"Sex Stories" Helping My Brother Get Revenge

Sex Stories Helping My Brother Get Revenge
I suppose that I was lucky in high school compared to other girls; my breasts developed early and I was quite well endowed while others in my class were somewhat flat-chested wenches. The guys, of course, were constantly clamoring after me. Between classes in the crowded hallways must have been where most thought they could get their jollies by 'accidentally' bumping or just outright groping me as they passed. I just smiled and continued on, not paying attention to any of their antics.

My poor brother had to put up with the constant cajoling of his friends wanting to know if he got to see me naked or touch my boobs at home. He had, of course, seen my tits and often crept to the bathroom and watched me shower and jerked himself off in the doorway. I put on little shows for him, acting like I did not see him there, purposely turning and slowly soaping myself for his benefit. I felt sorry for him, as he really had no love life, the girls at school just shunned him, I suppose because of me.

There was one little cliché of three girls that took particular delight in teasing him, leading him on, only to shut him down when he made advances to them, telling him he wasn't their type or that he wasn't cool enough. Harsh words for a freshman guy in high school. Riding the bus home one afternoon, I chose to go sit by him because he seemed particularly glum. It was a sisterly talk from me, asking what the problem was and if there was something, I could do to help. I did not think he was going to talk when out of the blue, he told me how nasty the cliché of girls had treated him, snubbing him after teasing him by flashing their titties at him or rubbing their crotches, pointing at him and blowing kisses to him.

I put my arm around him, pulled him to my chest and let him rest his head on my breasts as the bus rumbled toward home. Several of the girls rode the same bus and had watched my consol him. I took his hand and held it under my breasts making sure the girls saw and I definitely noted jealousy in their eyes. I smiled to myself formulating a plan on how to get even with them for mistreating my brother.


A week went by with me spending a large amount of time following the group around listening to their conversations. Each had a routine, did the same things at the same time and place, sort of thing; brush hair, primp, get books, etc. The flashing girl was my first target. While I did not have classes with them, they gym period coincided with my study hall, and I managed to slip out and head to the gym. I donned my gym suit to blend in, and hung out in the locker room, near the showers, just out of sight. 

The girl showered with the others, but seemed to be a bit shy about showing her body to the others, always facing the wall and covering herself when others were nearby. Her routine told me she would be the last one to depart the gym before heading to her lunch period. As soon as the last girl had gotten out of the shower, I slipped into the showers crept behind her and wrapped a towel around her arms and body so she could not move and tied a gag over her mouth, pushing her up against the shower wall. Taking another towel, I pulled it over her head, making sure she was unable to see or speak. I pushed her down on her face on the floor, and bound her wrists behind her tightly.

I quickly texted my brother to come to the girls gym shower rooms immediately, that I had a big surprise for him. The girl that had flashed her tits at you is waiting naked in the shower for you to come take care of her needs.

As I waited for him to appear, I turned the girl over on her back looking at her lovely tiny pert breasts with her nipples a dark red and erect. I sat across her lap and squeezed her tits hard, pulling at them like taffy. I grabbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisted them back and forth, listening to her groan and feeling her squirm under me. I leaned down and started biting hard on the soft flesh raising red marks all over them. I jammed my fingers between her legs and into her pussy with great pleasure realizing that her cunt was already wet, and not from the shower either. I forced several fingers inside her, cupping her pussy, hooking my fingers into the inside of her pussy.

My brother came bursting in, out of breath, unable to speak, stood still, and looked at the prone girl under me and my fingers in her pussy. I held my fingers up to my mouth and told him to be quiet. The girl was struggling on the floor to no avail. I pointed to her and smiled at my brother. He had a very puzzled look on his face.

"Go ahead, this little bitch is ready for you to take your pleasures with her," I spoke disguising my voice with a low growl. "She wants you to Fuck her and cum in her mouth." I smiled at him, motioning him to get on with it. I could tell he was turned on because his cock bulged inside his trousers.

Needing no more encouragement, he pulled his swollen cock out, and knelt down between her legs. I kept rubbing on her clitoris as I watched the tip of his cock enter her wet pussy lips and disappear inch by inch. He held very still once it was fully inside her, reveling in the hot pussy on his dick. He started pulling out almost completely, and then shoved it deeply into her again. She groaned with pleasure at the feeling of the cock inside her and seemed to raise her buttocks up in time with his ramming strokes into her pussy. He fucked and fucked, varying the speed of his attack, slow to fast, as she pulled her knees up alongside his body, providing a better guide for him while thrusting up at him.

"Fuck her mouth….She wants that cum in her mouth and throat," again disguising my voice telling him what to do as I pushed him off her knowing that he was about to cum.
I untied the gag and watched as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and swiftly moved to her face, rubbing his cock on her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth as he plunged his cock into her lips. He started face fucking her, stuffing his cock as far into her mouth as he could, feeling the tip hitting the back of her throat. We both heard her moan and no sooner than him hearing that, he started shooting his cum into her mouth. Cum squirted around her lips and down along her chin onto her chest as he kept pumping into her mouth, shooting again and again. She tried mightily to swallow his cock and cum as he kept stroking. Her moans were like static electricity in the air, spastic and sporadic.

Finally having unloaded the last of his loads into her throat and mouth, he pulled out; shaking his cock across her lips, letting the last drops hit her lips. She licked and lapped at him getting the last bit off his tip.

I kept sitting on her stomach, while he stood up, pulling his pants on. I waved him out of the shower. I rolled the girl back over on her stomach, leaning down close to her.

"I'm going to untie you now, do not move. You have been shown now how teasing someone can get you more than you bargained for…but of course, you seem to have enjoyed yourself as well." I untied her wrists and quickly ran from the showers and out the door before she could get the towel off her eyes and see who was there.


The second girl was an easy challenge for me. She seemed to be constantly in the bathroom peeing and primping. The second bell had rang, leaving only a few minutes for you to get to class without a tardy, and she had rushed to the bathroom for her last minute primp. I followed her closely, and placed an 'out of order' sign on the door as I entered behind her. She did not see me as she stepped into the stall and I jammed a cloth bag over her head, tying the drawstring in her mouth as a gag. Her hands went forward to catch herself from falling into the toilet, and I easily grabbed them and tied them behind her back. She was bent over the toilet, her head resting on the ceramic tank and legs spread open on either side of the toilet bowl. 

She wore a short pleated skirt and loose button down blouse, with plain white panties. I yanked the white panties down around her knees, exposing her ass and the faintest of glimpses of her labia met my eyes. I heard her grunting 'no no' as I yanked them down, but seeing her asscheeks so prominent in front of me, I just flattened my hand and gave her a very sound swat on the rump. Her body jerked delightfully, as I reached and rubbed the red handprint on her cheek. Aiming at her other cheek, I gave it a good swat as well, leaving another red handprint on her ass, matching the first one. Again, I heard 'no no' following the swat. I let my fingers trace her ass crack starting at the top and downward till I felt the soft hot skin of her pussy. I tweaked at her labia, tracing the outlines of their folds against her thighs, feeling her curly pubic hairs. 

Using all my fingers, I rubbed her pussy hard, up and down, pushing my middle finger into her slit, as my hand worked her over. I felt the tip of my finger get wet. I spanked her ass again, hard and again, repeated with a second even harder swat, before massaging the meaty fleshy butt cheek with my hands. I noted a slight increase in her breathing, her sides heaving in and out raggedly. I kept up my spanking her ass for several minutes until her ass was very bright red and the skin was almost welting.

I reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling her bra down. Her breasts flounced out and hung down, larger than I had expected. They were very pointy with the nipples seemingly the same light fleshy color, only slightly darker. I grasped them with my hands, feeling the weight of them in my hands, letting the nipples stick out between my fingers as I pulled and prodded on them. I almost could not tell that the nipples had hardened as they maintained the shape of her breasts. She definitely moaned with pleasure as I squeezed on them as I rubbed my stomach against her reddened buttocks.

Standing in the corner of the stall was a plumber's helper, and I picked it up, smiling at my luck, and slipped it between her legs letting the handle rest fully across her pussy. I let it slide back and forth between her legs, the shaft pressing into her slit with her labia lips seemingly parted and holding onto the shaft as it moved. I watched her knees bend slightly moving her pussy down further onto the wooden handle as it slid back and forth; she was trying to ride it up between her own lips deeper.

I pulled it slowly out to the back, with only the very tip of the handle remaining and lowered the other end, positioning the tip upward towards her pussy. Her knees again moved herself down and the tip of the wooden handle sank into her pussy about an inch or so, and I heard her sigh and moan and start rising up and down using her knees, trying to get more of the handle in her pussy. Seeing no reason not to oblige her, I pushed it deeper inside her pussy, watching inch by inch of the handle sink into her while she continued to pump herself with her knees up and down on the shaft. 

It was not until then, that I took a close look at the plumber's helper, and saw a clear white stain nearly 10 inches down on the handle and realized that she was accustomed to using this on herself often during her frequent bathroom breaks. I smiled and started to pump her with it, deeper and deeper, until the stain line was disappearing into her hot box. She quivered and shook hard on it as it reached it's depth. Unwittingly I had discovered her secret. I slapped her asscheeks hard, one after another, and she fairly well rammed herself down even deeper on the wood shaft in her pussy. She was moaning and groaning heavily, rocking back and forth hard on the stick. 

I kept pumping the helper in her pussy until I saw her sweet thick nectar running down the length of the handle. I pulled it out slowly, inch by inch, wiggling it side to side, as I did. When it finally plopped out, I move the tip up against her budding brown anus and pushed it into her. The muscles of her anus contracted and tightly held onto the wood before relaxing and letting it go deeper in her ass. Her moans were more frantic, more guttural than before and her knees stiffened as she held still, feeling its length start to penetrate her ass. Smiling as I gave her a few more good smacks across the ass with my hand, I reached up and untied her hands and quickly stole out of the stall, closing the door behind me, leaving her impaled on the wooden shaft of the plumber's helper and exited the bathroom into the quiet hallway.


The third girl, the obvious leader of the little cliché of girls, was the greatest challenge of the three. While she had a routine, she was never alone; there was always someone with her at lunch, in gym and going to the bathroom. I was thinking there would be little I could do to teach this girl a lesson until late one afternoon. She and the other two had sauntered out into the student parking lot and walked together to a small mini van. I am sure it was her parents, and all three girls climbed in and drove away. It was distinctive in that it had a crushed rear fender from backing into a pillar on the parking lot.

Friday night arrived and it was homecoming weekend with the football team playing our greatest rival football team. They were unbeaten in the district that past two years running, and tonight, our school attendance was at an all time high to watch the game. I had driven Dad's truck and parked, sitting patiently in the lot, watching people arrive for the game. I spotted the crushed rear fender of the mini van as it drove past me, and low and behold, the only occupant of the van was the leader of the cliché. She pulled onto the lot and went immediately to her favorite parking slot, near the back of the lot against the far wall by the posts. I sank down low in my seat, only two cars between me and her, and watched her as she locked the front doors and climbed out the side door. She walked briskly towards the bleachers and out of my sight. 

I got out, looking around and seeing no one else; I went over and tried the handle on the side door. To my surprise, the handle moved smoothly and opened without a sound. Perfect I thought. I went back to my truck, rummaged thru the back and found some hay bale ropes and several long sheets of cloth. Stealing back to her van, I entered and began tying the ropes to the seats at the floor. The center seats of the van had been removed, forming a nice open area. When I finished, I tested the lengths of rope making sure they were secure and lashed slipknots to the ends of each. Tearing the cloth into lengths, I fashioned a gag and blindfold; smiling at my work, I peered out thru the tinted window and slipped out.

I walked down to the bleachers and stood looking around at the crowd, spotting where the girls were sitting, and found my brother and several of his friends, seated nearby. I walked to my brother and leaned down, whispering to him, told him of my plan. As soon as the game was over, he and his friends were to go to our truck and mill around waiting, knowing that the girl would eventually come alone to drive home. 

I had managed to get a pint of Dad's liquor out of the house without being caught, and had slipped it into the back pocket of my shorts. It was hidden by my t-shirt but if I sat down, it would be clearly visible to anyone behind me. I made my way over to the bleachers in front of the cliché and put down my cushion and sat. I could hear the girls whispering and giggling behind me and the bottle in my pocket. As the game went on, I was jumping up and cheering and then sitting back down, each time making sure the bottle was slowly slipping further out of my pocket, until after one cheer, when I sat, it slipped out and landed softly on my cushion. Several more cheers here and there, and I made sure not to notice that the bottle was not in my pocket. At half time, I got up, leaving my cushion, and headed to the refreshment stand, with the bottle there on the cushion. I glanced over my shoulder to see the girls had stood up right behind me, and one of them reached down, grabbing the bottle, and hiding it under her blouse, they headed to the refreshment stand as well.

When I got back to my seat, they had already returned, and were sitting innocently watching me. I had my soda in my hand, and reached for the bottle, and, duh, found it was not there. Acting shocked, I lifted the cushion and looked around all over for the bottle. Shaking my head, I just sat down, looking again, here and there, but to no avail. The girls were again giggling, much more this time, seeing that I had missed the bottle and made no effort to say anything about it being missing. I picked up my cushion and moved back up the bleachers and sat at the top and watched them. It took only a few minutes for them to cluster together blocking the view of everyone, and begin to pepper their sodas with the pint. I knew that if they managed to spike all their sodas, they would be quite tipsy by the time the game was over.

When the game was over, our team had managed to get a field goal in the last minutes and won the game against the previously undefeated team. Everyone was jubilant heading for their cars and happily heading home. My brother and his friends were waiting at the truck and I watched the three girls, clumsily totter across the parking lot. Their parents met the girls, and departed, leaving only the leader, who continued to wobble and weave her way to her truck. She opened the door and climbed in drunkenly falling over inside, not closing the door and laid flat on her face in the back of the van. We heard her laughing loudly and watched her struggle to move until she finally just gave up and lay still on the carpet. Seizing the opportunity with most of the cars in the lot having left, I pulled the strips of material out of my pocket, leapt up into the van and gagged her, blindfolded her, even though she had passed out. Unmoving, I rolled her over, and removed her clothing, stripping her naked and proceeded to tie her hands and feet to the ropes I had attached earlier.

I waved to my brother and his friends who moved to the door of the van. Their eyes went wide seeing her laying there as she was. She had an absolutely gorgeous body. Her breasts were large with nipples easily the size of silver dollars. Her tan lines seemed to make them even more pronounced, and the barest of white accentuated her well-trimmed pussy as well. Even I was amazed and somewhat turned on seeing her lying there, as she was, splayed open and ready to be taken. I bade them all to come inside the van, and close the door behind them. As they clamored in, their excited chatter amongst themselves was all about how beautiful she was. They all sat in the rear seat over her, looking closely at her. I thought perhaps, this was the first time several of the boys had ever seen a naked woman in person.

I knelt alongside the girl, and started running my hands up and down along her contours. I used my fingers and traced the outline of her breasts, round and round, then moving downward, I fingered her belly button, licking my finger, and doing it again. They all gasped watching the events unfold. My fingers slowly crept toward her pubic hairs and I ran my fingertips thru their dense thickness, pulling at pieces of it, lifting it for them to see. Taking both hands, I touched her pussy, massaging her labia gently with my fingertips, rubbing them between my fingers. I opened her labia, letting my finger slide into her pussy, exposing her pink insides. I heard a whoop from the boys on my touching her pussy like I was.

"Boys, why are you all still dressed? Are you not interested in having a bit of fun with this girl? She is here, waiting for you to take advantage of her body. She is not going to resist any of you; I can guarantee that, she is so drunk, she probably will not even remember tonight at all. Come touch her, do what you want to do with her. Make her suck your cocks. Fuck her pussy and shoot your cum in her. Fuck her ass, do what ever you desire. This is your night to celebrate."

I sat back against the front seat, pulling my knees up. I smiled seeing so many hard little cocks at once I almost laughed out loud. The site of them bouncing up and down, stiff and rock hard, was a very pleasing view. Knowing they were going to be paying attention to only the naked girl, I wiggled and managed to pull my panties aside, exposing my pussy and began touching myself with pleasure.

Their hands and mouths were everywhere on the girl, kissing her gagged mouth, her cheeks, her neck and breasts. I listened to them, 'her pussy smells so good' and 'oh my god, her boobies are so tasty' as they painstakingly devoured her body with hands and lips. I watched the first boy laying face down between her legs, holding her labia wide open and start licking her pussy, his nose pressing against her clitty and tongue darting in and out of her. Two of the boys were manhandling her breasts, squeezing them, pinching the nipples and cupping them in their hands, trying to see how much of her breasts they could get into their mouths at once. My brother was laying his cock against her cheek, rubbing it up and down, his tip dripping with precum, smearing it all over her. I almost thought for a second he was going to try to fuck her nose, he had his tip firmly against her nostril, pushing in, the dripping wetness of his cock continued to spew down on her lips.

The boy between her legs, rose up, and maneuvered his cock up against her pussy. He held it and moved the tip up and down along her slit, wetting it's tip, pushing it just a tiny bit inside her pussy. He continued doing this until suddenly I saw him shoot his cum all over the outside of her pussy. He sighed loudly and tried to push the tip deeper inside her, but he quickly lost his hard on and shrank down to a little nub. One of the boys at her breasts moved down and took his place, rubbing the firsts cum all over her pussy and his cock before he pushed his tip inside her. He let it slip deeper and deeper in, groaning in pleasure, feeling for the first time a live pussy on his cock. He sank his cock deeply inside her, burying it till their pubic hairs mingled together. He held still, pushing hard against her pussy, buried as he was, and wiggled his ass in and out.

The first boy was again sitting on the rear seat, watching the other boy push deep inside her as he stoked and jacked on his own cock, trying to get it hard again. I too was watching the second boy pushing into the girls' pussy, and failed to notice the first boy had now seen that I was playing with my own pussy as I watched. This seemed to stimulate him, and his little cock started getting hard again. I had managed to pull the full plumpness of my pubes and pussy out from under my shorts, completely exposing it, as my fingers manipulated my clitoris. My breath was heavy, and I felt myself quivering with a tiny release of woman cum starting to run down between the crack of my ass as I watched.

The second boy's back stiffened and I watched him shoot his cum deep inside the girl's pussy with him vigorously humping hard against her and a look of lust on his face. He pulled himself out almost all the way and then rammed it deeply several more times, shooting cum each time until he was completely spent and drained. He fell back on his haunches leaning against the door with a semi-hard cock dripping with cum and her nectar on it. My brother swung his legs over the girl's face, dr****g his balls on her nose and mouth, and leaned forward laying on her stomach and licked her pussy. The third boy had stopped suckling on her breasts, and looked at the boy on the rear seat, and followed his eyes and saw my pussy there exposed and wet with my fingers buried deep inside it. I had opened my blouse and my own breasts were there in the open, swaying with my hand motions, and both boys attention was turned to me.

Almost simultaneously, the two got up and crawled over towards me, knowing my attention was now on my brother licking on the girl's cum filled pussy. I felt a hand on my knee, and there was the first boy, pulling them apart, and lowering his head down between my legs, his tongue joining my fingers at my pussy. I moaned as I felt his tongue lap at me, up and down, thrusting as deep as it could into my pussy. I closed my eyes, clutching at his head with my hands, pulling his face closer to my pussy, and guided his tongue to my clitoris. I opened my eyes and there in front of me was the third boy's hard cock, directly in front of my mouth, pulsating and bobbing up and down, he slowly pressed his cock against my lips. I looked up at him and almost helplessly, opened my mouth and let him slip his cock into my lips. My tongue licked his tip, swirling around it, caressing it, tasting him in my mouth. I felt him moving deeper and deeper into my mouth and I continued to lick the undersides of his cock as he started to move in and out of my mouth. The lips at my pussy were working hard at coaxing my little nubbin out of its protective sheath until he was able to use his lips and enclose it, sucking it, touching it's most sensitive parts.

I felt the cock in my mouth gently pushing against the back of my throat time and time again as he worked it in and out of my mouth, with my tongue non-stop licking his cock. I felt myself clutching the head between my legs in my hands and proceeded to have an intensive orgasm, which caused me to thrust my mouth deep on the cock there. Using my teeth to hold the cock still, I held it tight and proceeded to chew on him until I felt him shoot his cum down my throat. I gagged and swallowed as much as I could, but he continued to shoot strands of sperm one after another into my mouth until I was forced to unlock my teeth from his shaft and open my mouth wider to breath, letting huge amounts of cum squirt out of my lips.

I felt almost dizzy but completely satisfied having had a fantastic orgasm and taken a huge load of cum in the mouth. I smiled as both boys sat up alongside me and fondled my breasts. We all turned and watched my brother. He realized the girl was not going anywhere, and untied her hands and feet, rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her up onto all fours. We watched him spread her ass cheeks with his fingers, and reach down between her legs, dipping his fingers in her pussy and scoop the sloppy cum from it, and rub it onto her asshole. He positioned his cock head at her brownie, and slipped the tip of his head into her ass. It went in easily and he rocked, enjoying the feeling of the tip in her anus as her muscles involuntarily tightened like a clamp on his tip. He pushed lightly and slowly his cock began to disappear into her ass. We watched in amazement, as he pulled it out, rubbing the tip against her hole again, and buried it once more, deeper and deeper into her forbidden zone. His slow deliberate movements seemed to show how much control he had over his cock, as he pulled it almost all the way out again, this time leaving the tip inside her, and then with a mighty thrust, he buried his cock all the way inside her ass. He started humping wildly, thrusting himself deep inside her ass, bucking back and forth, pulling out and ramming it in again and again, until he thrust one final time and began depositing his load of cum deep in her ass. He held still, holding himself hard against her ass for a long time, until finally, he pulled his length out of her and sat back satisfied.

We all sat there with smiles on our faces as I used my feet and pushed the girl onto her back. The glow of her body was still amazingly erotic to me, watching her breasts move up and down as she her breathing continued slow and evenly. I told the boys to take one more feel of her body and then to get their clothing back on and head out of here. I gathered up the ropes and material carefully making sure there was nothing left in the van but the cum spattering on the carpet and dripping from the girl herself.

I smiled and kissed her lips and started to close the van door when I spotted the opposing football team bus had pulled up on the lot near us. The driver was waiting, but the team was just coming out of the locker rooms and walking to the lot. I stopped my truck near the top of the stairs, and rolled down my window.

"Hey there, so sorry that you guys lost the game tonight. If it is any consolidation, there is a girl over in that van down there on the lot that wanted to make it up to you all. She is naked and ready to be fucked by you all. Do not worry, she is acting like she's passed out, so have fun and don't worry, she is our school's slut and loves to be fucked."

I waved and hurriedly drove off in my truck, watching a line of football players in my rear view mirror making their way to the mini van with the open door, whooping and hollering.