"Erotic Stories" My Foster Mom

Erotic Stories My Foster Mom
When I was 17 I had to go to a foster care service, I was only months away from my 18th Birthday. My life at home wasn’t good and I was taken from there, it was that or jail I guess. Then I moved in with Foster Parents. Mr. Reynolds was OK, but he worked a lot and I hardly saw him, Mrs. Reynolds, “Mom” as she wanted me to call her was nice also but a little weird. Weird as neurotic, about cleanliness, they never had c***dren of their own and I was the 4th c***d that they had taken in since beginning their Foster Parent Career. Since they were older, around mid-to late 50’s I didn’t really know how to act other than as good as I could not wanting to get into trouble. I had heard the horror stories of Foster care. 

For my 18th Birthday she took me out for a day of whatever I wanted to do. We had such fun, acting like a couple in that was in love. Holding hands as I d**g her around to see everything I wanted. She was so good to me taking me everywhere I wanted to go that day.

Mom was nice enough and even though she was old she was fun. We always went to places like the Movies, or Museums, always doing something fun. When we got home it was always bath time, I liked bath time! Mom would bathe me, always making sure I was thoroughly clean. It embarrassed me, but I felt I had no choice in the matter. She would scrub me down good, making sure my ears were clean, under my arms and my small but always erect dick when she washed it too. I loved it when she soaped it up. She never used a washcloth on it, saying it might hurt me, so she used her soft hands on it. It always felt wonderful when she wash me.

Sometimes she would call me in the bathroom to talk to her as she bathed. Never ashamed of, or trying to hide her body from my eager eyes. One afternoon I asked her if she wanted me to wash her like she did me. Her smile said it all! I took the soap from her, not using a washcloth, but just my hands and started at her neck, washing her as gently as she did me. Making sure all the soap was rinsed off her before moving on to another section of her body. She was slightly over weight and her breasts hung low on her chest, with large nipples that I loved to watch as they got chill bumps on them. And her bush was a lush forest of dark thick hair.

I washed her whole body taking extra care as she told me, on her rectum as she called it. I noticed when I washed her there she always would shiver when my fingertip brushed the puckered opening of it. Then moving my hand up to her front making sure I got her pussy really clean. 

“A woman must make sure she is free of odor and bacteria down there!”

She told me. I spent 30 minutes washing her until her bath water was getting cold. She then asked me to dry her off since I had done such a good job bathing her.

I grabbed a thick towel and began at her head working slowly so not to miss a drop, I worked my way to her feet. As I was on my knees drying her legs and feet I was face first in her crotch. I leaned forward and smelled her hairy pussy, I took a deep breath of her wonderful smell. 

“Do I pass the test?” she asked with a smile for me.

“Yes Mom, you smell like fresh soap!” I told her looking for her approval!

As I finished Mom pulled me to her bare breasts and hugged me tightly, telling what a good boy I was then she kissed me. Not in a mother/son kiss but she stuck her tongue in my mouth, I was shocked never having kissed like that before but I wasn’t going to argue and I kissed her like that back.

Since it was 2 P.M. she said I should go lay down and try to rest some from our mornings outing. I did after I stripped to my underwear, knowing I was not allowed to lie on the bed in my clothes. Mom came in shortly to make sure I was comfortable and lay beside me, She always tickled my back to get me to sleep, and I loved it and her! Mom told me.

“Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you took your underwear off today.” 

I did as she asked, having learned not to be shy in the nude in front of her. I lay back down on my stomach and she told me to turn over so she could tickle my stomach. I rolled over and closed my eyes at the wonderful touch she has. When she reached my crotch she did something she had never done before. She had always rubbed my dick, but this time I felt something wet and warm on it. It was her mouth. I opened my eyes and gasped at the sight of her head as she was moving her face up and down on me.

I could only moan as I had never felt anything this good before, the baths were wonderful but THIS was fantastic. I didn’t know what to do, so I just lay there as she sucked it deep inside her hot mouth. Her hand tickled my balls and she ran her sharp fingernail to my rectum tickling it as she moved her finger in small circles on it. It made my hips jerk towards her mouth when she did that, she was even moaning as my dick hit the back of her throat. I told her I never wanted her to stop doing this, and she moaned again, the vibrations tickled as her mouth sucked in on me, her tongue running all over my dick.

I had never had an orgasm that I had not produced before that afternoon, but I felt a strange feeling building in my balls. 

“Mom, you’d better stop. I’m fixing to uh uh cum Mom.”

She started sucking me faster then I began to spurt my virgin sperm in her mouth. I don’t know how much it was, because I never saw a drop of it, she swallowed everything down. My legs were shaking as she took her face off my dick smiling at me and asked me.

“Did Momma’s boy enjoy that?” 

I could only nod yes to her as my body was still in shock at the feeling that was still in my balls and stomach.

Mom then asked if I would do something for her, to help her feel good also. I told I would do anything for her because I loved her. She held me to her

“I love my Baby Boy So Much” 

She only had on her bathrobe so she took it off and lay on her back, raising her knees and opened her legs wide.

“I want you to kiss my vagina for me honey.”

I put my face close to her hairy gash and pulled it open with my small fingers amazed at its beauty, the deep pink insides and how she glistened with her moisture. Her clit as I found out it was called, was very big, and looked like my dick only smaller, and she loved it to be kissed she said. So I started there working my way down with my tongue. 

He wide hips shook as I kissed and licked her clit. She held my long hair in her hands, moaning as I licked her. She was very gentle in teaching me what I needed to do to please her. Always with a grateful tone in her sweet voice as I soon learned to be good at oral sex for her. She called me her “Darling Lil Boy” as she began to have her orgasm, She actually gush a thick kind of salty wonderfully flavored juice in my face as I sucked her clit and had by then inserted my fingers inside her pussy. She informed me of her “G” spot and had me rub it hard to make her have an even stronger orgasm. 

After she was finished and her breathing had returned to normal, she pulled me up telling me I was the best boy she ever had, and she wanted to keep me forever. I was so happy, I never wanted to leave I never had a thought that what we had done was wrong or evil as the world would have us think. I only knew it made Mom so happy for me to do this for her and I would do it anytime she asked me to. It started an every afternoon tradition with us, a nice warm bath, which we started taking together, then oral sex until she had to stop to cook supper for Dad and I.

I ended up getting adopted by them by the end of the year.. We kept up out afternoon Sexcapades! I never wanted them to end, even if she was nearing 60, she is the most wonderful, loving person I have ever met. She taught me everything about sex and how when I got married I could keep my wife sexually satisfied. I asked her if Dad kept her satisfied, thinking that they had a perfect marriage, never a harsh word between them, he kept us well clothed and fed. Mom got a sad look in her eyes telling me, 

“No, your dad hasn’t wanted to touch me in years. I think he may be having sex with a woman he works with, but if that is what he needs to be happy then so be it. Because I have you now!” With a loving look, in her deep, blue eyes.

That was the first time we ever had sex that was not oral. I held her in my arms as she was thinking about Dad and another woman. I moved down to suck her large nippled breast, always loving to feel them as they got hard in my mouth. My dick was hard and my leg was crossed over one if hers. My dick rubbed her hairy gash, I marveled at the heat coming from her. I began to rub my dick on her slit, feeling her moisture as it covered the underside of my dick, making it slick as it hit her clit. 

Her hips bucked and her legs opened wider, I slid in between her legs so my dick would slide better on her. As I slid down then back up it went inside her, I stopped abruptly, Never having done this, and not sure if Mom would let it go on. I started to take my dick out of her. 

“No, don’t take it out, it feels so wonderful in me!” she whimpered an almost pitiful look in her eyes. I slid it in as deep as I could.

She gave a deep sigh as my hips began to move her legs wrapped around my thin waist as she pulled me in her with them. She was so wet and warm and her pussy was smooth, slick with her juices. We got a rhythm moving our hips against each other with a passion only found in people deeply in love. She pushed my face to her large nipple begging me to suck it deep. I put the thick nipple in my mouth sucking as hard as I could, trying to inhale her whole breast into my mouth.

Mom was crying out my name as I pounded her with my hips, my pubic bone slamming against her huge clit. She started having an orgasm, as I made love to her, sucking one nipple and tweaking the other in my fingertips. She came with such force that I could only hold her shoulders tightly to stay on top of her pulling me as deep as I could inside her sweet pussy. When she came the second time, her pussy flooded my bed along with our lower bodies. I always loved it when she shot her own juices out on me, and I came when she did, our orgasms in tandem with the others.

Dad died shortly after that day, Mom and I then slept in the same bed. Never going a day without having made love until she passed away when I was 24. I never told my wife about what Mom and I had done all those years, it is none of her business. She has never complained about our sex life and I owe that to Mom so does my wife! I miss Mom more than anything in the World, but she left me a better man for her deep love!