"Sex Stories" Two Sister One Brother

Sex Stories Two Sister One Brother
"Goodbye, Lisa!" my girlfriends chime in unison as I get out of the car.

"Kisses!" I titter back and blow them a smooch, a bit tipsy from the six beers I consumed earlier.

They had dropped me half a block from my house so I hustle down the sidewalk, looking up to my parent's second floor bedroom window. The light is out, and if they followed their usual pattern my folks went to bed a couple of hours ago. So far so good.

I creep along the side of the house as quietly as possible, but I trip in the dark over a garden hose I didn't see, drunkenly stumbling sideways. I barely catch myself against the wall, only making a little noise. I hold my breath, my ears straining for signs someone heard me.

The coast seems clear, though, which is a good thing. I'm only 18, and if my mom or dad catch me coming back from a party where I'd been drinking there'll be hell to pay. I am my parent's baby girl, but I might even get kicked out of the house for this. I'm kind of a trouble-maker, after all.

I start to move again, approaching my brother's bedroom window on the first floor, when the light in his room turns on. I freeze. My big brother Zack and older sister Erin had gone out to the bars tonight with a group of their friends so I'm a little surprised my brother is home already. It's only a little past midnight.

Zack is three years older than me, having turned 21 a few months ago, and he and Erin have been hitting the bars a lot so far this summer. Erin, who is ten years older than me at 28, seems happy to have a drinking buddy, but my brother has a tendency to overdo it. More often than not my big sister has to practically carry her younger brother to his room, and I know this because I've helped her get Zack to his bed a few times where he promptly passes out cold.

My eyes widen in panic when Zack's window slides open. I dart into the deeper darkness behind a bush, trying to be still and silent. My imagination is being a turd as I picture Zack poking his head out the window, seeing me, and saying he's gonna tell on me for sneaking out at night.

Zack is usually pretty cool about most stuff, but he can be a bit over-protective. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass, but usually it's just nice he cares so much about me. I don't think he'll rat me out, but I also don't want to take any chances. I listen carefully for any signs I've been busted.

All I hear, though, is my older sister's drunken, giggling voice receding into the room as she says, "There, I opened your window. It's hotter than hell in here."

Zack mumbles something incoherent, then I hear him snoring ever-so-lightly. Yup, he overdid it again.

"Za-ack," my sister calls in a sing-song voice.

I hear a faint rustling and a kind of squeaking sound, as if she's shaking him heavily as he lay in his bed.

"Zack!" she says again, rather sharply this time as I hear the rustle again.

There's silence for a few moments. Come on, Erin...just go to bed already! I'm tired and wanna get back to my room so I can sleep, too. Then my big sister speaks again.

"Welp," she slurs drunkenly, "I guess I'm gonna have to get you out of those clothes, or you'll sweat to death in here."

There's some sort of hidden edge to Erin's tone, making me think she's up to something. Is she going to play a prank on Zack? This might be worth seeing, even if I have to risk getting caught to do so. Erin used to play the most devious pranks back in the day, before she got all serious and started law school. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I sneak forward to peek between the window sill and the curtain above it.

My big brother's bed is lying longways in relation to my view, and sure enough he's passed out cold on it. I get out my phone, double-checking that the sounds are muted, and start the video camera. If Erin is about to play a prank it'll be worth recording for later.

My big sister ambles slowly over to Zack's door and closes it. Then, strangely, she locks it. She makes her way back to the foot of the bed and pulls off my brother's shoes and socks. Erin climbs up the bed between Zack's legs, pushing them open a bit, and reaches up to undo the button on his jeans before unzipping them. It's really weird seeing her do this, and I can't help but wonder what she has planned.

Erin climbs back down from the bed and tugs Zack's pants from his legs, my brother's boxers getting pulled down just a bit in the process. I have to stifle a squeak of surprise when I realize I can see the dark tufts of his pubic hair sticking out just above the elastic waistband.

What in the hell is Erin doing?!?

"Oh, look at that," she giggles softly, "your underwear are half down already. I guess I better take those off, too."

My sister reaches up and pulls my brother's boxers from him before climbing back onto the bed and kneeling between Zack's legs. Her face is only inches from his crotch.

What in the hell what in the hell what in the hell...

"What have we here?" Erin whispers in a husky, intoxicated voice.

She reaches out and lifts Zack's cock into my view, and my jaw drops open as I gawk all wide-eyed. It's a thick four or five inches soft, and it starts to react to Erin's touch.

"You like your slutty sister touching your pecker, don't you?" she utters quietly.

Erin runs her fingers gently up and down our brother's quickly hardening shaft, and I watch as it lengthens to a girthy eight or so inches. I've never seen a cock that big before! At least, not in real life. Sure, there might be guys in some of the pornos I've watched who're bigger, but this penis is only a few feet from me.

"You dirty boy, getting hard from your sister's fingers. You want me to pop it in my mouth and blow you again, huh?"

Holy shit!!!

Again?!? Are you telling me this isn't the first time Erin has sleep-creeped my brother? I should probably sneak away, but I'm so stunned I can't move. I can't tear my eyes away, either, so I just stand here watching and recording.

Erin leans down and plants a soft but raunchy kiss on the head of our big brother's big pecker, and it twitches a little in her hand. Zack moans lightly, his body shifting a hair, but he doesn't wake up. My sister swirls her tongue around the tip and kisses it again, letting her saliva dribble down Zack's shaft. Kiss and swirl, kiss and swirl, kiss and swirl. Soon his solidly erect dick is nice and sloppy wet.

"I'm gonna suck you so hard," my sister whispers almost harshly, as if talking directly to my u*********s brother's rock-hard erection.

Erin slides her lips down Zack's swollen cock, moving her head up and down slowly over the first couple inches of his length. She periodically peeks up to see if Zack is going to awaken, but he doesn't. He moans a little and shakes a tiny bit, but that's all. Seeming satisfied our brother will stay asleep, my sister begins her blowjob in earnest.

She slowly builds up speed and is soon pumping five or six inches of our brother's cock down her throat. I realize with some surprise that the sight, combined with the sucking and slurping sounds, is starting to turn me on. My insides are getting warm and tingly, and I can feel my juices starting to moisten the inside of my vajayjay.

I've never watched two people do anything like this for real and up close. I'm not sure if I'm getting hot because I'm seeing a woman sucking a man's dick, or if it's because I'm watching my sister sucking my brother's dick.

My big sister flips up the short skirt of her dress with one hand, slipping her fingers beneath the fabric of her panties. She starts playing with her pussy as she continues sucking our brother's cock, soft moans escaping around the mouthful on which she's furiously pumping away.

Almost like it has a mind of it's own, my free hand follows suit and slides down my shorts, underneath my silky panties, and over my clean-shaved mound. I start running my fingers up and down my drenched slit, getting them nice and wet before rubbing my sensitive clitoris with slow circles. After a couple more minutes Erin pauses, lifting her mouth away from Zack's tower to inhale a pair of gulping breaths.

"Oh fuck yeah," she sighs, her digits still pistoning inside her hot sex. "You like fucking your sister's dirty mouth while she fingers herself, don't you?"

Erin dives back onto our brother's long, thick pecker, and the wet, sloppy sounds become more intense as she manages to get all eight inches in her throat...over and over and over.

God damn!

Erin's moans get rougher as she continues giving my brother what is no doubt the blowjob of his life. I feel kinda bad for him that he's u*********s for the whole thing. And my sister...I never knew she was so warped. I'm one to talk, though. I'm standing here like a peeping pervert, playing with myself while I watch my sister play with herself while she gives our brother one helluva blowjob.

Plus I'm recording the whole thing.

I can tell when Erin starts to cum. Her cock-muffled moans get this really insistent quality, and her body starts to quiver and shake almost uncontrollably. Then, a handful of seconds later, Zack groans softly in his sleep, grunting as he begins cumming, too.

Erin's deep throat action stops, and she rises to suck wetly on the first couple inches of Zack's prick. I can see his penis flex and pulsate as he blows his wad right into my big sister's eager mouth. When I don't notice any stray trickles of jizz escaping her lips I realize Erin is swallowing our brother's load.

My sister must not want to leave any mess because she keeps sucking on Zack's cock even as it slowly softens. Apparently satisfied, Erin gives our brother's dick one last kiss before starting to descend shakily from his bed.

It would seem the show is over, so I pull my hand from my shorts, stop my phone's recording, and sneak off toward my own bedroom. It isn't easy getting through my window, but this isn't my first time with the whole sneaking out biz. I hoist myself into the room like a pro, catching my own sexy scent on my fingers as my face passes them. I shut the window and make sure the curtains are closed.

I'm still really horny. I never got off.

I double-check that my door is locked, set my phone on the nightstand, and strip off my clothes before lying naked on the bed. With two fingers of one hand I start fucking my bald pussy, while the fingers of my other hand start stroking my clit again. This is really nice, and I'm seriously turned on...so why is the big "O" begin such an elusive little shit?

I stop and roll over a bit to open my nightstand's drawer, fishing around beneath the pile of panties inside. Bingo! I lift out my pink, silicone-covered vibrator and turn that bad boy up to it's highest setting before plunging it into my hot and dripping snatch. I start ramming it fast and hard just the way I like.

This is even better, but I still can't come.

Maybe I need to get a little mental porn going on. My last boyfriend is cute, so I shut my eyes and imagine it's him above me banging the hell out of my throbbing pussy. The pleasure is like a dam about to burst. I want so badly to cum it's almost painful, but it still won't happen.

What the shit?!?

I feel like a total degenerate when I replace the ex-boyfriend with a vision of my brother. Now it's Zack fucking me hard as I gaze into his dark blue eyes, his pelvis slapping against mine roughly. I plant my feet into the mattress as my back arches.

"Oh god," I whimper, surprising myself by taking a page from Erin's book. "Fuck your sister's horny pussy! Fuck it good and make that pussy yours!"

My orgasm finally explodes in all it's glory, a tiny little a****l whine pouring from me as I ram the vibe down deep and cum. I inhale with a ragged, shuddering breath as my insides clench wildly against the buzzing toy inside me.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!!!"

* * * * * *

I wake up the next morning and wonder if last night was some kind of vivid, drunken dream. There's one way to find out. I grab my phone from the nightstand and stare at the black screen for a moment before swiping it to wakefulness.

I navigate to my videos, and there it is. I didn't imagine the whole thing.

"Lisa, you're a freak," I tell myself as I replay the recording.

It's about the point in the video where my sister is slobbering pretty hardcore on my brother's knob when I realize my fingers are idly toying with my still nude pussy lips. I also realize I seriously need to pee. All that beer from last night has my bladder screaming for mercy.

I shut off my phone, stashing it inside the nightstand like a paranoid perv, and get into my soft and fuzzy bathrobe. I take a quick trip to the tinkle-torium, and my bladder is gladder when I finally make my way to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Zack is the only one here, my brother sitting at the dining table and eating a bowl of cereal.

He gives me a too-chipper smile and says, "Morning."

I can't help but feel a little awkward, but I try to act natural as I shoot back, "Morning. Where is everyone?"

"Erin went home already, and mom and dad left for a few days to visit Uncle Dave."

"Oh," I say. "Cool. Got the house to ourselves! What time does the party start tonight?"

"Eh...mom and dad left me in charge, and there won't be any parties. I don't feel like having my ass handed to me when they get back."

"Buzzkill," I chuckle, fully expecting an answer along those lines.

I get some cereal, too, eating in silence for a while and mostly staring at the floating oat loops in my bowl. I shoot my brother the occasional, brief glance.

"What?" he finally asks.


"Come on, Lisa. Spit it out. I can tell you got something on your mind."

"Well...you and Erin sounded pretty sloshed when you got home last night, but you don't seem all that hungover."

Zack shrugs, replying, "I don't usually get bad hangovers."

"Lucky you."

We chat a little more, and I come to the conclusion that Zack is acting way too normal for him to remember anything from last night. I find myself wondering how many times Erin has sucked off our brother while he lay passed out in bed. What possessed her to do it in the first place? I might never know, but at least I have that little gem of a video on my phone.

Speaking of which...

After breakfast I go back to my bedroom, closing and locking the door behind me, and discard the bathrobe. I get my phone back out and lay down on the bed. While watching the fun from last night over and over a few times I indulge in a leisurely rub-out session, having to stifle my sexy sounds when I orgasm good and hard.

Fuck. I think I've developed a brother complex.

* * * * * *

When I finally get dressed I put on a sexy pair of tight Levi short-shorts and a snug t-shirt, sans the bra and panties. I stand in the mirror and check out my boobs. They're not huge like Erin's, but they're decent-sized and strain nicely against the slightly too small shirt. I can see the little nubs of my nipples creating modest, twin bulges beneath the fabric.

I grab a small makeup mirror and sit down at my computer desk, holding the reflective glass down low as I spread my legs just a bit. If I hold them at just the right angle I can see the enticing, clean-shaved swell of my outer lips without showing off my entire pussy. Too far and a little pink starts to show past the shorts. I practice a bit to make sure I have it down.

The weather turns nasty as it starts raining pretty heavily, and my brother decides to stay home, suiting my plan perfectly. The rest of the day is kind of weird for me as I find myself purposefully teasing Zack with my tits, ass, and pussy, giving him tantalizing little glimpses. Any time I see my brother I find myself sneaking little glances at his package, but I always manage to look away before he catches me doing it...I think. I'm pretty sure I see him checking out my tits and ass a couple times, too.

I spend a good chunk of the morning lying on my stomach on the living room couch, reading a book. I keep my knees apart just the right amount to show off a taunting little bit of pussy flesh to my brother in case he walks through the room.

Which he does, eventually.

Zack enters the room from the archway behind me. I hear his footsteps stop, and I can almost feel his burning gaze on my snatch. The thought of him staring intently at my partially bared crotch starts to get me a little wet. After a handful of long seconds I look back over my shoulder.

With a smile, I innocently ask, "What's up, bro?"

He looks away suddenly and starts walking toward the kitchen.

With his face flushing he answers, "Oh, nothing. Just gonna go make some food."

Zack cooks grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and offers me some, which I gladly accept. Who doesn't like grilled cheese? He sits at the table to eat, but I take a seat at the breakfast bar on one of the tall stools. As we talk and eat, I spread my legs just so and smile a little when I see Zack's eyes travel down to my crotch. My heart is pounding as I pretend not to notice and lift my glass of milk for a few swigs.

After lunch we go down to the entertainment room to watch a couple movies together, and I can't stop myself from taking furtive little peeks at the spot where his junk hides beneath his jeans. He gets up a lot to walk past me, making little excuses like going to the bathroom, getting a snack, et cetera. Each time he passes I have my legs opened up like before. Although I pretend to be focused on the movie each time, I can see my brother casting sidelong glances at my crotch and titties out of the corner of his eye.

The second show ends, and Zack decides to go take a shower, for which I'm kind of glad. I wonder if he's going to jerk off while he's in there. I've gotten myself so horny and worked up trying to picture his cock that I rush to my bedroom, get out my phone, and start watching my secret recording again.

My free hand is toying with one of my hardened nipples through my t-shirt. My fingers start to creep down my stomach on the way to fiddle with my humid snatch when I finally decide what I'm going to do with the video. At first I thought about using it to blackmail Erin and leverage booze or money out of her for a while, but I've got a much better idea.

I send my sister the video and title it "I know".

Ten minutes later she texts me, "What do you want? Alcohol? Money?"

I giggle a bit as I send back, "I want in."

I can only imagine the look of surprise that must be on Erin's face right now. It's a minute or two before she texts me again.

Okay. When?"

"Tonight," I send back.

"Alright. Tell Zack to call me."

I set the phone down and smile in anticipation.

* * * * * *

Erin shows up around nine o'clock to pick up Zack and take him out to the bars again tonight.

"Goodbye! Have fun!" I tell them both as they're on their way out.

"Stay outta trouble," my brother tells me with a stern look.

"I'll be a saint, I swear," I reply, holding up one hand. "Girl Scout's honor."

Erin laughs and says, "Who are you k**ding, Lisa? You were never a Girl Scout."

"I won't cause any trouble, I promise. I'll just watch some TV or surf the net or something."

"Okay," Zack nods with a dubious look.

"Bye," Erin says.

She shoots me a knowing look, a little smile, and a wink as they go, my siblings leaving me to my own devices for the evening. True to my word I stay home and putter around the house. It takes a lot of self-control not to simply get naked and jill-off all night while watching the video on my phone.

It's a torturous handful of hours, and I end up sitting in the living room for most of it, watching TV but constantly thinking about what my sister and I were going to do when she finally brought Zack home. Hopefully she's getting him good and plastered right now.

At some point I realize I should shower. I spend about an hour in the tub washing myself and shaving my pits, pussy, and legs. Afterward I blow dry and flat iron my long, brunette hair. I spray of fine mist of fruity smelling perfume over my tits, belly, and crotch as a final touch. I want to feel and smell like a woman tonight.

It's some time around one o'clock when I hear a taxi pulling up in front of my house. I go outside just in time to help my tipsy sister pull our slobbering-drunk brother from the back seat. He's barely standing, his eyes glazed and unfocused, and he mumbles something unintelligible.

"Hold him while I pay," Erin slurs with intoxication, getting in her purse to give the cabbie some money.

Zack leans against me heavily, almost bowling me over at the sudden shift in his weight, but I grunt in effort and somehow manage to keep him upright. The cab is pulling away, and Erin takes half the burden from me as she gets under our brother's other arm.

Without a word, and with my heartbeat hammering in excitement, my elder sister and I haul Zack into the house. I close and lock the front door as we go.

"I'm a little surprised," Erin says to me once we're inside.


"At you. I though you were gonna blackmail me when I watched the vid you sent."

"And?" I ask, wondering what my big sister thought about her little sis being just as perverted as she is.

Erin looks over at me with an inscrutable expression as she says, "Just help me get Zack to his bed, then I'll show you 'and'."

We're in our brother's room, with him plopped down on his bed, when Erin looks over at me.

"Do you have any...toys?" she asks meaningfully.

"Yeah," I admit, a little embarrassed. "I got a vibe."

"Go get it," my sister commands.

I nod and go to my room to retrieve the fat, pink vibrator, putting fresh batteries inside while I'm here. By the time I return, Erin already has our brother's lower half disrobed, and I stand there in awe as I stare at his meaty but still limp cock. I set the vibrator down on a nearby lounge chair.

"Unzip me," Erin requests, turning her back to me.

Maybe it's just this whole, surreal situation, but it feels really erotic as I slowly lower the zipper of her dress. She shrugs out of it and kicks it to the side, her back still to me.

"Undo my bra," my sister asks softly.

I'm breathing kind of heavy as I reach up to do as Erin asks, that sexy, sensual feeling coursing through me again at being in such intimate contact with her. My sister turns around as she flips her bra onto her discarded dress, and her big, envy-inducing breasts sway into view.

Damn those things are huge.

"Well?" she asks.

"Well what?" I respond, my eyes glued to her jiggling milk mounds.

Erin doesn't speak at first, instead stepping close and grasping the lower hem of my t-shirt. She lifts it up and off my body, my smaller tits bouncing a little as they're exposed.

"Take off your clothes silly," Erin says with a throaty whisper, the heavy scent of booze on her breath.

The way my sister says those five words is so seductive. I find her tone and the lilt in her eyes as she stares at me strangely arousing. Erin steps back and out of her silk panties, standing fully nude in front of me. My sister is so gorgeous, her form curvy like a woman's should be. I wonder if my body will start to look more like hers as I get older. I can only hope.

"Why are you staring?" Erin asks, actually looking a little embarrassed.

"You're so sexy," I blurt out before I lose the courage to say it.

"That's sweet of you to say." Photos http://uii.io/XUwFiF

Our breasts touch together lightly as Erin steps close and plants a kiss on my forehead. Her jugs wobble a bit when she reaches down and undoes the button on my short-shorts. My sister places her hands on my shoulders, the feel of her breasts sliding against mine a delicious tease as she moves her lips a few inches from my ear.

"I said get undressed all the way," she whispers softly before stepping back again.

My heart is pounding even harder now as I eagerly comply, dropping my Levi shorts and stepping out of them. Erin is already at the bed, moving Zack's legs to give us room to play. My brother sighs a bit at the involuntary shifting of his limbs, but otherwise doesn't react much.

My big sister lies down on her side, propping her head up on hand and elbow and leaving the space between our brother's legs open for me. She stares at my naked body, her eyes widening a bit and a smile playing on her lips when she sees my shaved pussy. Her own playground is well trimmed, but still has light tufts of blond hairs around it, matching the short cut of the blond hair on her head.

"Don't be shy, sex kitten," Erin utters in that drunken, husky tone of hers as she pats the mattress between our brother's knees. "Climb on up here so we can take turns sucking brother's dick. He'll fucking love it."

I'm shaking with nervous excitement as the moment finally arrives, and I ascend Zack's bed. I lay on my stomach and shimmy forward until my lips are hovering over our brother's still-soft man meat. There's no way he's faking being passed out. Sis and I haven't exactly been quiet, and two girls bouncing around on his bed would have surely stirred some reaction in my big brother's cock by now if he were actually awake.

Still, I look up out of paranoia to make sure, and I blink twice in surprise when I see Erin's cell phone in her hand, the camera pointed at me. That sneaky sister of mine...she must've had that hidden under my brother's pillow.

"It's only fair," she tells me with a shrug.

"Yeah," I nod, turning my attention back to my big brother's penis. "It's all good."

I blow lightly on our brother's cock, and it reacts, slowly rising from where it rests against his hairy balls. I watch in amazement as his shaft thickens and starts to elongate when I blow on it again. I lower my mouth and envelop him quickly, realizing this may be my only chance to fit him all the way in. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to deep throat him like Erin was doing last night.

My mouth sucks and slurps tenderly, and I swipe my tongue around his base as my lips meet my brother's pubic hairs. Zack is getting bigger quickly now. I have to back off some as he reaches a full, iron-hard erection, and the slight, upward curve in his pecker causes the tip to tickle the back of my throat. My head pistons up and down slowly over about four inches of thick, meaty cock.

"You like sucking on big brother's cock, don't you sis?" Erin coos. "Yeah you do, I can tell. Are you getting wet? Do you wanna play with yourself? I bet you do."

My elder sister's dirty talk is somehow making me more excited. I pull back after a minute and suckle the tip of our brother's dick with my lips while I catch my breath.

"My turn," Erin tells me in a voice full of lust. "Hold this."

She hands me her phone before laying her head sideways on Zack's stomach. I get up in a kneeling position and pass Erin the baton as I turn the camera in her direction. My sister sucks our brother's cock at this new angle, her eyes widening slightly when I start to toy with my snatch right in front of her. I can tell she staring right at my fingers as I pump them in and out between the swollen lips of my cunt.

I aim a little nasty talk at my big sister, knowing she seems to get off on it. Hell, so do I apparently.

"Is it sexy watching your little sister finger fucking herself?"

"Mmm hmm," Erin hums around our brother's fat hard-on.

"I bet that blowjob you're giving brother feels so good," I utter in a breathless tone as I tickle my clit for a moment.

Erin keeps on sucking, and I go back to fingering myself. The air is filled with slurping suction sounds and the slap-slap-slap of my palm against my mound. My sister reaches up and takes her phone back, continuing to give Zack a slow, sensuous blowjob but turning the camera toward my pussy.

This is all so kinky and so wrong, but it's also thrilling to no end. I'm starting to see why Eve ate the forbidden fruit. It's fucking worth it.

I lean back on one arm, my fingers kicking into overdrive as they go on a fuck-spree inside my trembling pussy walls. My torso starts to undulate and ripple of it's own accord, loud moans bursting from my heaving lungs as a damn fucking good orgasm grips me.

"Oh shit oh fuck oh god damn shit Jesus Christ!!!"

I turn into a quivering mass, my sister giggling at the sight even with a mouthful of cock.

"Baseball! Baseball!" I grunt nonsensically, my pussy pulsating like a snapping turtle against my fingers as I jam them deep inside. "Oh fuuuck!!! Oh fuuuuuck!!!"

After the burst of ecstasy subsides I'm finally able to lie all the way back, my chest heaving and a sheen of sweat covering my forehead and breasts. I flop my legs wide open and pull my fingers out, giving my sister an unobstructed view of my spread pussy.

My hand comes away drenched with a clear liquid. What the hell?

"I...I think I just squirted a little, Erin!" I tell sis in surprise.

She pauses, pulling her mouth from Zack's erection.

"You did! I can see a little coming out still," my sis tells me in her drunken slur, holding the phone real close to my crotch. "That's so fucking hot. I wish I could squirt."

Erin gets up from the bed, stumbling dizzily, and for a moment I'm afraid she's going to fall. She gets her balance by leaning against the bed, though.

"Whew! Got a little light headed," she tells me, moving over to the end of the bed and handing me her phone. "Get up. My turn to get off."


I sit up and twist my way over Zack and off the side of the mattress as Erin takes the spot between our brother's legs. She gets on her elbows and knees and starts giving him head again, the sound of her sloppy slurps and sexy grunts filling the air. One of Erin's hands strays back to the wetness of her sex, and her fingers begin sliding over her moistened pussy lips.

"You're such a dirty, beautiful bitch," I tell my sister. "I've never seen someone suck cock as good as you."

I find an angle with the phone so I can record Erin's blowjob and masturbation skills at the same time. If I stand directly behind, my sister's big, swaying breasts are in the way of the sucking action, so I have to move to the side a bit. That's when I notice my pink vibrator sitting forlorn and forgotten on the nearby lounge chair.

Hmmm. I pick up the toy, keeping the camera aimed at Erin's mouth as she face-fucks herself with our brother's cock. My sister doesn't seem to notice, being consumed with her own pleasure at the moment. I return to Erin's backside, aiming the recording at her plump, round ass where her fingers are swirling circles over her clit.


I crouch down so my lower lips will spread open by themselves. Aiming the camera at my own pussy, I slide "pinky" up and in my still dripping coochie to get him nice and slick. There's light, squelching sounds as I pump the toy inside me a handful of times before pulling it back out.

I aim the phone and it's camera back toward Erin's clitoris-rubbing action. My elder sister's only warning at what I'm about to do comes a split second before I do it.

"I'm gonna fuck you!" I mutter in a low, a****l tone of lust.

Then I stick "pinky" inside Erin's juicy twat, turning the vibration on at the same time and thrusting the toy in and out rapidly, like a jackhammer. I'm betting my sister likes it hard and fast, just like I do.

Erin squeals in either surprise or delight, or maybe both, as her mouth lifts from Zack's manly tower and she grunts, "Son of a bitch!"

Her chest heaves in sudden ecstasy.

"Oooooh god!!!"

The hand my sister was using to play with herself falls to the mattress, and she goes back to plunging her head up and down over our brother's cock. I'm only at it for maybe thirty seconds when Erin's moans get stronger and her ass starts shaking and jiggling. I can tell she's about to cum.

My elder sister can't talk, instead moaning and screaming like a banshee as her orgasm blooms. I might be a sick, twisted pervert in need of some serious help, but god damn if I didn't just rock my sister's world like a real stud muffin.

I turn Erin into a steaming pile of lust when I don't let up. I continue pistoning the vibrator inside her pulsating pussy until she's cumming again. Her legs are quivering strands of spaghetti as her backside crumples to the mattress, and still I continue plunging away.

Erin comes again with a loud wail, gripping Zack's still hard penis in one hand as she buries her face in the blankets below his nutsack to stifle her screams of ecstasy.

She lifts her head and pleads with me, "Oh god please stop Lisa stop I can't take it any more fuck please oooooh god!!!"

I smile and slide the buzzing device from my sister's wrecked pussy. I turn it off, the only sound in the room Erin's labored breathing. She eventually rolls over, spreading her legs for the camera. As I get in close I realize something.

"Hey, Erin! You squirted a little!"

"I did?" she asks, reaching down to swipe a few fingers over her entrance. "I did! Holy fuck balls!"

She sticks her fingers down there again, collecting up more of the squirt juices. She brings her fingers to her nose and sniffs briefly before tasting the liquid with her tongue.

"Mmm...such a sexy taste," she whispers.

I feel kind of bad for my big brother being u*********s. He's totally missing out on his horny sisters and the nasty show they're putting on. Even though he won't remember it I decide to give him a treat. I hand the cell phone back to Erin and climb up the bed to kneel at Zack's side.

"Whatcha doing?" my older sister asks curiously as she flips over on her stomach to point the camera at me.

I just look at her and smile without a word. I straddle my big brother's hips in a reverse cowgirl position and grip his hard-on at the base with my thumb and two fingers.

"Holy shit, Lisa! Are you gonna...are you gonna fuck Zack?"

I slap the tip of his dick against my clit repeatedly, the love taps sending tiny little thrills shooting along my nerves.

"Jerking each other off is one thing, but...are you really gonna fuck Zack?"

I press the tip of big brother's cock against my temple door and bring my hips downward before my sister tries to talk me out of this.

Oh god holy shit...

It's a good thing I'm so horny and turned-on and dripping wet or this might hurt. Zack is so thick I can feel him fill me up as he slides in smoothly, his girth stretching out my insides almost uncomfortably. My vaginal walls clench down reflexively at the tension, and I have to force myself to relax.

"Erin...he's...so...fucking...big," I utter.

I inhale deeply through my nose and exhale through my mouth a few times. My muscles relax as they adjust to the bulkiness of the cock inside me.

Big brother's cock.

I start moving again, riding Zack's shaft slowly at first as Erin records my perversion and watches in rapt amazement. It's driving me nuts the way the slight curve at the middle of his pecker is rubbing against my special spot.

"I had no idea my baby sister was such a nasty little slut," Erin comments, her entranced smile letting me know she means it as a compliment and not an insult.

"Brother's dick feels so damn good," I manage to moan out around the waves of delirious euphoria passing through me.

"Yeah, ride that giant schlong you nasty little whore," Erin dirty talks to me. "You're just a horny little fuck-toy."

My hips are practically moving by themselves now, the innermost parts of me feeling every thrusting inch of big brother's amazing meat stick. I want to go faster but can't from this position. I lean backward onto my hands and move my legs forward.

I'm still riding in reverse cowgirl position, but now I can use my hands and feet for leverage. This is a lot better, and I start pounding my hips up and down in a frenzy. Not as much of Zack's length is gliding into me now. The upside to this is the head of his magnificent fuck-stick is grinding against the first three or four inches inside me, which are the most sensitive anyway.

My shaky breath starts coming in short gasps as the waves of pleasure build higher and higher inside my fiery muff. The slapping noise of my ass bouncing off big brother's pelvis sounds so sexy in my ears.

"You're banging him so good, Lisa. You make me wish I was a guy so you could fuck me too."

I'm so damn close to the orgasm of my life when I hear Zack grunting softly in his sleep. The big cock within me starts jumping against my walls, pulsating with each squirt as he cums up inside me.


I was almost there. An idea sparks in my mind, but I don't know if my sister will go for it.

Looking straight into Erin's eyes I beg, "Suck my clit you dirty skank!"

I'm thunderstruck when she moves forward. I slam my ass down with one last, big thrust right before Erin's lips wrap around my womanly nub. I can feel Zack's ejaculation still shooting his hot seed deep into my womb as my big sister sucks furiously against my clitoris.

All I can do is lie back against my brother and melt, my hands wrapping around my sister's head as I moan and giggle in hysterical helplessness. The most powerful cum I've ever felt grabs me in it's teeth and shakes me savagely like a rag doll.

I'm not sure if it's possible for someone to die from too strong an orgasm, but if it is I'm sure I came close.

I'm not positive how long I lie there with my entire body vibrating, but eventually I relax my hands and lift them from my big sister's blond hair. Her crazy mad sucking softens, and I luxuriate in the afterglow as Erin's attentions on my clit send delightful little aftershocks shooting through me.

"Did you like your big sister's mouth on your pussy you nasty little fuck toy?"

"Oh god yessss," I whisper.

She starts licking around where big brother's shrinking cock is still inside me, her tongue lapping against my outer lips. There's a wet squishing noise, and I'm a little disappointed as she pops Zack's softening pecker out of my vagina...

...only to replace it with her surprisingly long and dexterous tongue. She scoops, slurps, and licks up our brother's load as it flows from my relaxed pussy.

"Fuck yeah," I purr contentedly at the wonderful sensation, a little blown away my sister so eagerly does this.

Erin presses her mouth up against my inner lips, her tongue darting in and out leisurely and her lips sucking in between strokes. Lick suck. Lick suck. Lick suck.

Big sis giggles drunkenly as she says, "You might be a slutty little nympho, but that doesn't mean we have to leave your coochie a mess."

My older sister keeps sucking and licking until she's satisfied my snatch is done oozing out my brother's jizz.

Great. Now I think I have a sister complex, too.

Oh well...

What an unforgettable night it's been.

* * * * * *

I wake up the next morning practically glowing. My body still smells strongly of the great sex I had last night, and I should probably take a shower. I roll over in bed and grab my phone to see what time it is first. There's a text from my sister. I open it.

"Had to early leave for work, but here's a little something for you. Kisses."

I smile when I play the attached video and realize it's last night's recording.

Fucking sweet.

A check of the time tells me it's a little after 9 o'clock.

I shower and dress in some tight shorts and a revealing belly shirt, skipping the bra and panties again today. Afterward I head to the kitchen for some breakfast, not seeing my brother anywhere. He must still be sleeping off his bender.

I'm making myself some pancakes and frying up a little bacon when Zack stumbles into the kitchen all bleary-eyed.

"Morning," I greet. "Rough night?"

"Morning Lisa," he returns with a nod. "Yeah. Had a weird dream."

My brother plops down in a chair at the dining table. He shifts uncomfortably, trying to adjust his underwear without being too obvious about it.

Did Erin and I suck and fuck him so hard that he's sore this morning? I have to stifle a chuckle.

"Want some pancakes, bacon, and coffee?" I offer.

Zack looks at me with a touch of suspicion. Admittedly, I'm not usually this magnanimous, so it'd be natural for him to assume I'm trying to butter him up for something.

"Uh, sure. That would be really great," he replies finally. "What's the occasion?"

I think to myself how the occasion happened last night.

"Just figured it's the least I can do," I explain vaguely.

"For what?"

"For being such a great brother," I tell Zack with a smile as I plate up some pancakes and bacon and pour him a cup of coffee.

I set his breakfast in front of him and add, "No strings. Promise."

He starts eating, and I start cooking some more food for myself.

"Hey, Lisa?"

"Yeah bro?"

"Did I...uh, never mind," he starts and then stops with a slightly embarrassed look.

"Just ask," I smile. "We're all adults here."

He hesitates then bites the bullet and asks, "Did I, um, bring anyone home last night?"

"No. I was just you, me, and Erin. All night long," I tell my brother with a sexy smile.

"Oh," he grunts, looking a little confused and embarrassed.

I think he just realized his eyes were roaming over my body. I pretend not to notice...for now.

Zack goes back to eating his breakfast.


I only need to figure out what a girl's gotta do to get some dick from her brother while he's awake.