"Erotic Stories" Morning Wood

Erotic Stories Morning Wood
I had thought that I was, I do not know, perhaps unique or at least one of very few, that constantly wanted to suck cock. Finding out that, in this case, I was not correct in any way. It was very early morning and the sun had not yet even thought of peeking up over the horizon but not out of the ordinary for me to arise at this time. Still wearing only my robe, I crept quietly down the stairs and stole to my dad's bedroom door, hoping for an early morning encounter to start my day off right.

His door was only partially closed and I slowly and quietly pushed it open wide enough to put my head in and see him in the dim light. He always slept nude and his sheet was tented over his cock, telling me his morning woody was there ready for me to take advantage of. I took one-step into the room when the sheet seemed to move on its own and I immediately stopped.

I glimpsed locks of curly brown hair emerging from the sheets. As they fell away, the satiny white skin of my cousin, Amanda's backsides appeared. She was on all fours, nestled between my dad's legs. I could see her vagina clearly with her labia already puffy her unshaven pubes seemed to surround her womanhood as she moved forward. She laid her cheek on his muscular thigh and I watched her hands reach out and begin to gently touch his cock and balls.

I stood still, shocked and jealous, but watched with rabid attention the scene before me, as my fingers had somehow already began playing with my own pussy. It was as if her hands were mine, as she clutched his thick cock and wrapped her fingers around him. She seemed to be measuring with her palms and fingers the depth and breath of his manhood. Her face was so close to him, I am sure her breath felt hot on his cock's underside and I saw it twitch. Looking to his face, his eyes were tightly closed as he tried to remain to appear to be asleep, even if I knew he was not.

She lightly pulled his cock towards her mouth and kissed it as if testing its kiss ability, then kissed it again and again, up and down its length. The tip of her tongue lightly danced along with her lips, a saliva trail began appearing as she kissed more and more. His cock kept twitching as she kissed and used her hand to hold it; finally, she bent it down and let her lips encompass the tip of his cock. His rump moved upward as her mouth went around his cock and he managed to get much more than the tip into her mouth.

She did not pull back; I watched her cheeks moving and imagined her tongue was licking the tender underside of his cock while sucking hard trying to taste more of him. Her mouth opened wide as she tried to get more of his length into her mouth. His width was more than her mouth could handle and still breathe, and I heard her start gagging and choking for breath, pulling her head back. I remembered how many times I too had choked on his fat cock, and almost laughed out loud watching her experience his cock for what I imagined was her first time with him.

Knowing my dad, it was no surprise at hearing her gag; his hands grabbed the thick curly locks of hair and pulled her down hard on his cock, forcing his cock deeper, more than likely if not down her throat, at least against the back of it. He began furiously face fucking her, holding her tight, raising his rump up, stuffing his cock into her mouth. I watched as her breasts hang down bouncing back and forth against her chest in time to his rough pumps at her face.

I knew it was time, I watched him suddenly unload his thick streams of cum in the girl's throat, thrusting deep, holding her, then pulling back, spurting again. The cum shot out around her lips covering her chin and he again rammed himself deep into her throat again, shooting again and again. I am sure she was not able to swallow his cum, as it was everywhere on his thighs, her face and the bed. When he had finally finished cumming in her mouth, he still held her with his cock in her mouth, swollen and throbbing, and let his hands caress her cheeks and hair, as they lay still.

I slowly backed out of the doorway, pulling the door as I moved. My pussy was completely soaking wet and my fingers were still pushed between my labia, deep inside me. I leaned against dad's doorway, and furiously fingered myself thinking of what Amanda's first encounter with my dad's cock must have been like for her. It struck me suddenly, that perhaps it was in our genes, hers and mine, to be so insatiable, as I climaxed in the hallway.