"Erotic Stories" Brother hooks up with hot sister & mother

Erotic Stories Brother hooks up with hot sister & mother
Finals were over. It had been a rough semester and I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. My typical M.O. was to load up on summer courses and stay on campus. I had always been kind of a "book worm geek" and was really most comfortable in a classroom or library. Back in high school I was not very popular, not a jock and definitely not part of the "in" crowd. I had kept to myself much of the time. Because I was pretty nerdy I was into the Internet before my friends discovered it and had viewed my share of porn. Even though I had never been with a girl I was positive I would know what to do if the opportunity presented itself. I was an okay looking guy but I never ever had a date. I did however possess, from what I could tell, an extremely respectable cock. Since you can't really wear a sign that says, "I'm hung like a horse", I had never had the chance to share it with anyone else. That's not to say it didn't get plenty of use. 

Most of my friends had found summer jobs near campus but I had decided to go home this year. It had been a while since I'd spent any time with my family so I was looking forward to the trip. My mom and sister still live together in the house on the beach where I grew up and I was planning on wasting my summer in the sun and sand with them. My dad had passed away when my sister Cheri and I were little so it had just been us three for as long as I could remember. Cheri had bagged on college after high school but I was determined to get out of our little beach town and go somewhere else for college. My mom and Cheri liked life on the shore and were comfortable doing the beach and bar scene. They looked and acted like sisters since my mom had had us when she was still pretty young and they had always been close. 

She never remarried but continued to work hard to take care of herself. My dad had left us a lot of money so she never had to really work for a living but she sure worked hard on her body. She had bought a gym and spent a lot of time there and so did my sister. She had employees who ran the place so they would just schmooze and workout. They were both in pretty good shape and all the guys teased me about having such a hot sister and a hot MILF. I kind of shrugged it off but I had to admit they did look good. Cheri was about 5'6" with long brown hair, long legs and a curvy hard body. Mom was a little shorter with curly blond hair and I have to say, a body straight out of Playboy. She really took good care of herself.

I had arrived at around 4 a.m. at my mother's house after driving all night back from school. The door was open as always and I had just snuck in and gone straight to my bedroom, stripped, and crashed. It was still morning when I heard some loud laughing coming from the driveway. I rolled over and looked out the window near my bed and saw my sister and some guy returning from what looked like a run. Cheri was wearing a jog bra and shorts and as usual she looked good. The guy must have been a regular at her gym because he was tan and very muscular in just shorts and running shoes. My sister made a gesture for him to be quiet and I heard her say something about me being asleep. What she did next practically blew the eyes right out of my head. While she was still on the driveway she pulled her top off, revealing a beautiful set of tanned tits, and threw it towards the back door. If I didn't know better I'd swear she'd had a boob job cause her tits were huge and round. They were just like my mom's though so I'm pretty sure they were original equipment. She must have been using the tanning beds at the gym. The dude was already in the shower stall and had started the water. Cheri then pulled off her shorts and shoes and confirmed it; she had definitely been using the tanning beds, and from the looks of things, she had been shaving extra close too. She opened the shower door and stepped in.

Normally I would not have violated her privacy but my curiosity had been aroused, along with my rapidly growing dick, and I felt the need to see more. There was a spot in our guest bedroom where you could see the shower stall completely from above. I used to sell viewings of my sister and her friends to my friends when I was younger. I quickly made my way there, wrapping a towel around my waist. By the time I got to my vantage point, my sister was having her tits sucked while she was fingering her slit and stroking the dudes dick with her other hand. Her eyes were closing in that pre orgasm kind of way and she was whimpering "yessssss, oh yesssss". Seconds later she shuddered in orgasm. The dude stepped back to let her return to earth and started to stroke his dick with a soapy hand. His cock was fair sized, not as big as my ten inches but probably a good eight. Cheri had opened her eyes and recovered by now and grabbed his dick and took over from him in stroking his tool. She stepped out of the way of the water and let the shower stream rinse off his soapy dick. Once he was rinsed to her satisfaction she turned her back to him and grabbed hold of one of the shower rails. They must have practiced this before because he moved right up to her and nuzzled the head of his dick against her pussy. In one fell swoop, he plowed all the way in and she let out a little yelp. Then they started a steady back and forth motion that seemed to rock the shower. Her tits were swinging with each thrust and I realized that I was really turned on. It was all I could do not to beat off right there but I really wanted to see this through. 

She pulled away from him and said "not yet, big boy" as she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She deep throated him and then sucked on his balls as she stroked his cock. After some more sucking and stroking she turned her back to him again. This time he moved a little slower and I realized that the head of his dick was not lined up with her pussy. She was trying to take him in her ass. I almost fell off the bed when I saw that. He worked his dick in slowly and then they started a good rhythm, in and out, in and out. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed trouble coming down the driveway. My mom's jeep had just pulled in and I could see that she had seen the two pair of legs in the shower. "This is bad", I thought to myself as mom walked over to the shower. Instead of hollering like I thought she would though, she started to strip. She had obviously been using the same tanning beds and razor as Cheri had. "God Damn" I muttered under my breath. She was one well preserved 39 year old. Her tits were even bigger and rounder than my sister's. 

With a quick tug she opened the shower door and said "Save some for me Cheri". 

"You know I always do, mom," Cheri hissed back. 

I was stunned. Here were my hot sister and equally hot mom, naked just below me, and a guy balls deep in my sister's ass. Too much! 

"We better be quiet or we'll wake Jason," my mom whispered to the two of them. "We...were...just...finishing...anyway," moaned Cheri. "Oh yeah" muttered the dude as he pulled out of Cheri. Just as the dude's dick left Cheri's ass, my mom dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth down to the root. He started fucking my mom's mouth in and out and I could see his ass cheeks start to tense up. Just then, Cheri reached around my mom from behind and held mom's big rack up and pressed her own tits on either side of mom's head. The dude pulled out of my mom's mouth with a pop, stroked one or two times and grunted as he shot his load on my mom's tits and face and open mouth. Cheri leaned over and licked mom clean. Holy Shit! They quickly rinsed off and stopped the shower. They whispered something I couldn't hear and grabbed towels from the hooks to dry off. I moved back from the window and high-tailed it back to my room.

I gave them enough time to get their act together before I went downstairs. The outside shower was really the only shower with any pressure in the house and was going to need a shower soon. My balls felt so heavy that I knew I would have a huge mess to clean up if I finished myself off in my room. I walked through the kitchen in my towel, trying to hide my huge hard on, past my now fully dressed mom. 

"Good morning Jason, I hope I didn't wake you. Hurry with your shower, I'm making bacon and eggs for brunch", she yelled, as I brushed by. She was acting like nothing had happened. 

Once in the shower, I lathered up. I was still in a state of amazement. I was standing in the very same shower where some of the best sex I'd ever seen had just occurred and I couldn't help but start to rub one out. My big dick was all soapy and slippery and the image in my mind of what I had just seen was going to bring me to one of my usually explosive orgasms pretty damn quickly. I have always cum a la Peter North, lots and lots of thick cum in six or seven spurts. I actually scare myself sometimes. I had to try and stay quiet so no one would suspect anything. All I had to do was think about the scene I had just witnessed. It didn't take long and I was soon coating the inside if the shower with my thick load. I rinsed off the wall and then finished my shower. I snuck back in and after dressing, made my way back to the kitchen. 

Mom and Cheri were waiting for me. No dude. I pretended not to notice. After a great breakfast and the usual catching up conversation, we decided it would be nice to spend the rest of the day on the beach. I excused myself and went to my room to change into my suit while the others did the same. When I got back down mom and Cheri were nowhere to be found. I hoofed it up to the beach to try to catch up to them. When I reached the crest of the dune it was easy to tell where they were. A group of young guys were standing around too bodies on blankets off to the left. Just like Cheri (and I guess my mom) to flirt like that. When I got to the blankets, the guys dispersed and I finally saw my mom and sister. I had to bite my tongue and think about my chemistry final to keep from stretching out my jams with my dick. They were both wearing dental floss thongs and tiny tops. 

"My Gawd!" I gasped. 

I guess mom could sense my surprise cause she just rolled over and said "Jason, if you've got it, flaunt it!" 

She and my sister both giggled so I sat down and kept my mouth shut. Eventually we started normal conversations and I almost forgot that I was sitting on the beach with my nearly naked mother and sister. The conversation turned from my year at school to the social scene and people I knew who were still in town. I got the lowdown on the hot bars this summer and we made plans to go out for happy hour later. 

I soon settled into an afternoon nap and before I knew it, Cheri was nudging me awake to go back and get ready. "Whatcha thinking about tiger?" my sister teased. I looked down and noticed my dick was so hard it was pushing out the waistband on my trunks. 

"Shut up, Cheri" I yelled as I tried to cover up. She took off towards the dune cackling. I wrapped a towel around myself and stood up to head home. 

As I made my way down the driveway I heard the shower running. I checked quickly and saw only one pair of legs. At least I wouldn't interrupt anything. I yelled out our traditional "next shower!' and sat down to wait. 

When the water stopped, Cheri asked, "Can you grab me a towel Jase?" I grabbed one off the line and handed it over the top of the shower. "No peeking, you naughty boy" Cheri teased again. Almost immediately the door swung open and Cheri was hardly done wrapping her towel around her. "All yours' she said without any embarrassment as she strutted past. 

I went in and turned on the water. It was all I could do not to give myself a tug job but I showed remarkable restraint. I soaped up, stroked a couple of times, rinsed off and turned off the water. I waited a few minutes for my dick to relax and then I toweled up and went inside.

Once dressed and ready we all piled into my mothers Jeep and headed to the Bottle and Cork, a local bar. Mom and Cheri were wearing heels, short minis, and tank tops that barely held in their tits.

They did look like sisters, very hot sisters. 

We drank for a while and visited with some of my old friends. It was a very casual evening. 

I was pretty successful in not thinking about the shower most of the time. 

I was ready to call it a night when in walked one of the sexiest girls I had ever seen. 

Photos. http://uii.io/rZUfQ

Photos http://uii.io/cL9Fw

She was blonde, with porn star tits and she was wearing a tight pink sundress and "hooker heels".

When she walked over to us I couldn't believe my luck. 

When she said, "Hey Jason, remember me?" I just about fainted. Cheri saw my confusion and jumped in, "It's Candi, Jason. What do you think?" 

I mumbled "Awesome" and stuck out my hand in greeting. The last time I saw Candi she was a skinny little high school senior friend of my sister's with glasses and zits. 

She had had a crush on me according to my mom back then. I remember my nickname for her was "Candi Cane" because she was built like a stick. Boy had she filled out. 

After the initial embarrassment, we began to talk and she turned out to be the same old Candi, just this time she spoke to me from inside a body to die for. 

Eventually, after checking to make sure Candi could give us a ride home, my mom excused herself, something about checking on the gym. We stayed for a little while longer and then left ourselves. Candi and I had really hit it off so I was hoping she might stick around and not just drop us off. 

Cheri saved the day by suggesting we relax in our hot tub for a while when we got home. Candi agreed and so we hurried back to the house. Once there, the girls went off into Cheri's room to change and I went to mine. I put on my suit and went up to the tub. 

It was kind of cool, a rooftop tub with room for eight. Our house was taller than the rest of the beach cottages so we had plenty of privacy. Cheri and Candi came up after I had settled into the tub and a good thing too. They had changed into smaller suits than what mom and Cheri had on at the beach earlier and the sight made my dick stir. 

Thankfully it was pretty dark and I was under water so I felt my secret was safe. They had brought a cooler of beers with them and they passed them around and eased into the tub. It wasn't long before Candi had inched over next to me and she and Cheri started to giggle. I was trying to figure out what was up when I felt a hand groping for my shaft through my trunks. Candi's hand found my dick and she started to rub it under the water. 

"You weren't k**ding Cheri", she squealed, "He's huge!" I looked at Cheri with a stunned look on my face. 

"Hey bro, turnabout is fair play. You sneak a look at me in the shower and I get to check you out." I was blown away. She knew I had spied on her and mom. I wonder if my mom knew? How much of my shower did she watch? I had my answer in seconds. 

"Just wait until he blows his wad Candi. You've never seen anything like it." So she had seen. What was I going to do? I was getting a hand job from my sister's friend while my sister was just inches away. There was no turning back now. 

"Let's see that monster, Jase" Cheri pleaded. My head was spinning. Oh well. I climbed up on the edge of the tub while Candi tugged at my trunks until they were floating in the water.

"Holy crap", Candi whistled as my shaft broke the surface. "I need to give that dick a full inspection". She stood up to get closer and I noticed her top was off. I looked over at Cheri and her top was gone too. This was quickly getting out of control. Cheri slid over and her hands joined Candi's as they played with my cock. It was bigger than I could ever remember and my balls were tightening. I did not want to cum yet but I felt little control over the situation. 

Cheri asked me " If you cum now will you be able to recover soon?" I nodded and whispered "probably more the second time". They both whooped and went in for the kill. Cheri was sucking my balls into her mouth and Candi was swallowing about half of my shaft. I was not going to be able to hold out much longer. 

All of a sudden I felt a shift in the tub and I heard a familiar voice say, "Save some for me, Cheri". Holy shit! My mom had just joined us and she was completely naked. 

"You know I always do, mom," Cheri said through a mouthful of my sac. That did it for me and I gently pulled away and stroked my dick. In unison all three if them held up their tits and opened their mouths as I blew my load. I was able to distribute two loads each to Candi and Cheri and three to my mom. They were one big sticky mess and they loved it. They all were licking each others tits and faces clean and my dick was coming right back to life. 

When Candi jumped up on the edge of the tub, stripped off her suit bottoms, and pulled Cheri's face to her pussy I was officially fully revived. Cheri was working Candi like she had done me and I could tell Candi was close to cumming. 

I was so engrossed in their show I hadn't noticed my mom on her knees in front of me. "I know one thing you got from your father", she said with her mouth full, "He had a monster cock too!" I was so blown away. My ultra hot mom was giving me a hummer and my sister was giving face to her best friend. 

Cheri looked up from Candi's pussy and said, "Switch!" My dick popped out of my mom's mouth and into Cheri's as Candi sunk into the tub in front of my mom. We played musical cock and pussies for a few turns and things were really heating up. 

We separated to catch our breaths and my mom hissed "I want that thing in my ass while you girls eat my pussy". I was totally into it now so I swaggered over and Candi and Cheri took a couple of turns slurping my dick to get it slick enough for mom's ass. 

She bent over in the middle of the tub so the girls still had access to her cunt and whispered, "Give it to me". I took my time working it in until I was balls deep and my mom was grunting in pleasure. Every couple of thrusts one of the girls would lick my balls. One of them, I think it was Cheri, even tongued my asshole. No way I last much longer after that. 

I yelled, "I'm...gonna...cum...ahhh!" 

My mom pulled off my shaft and like trained seals they turned towards me with tits and mouths at the ready. This time I really exploded and gave each of them three huge helpings of baby goo. Their faces looked like glazed donuts and they took their time cleaning each other up. I sat back to recover and watch. 

When mom said, "You can rest for now but we'll be picking up where we left off tomorrow" I realized, this is going to be one fuck of a summer.