"Adult Stories" Picking up hitch hikers

Adult Stories Picking up hitch hikers
Hi All as always thank you for wanting to read my post you all make me feel so fem and slutty when you do. Anyway, the other day I was driving to the mall. It was cold and raining a little out so I was wearing my skinny jeans but the thick 6 garter straps of the garter belt I was wearing where clearly visible pushing up from under my jeans. 

Diving down the main 2 lane road out of town there was a guy hitching he had a pack pack clearly a hiker. I felt sorry for him standing in the rain and cold so I pulled over. He ran to the SUV opened the door. I told him to put his back pack in the back seat. As he opened the door he bent down to the ground. When he got in the front seat he held up a black high heel and a black petticoat. He said " these fell out on the ground: My eye opened wide "I have been looking for them" I said as i grabbed them and tossed them in the back seat. He replied "Must have been a good night" "Sure was started outside ended up on the back seat", "A boyfriend" he said "Nope a stranger I met at a gas station" All he did was let out a soft moan.

We looked at each other smiling, I told "I'm going as far as the mall In -------" he said "oh honey I know you will go further then that with the right guy" I giggled and let out a low "yup" We started talking and after a few minutes He said what color is you garter belt honey. looking down at the outline of the garter straps i said pink honey black stocking and black panties as well. slid my hand over to his thigh running it up and down. He placed his hand on mine as well and SNAP SNAP the as he pulled the straps up and let them go. Now my hand was running over his stiff cock. 

"Can I see" he asked i smiled "As long as I can also see" pushing my hand over his cock. He leaned up off the seat and pulled down his pants and his hard cock jumped out. MMMMMM as i wrapped my hand around it stocking it. 

With only a few miles till I reached the main highway I pulled off and turned around there was a boat ramp a few miles back that I have been out a few times. 

Pulling down the dirt road rubbing his cock and his hands rubbing my legs paling with my garter straps. I parked. took off my set belt and puled down my jeans. OMG he gasp seeing lingerie. He ran his hand over my stockings and snapped my garter straps a few more time. He put is thumb in the band of my panties and pulled them down. OHHHHHH how cute seeing my small bald smooth clitlit. He took it between his thumb and finger and started stoking it as i stocked his with my hand wrapped tight around it. 

Looking into each others eyes I said "WANT A BLOW JOB OR FUCK ME" he replied"BOTH" With in a few seconds I had his cock in my mouth sucking licking kiss it. Then taking the hold thing down my throat as he groaned and moaned/ slurping sucking his hand under my panties rubbing my ass. After a few minutes he yanked me off his cock drool hanging from my chin and lips. "BACK SEAT BITCH" he yelled. I got out and taking off my sneakers and jeans as he took off his boots and pants. I will mount you honey I said. He sat on the back seat I climbed in straddling him holding his ridged cock in one hand the other on his shoulder. YESSS i yelled as i guided the cock head in me. I humped it a little then WAM pushed down with all my night taking ever inch of it.

Riding his cock his hands now holding me around my waist. Face to face riding his cock up and down i bent forward and out lips met. His tongue instantly in my mouth. Making out like 2 school k**s as i fucked his cock bounding up and down. OMG OMG You are the best fuck I ever had OMG I"M GOING TO CUM he yelled and held me tight. I could feel the first gush of cum as it shot in me. he kept pulsating his cum in me. I started to grind a little in slow motions then started humping it a little as he flowed the remained of his load. My little clitit had been leaking spilling my slut cum on his groin as I fucked him. We continued to make out and he reached down to my clitlit feeling my wetness. MMMM he moaned lifted his hand braking from our kiss and placed his wet hand to my lips. I slicked my juices from it sucking his fingers. Naught Slut he said as I pulled off his cock slowly. as soon as the head fell out a flow of cum followed, I quickly got off hi spun around to the side and took his cum covered cock in my mouth licking and sucking it dry, every drop in my mouth licking his balls lapping up every drop I could get. 

I reached in the front seat getting my panties and put them on as his cum dripped out of me. Making sure they would get soaked as the cum leaked out. 

We got out dressed and continued on our way. He kept caressing me telling me what a great fuck and blow job I was, All I could do was smile and say thank you. 

We got to the main highway and I stopped for he was going in the other direction as I was. We kissed again I bit my bottom lips and smiled as he walked away. 

I continued to my destination and as I strolled through the mall feeling my wet cum soaked panties and making sure everyone could see my garter straps under my tight skinny jeans. Even got a few guys pushing against me and pats on my ass and "very nice hon". I so love picking up stranger and YEA I found my heal and petticoat.