"Erotic Stories" MY sister Kerry

Erotic Stories MY sister Kerry
When I got home from Uni where I study medicine I found Kerry my twelve year old Sister in tears I asked wants wrong and giving her a hug we sat on the settee.

Kerry and I have always been close despite the age difference I’m six years older than Kerry if we went out she would always hold my hand never Mom’s.

We had recently moved house and Kerry had a new school which was the problem she was being bullied by older Girls when I asked it appears the abuse was verbal but it shouldn’t happen when I asked what was said Kerry reluctantly told me “Little miss Virgin who can’t get laid”.

I admit Kerry is a little nerdy and wears thick rimmed glasses but she as a heart of gold and is good looking.

As the tears flowed I kissed her cheek after a few minutes she turned her head and our lips met our mouths slightly apart it was like an electric shock went through both of us. We stopped kissing and just looked at each other I think the word stunning come to mind.

We kissed again with the same result it was Kerry’s first real kiss.
I asked if I could be her boyfriend and meet her from school she laughed at first when we discussed it I told her not to say anything they didn’t know Kerry had a brother and let the girls see us walking hand in hand and the occasional kiss in the street.

Mom came from work at her normal time Dad had been killed in a car accident a few years before and although he left us well provided he also left Mom his Engineering firm which employed fifty employees this took up most of Mom’s time.
Mom realised Kerry had been crying and asked what’s wrong Kerry told her a bad day and we had sorted it leaving it open.

The next day I was waiting by the school Kerry came out ran to me through her arms around my neck and we kissed we walked home holding hands and I carried her books including my own. We talked of the day’s events Kerry told me she didn't say anything but the looks on the faces of the Girls watching spoke volumes.

This continued for the next few weeks to be honest I enjoyed every day and always looked forward to 3.30 when Kerry finished school she had come to be a bit of a celebrity at school only twelve and as an older boyfriend.

We held hands and kissed a lot more often cuddling up on the settee when Mom wasn’t at home I very often felt her small budding breasts when I had all I heard was “please don’t stop stroking me I feel so funny” she liked to rub my penis through my trousers I only had to kiss her and I got hard.

I knew before long I would taker her virginity it happened just before Christmas.
Mom had received a call from her Sister that her husband our Uncle Harry had a heart attack and was in hospital Mom wanted to go over to be with our Aunt.
Mom left us alone saying her would be away over night and not to stay up to late.

Has we kissed and cuddled it because more intense I had one hand stroking her breast and the other I slid up her leg until I felt her knickers gently I started to rub her clitoris we carried on kissing she pressed her body onto mine “what ever you are doing don’t stop please don’t stop I feel funny” I heard her breathing coming in short pants all to soon I heard her cry out “what’s happening” her legs clamped shut trapping my hand next to her knickers I held her tight and slowly her breathing returned to near normal “I feel funny and so comfortable” I Told her she had just experienced her first orgasm my hand rested on her knickers gentle I slipped my finger under the elastic and gently ran my finger a round her vagina I asked her if she would like to go to bed she replied “yes” I carried her upstairs and laid her on my bed which was a double.

As we kissed I undid the buttons of her blouse and eased it off her shoulders she lifted her bottom and I pull her skirt and panties down over her legs I stopped to admire her beautiful body her budding breasts and her red nipples.

She sat up and we kissed her hands went to my belt and trouser zip which she undid and pulled my trousers and pants down she started to stroke my large penis I stood to remove my shirt and trousers .
We were both naked I lay down beside her I started to rub her clitoris she quickly came to her second orgasm I reached for a tube of KY jelly and placing a large amount on my fingers I gently pushed my lubricated finger into the opening of her vagina I felt her virginity I knew with one push I would take her virginity.

I lubricated my penis and gently pushed it into her beautiful young body after a slight resistance her hymen broke, shortly after her started to meet my thrusting penis all to soon I feel myself starting to cum as I reached my climax Kerry shuddered under me and wrapped her legs over mine as we climaxed together I shot my load of warm spunk deep into her beautiful body.

After we lay entwined her head resting on my chest we kissed and |I held her tight gradually we drifted off to sleep only to be awakened early next morning by a knock on the bedroom door and our Mothers voice “come on you two, breakfast 30 minutes washed and dressed” 

We shared the shower and its amazing what water and soap can do as I washed Kerry she started giggling as I soaped her vagina I feel her start to cum her young body shuddered and she shut her legs clamping my hand between her legs we kissed and I rubbed her up on the large bath towel.
As we went in to the dining room we held hands Mom never said a word just pointed to our places.
I asked about Uncle Harry it appears it was only mild and he was sent home after being checked over I vaguely remember the door of my bedroom being opened but I put this down to a dream it was no dream Mom came home early.

I started to say something but Mom held her hand up for silence. I can still remember what she said after ten years.

“I know about you and Kerry the school phoned about Kerry kissing an older boy the description fits you I also know about the bullying.
The way the two of you were behaving over the past weeks it was only a matter of time before something happened.

In a way I pleased Kerry’s first time was safe and from what I’ve heard this morning a pleasure I didn’t want her to lose her virginity behind the school sheds with half the school watching and whilst one boy held her down and then the other took Kerry then swapping places.
I’m going to make this offer only once Kerry do you what to move in with John” I held my breath and waited” Kerry just nodded then spoke “Mom I love him yes”
Mom then gave us the rules “we could be together but if either of us found anyone else there must be no hard feelings we would need each other later in life”.

Mom helped Kerry to move into my room and we are still there.

Ten years later I finished my Medical degree and Kerry is five years into hers.
We live at home with Mom she’s been golden the fact that Kerry and I are lovers is never mentioned.