"Erotic Stories" Ex Wife becomes a Slore

Erotic Stories Ex Wife becomes a Slore
A few years back when I first moved to Texas I was working at a Country Club and lived in a small studio apartment, the sleeping area had a ¾ high wall separating it but had no door. My ex-wife Megan (she is 26yo, brown hair,blue eyes, about 165lbs, C-cup breasts) are still friends and would discuss personal happenings. 

She had started a long distance relationship with an old army buddy of mine, they had gotten together twice before they had broken up. a few months later we were eating lunch together one day while school shopping for our son (he was off playing in the play area). She was telling me that a few weeks ago she was feeling kinda sick and weird so she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. She said she had gone to her doctor and they had tested her and it came back positive, but her ultrasound showed no embryo. she had gone back the day before and rechecked. she still showed no physical signs and her doctor told her that it was a phantom pregnancy, where your body thinks it's pregnant and produces all the hormones that goes with it. She said that she was a little disappointed but relieved since they had broken up 6 weeks ago. 

as the weeks passed she put on a little weight around the midsection and her breasts were fuller. I had commented on this one day and she said it was cause of the phantom pregnancy. 

I had started a relationship with with a girl from work (but a different department) Rachel (she is 20yo (8 years younger than me), about 180lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, D-cup breasts and a bit of a muffin top), and she didn't drive. We had started by talking at work about me hooking up with another one of her coworkers Stacy. things between Stacy and I hadn't worked out, but Rachel and I ended up fucking regularly, the only hitch was that she is married, but they have an open relationship, and he was cool with me fucking his wife, he was a bit of a cuckold. 

Anyway, one Friday after work Rachel came home with me to wait for her mom to get off work and pick her up. we had about an hour so we were gonna knock out a quick one. Just as we got in the door Megan called wanting to come over to drop some stuff off and she was just around the corner. her parents were taking our son down to houston for the weekend. we got inside and I popped in the 1st harry potter movie. Megan showed up a few minutes later wearing some light gray yoga pants and a light blue t-shirt and ended up staying and watching the movie. Rachel's mom showed up and stayed to finish watching the movie, then she wanted to watch the second one. we were all hungry and we decided that Megan and Rachel's mom would make a run to Chick-fil-A and pick up dinner. Rachel and I took the opportunity to fuck real quick. They came back and we ate while watching the movie. Megan and Rachel talked about doing more movies the next day back at my place. Rachel said that she would get her husband Jason to drive her to town, and we would finish up the series.

After the movie Rachel and her mom left. Megan was sitting across from me and we were still talking. then she said, “When we got back from Chick-fil-A I could swear your apartment smelled like sex. did you two fuck?”

Taken kinda by surprise I looked over at her noticing her nipples poking through her shirt, “Yes we did" I said. “They have an open marriage.” “what kinda stuff have you done?” Megan asked.

bragging a little I told her that she was real kinky and that her husband Jason and I had tag teamed her and he had fuckerd her in the ass while she was riding my cock. Maggots breathing got a little deeper and I noticed her hand kinda rubbing the inside of her thigh. but I could definitely see the wet spot in her crotch as I went on. I told her how she has intense orgasms where her pussy clamps down and she lets out a powerful squirt. It was getting late and we were supposed to meet at 9am to continue our movie marathon.

The next morning Rachel showed up a bit early wearing a shirt and sweatpants “unfortunately Jason had got called into work this morning” Rachel said, “and he was looking forward to another threesome. but we have time for a quickie.” Rachel was already getting undressed as Jason came in dropping off her backpack on the couch. “Devon said we could have a quick threesome before you have to go to work :” Rachel said to Jason. Jason looked at his watch and started to get undressed. 

Rachel was climbing onto the bed I dropped in front of Rachel and began to eat her pussy to get her wet, Jason crawled on the bed and fed his semi-hard dick to Rachel. after just a few minutes of sucking on Rachel's clit she was wet enough to slide my hard dick into her. (I'm not hung like a horse, but my dick is about 8in and thicker than most, from what I have been told, and definitely bigger than Jason's). Rachel laid on my bed hips at the knees bent in by her breasts. I stood up (when I built my bed I made it just the right height) the head of my dick was brushing the lips of her wife open pussy then I sank it in going balls deep in one thrust. Rache let a moan leak out around Jason's dick. Rachel's feet were by my head as I slid my dick in and out of her pussy my thumb rubbing her clit, Jason was punching and twisting her nipples and within 5 minutes Rachel's moans reached a fevered pace as her eyes rolled back in her head and she got quiet, my dick felt like it was in a vice and a great stream of juice came gushing out hitting me in my pelvic bone and spraying all three of us. with a grunt and one final thrust I unloaded my balls into her pussy. I took a step back and let Rachel's legs drop, she was u*********s again (it happened the 1st time we fucked) Jason got off of the bed and took up position between her legs raising them up and sliding his dick into his wife's pussy, lubricated with her and my cum. 

I watched as he pumped in and out of his wife, her big D tits bouncing up and down with each thrust her head moving uncontrollably. I heard a few grunts and I looked over at Jason and he was straining as he pumped his own cum into Rachel's pussy. Rachel was still passed out and Jason put her feet on the wall so they were at a 45° angle like when I was eating her pussy. Jason got dressed, I was just thinking about trying to wake Rachel and getting her dressed before Megan arrived. Jason had opened the door to leave and Megan was standing there. Shit I thought to myself seeing her standing there. Megan introduced herself to Jason and smiled, he Said hey and gave his name then said he had to get to work, as he passed Megan I caught her trail her hand across Jason's crotch as he passed. Megan came in and said hi. 

Megan started telling me that she had a hard time sleeping last night because she was hot and bothered about what I told her and that it had been months since she had gotten any. then she looked at me and said “It smells like sex again.” as she walked towards the bathroom and sleeping area. I blushed and before I could stop her she turned the corner and say Rachel passed out legs spread wide. “well i see y'all had a bit of fun this morning.” there was a dribble of cum leaking out from between her bald pussy lips, I was unable to say anything feeling like a k** caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Megan reached down and ran a finger between Rachel's pussy lips collecting the cum before she turned to me and stuck it in her mouth sucking her finger clean with an audible “mmm". my dick was as hard as Megan's nipples appeared to be. “ya, we thought we could get away with a quickie before you got here" I explained, “but she passed out and you got here before I could get her up.” “how long is she gonna be out for?” she asked. “ I don't know, she passed out while I was fucking her, and James fucked her afterwards without her stirring.” I told her. “do you think she would mind?” Megan asked and to my surprise she crawled under and between Rachel's legs as I said “I don't think so.” Megan stuck out her tongue and hesitantly and slid it up between Rachel's pussy lips. she started at the bottom for a second pass this time going deeper, the tip of her nose nearly parting her lips as she slowly moved up. Megan reached out toward me with her right hand and felt her way up my leg to my crotch then pulled the front of my basketball shorts down letting my hard dick pop out. 

Megan started a third deeper pass this time letting out audible slurps as she tried to suck out Jason and my cum as she reached Rachel's clit she started to suck it. Megan let go of my cock and slid her hand down the front of her pajama bottoms. I looked over at Rachel and I could see her head moving slightly as if she was enjoying herself, then she placed both hands onto Megan's head and sunk her fingers into her hair, Megan lifted her head and looked up at me then looked Rachel in the eye, Rachel smiled at her then pushed Megan's head down into her crotch. I climbed onto the bed and Rachel took my dick into her mouth moaning as she sucked. Rachel tensed and pushed Megan's head hard into her pussy as she let out a loud moan and sigh. Megan gagged and began to cough as she tried to pull away, Rachel's pussy juice gushing out around Megan's mouth, then spraying her in the face soaking her head. 

Rachel finally let go and Megan stood up. I was still kneeling on my bed as Rachel sat up and slid off of the bed. without giving Megan a chance to object Rachel kissed her deeply and passionately, pulling Megan's top off at the same time. Rachel turned Megan so her back was to the bed and and pushed her down onto the bed. Megan laid back her head by my dick, she wasted no time and took it in her mouth. Rachel pulled Megan's pajama bottoms off pulling her panties out of them and holding them up to her nose. “look look at these they are soaking wet", throwing them at me. Megan's sopping panties hitting me in the face. Rachel extended her middle finger and slid it down between Megan's freshly shaved lips, over her clit then down to about her opening, then Rachel quickly thrust her finger all of the way into Megan's pussy. Megan body reacted by lurching up towards me. Rachel pulled her finger out and put in her mouth and pulled it out sucking. “mmm, she tastes good, she's ready for you.” Rachel said matter of factly.

I helped Megan reposition so her head was on my pillow legs on either side of me, wher pussy lips glistening with her juices as I looked down at it. (we had been divorced about 3 years but it had only been about 2 years since the last time I had fucked her) Rachel was back on the bed next to us and she reached down and spread Megan's pussy lips exposing her aroused clit and opening, I grabbed the base of my dick and I giggled it smacking the head on her clit, Megan jolted and let out a small squeak with every hit. finally i lined up the head and slowly slid it in slowly we both exhaled as my dick slid into her tight pussy. as my balls contacted her ass Rachel released Megan's pussy lips and moved her hands to her large breasts (a few months ago the were a C-cup, but now they had swollen and were a large D if not DD cup) as Rachel squeezed Megan's massive right tit liquid began to ooze out, Rachel dipped her head down and sucked on her erect nipple squeezing her breast harder, before releasing the nipple and picking her head back up. “mmm, she has milk” Rachel said squeezing her breast letting a jet fly out and landed on my stomach then Rachel sucked her right nipple more.

I pumped my dick into Megan a few more times enjoying her tight wet pussy. Then I rolled pulling Megan with me, rolling her on top of me. Megan grinded her pussy on me while her massive milk filled breasts dangled in front of my head. I reached up and latched onto her left nipple and getting a taste of her milk for myself. Megan was moaning softly as she fucked me and Rachel had moved around behind Megan and suddenly Megan gasped and pushed back towards Rachel. a moment later I felt fingers prodding in and out through the thin layer of skin that separated Megan's pussy and ass. Megan started riding me harder and sat up, I could see Rachel over Megan's shoulder and she reached her arm around and squeezed Megan's breast sending milk squirting everywhere. Megan moaned loudly and collapsed onto of me. I rolled her back over and sat up on my haunches continuing to pound her while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. 

Rachel moved back around and was ducking on Megan's left nipple, while Megan sucked her right letting the milk dribble down the sides of her mouth. I felt myself getting close and fucked her harder applying more pressure with my thumb, and I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock and was drenched and began to making a sopping sound, Megan had just squirted a little (Megan had ever only squirted a few of the times that I had fucked her, and when she did it was weak and just made us wet, not like Rachel that once squirted about 3 ft). Megan's pussy got tight as I started to spurt cum into her as her pussy. once I was done I fell forward resting my face on her breasts. Rachel Rachel pushed me off to the side and immediately began to clean up Megan's pussy with her mouth. Megan placed her hand on the back of Rachel's head as she was eating her out. Megan leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. I caught my breath and sat up Megan was moaning softly with her eyes closed head still turned towards me. I got up on my knees and moved by her head and pushed my softening cum covered cock into Megan's mouth which she began to sick clean. 
when we all recovered we made our way out to the couch still nude and started the 3rd movie. Megan said “I loved it when you (looking at rachel) licked my ass and even enjoyed the finger up there even though it hurt a bit at first.” “I can fix that” Rachel chimed in. “would it be ok if Jason and I had a go later?” Megan asked. “I don't care, as long as I get to eat you out again afterwards” Rachel replied. “you can anytime you want” Megan said with a smile. “My doctor said I might get breast milk because of the phantom pregnancy.”

An hour later found Megan sitting in the middle of the couch Rachel and I on out backs nursing from Megan's breasts. we did this every hour or two draining her breasts each time.
A little after 5 Jason showed up, I was wearing my basketball shorts and a shirt when I opened the door. “hey baby, get in here" Rachel called over the dividing wall. Rachel was eating Megan out while we waited for Jason. Jason turned the corner to find Megan kneeling naked in front of him and Rachel standing right behind her. Rachel reached to Jason and undid his pants and pulled his semi-hard cock out and guided it into Megan's mouth for her to suck. while Megan was busy sucking her husband, Rachel finished undressing him. once she was done she leaned in to kiss him pinning Megan's head between their crotches. Rachel then told Jason to lay on the bed, he pulled his sick out of Megan's mouth and did what he was told. “mount him slut" Rachel ordered Megan. as Megan climbed on top of Jason Rachel helped guide his slim dick into her, Megan let out a sigh as he slid inside of her. Megan began riding Jason, he seemed to be enjoying her more than she was enjoying him. I was about hard as a rock but Rachel took my dick in her mouth to give it a little extra when she was done she left my dick covered in her saliva, she stood up and whispered “take your ex's ass, my lover” into my ear with a smile. 

We both climbed onto the bed, Rachel pushed Megan down so she was laying on top of her husband, Rachel leaned over Megan's back spreading her ass cheeks I could see Jason's dick sliding in and out of Megan's pussy. Rachel let out a large glob of spit, it landed at the top of Megan's ass crack and began to run down. I took my dick and placed the head just below her anus and waited for the saliva, as it pooled on top of the head of my dick and at her anus I ran my dick up and down before slowly thrusting forward. Megan let out an moan and tried to move away but couldn't because Rachel was laying on top of her. I grabbed her hips and thrust harder but still slowly, “just relax” Rachel told Megan. my dick slowly sank in deeper and deeper until my balls were on Jason's shaft. all three of us were still while Megan got accustomed to the feeling. “I feel so full” Megan grunted out as I began small thrusts. Rachel was sitting back watching as Megan started to thrust back onto our two cocks. Megan's ass was would have been tight normally but with Jason's dick in her pussy it felt real tight and Megan was moaning loudly. it was just a few minutes before Jason began grunting and I could feel his dick spasm through the thin skin that separated her ass and pussy. “Yes! cum in me!” Megan panted. “Fill her pussy for me baby.” Rachel told Jason. Jason let out a final grunt and I felt his dick deflate. 

I rammed Megan's ass harder pushing her forward a few inches, as I pulled back for another thrust Megan didn't come back too so my dick slid out of her ass and before I realized I was thrusting back in but this time my head had dropped down and u was balls deep in Megan's freshly creamed pussy. she was still a little tight, but i could tell that Jason had fallen out. It was the first time I had ever had sloppy seconds, it felt great, (Megan had cheated on me a few times while we were married) I was fucking Megan like the slut I figured she was. Megan moaned louder and her pussy contracted around my cock filling me with pleasure. This thinking pushed me over the edge and I shot a large load into her pussy. I held my dick in her balls deep until my dick stopped twitching and spurting. I fell back my dick sliding out of her pussy, Megan was laying on Jason panting, Rachel pushed Megan off and started started licking the cum off of Jason's balls and sucking his cock. I looked over at Megan legs spread wide, she was lazily swirling her finger around her cum covered clit, a thick bead running from between her lips and down towards her ass. I got up, my cock glistening Megan's head was now hanging off the edge of the bed so as I approached her, she opened her mouth eagerly accepting my cum covered cock. Rachel now had her head between Megan's thighs again and was sucking the cum from Megan's pussy. when Rachel was done she kissed Megan and took Jason by the and said “thank thank you two for the good time, but we have to get going.” “We’ll have to do this again.” Megan responded dreamily.