"Erotic Stories" My sisters FRIEND JAN

Erotic Stories My sisters FRIEND JAN
I'm the typical high school sophomore , the pubescent teen easy to arouse and always horny to the point i'd have to satisfy myself through the day to control my sexual urges ,i always found a place to enjoy the release . From the rarely used bathroom at school , the parking lot with a jacket covering me as i waited for mom to the bathrooms at friends and relatives homes , there was always a woman to excite me , at home it was my room and porn .

I live with mom and my sister Lisa who's a few years my junior , just the 3 of us since the divorce about 4 years ago , mom's bedroom was downstairs and mine and Lisa's upstairs with a bathroom and a spare bedroom . We were far enough from mom that what little noise we make wont disturb her sleep , for me it was great for my nightly porn but what excited me most was the window , it was across from my neighbor Mrs Kline's bedroom window . 

Now I even started becoming aroused at home with mom and Lisa , i'd watch them around the house like I always did but now it gotten to have sexual overtones . 

Mom was 38 and had a nice body , at 5'9'' and 160 lbs ,the yoga kept her in shape , her c-cups still full and firm and her bottom full and tight in her yoga pants always gave me a reason to go to my room the same with Lisa . Even if she was 12 inches shorter and 60 lbs lighter and now that she was blossoming into her own right , and with Mrs K ( Peg ) a young mature 62 year old next door , all 3 generations and all cup sizes from C-A's . I always have something to look forward to now .

It was mom in the morning in the kitchen wearing her nightgown , her breasts hanging loose their nipples points in the cotton material ,and if the light was right a nice view of her shape through the thin gown depending what she wore . After school it was Lisa in her short skirts as she ran around through the house , I could see the change from lanky to a softer feminine woman , she got a lot of my time when we were alone . And then there was Peg Kline my neighbor . 

Peg at 62 had a nice mature body , we were the same about 5'8'' and 145 lbs ,unlike mom she was always wearing makeup and her hair was neatly done , Mrs K is that hot grandmother you'd like to have and visit but she was next door. I'd cut her lawn and help her around the house when ever I could ,the 49 years between us didn't matter to me Peg was still a sexual stimulation I looked forward to, she had nice legs a round butt and a fairly firm set of b-cups . 

Some nights I'd sit in my dark bedroom with my video cam in hand waiting for her bedroom light to go on wanting just a glimpse of Peg and a chance of seeing her naked , to me it was worth the wait I new it would have to happen . Then it did .

It was late Friday , her down stairs lights were on so I watched porn until i saw them go off ,I got set and waited for her light to come on , it was my night , as the room lit I could see her nicely through the slightly open blinds . Peg was sitting on the bed by the nightstand with the small lamp , I could her reach a bottle and fill a glass and slowly empty it then refill it , she was wearing a print house dress with a full skirt the kind that buttoned up the front , I don't think she even noticed the blinds . After the second drink she stood with a little wobble before walking a few fee to the mirror , Peg stood there swaying now and then as she looked at herself slowly turning and looking over her shoulder . She was admiring her shape , when she again faced the mirror Mrs K stopped began softly running her hands over her body , from her breasts down her sides and hips then her legs finely up her inner thigh and over her mound . I was sitting there naked with a full erection as Peg unbuttoned the dress from the top down taking her time still rubbing her body , she open'd the top exposing her red bra as she cupped her breasts for a minute before undoing all the buttons . She stood there a short time in the red bra and panties before going back to the bed and turning off the light , I was so excited I just stood up in front of my window and jerked myself not worrying if Mrs K could see me or not .

I woke Saturday morning still thinking Peg and really wanting to see today ,I always slept on the weekend ,got up shower'd and then went downstairs where mom and Lisa were always up early moving around today was like any other . It was around 10-am when Mrs K came over , her and mom were going to a new super mall for a day of shopping leaving Lisa and myself home alone all day , I liked the idea of just us in the house until i found out Lisa's friend Jan was coming over .

Jan's been my sisters best friend for several years , since they met in the fourth grade and now they were in seventh experiencing there new found sexuality together as they entered their teen years , I wondered if they were as curious as I was at that age .

She was a year older and taller then Lisa around 5'4'' and 30 lbs heavier with full round a-cups a little larger than my sister's ,even being a bit chubby Jan still had a nice rounded figure , I liked the way her thighs touched as she stood there in tight jeans . Her t-shirt loose enough to cover her muffin top but tight enough to highlight the firm breast under it , her butt round and tight , the shoulder length brown hair she'd wear in pigtails just added to my state of arousal . 

I was looking forward to having her over for the day , specially since Lisa told me Jan had a big crush on me I knew she would like the extra attention I'd show her when ever i managed to be alone with her and she ate it up . I'd lightly brush against Jan when i had the chance ,sometimes placing my hand on her back or shoulder and she seemed to welcome my touch, i never felt her once pull away or saying anything, she'd just look at me and smile for a second . 

Lisa and Jan spent a lot of time her bedroom , laughing and giggling as they talked about boys like all teen girls do ,who they liked ,who they would let kiss them and who they'd kiss if given the chance as I listen'd out side the door I was excited by Jan's answer . She'd picked me and my sister laughed a minute and I heard her say '' he'd like being kissed and he's always horny '', they were giggling and talking to soft to hear now that's when I heard mom in the driveway .

Mom had brought home China Garden so the four of us sat down eating and talking , I made sure i was next to Jan , that's when Lisa told mom Jan was going to spend the night , I never paid attention when she slept over before but now i was . 

By 9 pm mom was sleeping ,Lisa and Jan were in my sisters room taking and I was in mine sitting by the window hoping to see Peg again tonight as i listen'd to their conversation , I heard Jan say Tim and they got very quiet . I went by the heater vent where i'd hear every word , Lisa saying '' i'll go tell Tim right now ''and she was at my bedroom door, she asked about TV and went back to Jan and i went to the vent wanting to know what my sister was doing . 

I heard Jan saying '' you really told him, what will he think if he sees me tonight '' and Lisa went into her story . '' I told Tim but he doesn't believe you want a kiss from him '' she laughed '' I told him you want a kiss , so it's up to you now , you'll have to kiss him if that's what you want '' from then on it was just talking but i'd heard enough to get aroused . 


It was still early around 9:30 pm and i was watching porn and thinking about Jan , tonight is my best chance to finely experience physical contact in away I've wanted and needed for so long ,I just had to catch her alone later tonight . It was around 11:30 pm and I heard sis's TV lower , knowing Jan would be coming by my door I stepped into the hall wearing shorts and a tee , because of my state of excitement i knew my bulge was noticeable as she slowly walked towards me . 

Jan was wearing my Lisa's sleeping t-shirt , it was a lot tighter and shorter on Jan , coming about mid-way down her chubby thighs , the top just tight enough to show the blossoming a-cup under the thin cotton tee , it was now or never . 

As Jan open'd her she turned holding a finger to her lips then stepped in leaving the door open so I followed , from behind the shirt was even higher showing a hint of her round behind , when we were in she closed the door halfway . '' I didn't want to wake Lisa as hard as that is , Tim i want to ask you something '' go ahead i told her '' Here let me close this first Lisa can't hear '' and Jan closed the door and stood in front of me '' Did your sister say I wanted to kiss you ? ''. 

I answer'd '' Yes she told me , what did she say i told her ? '', she said i had to kiss you '' No , I told her I would kiss you all night if that's what you want Jan '' she smiled , '' I think of you all the time Jan , what it would be like to kiss you '' . We were both nervous as I put my hands on her chubby waist and leaned down and kissed her lips , it was awkward being our first time kissing but that quickly passed as we began to enjoy this new experience ,after a minute I lean'd back . '' Well is that what you wanted '' she said yes ,'' Me to '' and i pulled her tight to me as i kissed her again, we stood there for minutes before sitting on the edge of the bed as we kissed longer and longer until our mouths never parted .

Slowly I began running my hand up and down her side until I felt bare leg and the end of her sleeping t-shirt which was now mid-thigh , then up closer to her firm almost soft a-cups each time until i finely just cupped her breast . Jan said nothing and leaned back enough so I could move my hand from on to the other , through the tee I could feel their hard large nipples , i was only thinking of myself now becoming more aroused every time i touched her, I lean'd down taking a nipple into my mouth .

I eased Jan down on the bed as i teased her nipples with my tongue her hard nipple now showing through the wet tee , '' Let's take this off I want to see this great sexy body '' my hand on her soft thigh I began pulling up the sleeping t-shirt and she stopped me . I kissed her '' Everyone's asleep , Lisa wont wake up and mom's can't her us from her room '' kissing her nipples , '' The door's locked , were alone just the two of us '' i started lifting the shirt . Jan let my hand go and sat up letting me take off the tee , '' See it's just your breasts , you still have your panties on so don't worry about anyone finding out about this '' when the shirt came off I had to sit back and just look at her. 

By now I was so worked up my hands had a little tremor , my body tense with sexual energy , my mind flashing images of the porn I've watched , the stepsister , stepdad's , cheerleader , and now her she was in just pink panties . For her height and the few extra pounds she was perfect for me , shy ,chubby and wanting to be noticed . Jan leaned back smiling as I took my time running my eyes over her , the smooth thighs touching , the cotton pink pantie pulled tight over her firm mound and chubby belly , there was even the hint off a c-toe , but her breasts they were perfect . Firm , rounding and pointing outward a pure white with large hard rose pinkish nipples , I couldn't wait any longer , I took of my shirt and laid against Jan wanting to her breasts pressed to my chest as we began kissing long and heavy .

Other than opening her eyes and smiling now and then Jan hasn't made a sound or try'd to stop my roving hands , my hand on her perky round bottom I pulled her onto her side and pressed against her letting her feel the growing bulge in my shorts . She laid on the bed as I mouthed her breast , kissing and licking their large nipples as I softly stroked her inner thigh my hand moving slowly until i felt her panties and my fingers were brushing a firm tight mound . Now I knew what i had to have , I began kissing her breast and moving lower her chubby body , when i got to the top of her panties Jan tensed and relaxed , she was enjoying this as much as I was and she isn't stopping me . As I rolled down the panties she raised her hips letting me pull them right off , her legs open enough to see a lightly cover'd mound with puffy pink lips before Jan closed them .

- - - - - - - - - - ---On all fours above her I began kissing and whispering into Lisa's ear , '' Just relax and enjoy it sis you know you don't want me to stop do you ? '', as i softly sucked her nipples i felt her legs begin to open '' That's it '' and my hand cover'd her mound it was moist . I spread her legs and knelt between them as i kissed my way down her belly until the light hair of her Venus mound touched my face , Jan grabbed my hand and squeezed as my tongue split her lips . 

The sweetness of her age took me to new heights of arousal and sexual desire as the taste of her filled my mouth , Jan closed her eyes as I teased her with my tongue and open'd her legs wider letting me have full access to her sweet treasure . She was experiencing her first masturbation and oral by another , my hands were the first to touch her in a sexual way , it seems females enter their pubescent years earlier than males , by late elementary when their about a decade old . By now Jan was rocking her hips and pushing against me , her hips rising and lowering as she pulled my head tight against her and ground herself over my open mouth and chin , then she stiffen'd and gasped for breath . 

Jan had her first big O right then and it was with me , she laid there a few minutes getting her breath then sat up grabbing my shorts and pulling them down over my hard standing erection , '' It's my time to have fun '' she said as she took me into her warm mouth . It turned out Jan was just as horny and wanting as I was , by the time we were satisfied it was after 3 pm , I gave her a quick kiss before going to my room for some needed rest , i'd never forget such an experience . 

Jan was the first and at my age she wouldn't be the last...