"Sex Stories" Stepdad catches me sneaking out

Sex Stories Stepdad catches me sneaking out
Why the hell was he allowed to ground me? He wasn't even my real father. And when is getting a tattoo at eighteen even reason enough for grounding? He wouldn't even had seen it, if he hadn't come home early and watched me try on the party outfit that I'd planned on wearing that same evening. 

I didn't even know how long he'd been standing in my doorway watching me like a creep. 

At first he didn't say anything, he just stared at me with his penetrating blue eyes. Then he'd walked towards me slowly. I had thought that he was going to say something about my outfit, that it was too inappropriate or something like that. 

But he had stopped in front of me, way too close, and while still looking me in the eyes, he brought his thumb to his mouth and licked on it. He then lowered his hand to my hip where my nearly healed tattoo was, and rubbed his wet thumb over it, to see if it would come off. When it didn't he'd grounded me, saying that I wasn't allowed out of the house for the entire weekend. 

Which ruined my friday night plans. 

My sort of boyfriend, Josh and I, was supposed to be at a party. It wasn't so much missing the party that made me angry, but the fact that tonight was suppose to be the night where Josh and I had sex. 

Not had that we hadn't fooled around before, handjobs, blowjobs, that kind of stuff. But Josh was, to put it mildly, not very long lasting. So he had always come before entering me, but tonight he was going to bring Viagra. 

And now my stepdad had ruined everything. The more I thought about it, the more angry I got. 

Dammit, he wasn't the boss of me, and I was an adult. 

Too hell with him, I thought and put on my new skirt and crop top, bearing the butterfly tattoo on my hip, and I thought that it wouldn't be long before I got a belly button ring. 

When I was done dressing up, I was a bit nervous. I was a good girl and did as I was told, and never broke any rules. I had never thought about sneaking out before, but one time had to be the first. Luckily my bedroom windows was just above the garage roof, making it easy to get down to the ground floor. 

What I hadn't taken into account was the old nails from the Christmas lights on the windowsill. They caught onto my skirt as I leaned out the window. 

"Shit," I mumbled as i put my hands on the brown tiled roof below me, only just being able to support myself. I tried dragging myself forward, only to get stopped after an inch when my skirt didn't budge anymore. 

"Shit," I said even louder this time. My feet had left the the carpeted floor of my bedroom, and I was hanging over the windowsill in the shape of a pyramid. I tried to push myself backwards but my arms were too short and not nearly strong enough to lift my entire weight that much. 

I moaned. I was stuck, completely immobile, unable to go back or forth. It was so bad I wanted to cry. I had never in my life thrown a fit or been hysterical, but at that moment I was on the verge of screaming. 

But I bit my tongue. There was no way in hell I would call for help, even if I had to be stuck all night. 

It turned out I didn't have to though. 

"Do you need help," a deep chuckling voice said behind me. I froze, of course Nathan was there, it was just the cherry on top of the cake. 

"I'm just fine," I groaned humiliated, my face burning with embarrassment. The chuckling behind me continued as I struggled for a few more minutes before I let myself go limp, admitting my defeat. 

"I believe that you have learned your lesson." 

I could feel the heat from his body close to my thighs. Even though I had stopped struggling, I was still angry, maybe more now than before. 

"Lesson?" I said in defiance. "I don't need to learn any lessons, I'm eighteen years old. And besides, you're not my dad." 

There was a moment's silence before he spoke in a hoarse voice. "You're right, I'm not your dad." 

Silence again, longer this time. I wondered if he had left the room. 

"Nathan?" I asked. "Are you still there?" No answer, and again I was on the verge of tears. "Help me up." 

"That's not a very polite way to speak," I sighed with relief by the sound of his voice. "Perhaps you should stay there a bit longer, you obviously still need to learn a few lessons." 

I whined, but stopped immediately when I felt a warm hand caress my thigh, just below the edge of my skirt. 

"Nathan," I gasped and tried to wiggle away but to no avail. "What are you doing?" 

"Teaching you a lesson, taking advantage of you, take a pick," his voice was blunt, matter of fact, telling the truth. His hand still touching my bare skin. 

"Please don't," I whispered. 

"Why? because of that boyfriend of yours?" his one hand was joined by the other and they went up under my skirt, gently massaging the underside of my buttocks. 

"You're my stepdad," I said outraged. How could he do this? 

"Is that the only reason?" I could hear the smile in his voice and his hot breath hit my thighs. "Well, your boyfriend sure will be sad that he wasn't the reason." 

Angry at his words I kicked my legs backwards and up, hoping that I would hit him, but it only resulted in my feet getting trapped between his legs. 

"More lessons," he sighed. "We have a busy night ahead of us." 

I gave one more tug, but stopped and gasped when Nathan replaced his hands with his mouth, giving me one long lick from the back of my knee up to my buttcheek. 

"Mm, soft as silk," Nathan mumbled against me. "I wonder..." 

My skirt was pushed up over my butt, as far as it would while still stuck beneath me and on the nail. The chilly air of the night hit my burning skin and I was embarrassed about my feverish skin. 

"As I suspected. Silky soft skin and silk for underwear." 

With those words, Nathan again put his mouth against me, but this time it was against my lace covered pussy. I gasped and jerked forward, but I couldn't get anywhere. My legs were trapped between his muscular thighs, he was way stronger then me. 

The tongue that worked against me was far different than anything that Josh had ever done to me. It wasn't doing quick and superficial movements that you saw in pornomovies. The mouth was fully latched on to me, covering everything from above my clit too just before my ass, the tongue assaulting every fold and cravis I had. 

I moaned as my stepdad continued to pleasure me through my panties, soaking them with his saliva. Okay, so it wasn't just his saliva, but also my own juices leaking out of me and I couldn't do anything to stop the pleasure that passed through me. 

Nathan responded to my moan by grumbling and moved my panties away, and dug deeper into me, his tongue slipping as far in as it could. The no barrier between us nearly had me screaming and I covered my mouth to keep my moans from getting too loud. 

The expertness of Nathan's mouth, send me so far over the edge that it almost felt like I had gone deaf, and I realised that Josh had never really given me an orgasm before. His skills paled compared to Nathan's, who was sucking and drinking the last of my juices. 

His mouth moved away from my pussy up to the bared flesh on my back and kissed me, while I still tried to recover from my orgasm by calming my breathing. 

I had thought that Nathan would help me inside or leave me hanging as a punishment, but he wasn't finished with me. I almost started to hyperventilate when I felt the head of his cock pushing into my pussy, invading my tight space that had never been invaded before. 

It didn't really hurt as I had expected it to, it was just a lot of pressure and tissue being stretched to it's limits. But it felt amazing. 

When Nathan had pushed himself as far into me as he could, he stopped moving and only our heavy breaths filled the silent night. Not satisfied with the one orgasm he had given me, I started moving whatever little I could. 

"Don't move," Nathan growled as he leaned over me, his torso now outside as well. "Not yet." 

The authority in his voice send shivers down my spine, and I moaned when he kissed and gently bit down on my shoulder. The fact that he was my stepdad was long forgotten. 

When Nathan finally started moving his cock slowly in and out of me, my arms and legs were shaking from the frustration that he kept me waiting. Even the slow pace that he kept was infuriating and it didn't match up to the way he had licked my pussy. I needed more. 

"Nathan, please," I begged as he breathed heavily in my ear. 

"Please, what?" his voice was hoarse and strained as he kept the slow pace. 

I whimpered, of course he was gonna make me say it. "Please move." 

"Photos http://uii.io/gDNDa

"Photos http://uii.io/x8Pi0

"I am," he teased. 

"Move more," frustration nearly had me shouting. "I need you to move faster." 

He chuckled and kissed my shoulder one last time before straightening up, and he finally started fucking me. His hands was gripping my hips to steady himself as he pushed his cock even further into me and retreated immediately, only to thrust right back. This time I wasn't able to stop myself from screaming. 

My screaming and his moans were not the only sounds in the night, the sound of our flesh hitting together echoed along side the distant sound of cars driving on the streets. 

The heat and pleasure of having someone inside me was surprising, every time Nathan was thrusting into me a tingling jolt was send through my belly, that caused my toes to curl and my entire pelvis to contract, grasping him harder each time. 

I was getting close to my second orgasm and I could both feel and hear that Nathan was close as well. His grip on my hips was so tight that I was sure that I would get bruises and his gruff moans was louder. 

"Nathan!" I screamed as I was thrown over the edge, the tingling sensation shooting through my entire body. "Nathan!" 

"Arghh, yes!" Nathan pounded himself into me one last time and I could feel his hot semen shoot and cover my insides. "Fuck!" 

It wasn't until after this amazing love making, or fucking, that Nathan grabbed me around my waist and helped me inside, his big and rough hands gently untangled my skirt from its captive nails. Somehow his cock was still hard and still inside me. 

When I was free, he sat us both down on the floor, him leaning against the wall with me in his lap, my insides still pulsating around his hard cock. I twisted around to look up at his blue eyes and he smiled at me. 

Maybe being grounded wasn't such a bad thing, I thought and kissed him deeply, especially if my mom wasn't home. My mom popping into my head made me think that there was no way I wanted to keep fucking the same guy as she. 

Gathering up my courage I looked at Nathan to address the issue. "I want more," I said and blushed deeply. "But I don't want to share you with mom." 

Nathan threw his head back and laughed loudly. "There's nothing to share," when he saw my confused and slightly hurt expression he explained. "In case you haven't noticed your mom and I don't share bedrooms, I doubt that you've even seen us do anything other hug. That's all that's ever been between us." 

"But you're married," I said confused and hopeful at the same time. 

"Our marriage is completely business, and I believe that she's got a boyfriend downtown. Besides, women that are ten years older than me, have never really been my thing," he took my face in his hands. "I've had my eyes on you for the past two years." 

Overjoyed by his words I crushed my lips against his and he answered passionately. I could feel his cock twitch inside me, but I didn't get to enjoy it further, as we were interrupted by the doorbell. 

Realising that it was probably Josh by the door, I reluctantly got up from the best seat in the world. 

"Wait, where are you going?" the disappointment on Nathan's face was pleasing. He still wanted me, badly. 

"Taking care of one last obstacle," I answered smiling. 

I went down the grand staircase as fast as I could without tripping and practically jumped over to the frontdoor. Before, when Josh came over I would frantically look myself in the mirror, to make sure that I looked good, but not now. I only made sure that my skirt covered my panties, which were wet from my juices and Nathans semen before I opened the door. 

Josh was smiling proudly at me and held up a little blister package with four blue pills in it. 

"Ready for some fun, baby," he said in a tone that I an hour before would have found sexy. He eyed me up and down, and his smile faltered. "What happened to you?" 

Before I answered I looked to the side to see Nathan coming down the staircase, completely naked. His cock big and hard, nearly reaching his belly button. Of course I had seen him in swim trunks before, and I knew that his body was lean with muscles, but seeing the thirty-two year old walking down the steps with confidence, nearly had me melting right then and there. 

"Nothing... happened," I stuttered and forced my gaze back to Josh, slightly closing the door and leaned up against it. "I just, uhm... did some exercise." 

Exercise indeed, I agreed with myself. Nathan was now standing behind the door next to me, his arms crossed and eyes stern. 

"Exercise? In party clothes?" Josh shook his head. "Anyway, I've got the sextacy, so let's head out." 

"Yeah, I'm gonna paassss," I gasped the word pass, Nathan had taken my hand and wrapped it around his cock, and was pushing it up and down his amazing length. 

"Wait, what? you're gonna pass?" 

"Yes," I said firmly. I needed him gone, I was in the middle of something. "Look Josh, I'm done fooling around, okay? That means we're done as well." 

Hurt, confusion and anger passed over Josh' face in an instant. "Done? Are you k**ding me? Do you have any idea what I had to do to get a hold of these?" he held up the blister package. 

"No, but I'm sure that you'll use them sooner or later." 

Josh didn't get a chance to answer, Nathan slammed the door shut and crashed his lips on top of mine, lifted me and pushed me up against the closed door. He expertly pushed up my skirt and drew my panties aside before entering me with a single hard thrust. 

"You belong to me," he growled against my parted lips. 

"Yes," I moaned and my eyes roll back in my head. 

Nathan slowly pulled out and then slammed back home. "Say it," he ordered. 

"I belong to you," I was barely able to say the words, I didn't have enough air in my lungs. 

"That's right... You... Belong... To... Me," he emphasized each word with a powerful thrust. 

Those were the last words we uttered, the only noises was our moans, screams, groans and our flesh hitting together. After he had marked me as his, Nathan drew a bath and washed me with gentle hands, his touch full of love and tenderness. He then carried me to his bed and was just as gentle with his touch for our third round, and after the sixth orgasm I stopped counting all the times he made me come during that night. The first night of many to come.