"Erotic Stories" Think you can handle it, Cocksucker? Gay

Erotic Stories Think you can handle it, Cocksucker? Gay
I'm married, "straight," and your typical suburban family guy. So is my neighbor buddy. The bonus with this neighbor, he has a big cock and is now feeding it to me regularly.

Jeff, my neighbor down the street, is in his mid fifties, just a couple of years older than me, has a lovely wife and two k**s in high school. Both my k**s are in college and my wife is back at work as a lawyer after being a home mom for 20+ years. 

I'd known Jeff for years, with the families often doing BBQs together, going to sporting events, or just chatting in the yard. Jeff didn't know I enjoyed sucking a cock or two on the down low, and I had no idea Jeff was a closet alpha just waiting to exercise his demon.

That all changed one night in another neighbor's garage. He was hosting a poker game and we were all drinking and smoking cigars, having a good old time. Brian, the host, was getting pretty drunk and losing his shirt at cards. 

"Damn, I should kick you guys all out and go fuck the misses," he chuckled. "I may not be the best lover, but I'm sure better with my dick than with my poker skills."

We all laughed but that got the conversation turned to normally inappropriate topics among the neighbors, probably owing to the copious amounts of booze we were drinking.

"Not the best lover, huh?" Norm chided. "Well, give me a spin on Laura, I'll show her the time of her life!"

"Norm, settle down," Jeff chipped in. "I'm sure Brian doesn't want to here about you fucking his wife with your little ding dong. But if she ever wants an extra large dicking, I'd gladly volunteer."

"Hah," Brian slurred. "Laura wouldn't let a big cock within 10 feet of her little box. Hell, I have to eat her pussy for 30 minutes to get her wet enough to take my six inches."

"Yea, I know what you mean my average-dicked friend," Jeff chuckled. "Everybody thinks having a big dick is the best thing ever. I'd get laid way more often if my wife didn't have to walk funny for a week every time we play hide the salami. I'm lucky to get to dip the old beafsteak in her twat once a month."

"Guess that means you jerk off a lot," I joked. "Or walk around with a case of medical blue balls."

Even while joking, I was getting horny thinking about Jeff's self-proclaimed big cock. As a closet cocksucker, I'm a total size queen and love worshipping a big piece of meat. If I see a big swinging dick in the locker room showers or at the urinals, I have to bite my lip from eliciting a low, guttural moan of desire. Something about a big cock on a dominant dude turns me into a total slut. I'd never have guessed Jeff was packing a whopper, given his nerdy appearance and somewhat clumsy nature. He is pale skinned, red haired, wears coke-bottle thick glasses, and is your quintessential middle-aged computer programmer. 

"Yea, I spank the chicken more than your average teenage boy," Jeff confided. "Guess I should have married one of those porn starlets that can take it like a champion. To be honest, Martha is the first and only sex partner I've ever had."

"Maybe you need a mistress," Norm added. "You know, one of those slutty MILFs that wake up in mid life and decide all they really need each day is a hard fucking."

"Sounds like some sour g****s Norm," Brian laughed. "I'd swear you are describing your ex-wife."

"Fuck off," Norm replied, as Brian had probably hit too close to home.

"I could never cheat on Martha," Jeff interjected. "Guess I'll just keep making love to my right hand and flushing gallons of sperm down the toilet."

We all laughed at that as we finished the last hand before stumbling out of Brian's garage and walking home. Although inwardly I sighed; what a waste of thick, salty, delicious cum to be flushing it rather than feeding a hungry cocksucker like me.

Jeff lives near me, so we walked together.

"So your dick is really too big for your wife?" I asked, the beer making my tongue loose.

"Yea, it scares her to death. She refuses to give me head, other than a few little kisses on the bulb and she makes me use a tube of KY jelly every time we fuck," he sighed. "Don't know why I'm telling you all this."

"Hah," I laughed. "I think we are both a little tipsy."

"Yea, I guess so," he replied. "But all this talk is making me horny as hell."

"Well maybe tonight is your lucky day of the month," I said.

"No, we did the deed last weekend, so I'm flying solo for the next several weeks," he groaned.

"Don't take this the wrong way," I started, "but maybe you could find someone on the down low to take care of your problem."

"No way," Jeff said. "As I said earlier, I could never cheat on Martha with another woman. I'm just not that guy."

"Who said anything about a woman?" I bravely, or stupidly, replied

"I'm not a fag if you are implying I should find a man to have sex with," Jeff angrily shot back.

"Easy big guy, I'm just spit balling here," I replied. "You need somebody to take care of your cock and plenty of closet cocksuckers are out there that would be more than happy to help."

"How do you know so much about this?" he demanded.

"Don't get mad Jeff, and don't think any less of me, but I happen to be one of those closet cocksuckers. I don't consider myself gay by any stretch of the imagination, but I sometimes crave being on my knees sucking on a big, throbbing boner."

"No shit," he replied. "I'd never have guessed. And sorry buddy, but if I saw you with a cock in your mouth, that would look pretty gay. Plus, you and Susan seem like such the perfect couple."

"We are," I said. "And she doesn't know anything about my cocksucking hobby. I play super safe, usually only with other married guys looking to stay completely under the radar. And satisfying my submissive side discreetly keeps me charged for sex in the bedroom with Laura. So yea, I guess I do "gay" things, but I consider myself 95% heterosexual with some bi-tendencies. I'm not at all attracted to men, other than their big horny dicks."

"Son of a bitch, you're a cocksucker," Jeff laughed. "You actually put men's dicks in your mouth?"

"Yep, and down my throat. I have no interest in romance with men and the thought of kissing a guy on the lips makes me dry heave, but I love having a hard cock down my throat and swallowing a huge load. And please, promise me you won't say anything to anybody about this."

We arrived at Jeff's house.

"Yea, sure, your secret is safe with me old buddy. Well, you've certainly given me something to think about," Jeff chuckled as we shook hands goodnight. 

As he turned to head up the walk, I noticed an obscene bulge in his shorts. All this talk had given Jeff a woody, and I could see he wasn't k**ding about being hung. It looked like he had a baseball bat hidden down his shorts.

"Stop by the house tomorrow if you want to explore this any further," I waved.

"We'll see, but I seriously doubt I could do that," Jeff replied, shaking his head from side to side as he went through the front door. 

As I walked home, I figured I'd either just lost a neighborhood friend or if luck was on my side maybe gained a regular cock to worship. I hoped for the latter. Oh, and I was sporting a throbbing boner too, just thinking about Jeff's big wanker.

I got home and went straight to the garage where I dropped my shorts and jerked out a big load. The wife was already in bed and I needed to get off in the worst way.

Next morning I was out mowing the lawn when Jeff walked by.

"Hey Rod, yard looks good," he remarked, standing there nervously as he shifted from one foot to the other.

"Thanks Jeff," I replied. "Anything I can help you with?" I only hoped it was with the bulge in his running shorts.

"Well, ummm, yea, sort of," he stammered. "About that talk we had last night."

"Come on in the garage," I said, pushing the mower in ahead of me.

"Is Susan home?" he asked.

"Nope, she is at the office this morning getting caught up on work. Won't be home till after lunch, so we are alone," I replied.

"You got me thinking last night. Hell, I tossed and turned most of the night actually with a boner that wouldn't stop," he chuckled. "But I couldn't bring myself to get up and go jerk off thinking about getting a blowjob from a dude."

"Yea, love / hate relationship with the old wood sometimes," I laughed. "And I totally get the reluctance to let a "fag" worship your cock."

"Ummm, were you serious last night about the whole, well, uhhh..." he choked out, unable to finish.

"About me being a cocksucker?" I finished for him.

"Yea, that," he grinned.

"It might have been the booze talking, but I cannot deny the premise," I joked. "I mean, I am what I am."

"Well, do you, uhhh, I mean, could you..." he just couldn't bring himself to say it without the courage juice flowing through his veins, so he simply pointed down to the massive tent rising in his crotch.

"You want me to suck your cock, Jeff?" I helped.

"That would be awesome," he whispered.

"Sure buddy, I'd be glad to," I replied as I hit the garage door button to lower it. "And no pressure huh, if you decide you like it, we can go from there?"

"Sounds good," he laughed. "And this doesn't make me gay or anything, right? I mean, I just need to get my rocks off."

"Absolutely. But if you don't mind, I've got to get out of these sweaty clothes," I remarked as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, whipped down my shorts, and kicked off my sneakers in about 5 seconds total. As a cocksucker, I get off on the submissive thing, and being naked just adds to that beta vulnerability.

"Holy shit," Jeff exhaled as I dropped to my knees, eye to eye with his crotch. "Umm, do I need to get naked too?"

"Your call Jeff," I replied. "But certainly not mandatory."

"OK, I think I'll stay clothed," he said, clearly still very nervous about the upcoming events.

It looked like his shorts were about ready to burst at the seams, so I gently pulled his waistband down and his semi erect cock sprung free, whacking me in the chin.

"Sorry about that," he laughed.

"Nothing to be sorry about," I moaned as I stuck out my tongue and licked a big dollop of precum from his piss slit.

"Oh fuck," he exhaled. "That feels so good."

Jeff was cut and had just about the fattest cock I'd ever had the pleasure of seeing face to face. The old adage, "beer can thick" went through my mind. And while I'd seen longer dicks, his was already over the seven inch marker and looked like at full attention would top out above eight inches. It was heavily veined and he had a bird's nest of red wiry pubes that his rod popped out of. Clearly he was not a manscaper. 

I had to open my mouth to its widest to get his big plum sized cockhead into my eager mouth, swirling my tongue around his gland as I went.

"Jesus fucking christ," he exclaimed. "That feels fantastic."

With his shorts down to his knees, I had full access to his package and was in awe of his big, low hanging nuts. He was a bull and I couldn't wait to feel those balls bouncing off my chin as I learned to deepthroat his fat fuckmeat.

I reached up and tenderly caressed his balls, eliciting another sigh of elation from Jeff. I worked my tongue up and down his throbbing shaft, getting it good and wet before I tried to coax a few inches down my throat. This was going to be a challenge, but just the kind of challenge a faggot cocksucker like me enjoyed.

Slowly stroking his ramrod straight cock, I looked up, "Damn buddy, you have a huge fucking cock."

"Told you," he said. "Think you can handle it, cocksucker?"

Hmmm, maybe Jeff wouldn't be a total milktoast after all.

"I'm sure gonna enjoy finding out," I replied as I took several inches into my mouth, feeling his fat schlong pop into my throat and cut off all access to air through that route.

"Fuck, your throat feels like velvet," he moaned as he put his hand on my buzzed head and forced a little more into me.

By the time I had his nuts bouncing off my chin, I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I was mighty proud of being able to throat his impressive schlong, and as a cocksucker I take great pride in doing a good job. He was trying to fuck my face like a k** pounding a piñata, going at it like a man deprived of sexual release for far too long. I love a rough face fucking.

"Fuck cocksucker, I'm about ready to blow," he announced as I felt the first hot rocket of jizz hit the back of my throat. I pulled back, wanting to get most of his load in my mouth where I could taste the creamy reward. But he filled my mouth to overflow and still shot a couple of thick ropes onto my face.

As I swallowed his hot spunk, I said, "Damn, Jeff, seems like you haven't cum in months."

"No, that's just a normal load for me," he chuckled. "Did you like it, bitch?"

Bitch? Jeff did have a dark side.

"Yes Sir," I purred.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to call you a name," he shyly recanted.

"No problem, the slut in me loves that shit," I grinned. "I'll be your bitch anytime."

"How about tomorrow morning, my garage this time as the family will be at church?" he asked.

"Absolutely," I nodded, scr****g the thick load off my face and into my mouth, not wanting any of it to go to waste.

As I pulled back on my sweaty clothes and opened the garage door, Jeff surprised me again.

"Do you do anything else besides sucking cock?" he asked, an evil look in his eyes.

"What did you have in mind?" I replied.

"Well, I've always wanted a toe curling blowjob, from somebody who could take it to the root, and you certainly delivered on that front. Next on my bucket list is to fuck a nice tight ass."

Where did this new Jeff come from? If Martha was reluctant to let Jeff fuck her pussy, no way she would let that massive dong anywhere near her anus. Smart woman.

"Maybe?" was all I could muster. I too had longed to know what getting buttfucked felt like, but I was seriously scared that Jeff's monster might send me straight to the emergency room.

"I'll take maybe for now," he replied as he walked down the driveway. "But maybe is not going to be good enough if I decide your ass is mine."

Appears Jeff was a closet alpha all this time, and just needed an opportunity to let it out. He had not been overly rough on me this time, but thankfully he was horny as hell and didn't last more than 10 minutes. Even that 10 minutes had left my throat sore and my jaw aching. But it also gave me a belly full of delicious cum. 

Closing the garage door again, I whipped out my throbbing cock and jerked a huge load of cum all over the concrete floor. Damn, I couldn't remember shooting a more powerful load. Just for giggles, I grabbed the tape measure; my personal record, a shot of 6 feet. 

Back in the house, I did some internet research on anal sex. Well some research and also watched a few pornos. If these guys and girls could take monster cocks up their backdoors, no reason I couldn't too. Next time Jeff asked, or even better if he just took it, I wasn't going to stand in the way of him checking this item off his bucket list. And I already had a second "date" for tomorrow. Sitting there watching girls and guys take donkey dicks up their asses, as I stroked my once again hard cock, I was ready to try bottoming.

Sunday morning Susan was doing some housework and fixing a big dinner. I took a shower, cleaning my ass as best I could, including sliding a few soaped up fingers into my tight hole to get it semi-prepared, and told her I was going out for a walk.

My walk took me to Jeff's house, just in time to see his family driving off in their Sunday school best.

"Hey buddy," Jeff winked as he waved me into his garage. "You ready for another round? They won't be back for at least 2 hours."

"Hell yes," I replied, ready and willing.

As he closed his garage, he stood there with his arms crossed, "Well what are you waiting for faggot, we have 2 hours, not all day?"

I quickly stripped down and assumed the position, on my knees and ready to serve.

"You are an eager one aren't you?" he chuckled as he unzipped his jeans.

"For your big cock, I'm eager for ANYTHING you have in mind, Sir" I replied.

"Anything, huh?" he laughed. "Glad to hear that. I've decided having a surrogate wife as a neighbor is just the thing Big Jeff needed."

He pulled out Big Jeff, a very apt moniker, and my mouth started to water.

"What do you want, bitch?" he asked, ready to tease me.

"I want to suck your big cock, Sir," I moaned.

"This cock?" he asked as he pounded his heavy member, only semi-hard but already bigger than my little clit, against his open palm.

"Yes Sir, your big, beautiful cock," I said, my own dick already painfully erect.

"You suck it nice and good, just like yesterday, and maybe I'll bend you over and pound that hairy ass till I breed your hole," he barked. "You'd like that wouldn't you slut?"

"Oh god yes," I managed as he walked closer, his thick cock just begging to be worshipped.

"Stick out your tongue," he ordered. With heavy blows, he whacked his prodigious member on my salivating tongue.

"Now get to work," he commanded, his cock sticking straight out and his big hairy nuts hanging down below his unzipped jeans.

I made love to his huge babymaker with my mouth, taking him down my throat in record time and slobbering all over his jizz filled nuts.

After about 10 minutes of cocksucking, this time with his cock showing no signs of prematurely exploding, he pulled out of my stretched mouth.

"Bend over that sawhorse and pull those hairy cheeks apart, whore. I'm going to fuck you like a bitch in heat," he instructed. "No crap about, "oh its too big", or "don't hurt me," boy. You are my fuckslut and I'm going to hammer fuck you till I explode, got it?"

"Yes Sir," I cooed. "You can pound me just like a little porn star and I'll beg for more." I knew that is what he wanted to hear and I knew that is what I wanted, but I was inwardly scared to death of taking that monster up my shit chute.

Thankfully, he pulled a tube of KY jelly out of his pocket and spurted a huge wad on my ass crack. "Use your fingers and work that up in your mancunt," he commanded. "Don't want to split you in two the first time I take that mancherry. Now that I've found a home to bury this boner, don't want it destroyed before I have a chance to use it over and over."

Wow, in less than 24 hours, Jeff had turned into a dominant top with an insatiable appetite.

"I mean fuck, now that you've turned me to the dark side, no reason not to take full advantage of having a size queen faggot for a neighbor. I don't think I'll be needing to jerk off anymore with a cumbucket like you close at hand."

"Don't you dare waste a load of that hot man cream down the toilet," I replied. "Give me a call night or day and I'll happily feed on your spunk."

"Every guy needs a neighbor like you," Jeff laughed. "Now spread those hairy buns wide and prepare to be invaded by my weapon of mass destruction."

He was a nerd for sure, probably something he said all the time while playing silly video games. But he was a nerd hung like a horse, and I could barely breath as I felt his plum shaped gland press against my tight butthole.

"You ready bitch," he barked as he leaned his weight into my backside and his insanely engorged mushroom head popped into my sphincter.

"Holy fucking shit!!" I screamed, nearly blacking out.

As if stung by a cattle prod, Jeff pulled back immediately, his rod popping out of my burning hole.

"You got to keep your shit together," Jeff commanded. "I don't need the whole neighborhood knowing I'm plowing my neighbor Rod up his tight little ass here in my garage."

He reached over to the laundry basket and grabbed a pair of his wife's cotton panties, trimmed with pink lace. Roughly, he shoved them into my mouth and I could immediately smell his wife's sex on the dirty undies.

"Bite down on those, sissy," he laughed. "And try to keep the decibels down. That ass is one tight fucking hole, but it felt way too good to stop now. I'm going to bury myself to the hilt in your little fuckbox and breed you like a cheap whore."

Knowing now what to expect, when I felt his fat fuckhead pierce my hole, I bit down hard on the panties and stifled another scream. It still burned like hell, but I was already getting used to his massive girth. Besides, his head was fatter than the rest of his cock, so it would be easy going for the next several inches. Or so I thought.

"Take it slut," he barked as he grabbed my hips and drove his entire length up my fuckhole. As he bottomed out, I actually passed out for a few seconds. When I came to, Jeff was slowly but steadily fucking my ass with deep strokes.

"Fuck, your ass is tighter than my wife's pussy," he exhaled. "Course, you haven't spit a couple of k**s out of your mancunt."

On each stroke, his bulb was brushing against a spot deep in my rectum, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My cock was pinned against the sawhorse, but I was rock hard and I could feel hot precum leaking from my engorged tool. Jeff reached down and swatted my balls hard, "Guess you are liking this, huh bitch?"

"Yes Sir," I purred, the mix of pain and pleasure about the most intense sensation I'd ever enjoyed. 

Pulling out so that just the head of his massive rod was parked in my chute he asked, "So what do you want me to do now, fag?"

"Fuck me Sir. Fuck me with your big fat cock. Fuck me hard and deep. Fuck me rough. Make me your bitch. Goddammit, I need that big fucking cock buried in my ass."

Jeff seemed pleased with this response as he drove his log deep, fucking me like a wild a****l. I could feel his sweat dripping on my bare back as he long-dicked me, his balls bouncing off mine on each thrust. At this point I was no longer dripping precum, my cock was a faucet with the creamy liquid just spilling from my piss slit.

"Damn, I've always wanted to fuck a hole like I own it. You are taking it like a pro, Rod," Jeff complimented me. "You could make some money on the side as a bottom. If you can take my hog, you can take those porn dicks."

Not a bad idea, I thought to myself. Making money for feeling this incredible would be the job of a lifetime. Of course I'd lose my wife and family, be shamed publically, and lose all my friends. Well, all the ones that didn't want to take a spin fucking my hole.

Jeff fucked me for another 10 minutes and I felt a weird sensation growing in my balls. I was nearing an orgasm, without ever touching my cock. I wasn't sure I had any fluids left to ejaculate after all the milking, but it was unmistakable that I was going to "cum."

"Fuck Jeff, I'm going to cum," I moaned as my cock began to spasm and big ropes of thick cream were shot down my leg. Thank goodness for being suspended on the sawhorse, because my legs were so rubbery I would have collapsed right there.

"Goddamn faggot, my wife never cums when I'm fucking her. You are one twisted little slut," Jeff chuckled. 

I could feel his throbbing veins start to swell, and I knew Jeff was close.

"Breed my ass stud," I whimpered. "Fill me with your baby seed."

With one final deep thrust, Jeff's torpedo fired its full munitions, deep into my bowels. I swear I could feel each and every hot jet of molten spunk as it shot deep in my body. Fuck, I'd have his jizz dripping out of my tortured ass for the rest of the day. I'd have to remember to stuff some paper towels inside my underwear.

"Holy, fucking, mother of god, I'm cumming like a volcano," Jeff hissed. As he struggled to catch his breath, he continued, "That was the best fuck I can ever remember. I held back as long as I could, but your asspussy was just too fucking tight."

"Ditto here stud," I sighed. "I won't be able to walk right for a week, but every time I catch myself limping, I'll have a dirty smile on my face remembering that fuck."

With a loud pop, Jeff pulled his slowly deflating monster from my gaping hole.

"Grab a towel and clean me up bitch," Jeff instructed.

On weak legs, I stumbled over to a table and grabbed a towel. Falling to my knees, eye to eye with his monster, I wiped him clean. Not able to resist myself, I gave his big hanging nuts a few wet kisses. Between fondling his balls and cleaning his shaft, his member started to rebound, blood flowing back to pump up his girth.

"Be careful bitch, you get me excited again and you'll have to finish what you start," Jeff said.

Little did he know that is exactly what I had in mind. I wanted him to fill my mouth with one more load before I jetted. I took his bulb in my mouth and swirled my tongue around, licking under his shaft and taking several semi-hard inches down my throat.

"You are one insatiable little slut, Rod. How does your ass juice taste on my cock, bitch?" Jeff chuckled. "Guess you want me to feed you another load, huh?"

"Please Sir," I begged. "I need another load of your hot man sauce in my belly."

"We've got a little time I guess, but you better work hard. I'm not sure I can even cum a second time, so you are going to have to work some magic," he replied.

Let's just say I sucked the chrome off his trailer hitch and unbelievably Jeff shot another king sized load into my mouth.

As I pulled back on my clothes, making sure to stuff some paper towels in my shorts to catch the prodigious flow of spunk leaking out my recently fucked hole, Jeff tucked his monster back into his jeans and zipped up.

"Buddy," Jeff chuckled, "You are one horny little bitch."

"Can't argue with that," I smirked. "And you are one well endowed alpha stud. What a goddamn amazing cock."

"Glad we could find a mutually beneficial arrangement. I'm going to feed you so much cum, you won't need any more protein in your diet. Sorry if I got a little too aggressive."

"Jeff, my big dicked friend, you can feed me your load anytime and I absolutely love your dominant side," I replied. 

"Ha, I thought you were getting off on that. I'm not sure myself where that came from. And trust me, I will be using your holes as often as we can find the time," he laughed as he opened the garage door and I gingerly limped down the driveway, already figuring out my excuse for how I pulled something when my wife asked why I was so gimpy. If she only knew what I was pulling was the giant cock attached to our good neighbor.