"Stories 18+" My Partner's Best Friend

Stories 18+ My Partner's Best Friend
I'd been away for a while sailing in the Med. I returned home a day early and unannounced as I thought I'd give her a surprise. It was me though who was going to be surprised!

In the middle of most weeks Jane's best friend, Anne, generally stays with us. She lives about thirty miles away but as an Area Manager works in our vicinity for a couple of days and stays a night at ours. She a very attractive brunette with a nice figure and is loads of fun. I've always fancied her but never made a move and neither has she. The three of us are in our late forties and all in good shape.

I'd forgotten that Anne might be there and slipped quietly in through the back door with the intention of pouncing on Jane, I was fucking horny!. What I didn't know was Jane had gone to stay with her mother that night and so wasn't at home.

Leaving my sailing bag in the kitchen I crept around looking for her, eventually finishing up at the top of the stairs.

It was then I heard a soft moaning coming from one of the spare rooms. Someone was playing! Checking the other rooms first I returned and realised it was Anne and wondering who she was with. She was solo at the time and the thought did cross my mind that she may be making out with Jane, something I had fantasised over many times!

Her door was partially open and peeping in I got a pleasant surprise. Anne was lying naked on her bed, her legs wide open playing with herself. Her eyes were tightly shut as she stroked her deliciously juicy cunt and plucked at her nipples. Her vibrator was alongside and ready for action as she worked herself up. 

My God what a sight. Her fingers were moving from her hard clitty down her slippery crack, dipping into her drenched cunt, back up to her clitty then back down again. Every now and then she would moan and shudder a little as she hit her sensitive spots. By now my cock was straining in my shorts as I u*********sly stroked myself. 

Reaching out for her toy she slipped it in effortlessly and started to fuck herself, gradually speeding up as she moaned and muttered. 'Oh fuck that's so fucking good! Oh yes fuck me, fuck my horny cunt you dirty bugger. Fuck it hard Mark!'

My brain reeled. As she was fucking herself she was fantasising about me!

'Yes, yes come on Mark. Pound my fucking dirty cunt really hard, just like you do Jane's you dirty fucker!! Fuck me, fuck me with your hard cock ........................'

Oh my God she must have listened in, or maybe even peeped in on Jane and I fucking!

'I've watched you fuck her, so fuck me. Stick that dick wherever you like ... just fuck me!'

By now my shorts were down and my head was beginning to spin. 

She started to shake and shudder as she neared her climax. Her hand a blur as she pounded her cunt while pulling at her stiff nipples. Still calling out she orgasmed, a hot stream of cum shooting out of her pulsing cunt.

It was too much for me and I shot my load, splattering the door and fell into the room. 

She shrieked. 'Oh my fucking God Mark! What are you doing here? Get out you fucking perv. Get the fuck out!'

At first I didn't move. Then with cum dribbling down my legs I stepped up to the bed. 'Lick my cock Anne. That's what you really want isn't it?' I blurted out.

She hesitated, then with a moan took my still hard, cum covered cock in her mouth and sucked me hard.

As she did so I fondled her firm tits and then her hard slippery clit. She squirmed and moaned on my cock as I started to finger fuck her juicy cunt and play with her stiff nipples, her toy had fallen out and lay vibrating against her thigh giving her additional pleasure. 

Soon we both started to shake and our second climax hit us. Her cunt walls forced my fingers out as she squirted again in time with me unloading in her mouth. Once drained I collapsed alongside her and gently kissed her.