"Sex Stories" Accidents Happen

Sex Stories Accidents Happen
My wife was away on a business trip for a few days. It was a warm summer week and the k**s summer vacation just started and we had a hard time finding a babysitter to watch the k**s so I could go to work, So I decided to take a few days off so I could watch them.

It was a hot Monday afternoon. we were all dressed for the weather, wearing our shorts and t-shirts. My k**s were having fun playing in the yard. While I sat and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I noticed a good looking women riding her bike on the road, I had seen her before, and wondered when she moved to the neighborhood. I wasn't sure if she was from our neighborhood or from the nearby apartments.

As she road her bike by the house we made eye contact, and said "hi" to each other. I intently watched her as she past admiring her pert little body. as her Yoga pants did little to hide the shape of her ass as her butt hugged her bicycle seat.

It was no later she looked back to check on something, that her bike suddenly stopped. and she fell off her bike ass first, I could hear the loud thud as her ass hit the hard concrete, from her facial expression I could see she was dazed and confused as to how she crashed her bike and the pain she was in.

I jumped up and ran to help her.

"are you ok" I asked.

" um yes, er no, my my butt hurts and my hands are all sc****d up" she said.

"Ok do you live close by, or would you like to come inside so I can give you some medical attention. I've got a first aid kit upstairs?" I Said.

"I live in the apartments, and I don't think I have any first aid stuff" She said.

"Ok lets go inside and get you taken care of" I said,

As we walked inside I told my k**s to stay in the garage, while I help the young lady. As we got inside I could see she was in tremendous discomfort, and tears began to fill up her eyes.

"Ok lets go upstairs and get you treated" I Said,

She was limping and having a hard time walking, so I held my arm around her waste to help her up the stairs. As we got into the bedroom, I shut the door behind us and proceeded to sit her down on the bed. Apparently sitting was too difficult as she let out a loud "OW" as she tried to sit, I said "Oops go ahead and lay on your tummy if your bottom hurts too badly" She agreed and did just that. As she laid down, I noticed that her yoga pants had torn as well as her panties under that. I could see some of her ass cheek and it looked very red, more like a rug burn look.

I went to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit and hydrogen peroxide. First I treated her hands and as the peroxide hit her palms she let out a little "ow" and then I looked at her ass and wondered (how the hell to treat her ass without pulling her pants and panties down) 
Finally I said "I'll need you to pull your pants and underwear down, just enough so I can treat your a bottom" She didn't say anything, she hesitated for only 5 seconds, then reached her hands under her waist and into her waistband and began to pull them down. she had to lift her ass off the bed as she pulled them down. but what surprised me was how far she pulled them down, she pulled them down to the middle of her thighs.

As I stared at her beautiful red carpet burned ass cheek I admired the view. I got the peroxide ready and poured it onto her butt cheek, she didn't say anything as her ass cheeks clenched together as she felt the pain from the peroxide doing it's job, it started to leak down into the crack of her ass, so I brought my towel to catch the stray stream and was greeted with a memorable view of her ass hole and plump pussy lips. I was instantly hard as a rock. I forced myself to remain attended to her scrapped up butt cheek, but kept on starring at her pussy.

Her ass looked better now, not as scratched up as it first looked. I prepared a small bandage and was struggling for a clear line of sight to apply the bandage. So I said "could you roll over to your back and pull your legs up so I can have a better view to apply the bandage" she said nothing and turned over and pulled her knees toward her chest. This gave me the ultimate view of her pussy, and could tell that she was aroused, maybe as much as I was, as per pussy was showing signs of arousal, her pussy lips were plump and shaven bald, I could see the glistening of moisture surrounding her pussy lips, and her breathing became heavier.

As I applied the bandage I brought my hand near her mound as I sealed the small bandage to her ass cheek, she let out a small moan as she felt my hand gently cup her mound. she didn't protest, so I went for it and brought both hands up parted her lips identified her clit and brought my head into her pussy and began sucking on her clit. I was really going to town, she was bucking wildly, I could tell she was about to cum. She whispered something that I couldn't make out. And said louder "Fuck me"

I didn't hesitate, I pulled my head from between her legs, pulled my pants and boxers down as quickly as possible, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and guided my rock solid five incher toward her tight soaking wet pussy. As I first felt my cock head slip past her lips, her pussy clamped on to my cockhead and suck it the rest of the way into her. I had never felt such a strong pussy before, her cunt was doing all the work. it was literally massaging my member as I just sat there enjoying the feeling she was giving me and also enjoying the view before me.

Here she was, on her back with her knees pressed into her chest, her hands wrapped around her thighs, as I watched my cock buried in her pussy. Soon I was able to start pounding her pussy on my own, her pussy was still working magic on me. 

I reached up to grab her breast, she got the hint and with one hand pulled her shirt and sports bra up and over her head in a matter of seconds. Her tits were not that big, but very pert, her nipples were a light pink small and very erect. I tried to reach down and suck on one but her pants around her legs were in the way so I raised her legs up to my shoulders as I continued to pound her slowly, and pulled her pants and panties the rest of the way off.

I now had a clear view of her incredible naked body, reached my head down to her nipple and sucked one into my mouth. I was getting close, just as I felt I would spill my load, she had a tremendous orgasm as her entire body shook, I started pounding her little pussy hard and fast trying to finish with her, but apparently she had me so excited that my dick wanted this feeling to last.

Her orgasm lasted at least a minute as I continued to pound her fast and hard. As her body began to relax she said "pull it out I can't take any more" and just as she said that I had my massive orgasm, I must have shot my load with the most powerful climax I ever had, it felt like I had a missile go off from my cock. I slowly pulled my glistening cock from her pussy, we both had tremors as I withdrew from her.

She laid there for a minute recovering from the whole episode, my legs felt week and tired. I reached down and pulled up my pants and underwear, while starring at her beautiful naked body and sat on the chair across from the bed and just continued to watch her beauty as she laid there.

Finally after about a minute, she got up from the bed slowly, retrieved her sports bra and shirt and put them back on as I stared at her beautiful pussy. I didn't see any evidence of my cum leaving her pussy, she bent over in front of me reaching for her pants and panties from the floor, and gave me the ultimate view of her pussy. Still no cum leaked from her tight pussy. I thought to my self I must have really shot a strong load into her.

As she finally pulled her panties and pants up, we made eye contact. She said "thank you so much I feel so much better" I then said "anytime, by the way my name is Jason"

She said, "I'm Jen, oh your wife is a very lucky woman to have such a nice man"

when she said that, I instantly had a guilty feeling. she must have read my expression, because she said "don't worry our secret will stay here"

I said," be sure to be more careful on your bike and get your self a first aid kit" 

she smiled, then bit her lower lip and said "I have my feel good kit right here" as she smiled and looked at me with a wink.

I smiled and said "um, I don't know what to say, I have never felt such a strong pussy before, the way you sucked me into you is something I will never forget."

She said, "well thank you, and thanks for taking such good care of me"

I said "of course it was the least I could do"

She asked " can I ask how old you are? it was always a fantasy of mine to be with an older man"

I said " sure, I'm 41, I thought for sure my balding head and beer belly gave it away. How old are you?"

She laughed and said " I'm 19"

We walked downstairs, The k**s had come in and were playing games, they didn't even pay attention to us as we walked out the door.

We were now outside, she walked to her bike as I stayed by the front door. As she got on her bike, she rode over to me and said " what if I have another accident tomorrow, I mean as long as your wife isn't home"

I said " a, I don't know, I mean this isn't something I normally do, (I paused) I suppose if your really in need of attention I could help"

She smiled and said, "Ok Have a great day"

I walked back inside, then a thought hit me. I remembered about the hidden camera in my room, that's been there for several years. it was put in to catch who was taking money from my wallet and I never removed it, it just loop recorded. I hoped it still works.

I ran up to retrieve the SD card from the hidden camera. I plugged into the computer and sure enough it still works, I went directly to the most recent recording. And was relieved to find it work great, it got everything with great clarity and a great angle.