"Sex Stories" Cuckold with another TV

Sex Stories Cuckold with another TV
My wife, Maggie, having found out I cross dressed slowly warmed to the idea but the rule was all to be in strict private. Evenings in dress and having some fun became a fairly regular thing. I was at the time on a popular TV site and chatted to the girls in the chat room. We were on there as both me single and us as a couple and Maggie occasionally logged in via this to use the chat room.

After one evening chatting she surprised me by suggesting we invited another TV to visit and said she had been chatting to a lovely girl who was just look for a relaxed social. I jumped at the chance and so Jackie was invite round to our place for dinner.

Maggie cooked and as was her way had a few glasses of wine while doing it so when Jackie arrived she was a little bit tipsy to start with. Jackie looked fabulous and was a real stunner. Maggie dominated the conversation with Jackie and they seemed to get on really well which was explained when I realised Maggie and Jackie had chatted more than just the once or twice I the chat room. 

I have to say I was feeling a little side lined but went with the flow. Maggie was saying how much she loved Jackie’s dress and just how fabulous she was looking and it was a shame I didn’t look so sexy in my dress. Jackie came to my rescue with much praise about the way I looked but Maggie added “she looks fabulous but just that is not my favourite outfit of hers”. I asked her which was I I thought she really liked this one to which she answered “I love that one but you know what I love your French maid outfit, you look so hot in that. Go and put it on for Jackie to see”.
So I trotted off upstairs to change feeling rather please as that outfit did make me feel very sexy. It took me ten minutes to change as I felt I need to change in to the full outfit including frill bra satin bra and panting. When I go back down stairs Maggie and Jackie were sat rather close on the settee together. They both gave me some ego boosting comments about my dress and had me parade up and down for them so they could she me fully.

Then Maggie announced dinner must be ready and we should go to the dining room while she served up but Jackie suggest with a big smile “we have a lovely maid I think she should be serving us”. Maggie and agree and order me to the kitchen to serve up. I served their food and was just about to serve myself when Jackie said “I think you should eat in the kitchen, Mandy. Maid don’t sit and eat with their Mistresses”. Maggie seemed to find this very fun and agreed with Jackie “kitchen you where you belong”. She was more than just a bit tipsy now as more wine had been consumed.

So I served the meal and then they retired back to the living room and I was instructed to bring in coffee once I had cleared up. When I came in with coffee they we sat all touchy feely on the sofa. Jackie instructed me to put the coffee on the table and to stand in the corner until I was required further.

Jackie started to compliment Maggie on her dress now and saying how sexy she looked. She spoke clearly so I could hear what she was saying. Maggie answered by saying she could not be out done by me when she dressed for a visitor and this was a complete new outfit she was wearing for our meeting. “Everything new, including the undies” Jackie asked. “Absolutely” answered Maggie “everything including especially the new undies”. “Do tell” said Jackie “or do we get a look, a little show”. “Cheeky girl” said Maggie “ but I can’t see why not but only if I get to see yours” .
Jackie stood and call be over “Unzip my dress daring as I need to show off to Maggie” she said with a big smile. I unzipped her dress and she stepped out to reveal her fabulous black satin undies. I couldn’t help notice the rather large bulge in her tight satin panties, she was a big girl. “nice” she asked of Maggie “and now your turn I think”? 
Maggie stood and gain got me over to do the honours. To be honest I was so preoccupied by get ready myself I had not really notice what Maggie was wearing under her dress. Very, very tarty for her, leopard print suspender belt, bra and loose fitting French knickers. “Lovely Maggie, I could so just eat you up” smile Jackie “class with a hint of slut, I would say”.

“Just a hint” asked Maggie “I was hoping for a bit more than a hint”. She then sat back down o the sofa but sat back with on foot on the floor and the other on the sofa then she spread her legged open a bit to revel her blond pubes through the open legs of her French knickers. “How is that, sluttier” she asked. I stood there like the rabbit in the headlights, I had never seen her like this before. 

Jackie move right up in front of her and in one swift move slipped down her panties revelling a large hard cock. “would you like to get slutty with this then” she asked of Maggie who smile and then bent forward and started to run her tongue up and down Jackie’s thick shaft. 

I watched while my wife licked and sucked Jackie’s cock which seemed to go on for ever. She was rubbing her cunt as she licked him and then Jackie stopped her and turned to me. “Mandy your Mistress needs attending to” and point to Maggie’s cunt. I kneel down and got my head between her legs and stared to lick her while she went back to sucking Jackie’s cock. 

Jackie then order me to stop and go back to stand in the corner. He stood Maggie up and remover her panties and bra. Once her titties were free he had a nice long play with them pulling her nipples hard. Jackie ensured I was getting a good view of her play. 

“Well my love little slut time for a good fucking I think” announced Jackie “doggie I think is best for a slut”? Maggie obliged and got down on the floor on all fours where Jackie soon had her lovely cock up inside her juice cunt. I stood there watching and then got my own cock out and started to wank. Jackie spotted me and told me to stop and that I could only wank when I was told to.

Jackie fuck Maggie long and hard and after she had had a massive orgasm she asked “where do you want my seed, cunt or mouth?” In my cunt” pleaded Maggie and Jack fucked her harder and harder until her obvious shoot up inside her. Jackie then called me over “look how I have fill Maggie and now you turn to be a good girl. Head down her and don’t let one bit of my seed drip on the carpet. You will lick it all up”. As she pulled her cock slowly out of Jackie’s cunt I was directed to lick it clean finally sucking the tip clean of spunk. Then I was told to lie on my back and let Maggie push her cunt in to my face so I could like that clean.

Then I was just told to get them both another drink which I did. Return to the living room a few minutes later Jackie was fuck Maggie again on the sofa this time. Jackie then said “get over her on Mandy and you can wank on the sluts tits while I fuck her again, special treat for you. I wanked furious and shoot all over her titties but was then instructed to like them clean.

After all that Jackie decided to stay the rest of the night and when to bed with Maggie in our room and I was relegated to the spare room.