"Sex Stories" Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy

Sex Stories Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy
"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like I'm Tracy...Fuck me like I'm Tracy..." Tonya was growling into her husband's neck as his thick cock drilled in and out of her tight ass. Her pussy was done. He'd been pounding away at it off and on for a couple of hours, and it needed to rest. Todd's thick cock was hard, and abusive on her soft, fleshy, wet insides. He had left her pussy sore, red, and inflamed after so much pounding, and squirting. Her clit was on fire from the hard grinding from his pelvis. Now, her ass hole was getting to be a victim.

"Yeah? You want fucked like Tracy? Huh? You want fucked like your daughter? Is that what you want you fucking whore?" Todd hissed into his wife's ear. He knew she loved role playing like she was their daughter. It was a whole different level of kink for the two of them. It wasn't just screaming 'Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!' while getting fucked. It wasn't just pretending to be a daddy/daughter fuck team. It was a mother pretending to be her own daughter and imagining her husband was her own father.

Tonya could feel her asshole squeezing and flexing around her husband's cock as he fucked her. She was no stranger to anal sex. She had been playing with her ass for a couple decades now, and had fucked herself with everything from hair brushes, to cucumbers, to bed posts, to dildos, and plenty of dick, fingers, and butt plugs. But, it never stopped feeling like it was the first time. She loved how tight she was and how each outward stroke felt like she was having her insides dragged out of her, and each inward stroke was like being impaled on a telephone pole.

"Fuck me daddy...fuck me daddy..." she was hissing in Todd's ear. "My ass hole is so much better than mommy's...fuck me daddy..."

Todd was pounding away, harder and faster. As much lube as there was, she was still tight, and had plenty of grip on his cock. He pushed himself up onto his knees and looked down at his wife. Her heavy, fleshy tits were jiggling and bouncing with each hard impact. Her cleavage, fleshy hips, and thighs had very fine, light stretch marks. She was far from fat, but very curvy, very thick, and amazon like. He gathered a hand full of her tits, and gripped her neck with his other hand, keeping a strong enough grip on both to steady her while he fucked.

"OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" Tonya gritted her teeth and growled at her husband. "Does mommy let you do that? Huh? Does mommy let you choke her, daddy? Are you ready to cum in me daddy? I promise not to tell mommy..."

It was too much for Todd. He looked into his wife's crazed eyes, and kicked his fucking into high gear. It didn't take much and he started dumping hot, thick ropes of cum deep down into her ass. He fell forward on to of her, and buried his face in her neck.
"OHHHH FFFFFFFFFUCK!" He screamed into the pillow.

"Sssshhhhh....that's it daddy....that's it..." Tonya whispered into his ear and ran her fingernails up and down his back. She felt his cock twitching and flexing as he slowly slid it in and out of the wet mess he had just made inside of her. The two lay on the bed relaxing for a bit, a pile of hot, sweaty, flesh. Tonya brushed a few strands of her dirty blond hair from her forehead and lit a cigarette, blowing the plume far over her head. As she stood up to walk to the bathroom, thick, white blobs of cum rolled out of her ass, and dribbled from her cheeks, and down her thighs. She cleaned herself up in the bathroom, then climbed back into bed with Todd, who was trying to catch his breath.

"You are a kinky fucking slut." He said as he kissed her and pulled her close. She rested her head on his shoulder.
"Thank you. But what does that make you?"
"A kinky fucking slut also."
"Mmmm...I'm so glad we're as fucked up as we are..." She reached down and started to slowly stroke his limp cock. It was floppy, and soft, and she liked playing with it like that. "You know what I would like?"
"Hmmm?" Todd asked.

"Is if you just walked right into her bedroom right now, pulled her pjs down, and started eating her pussy. Or just stuffed your fucking cock deep inside of her, so I can suck you off, and see what she tastes like." Todd's cock twitched as she said that. "Oh no, don't get any ideas mister. My pussy and ass are done. You tore me the fuck up."

Todd laughed. "Well, I'm a little tired, too. It doesn't mean I'm not going to get hard listening to my wife talking about wanting to taste my daughter's pussy on my cock. Why don't you just steal some of her panties?"
The thought hadn't even occurred to Tonya before.

"It's not the same. But, I wonder..." She got up, pulled on a big t-shirt that hung down about halfway covering her ass and pussy, and disappeared quietly down the hall to her daugher's bathroom in the hallway. A moment later, she came back with a tiny pink piece of cloth balled up in her hand. "Jack pot..." Tonya unfolded the wad and held it in front of Todd. He chuckled as Tonya held up a pair of pink cotton panties. "Fresh from the top of the hamper."
Tonya held them to her nose, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. Her nose was flooded with the musky scent of her daughter's pussy. It washed through her nose, and even down the back of her throat, and over her tongue. She felt like she was really tasting her. Todd just watched, and felt his cock flex back to life.

"Oh my god...it's fucking amazing." She handed the pink panties to Todd. He held them to his nose and breathed in the same as Tonya. "If I had a one way plane ticket to a foreign country to start a new life, I swear I would walk into that girl's room right now, stuff my fucking tongue down her throat, and start fucking her. I swear I would." She reached out and took the panties back as Todd held them out for her. She took another deep breath, then spread the narrow crotch out and licked a line straight up the middle while she held eye contact with her husband.

"You really are a deviant fucking whore. Should I buy you that plane ticket?"
"No." Tonya said. "But you should get that fucking cock ready for me." She spit into her hand, and rubbed it into her already overly sensitive pussy. It was going to hurt, but the pain would be worth the carnal pleasure of fucking with the scent of her daughter's pussy fresh on her lips.

The next morning, both Todd, and Tonya were tired. Their daughter Tracy had gone to a friends house to tan and swim for the day, so the house was empty. They ate breakfast, watched a little TV, then took a nap. They really had overdone it the night before, so Tonya was out of commission for the day.

"I'll suck your cock as much as you want, but everything down stairs is sore. You'll have to wait until at least tomorrow." Tonya said as she stroked Todd's dick through his shorts. He stuck his lower lip out and pretended to pout. "Or, you grow some balls." She winked and gripped his large testicles in her hand, giving them a light shake.
"And what does that mean?" He asked.
"I mean, you could get your rocks off with Tracy." She gripped his cock, and gave it a playful shake, just as she had his balls.
"Yeah, that wouldn't lead to a strained relationship."

"Well, think of it this way, baby. She'll either be completely repulsed and you won't go through with it, or she'll be into it and you get to pound that fucking pussy into a wet, cummy mess just like mine. Either way, she's not going to tell anyone because no one wants to be known as the girl that fucked her dad, or the girl whose dad tried to fuck her." Tonya nestled her nose against Todd's ear and was whispering. "Besides, I can always fix it if she takes it poorly."

"Oh yeah?" Todd whispered back, kissing her lips. "How's that?"
"A mother and daughter have a special bond." She kissed back. "I'll just tell her, that you have so much love to give..." She kissed again. "And that she looks so much like me..." She kissed again. "That you just couldn't help yourself. And that she should be flattered. And that even my daddy..." She kissed again. "Tried that with me..."

Todd's cock was at full mast. His breathing was getting heavy as he and his wife tossed around the idea of him sleeping with his daughter. What she was saying made a lot of sense. It sounded like it would work. But could he go through with it?
"Look at me..." She whispered as she looked deep into his eyes. "Tell me you'll do it...tell me you'll at least try...I want her so bad...please..."
Todd loved the desperation in his wife's voice. She truly did want to fuck their daughter. And he couldn't blame her, she wasn't alone.

That evening, Tracy came home from her friends house smelling like coconut oil, dressed in a pair of booty shorts, and a tank top. Todd watched his wife's eyes devour her as she walked through the kitchen. "Hey mom. Got anything planned for dinner?"
"Hey sweetie. I'm making tacos. Should be ready in about a half hour."
"K. I'm going to take a shower. Be down soon." Tracy kissed her mother on the cheek and trotted up stairs. Tonya looked right at her husband, and licked her lips seductively.
"You ready for this?" She asked as she sat down on the couch next to him. "I'm definitely going through with it."

"Yeah. I'm ready. Can't let you have all the fun." He kissed her and ran his hand between her thighs. "How's your pussy cat doing?" He gripped her gently through her jeans.
"Mmmm...much better." She pressed against his hand. "I'm going to make the margaritas. Or do you think she'd like strawberry daiquiris? Oooh! Mojitos!"

"Jeez, Tonya, you're more excited about using the new blender than you are about seducing your daughter. She's 18, I doubt she knows, or cares about the difference between any of those drinks. Just make the margaritas." He kissed her, and swatted her butt as she got up to finish dinner. About a half hour later, Tracy came trotting down the stairs drying her hair, wearing a pair of tiny running shorts, and a different tank top. She was obviously not wearing a bra.

"Smells good." She sat down at the table.
"Yeah it does. Here." Todd handed her a big, blue, plastic cup filled with a frozen margarita.
"What's this?" She took the cup and looked inside.
"A margarita. We figured you'd like one. Your mother made too much and I don't think either of us can finish it all."

"You're letting me drink?"
"Yeah, all the cool k**s are doing it." Tonya winked at her daughter. Tracy smiled back and took a big gulp of the frozen margartia. She coughed a little.
"Wow! That's strong. But I like it."

Dinner was uneventful but for Tracy's parent's stealing glances down her shirt as she reached for sour cream, or cheese for her tacos. They spoke about how summer was going, what she had planned for her first year out of school. She was planning on college in the spring, but wanted to work a little and save some money before then. Typical talk for a high school grad. As she pushed through her drink though, Tonya and Todd noticed she got a little more...'funny', and open.

After dinner, Tonya made another batch of margaritas, and the three headed to the family room for a movie. The couch was a large sectional that easily swallowed all three of them as they sprawled out on it. After a few minutes of searching for something to watch, they settled on watching a crime thriller with a four star rating online. It started off innocently enough, but eventually became a little more risque.

Deep into the movie, an undercover female detective was faced with having sex with a thug, or risk blowing her cover. There was a tense moment as she balanced on whether to go through with it, casually turning his advances away, before finally caving. The scene was very graphic, and very long. Most movie sex scenes are slow, and may not show much. This was different. The detective was bent over a table, her breasts hanging free while she was pounded from behind. The scene lasted several minutes, and was very realistic, to the point that even Tonya was blushing. She had to wonder if they hadn't just selected a porno to watch.

Todd glanced at Tonya and they locked eyes. They realized that Tracy had been quiet the whole time that scene was playing. Tonya looked at her daughter whose eyes were fixed on the TV, and she was biting her lower lip. When she realized her mom was looking at her, she casually took a sip of her margarita.

"Sorry sweetie, didn't realize this was on here. Nothing quite like watching hard sex scenes with your parents, huh?" Tonya took a sip of her own drink. Tracy just laughed a little.
"It's not that bad. It's not like it's actual porn or something."

"And what do you know about that?" Todd pretended to play the role of concerned father. In reality, he and his wife desperately wanted to hear about her knowledge of porn, and sex. He had his cock tucked down his thigh in his shorts. Tracy giggled and blushed.
"Nothing! Gosh!" She took another sip.

"Oh, come one. I don't believe that for a second. When I was your age, I already knew more than a lot of women twice my age."
"Oh my god, mom. Just stop." Tracy was clearly embarrassed.
"What? You can't talk about sex with dear old mom?"
"Not with dad here, no!" She took another sip.
"So, he knows all about the bird and the bees. Come on, consider it a thank you."
"Thank you? For what?"

"For letting you drink with us all night. Come on, open up." Tonya was trying hard to get her daughter to open up. She was just met with eye rolling, and coy smiles. "I'll tell you what, I'll go first. Ask me anything." Tonya sat up on the couch, grabbed her pack of cigarettes, and lit one. She seductively let the smoke roll from her mouth, to her nostrils, then blew it out aggressively into the air. Tracy held her hand out for a cigarette also. Tonya gladly gave her one. She lit it, looked at the cherry, blew some smoke at it, and delicately held it to her side. She had never smoked in front of her parents before. She felt naughty. She felt grown up.
"Fine...uhm..." She looked back at her dad.
"Don't look at me for help. This is between you two."

"Oh no, mister. You're in this also. Get over here." Tonya pat the couch cushion next to her. Todd got up and crashed back down next to her.
"I don't know...Uh..." Tracy tried to think of a question. Well, she had plenty of questions, it was just a matter of getting the guts to ask. "Ok, how many men have you been with?"
"Whoa! HAHA!" Todd laughed. Tonya hit him with a pillow.
Tonya took a drag from her cigarette. "Uhmmm...honestly...ugh...ok, I don't want to play any more."

"WHAT!? No no no. You started it. Dad, how many has she-"
"Don't you answer that!" Tonya cut Todd off before he could say anything. "Ok..." She started thinking about one night stands, high school fuck sessions in back seats of cars, gang bangs at parties in college, random guys she met online, and Todd. "Jeez...I'm a slut. Ok. I think about 40 or so."

Tracy was taking a sip of margarita and almost spit it out when her mom answered. "Are you serious?"
"Yes. Ok, your turn, same question."
"Not nearly as many as you, I know that much. Eight." Tracy had always considered herself to be a bit of a slut, but after hearing '40 or so' come out of her mom's mouth, she felt like a nun.
"Ah, you're practically still a virgin." Tonya teased.

The little game wore on, and another batch of margaritas was made. At this point, everyone was pretty loose, and happy. Tracy had a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol, but she was definitely a little loopy. Todd had enjoyed watching her smoke also. Seeing his 'innocent' daughter drinking and smoking made him view her in a different light. Knowing that at least eight guys had fucked her turned him on a little as well.

"So little miss, were any of your eight guys here at home?" Tonya asked.

Tracy smiled, and replied, "No comment." hiding behind her cup as she took a sip of her drink. She was enjoying opening up to her parents the way she had. And she was enjoying the new side of them she got to see as well.

"I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind getting into that hot tub. It's nice and cool out." Todd was looking over the back of the couch, through the kitchen and out the kitchen door at the hot tub.

"Oooh, good idea." Tracy got up to go change. "I'm gonna' go put on a bathing suit."
"What? No need, I'm going skinny dipping, just turn off the lights, Todd." Tonya got up and walked to the back door. Todd and Tracy just exchanged looks and followed suit. "Bring the pitcher! I'm out of margartita!" she called.

At the back door, Tonya had stripped down out of her clothes, piled them up on the patio table, and had flipped the switch to start the bubbles. Todd flipped the lights off as he walked up, and started to undress himself. He was nervous, but knew that this was a necessary part of the plan. To just whip his dick out in front of his daughter might be a little too forward. There needed to be a little finesse. Tracy and Tonya's figures were still visible under the dim moonlight. The water was bubbling, and warm, continued to get warm as they three sat there in the dark drinking. Tonya was playing with herself under the bubbles. She loved knowing that her husband, and daughter were just a few feet away from her, naked as the day they were born.

"Mmmm....the water feels so good." Tracy moaned as she sunk low. There was a jet just to the left of her butt crack. She scooted over and felt the bubbling blade of water washing along her ass hole, and pussy. The thought of being naked in a hot tub with her parents had her sin crawling in a good way. She was anxious. She felt naughty. She felt like a family friend.

"Ok, sweetie. What's the craziest sex you've had? I want to know what 18 year olds are up to now a days."
"Well..." Tracy was much more comfortable with the game now. "I've had sex in this hot tub before."
"Really?" Tonya's interest was peaked. "When was this?"
"About a year ago, when you guys left town to visit aunt Martha."
"Lucky guy." Todd chimed in. "I wasn't getting hot tub sex when I was in high school."
"Eh. It was ok."

"Ah, did you not get to finish?" Tonya asked, by now with three fingers inside of her, and a water jet firing directly against her ass hole.
"Oh I did, but it just wasn't that fun. He could have been...I don't know. More aggressive."
This was what Tonya and Todd had wanted to hear. "Like how?" Tonya asked. She reached over and started stroking Todd's cock for him.

Tracy smiled. "Jeez, why am I telling you this? Uhm...I don't know. I would have liked it a little...harder? Rougher?"
Todd's cock jumped in Tonya's hand. She squeezed it as if to say "I know, I know".
"Mmmm...I like it hard, and rough. I think most women do."
"Yeah, she sure does." Todd gripped her deep inner thigh and felt her hand already busy at work.

"Oh my god. You guys are too much. And I know she likes it rough." Tracy laughed to herself as she let the words come out.
Tonya laughed. "And how's that?"

Tracy sat in silence for a minute. "Because I can hear you every time you two fuck."
Todd's cock jumped again. And again, Tonya gave it a "I know, I know" shake. They loved hearing that word come from their daughter's mouth. They laughed and the three sat in silence for a moment.
"Well, do we need to be a little quiet or something? Because, with how big your father is, I don't know if I can do that."

Tracy wanted so bad to see her father's cock. "Big huh? And no, I didn't say you needed to be quieter, just saying, I know a little more than you might think."
"Like what?" Todd asked.

"Like that she likes being spanked, and choked, and having her hair pulled, and...yeah, I know a lot."
"And you don't like that stuff?" Tonya asked accusingly and playfully. Her clit was on fire.
"I didn't say that."

"Well, I'm sorry. I'll just put a pillow over my face the next time I'm cumming." Tonya let go of Todd's cock and took a drink of her margarita.
Tracy truly didn't want her mom and dad to be quieter in bed. If anything, she would have loved it if they started fucking up against her bedroom door.
"Oh no, don't do that for my sake. I'm fine with it."

"Hmmm...do you like it?" Tonya asked, boldly enough even to shock Todd a little. "It's a natural thing sweetie. Regardless of whether we're your parents, you've got two people in the next room having hard...deep...loud...rough...wet...nasty...sweaty...kinky...sex..." Tonya dragged the sentence out nice and long. Her tone wasn't lost on Tracy. She knew her mother was angling for something.

The three sat in silence for a while enjoying the water.

"Why don't you come sit closer, sweetie?" Tonya asked. Tracy showed no reluctance as she waded through the water and sat down between her mother and father. Todd moved over and gave her some room, but even then, their naked thighs touched. He put his arm around her and relaxed. Or appeared to. All three were crawling with excitement. His thick cock was towering in the water. He wanted so bad to be inside Tracy, and he had never been closer. "You sat in a bad spot, sweetie." Tony reached directly across her daughter. "Now I can't reach your father." Tonya stretched her arm across her daughter's thighs, and gripped her husband's dick. He lifted his hips against her hand as she gripped the base. "Unless you want to do it for me." Tonya looked into her daughter's eye in the dark. "It doesn't bite, I promise..."

Tracy couldn't believe how far this had gone. A few hours ago they were watching a movie. Now they were naked in a hot tub, and her mother was asking her to give her father a hand job. And...she was going to do it. She turned and looked at her father, and saw that he had no reluctance in his eyes. She reached her hand out, following her mother's outstretched arm, and found her hand. It was gripping his cock. She felt her mom's fingers release the thick shaft, and she took it in her hand instead. Even in the hot tub, the hard cock felt warm to the touch. Tracy felt her father press his hips up as she grabbed him.

"Mmmmm...is that ok, baby?" He asked her. She just nodded at him in the dark. Her stroking was great. Her technique was very developed. Tonya worked her way to the other side of Todd so she could watch better. She sat with her legs spread, and began sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy with no regard for hiding it. Todd weighed whether or not he should touch Tracy. Should he cross that line yet? No. He decided to let her set the pace. He turned his head to Tonya, and the two kissed while their daughter jacked him off. He fondled her tits, and kissed her neck. Tonya kept her eyes locked on her daughter's.
"Is he about ready baby?" Tonya asked. Tracy could only nod and smile at her mother. "Good." Tonya climbed onto Todd's lap, and let his thick cock slide deep inside of her pussy. "You ready for the live show?"

"Fuck yes..." Tracy replied with a husky growl. She sat back and started fingering herself just as her mother had been doing.

And the two began fucking. Todd wasn't slow, or romantic with this fucking. He was rough. He was hard. He was fast. Tracy watched as her father brutally fucked her mother while sitting in his lap, bent over the edge of the hot tub, holding her up in the middle of the hot tub with her legs wrapped around her waist. When he picked her up and laid her on her back on the edge of the hot tub, Tracy finally got to see his hard, thick dick in all it's glory as he positioned himself to slide into Tonya's pussy. She came a few times while watching, and listening to the hard fucking. Her mother reached a hand out to Tracy. She grabbed her mother's hand, giving her something to squeeze while her husband made her cum again, and again, and again.

Tonya pulled Tracy close and pulled her down to kiss her. Tracy was no longer just an observer, she was a participant.

"Are you ready baby? Are you ready baby?" Tonya was gasping. Tracy thought she was asking her dad if he was ready to cum. "He's ready for you baby...do you want him?" It was at this point she realized her mom wanted her to step in and take her father's cock. She nodded.
"She's all yours baby...she's all yours..." Tonya kissed Todd on the lips passionately, then kissed her daughter while pulling her under her father.

Todd spun Tracy around and propped her up on the seating for the hot tub. It put her pussy at the perfect angle to fuck her from behind. He wanted her to get the hard, rough fucking she had been talking about earlier. His thick cock slid in in one quick thrust. She half gasped, half laughed. Todd grabbed a fistful of her dirty blonde hair, and yanked her head back as he began fucking her. He felt her buck her hips back against him. Those eight guys had taught her something apparently. Tonya could do nothing but watch in awe as their plan came together. She was furiously masturbating, bringing herself to orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. Tracy reached a hand out to her mother so she had something to squeeze. Todd's fucking was hard and brutal. It was vicious and violent. When they realized that Tracy was being too loud for the neighbor's, he picked her up, spun her around so she could wrap her legs around his waist, and slid his cock into her pussy. He carried her inside to their bedroom like that. Tony followed with a lit cigarette. Once on the bed, the sheets were soaked with water, but no one cared. Todd continued fucking, while he and his wife took in the beautiful naked body of their daughter. He bent down and left bite marks, and bruises. He left finger marks on her thighs, and slap prints on her ass cheeks. The room was filled with 'YESS DADDY! YESS DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY!' as Todd continued pounding her wet pussy.

Tony continued fingering herself.
"How's that feel baby?" Tonya asked her daughter.
"S-s-s-s-ooooo fucking go-o-o-o-od!" she managed to stutter while getting fucked.
"Mmmmmm...can daddy cum in you?"
"Fuck ye-e-e-e-essssssss! Fucking cum in me daddyyyyyy!" Tracy's voice was echoing throughout the house.

It was all the motivation Todd needed. He rolled her on to her back, and wrapped his arms around her back and shoulders, giving him leverage as he started drilling his cock deep inside of her. Each thrust was hard, and deliberate as he buried his cock up to the hilt inside of her. She bit down hard on his shoulder, and dug her nails into his back each tie he bottomed out inside of her. And it was over. He erupted deep inside of her, filling her pussy up. She could feel the deep heat from his cum rush to fill her up.

Thick, white, hot, sticky ropes of cum fired out of his cock. The two screamed in ecstasy as he continued fucking her, turning her pretty, pink pussy into a wet, white, sloppy mess. A thick head of foamy white pussy juice and cum was smothering their genitals. Todd kept slowly fucking, while gasping in to his daughter's neck. It took a bit to recover. The two lay there, locked in an embrace, his softening cock buried deep inside of her pussy. He finally rolled off of his daughter, and brushed the sweat from his forehead. His cock was covered in a white film of bodily fluids.

Tracy sat up in bed shakily. "I need...a cigarette..." She gasped breathlessly. Tonya handed her daughter a cigarette and a lighter. Tracy lit it, seductively let the smoke trail from her mouth to her nostrils, and exhaled it above her head. She felt naughty. She felt grown up.
"You better enjoy that cigarette while it lasts. Because as soon as you're done, you're eating my pussy." Tonya leaned in, and French kissed her daughter very obscenely, opening her mouth wide, and shoving her tongue deep into her mouth.
As the kiss broke, Tracy looked Tonya in her eye, and said, "Yes, mommy..."