ! I unbuttoned and unzipped as he pulled down my shorts , my cock twitching in his face as he took my throbbing drooling cock in his mouth . It was incredible as he bobbed back and forth 3/4 of my cock as I moaned . Oh John , you suck my cock so good . Oh yes , oh yes . 

He grabbed my ass as he took my entire cock down his throat . Oh fuck John , oh fuck as he bobbed back and forth . I began to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth and told him that I was gonna cum . Oh fuck John , I'm gonna cum in your mouth ! I fucked his mouth as I came so hard and so much as he sucked my pent up cream down his throat . I must have shot at least 10 ropes into his mouth and he bobbed and swallowed every drop . 

He pulled off my cock and opened his mouth to show me my cum went down his throat . Now it was my turn as I sunk to my knees as he rose up , my cock still hard and twitching as I took his plump , spongey slimey cockhead between my lips , drinking his precum as ran my tonque around the juicy mushroom . I bobbed back and forth the entire hard veiny shaft , his cockhead in the back of my throat as he moaned in pleasure . You hot fucking cocksucker he panted as he began to fuck my mouth . I have so much cum for you . I pulled from his cock briefly and begged him to cum in my mouth and all over my face . Oh fuck yes he said as he shoved his cock back in my mouth . He fucked me so hard that I began to gag . 

Open your cocksucker mouth Kevin he commanded ! With my mouth open wide and my tongue hanging out he jacked his raging hard cock and shot 2 hot blasts of sperm to the back of my throat and 3 more onto my face when I took his cumming hard cock back in my mouth , greedily bobbing back and forth , swallowing his hot salty load as I totally drained his balls ! You fucking cocksucker he panted , look what you made me do ! I just nodded yes as I got up to look in the mirror . His cum was dripping from nose , my cheeks , from my chin . He watched as I scooped it all up and slurped it from my fingers . Are you sure that you never sucked cock before he asked ? No , you are my first , I have been fantasizing for months , and now , wow John , I finally did it . Thank you so much . That was so hot to finally suck off a hot cock . Can we do it again ?