"Sex Stories" Me and my first family encounter

Sex Stories Me and my first family encounter
I was in my early teens when this TRUE STORY began, my mother was 45. I was the only son and I had no sister and no brother, growing up I thought that I was a normal teenage lad, I liked girls but strangely I also liked other lads my own age or older, I even liked some men also and I also liked older females.

my young teen raging hormones were going into overdrive, they were going crazy and ever since my first ever wank I would several times a day sport a hardon, my young teen cock kept pushing up and tenting in my underwear and at times my young teen cock would rise up and pop out over the top of my underwear, for a young teen lad I was very well up cock size wise and I was proud of it, I suppose I must thank my dad for that or perhaps a male on my mothers side, anyway, I was always very horny and very randy and I masterbated a lot in private in my room, and under the shower etc. in fact I got my teen boy cock off whenever I got the chance. 

A few years earlier My mother and father had fallen out and had separated, my father moved away, my mother was now on her own, my mother had a few social friends but no boyfriend, there was an older male friend she had and he could help me with male things should the need arise but apart from that my mother brought me up and cared for me, so that meant that it was just me and my mother living in a nice cozy home.

My mum worked from home as she had an online business that she ran, she used a computer in a small room near the lounge to do her business from, so that ment that we spent many hours together in the house alone, my bedroom was on the second floor just along the landing from my mums, at the other end of the landing there was a bathromm etc., it had a nice shower in it also.

About 7pm One evening just after we had eat our evening meal I went up to my bedroom, I had told my mother that I was going to my room to do my homework but in fact I was horny and I wanted to get in my room and play with my once again hardening teen cock, a bit later I heard my mother come up from downstairs and go into her bedroom, a short while later she came out and made her way to the bathroom, as I played with myself in private in my bedroom I heard the shower start up, soon after that I heard my mother moaning, so wondering what was going on I got up off of my bed and walked to the bathroom to investigate, I did not put my shorts or something on as I expected to find the bathroom door shut but it was not and I quietly took one step inside, my young eyes were now looking at my mothers naked wet body I was gazing at my mother standing naked under the cascading water, I watched my mothers naked body glisn as the warm water cascaded over her body, my mother stood naked and wet, her eyes were firmly closed shut, she had not detected my presence she did not know I was there and she was now fully exposed to my young teen male eyes, oh god my mother looked so good under the shower, seeing her big wet breasts and her rock hard wet nipples, one of my mothers hands was between her legs and it was moving over her pussy, watching her hand moving hotly beween her own legs, made my young teen cock rise to a fully errect state very quickly, and as I watched my mothers super sexy naked wet body I could clearly see that her fingers were now also very busy playing with her hot wet pussy and her horny hard clit, so this was why I had heard my mother moaning, she was playing with herself and her playing herself was making her moan, Oh I was feeling so very naughty, I was spying on my own mothers naked wet body as she toyed with her hot wet place, oh god, this is such a hot experience, she is so sexy, so sexy very sexy, I was such a naughty boy I thought to myself. 

As I watched her playing with her wet mature breasts, her nipples and her wet open mature pussy I took hold of my naked fully exposed raging hard teen cock and strocked it up and down, as I watched my mother frigging her wet horny pussy she began to stimulate one of her excited nipples even more and she played with her horny wet pussy more and more and I wanked my young teen cock more and more, I was so very excited that a gasp escaped my mouth I could not stop making a noise, upon hearing my gasp my mothers eyes opened and she stared right in my direction and at my young naked teen body, I thought Oh dear I will be in trouble in a few seconds, but to my surprise rather than stop what she was doing or telling me off for being there and watching and telling me off for wanking, she carried on exciting her pussy and her clit and my mother was also looking very excited as she watched me wank off as she frigged, it was like we was compeating with each other, a battle of frigging and wanking, would she get off before me or would I shoot my young teen sperm before her? I thought hotly, my teen cock was aching now to spunk right off, I could feel my sperm beginning to rise inside me, oh god yes, I was going to shoot very soon, my mother started to frig her wet clit faster and she moaned and gasped louder, I began to wank my teen cock faster and harder grunting and moaning out loud now also, we was in unison with each other, then in a flash my spunk shot out of my hard young teen cock, rope after rope of it, I groaned in ecstasy and as I came my mother came off in a mind blowing oragasm of her own.

During this Taboo Act Nothing had been said between us, it was just the action, after my mother came off and after she had seen me cumming she slowly turned her head away and I turned away and padded off back to my room, I left the door to my room open and I layed on my bed recovering, and as I layed on my bed hot and naked I began thinking over what had just taken place.

A few moments later I heard my mother comming out of the bathroom and going to her bedroom, In my room I was still laying naked on my back on my single bed, about 10 minuets later I heard my mother comming out of her bedroom, I thought that she would be going downstairs but she was not going downstairs, she was moving along the landing to my room, I layed waiting, what will happen next I wondered.