"Erotic Stories" My sister

Erotic Stories My sister
It had been a wild night, and morning, but with the coming of the sun, there also came the dread of facing up to what had just happened. I had fucked Alana, my own sister. I had cum on her face. We had pretended to be strangers, but the truth was never forgotten. These explicit details would stay in our memories for the rest of our lives, and I wasn't sure we could handle it.

For my part, I had wanted this, even obsessed about it, for quite a while. And I knew Alana wanted this to some degree even before we got naked together. So separate, left to our own minds, we could survive this and move on, though to where was a mystery. Together, however, I didn't know how we'd handle it. Our relationship with each other, which had always been the innocent brother/sister thing that everyone has, was permanently destroyed. How could we continue to see each other, both at work and at home, with the vivid memory of sex hanging over our heads?

Would it tear us apart, or bring us together?

Those were the thoughts running through my head as I stood in the bathroom of a Vegas hotel room, where my sister and I had just engaged in a threesome with a sexy stranger named Kay. Kay didn't know she had was fucking and being fucked by members of the same family, and we certainly didn't want her to. It was hard for Alana and I, therefore, after we had exhausted ourselves on the bed, not to acknowledge each other any more than if we had just met. This was a time to discuss what had happened so it didn't destroy us, but we were bound by fear of unlocking our own secret.

I stared into the mirror as it began to fog over, the hot water running full in the shower behind me. I was naked, leaning on the counter, frozen in body and overwhelmed in thought. When I had last seen Alana, she was naked, cuddled up with Kay on top of the bed covers, their fingers still exploring each other as they closed their eyes and tempted sleep.

Suddenly I sensed movement, and saw the door open in the reflection of the mirror. Alana, naked and beautiful as ever, entered, shutting the door quietly behind her. Her generous breasts swayed with each step, and her nipples were in a semi-erect state, though I couldn't tell if they were growing or receding. She had such an incredible body, with curves no artist could replicate, and topped off with the blue eyes and long blonde hair that haunts men of all ages in their wet dreams. How could I not have lusted after her?

And how had I been so lucky that she was willing to accept my lust?

"We should talk," she said, with worry in her eyes.

I nodded, shying from her eye contact and staring down at the sink.

"That was just...impossible," she said soothingly. "It felt so good, Gavin. I don't know when I've ever felt like that before. I never thought it could be that good."

"With me?" I asked, hopeful.

"With anyone," she smiled. "And it wasn't just the physical part. It was the idea. Knowing it was you, and that it shouldn't be you. My head was just...I can't even describe it. I've never felt so turned on before. I wanted to do things that I would never have considered before. I lost control and from the moment I lost it, I was in Heaven."

Ditto, I thought, but didn't say it. My mood was growing somber, because I knew what she was going to say next.

"But it can't happen again."

I remained silent, staring at the bottom of the sink. Alana came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You know that, don't you?" she asked, sounding concerned with my reaction, but firm with her choice.

I had wanted my sister, and had pressed on even when it seemed as if she would never let it happen, even once. Now it had happened. I had gotten what I wanted, and she was not telling me no by avoidance or mixed signals. She was actually saying 'no'. I had to respect her wishes.

I nodded in agreement, but otherwise I did not move. I wanted to tell her that I understood, and that I'd be okay, but I couldn't find the words.

Her hand trailed down my back, then to my side, her fingers finding each rib. My skin tingled in spite of my disappointment, and my penis stirred.

"When we go home tomorrow," she said, her voice closer, softer, and right in my ear. "We're going to do our best to put this behind us. I know it might never be the same, but we've got to try. I've slept with people before and stayed friends with them with ever having sex again, so I know it's possible."

She probably did have such experience, but I did not. Everyone I've had sex with, I would probably have sex with again. The only exceptions were the one-night-stands that I've never seen or talked to again. If Alana couldn't be in the former group, I hoped she wouldn't fall into the latter.

"When we get on that plane tomorrow," she continued, her hand on my back traveling lower. "...And when the vacation is over," her hand was now on sliding gently across my bare ass. "Then so is this." And suddenly she grabbed my balls, not squeezing to draw pain, but holding them to massage them in her palm.

I perked up, looking into the mirror to see her eyes in its reflection. She was looking right at me, smiling devilishly, and my dick grew at the sight of her. 

"So we better make our last fuck count, little brother."

It took two or three seconds for those words to sink in, but then I was ready, my erection growing fast, and my body moving faster. I spun on my heel and wrapped my arms around her naked body as she embraced me in return. While Alana, at 26, was 8 years my senior, she had a smaller body and a youthful appearance that made her feel like a peer, and made her fit perfectly in my arms.

We kissed passionately—our first kiss—and our tongues explored each other thoroughly. I tasted her mouth, as well as traces of the cum I had left in it, and the pussy Alana had eaten before and afterwards. Already overcome, Alana was the first to break the kiss and gasp for air, but her lips found mine again at once, and she darted that warm little tongue as deep into my mouth as possible, opening her jaws wide and engulfing me.

I grabbed her ass cheeks tightly, squeezing and spreading them, fitting my fingertips into her crack. She welcomed it, pushing her body against me. I could feel her breasts rubbing against my chest and her nipples digging into my skin. She placed her hands on my ass, too, but rather than squeeze my cheeks, she gently raked her fingernails across them, sending shivers up and down my spine. Pressed between us against her stomach, my dick was hot and erect and ready to go. I pushed her away and grabbed the base, guiding it toward her pussy. But just when my head touched her lips, Alana stepped away.

"No," she said, panting. "I'm too sore right now."

"But how—" and even as I spoke, I knew the answer.

Alana moved past me, leaned forward on the counter, and spread her legs, sticking out her gorgeous ass. She looked into the mirror, but it was so fogged over from the hot water still running from the shower, I couldn't tell if she was looking at me or closing her eyes.

"Just be careful. I've never done this before."

Even before she said those words, I was scanning the toiletries on the counter for lube, knowing this was going to be a tight fit. Sure enough, a bottle of KY was right next to the toothpaste. Fitting, considering we were in the bathroom of a woman who had managed to seduce two different strangers at two different times into a spur of the moment threesome.

I covered my cock with the gel, not caring that it was cold because the heat from my body was going to warm it right up. I stroked myself, working the lube all over as I salivated over my sister's ass.

Once satisfied with my lube job, I positioned myself behind Alana, put one hand on her ass and guided my dick with the other. The second my flesh touched her puckered asshole, my sister jumped, but she quickly settled and I pushed on. My cock head slipped in with unexpected ease, but every millimeter after that had to be given slowly and gently. After each inch that I gained, I would slowly pull back out until just my head remained, and then I would gently fuck her to that depth until her body became used to me being there. And then I would press on, slowly gaining the next inch as her anus loosened and sucked me deeper. She was so hot and tight it almost hurt, but every bit of me that was inside her was experiencing a pleasure I had never known before.

Alana moaned and groaned and grunted, indicating the struggle, but also the ecstasy she was feeling as I slipped my thick cock further and further into her body. Occasionally she would revert to uncontrolled breathing, almost hyperventilating, as she experienced satisfaction so great that she simply couldn't handle it. She said it was like having small, full body orgasms.

After what seemed like an hour, I was finally inside her to the hilt. Rather than fucking right away, I just stayed like that, letting her body get to used to me and my size. Alana reached down and grabbed my sagging balls again, then pulled them forward and began rubbing them against her clit. Her ass clenched me tightly in response, squeezing so hard at times that I feared my cock might become pulverized, but I was loving every second.

After a minute of this attention I pulled back, she released my testicles, and I began to fuck her. At first the thrusts were slow, as she was still trying to relax enough to accommodate my size. But soon I found a rhythm, and I speeded things up. She was still very hot and very tight, and after the wild night we'd just had, which should have left me spent, I was already having to concentrate to keep myself from cumming too soon.

Alana cried out with each thrust as I became bolder and fucked her harder, pushing so deep that my hips bounced off her perfect ass and jolted her whole body. Her hanging tits bounced back and forth, and sometimes I could hear them gently slap against the side of the counter she leaned on. But even this wasn't enough, and so I took hold of my sister's hips and began pulling her to me as I fucked into her, pounding her hard and fast over and over, forcing Alana to cry out in exquisite pleasure.

"Oh Gavin!" she sobbed unsteadily. "Oh please don't stop. Keep fucking me. Harder, baby. Yes! Harder! Oh shit, yes! Fuck your big sister, Gavin! Fuck me!"

Even when she wasn't forming words, Alana was still making sounds as I rammed into her ass with all my might. Grunting, my head spinning, I became aware of how hot my entire body was getting. I was drenched not just with sweat, but from the humidity in the room from the hot shower that still sprayed behind us. A cloud was growing and filling the room, enveloping us as our bodies grew slippery and slapped wetly together. Alana's hair was getting soaked from this treatment as well, and her blonde locks stuck against her face and back as she bucked against me. Breathing became harder in the heat, and so we were panting and gasping even more than the fucking alone was requiring us to.

I rubbed my hands over my sister's slick, wet ass, then moved them up, around her hips and sides, finally stopping on her huge, dripping breasts. With both of my hands full of soft yet firm flesh and the hard nipples palmed, I massaged Alana's tits as I pulled her body up from her bent over position. I moved her so her back was against my chest, and I continued to fuck her in the ass, driving in so hard that I lifted her off her feet on every thrust. She screamed with approval, then reached behind herself to put her hands on me anywhere she could reach; my ass, my back, my shoulders, and finally my head. 

Alana craned her neck and guided me to turn mine so we could kiss over her shoulder. Though it was impossible to kiss full on like normal at this angle, we did manage to find enough of each other's lips and tongues to satisfy. And yet we still wanted more, so our tongues went out of control, probing for anything to lick—lips, cheeks, ears. I placed one hand on her face to make sure she didn't turn away as I finally got my lips wrapped around her hot little tongue and sucked it in deeply. Alana fucked my mouth with her tongue while she put her hand on the one tit I wasn't holding and began tweaking her own nipple.

"You're dick feels so good, Gavin," she gasped. "And your cum tastes so good."

"Did you like swallowing your little brother's cum, baby?" I asked, not wanting to miss out on the dirty talk.

"Mmm, yeah. I could suck on that cock forever. My little brother's cock. Don't stop fucking my ass, though, little brother."

Suddenly I felt movement, and though the cloud of steam was thickening, I could still see well enough to catch my sister moving her leg upward. She put her foot on the edge of the counter, then grabbed my ass tightly with her hands.

"You got me?" she asked.

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"Yeah!" I grunted, pushing into her hard and lifting her off of her one foot still on the ground.

"Okay," she said. "Hold me tight."

And then Alana lifted her other leg and braced that foot against the edge of the counter. Now she was fully off the floor, her weight held only by my dick and I, and her feet balancing us by resting on the bathroom counter. Her legs were spread wide, as were her ass cheeks, allowing me to push into her a few extra centimeters as we fucked. 

Her back was still against my chest, and water from all the steam was practically running down our bodies, making us slicker by the second. I had to grip her body even tighter to make sure I wouldn't lose my hold and drop her, so I hugged her to me as if our lives depended on it and concentrated on each thrust so I wouldn't slip on the floor and lose my balance. Despite all the extra work my mind was doing, I felt my body getting closer to orgasm.

I kissed anything I could put my lips on; Alana's neck, shoulder, face, even her wet hair, which clung to my own face. I squeezed her tit one last time, then ran my hand down her slick tummy and placed it between her legs. Finding her clit, I rubbed it between my fingers, and Alana's ass clenched around me even tighter than before. I drove my cock into her hard, almost losing my balance, and knowing that I was seconds away from the point of no return. Absentmindedly, I began calling out my sister's name.

"Oh Alana, Alana, Alana....Oh fuck, I'm so close..."

"Keep fucking me!" she cried out in tears of pleasure. "I want to feel you cum inside me!"

Hearing those words made me lose all concentration, and I slipped, falling forward toward certain doom. Alana's feet slipped off the counter, and we were heading towards the floor, with Alana in position to hit first, and me on top of her. This was going to hurt...

But on the way down Alana caught the edge of the sink with her hands and managed to hold on, keeping me on my feet. Her legs swung beneath her, then back up and locked together behind my ass. Now she was almost an extension of my dick, her ass still impaled by my cock and her body sticking straight forward from it. She gripped the counter with all of her might, and her legs tightened their lock on my waist. With our bodies now at a ninety-degree angle, we were in the perfect position to fuck each other to orgasm. I resumed fucking her tight ass at once.

Alana was already on her way to orgasm, and she screamed and moaned and shuddered as she fought to keep herself supported on the counter. To help out, I walked forward, moving her further onto the counter so she could rest her arms and her weight there. Grabbing her hips, I thrust into her over and over, jolting her entire body again and again as she cried out and sobbed for me not to stop. To never stop. Her face pressed against the foggy mirror and she clawed at the mirror with one hand. As I bucked into her, her wet tossed, clinging to whatever it touched and tangling into a mess atop her head.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yes!" she shouted. And then she released a loud, continuous scream.

That did it for me, and in a flash I was pumping my sister's ass with renewed vigor as a new, thick load of boiling cum rushed through my balls. It spewed into her forcefully, and I could feel it fill her ass and surround my cock; warm, wet, sticky, and churning. I didn't stop fucking her until well after I had spilled my last drop, and even then I waited before pulling out of that warm, wet Heaven. When I finally did pull out, globs of white cum oozed out as well, running down my sister's legs and dripping to the floor.

Together, we sunk to the floor, which was so wet from all the moisture that there was literally standing water. Here, the water had cooled considerably, and it helped to bring our own temperatures back down. I eventually found the strength and mental capacity to get up and turn on the vent. When I turned back to Alana, I found her running a finger along her thigh where the cum had dripped, then putting the finger to her lips and licking off a glob.

I got into the shower first, as per Alana's suggestion, and washed up quickly, then stepped out of the room to dry off as Alana took the shower for herself. Amazingly, the water never got cold, even after being on for nearly an hour.

When I stepped into the room, Kay was still in bed, though awake now, and massaging her clit gently. She looked flush, as if she, herself, had just came. A wink and a smile confirmed to me that she had. The girl had been masturbating to the sounds from the bathroom. At first I worried that she would be mad, since this was her place and her idea, and we had left her out. But she seemed very happy and satisfied. Besides, I had something else to worry about