"Adult Stories" Walking the Dog

Adult Stories Walking the Dog
I have a dog. He is my best friend and a reason to get out of bed in the morning, otherwise I may succumb to my own depressive nature. He needs a good walk three times a day, and it gets me to engage with other dog walkers, making pleasant conversation on the weather and such. Over the course of a few months, I would regularly meet up with a chap I shall call 'Bill' in the woods. Our dogs got on famously, and we would talk at length of the sad state of our football team, as well as current topics and such like. 
Bill had been retired for a few years, but recently took on a rescue dog for the same social reasons as myself, as well as the companionship. Despite his advanced years, Bill was still in good shape; lean, a decent head of hair (more than can be said for myself!) and a man of learning and sophistication. Indeed, I learned that Bill was a well travelled man, spending time in the middle east as well as south east Asia in his youth. Our walks through the woods always seemed to fly by, but when I would check the clock once back at home, nearly 2 hours had passed!

Well, earlier last year, I took my dog out for his last walk of the evening, just as dusk was descending. I met Bill sitting on a bench a short distance along the gravel path as I walked through the woods. We gave each other our usual greetings and we headed deeper into the forest, our dogs running ahead. I had been drinking in the house since the early afternoon, and I was feeling quite jovial by this point. The cooler evening air certainly wasn't helping me to sober up, either. A few hundred yards in, and I got an uncontrollable urge to pee.

'God! I can't hold it any longer!' I said to my companion. 'I've got to have a piss!'

He laughed, and told me to go behind a tree and relieve myself. So, I ventured a few yards off the path and unzipped myself and had a wonderful, soothing release of pressure on my bladder. As I shook the last few piss drops from my penis, I noticed Bill, stood there, staring intently at my cock. As soon as I was aware that he was staring at me, and it, I felt my member fill up with a bit of blood. Nowhere near a full erection, but it wouldn't take much coaxing to get the old fellow to full mast! I put myself away and rejoined Bill and our dogs.

'Looks like you've got a good portion of meat in your pants!' he casually remarked.
I was a bit shocked, but I was also flattered. I won't deny that I found him attractive, but I never picked up on any of his mannerisms that he was a fan of the pink oboe. It was like a bolt from the blue.
'Seen many trouser snakes then, Bill?' I jokingly enquired.
'Oh, yes. Especially in my younger days.' he said with a wistful glint in his eye.
Well, well. I never would have guessed. That would explain his time in the likes of Thailand.
Perhaps it was the alcohol in my system, but I felt quite bold, and the blood flowing slowly to my cock was giving me a sense of urgency.
'Do you want to play with mine, then?' I said to Bill, looking for his reaction.
A grin crossed his lips. 'It's been a while, but I'd love to!' he professed.
We left the gravel path and ventured into the undergrowth, finding a number of shrubs to conceal ourselves amongst whilst our dogs frolicked in the dying light.

I unzipped my trousers, unbuckled my belt, released my top button on my trousers and pulled both my pants and underwear to the floor in one motion. My cock raised itself away from my body, and I pulled back my foreskin to reveal my reddened and engorged tip. Bill's hand came out to gently encase my cock, and I delighted in the warmth of his palm as it slowly caressed my sensitive member. Slowly he masturbated my cock, putting in a little twist halfway up my shaft, making my whole manhood feel even more sensitive.
'You've still got it, Bill.' I gently spake. 'That feels wonderful.'

Indeed it did. It may have just been a hand-job in the woods to a casual observer, but for me, on the receiving end of his amazing manipulations, it was pure Heaven. The skillful old goat would be drawing a load out of me before long. The earlier alcohol was delaying my usual urgency to cum, but it couldn't hold back the tide forever. As Bill slowly, and expertly, fondled my cock, he was rubbing his own member through his pants. I reached out my own hand to rub his cock through the material. He felt hard, alright.
'Take your cock out, Bill.' I said. 'Let me do the same for you.'

He removed his hand from my highly aroused member, and proceeded to release himself from the constraints of his trousers and underwear. My eyes were transfixed on his groin, wondering what lay in his underwear. When he pulled down his checked boxer shorts, he revealed a short cock of about 5 inches in length, circumcised, with a small tip, but a thick girth to his shaft, which still had some big blue veins hiding just beneath it's surface. My mouth began to salivate looking at that juicy cock, and wondering what his man-milk would taste like from his big, hairy balls.
'Mmm. Can I suck it?' I almost pleaded with him.
He burst out laughing. 'Of course, son. Get your laughing gear around it!'

I sunk to my knees and guided my friend's cock towards my mouth with my right hand. I slowly ran my tongue over and around his small tip, before gently lapping at the exposed skin all around his glans, feeling his cock twitch and jerk in my hand and on the end of my tongue. Then I devoured him. Totally. I stuck out my tongue and ran it along the length of his scrotum whilst holding his fat cock in my mouth. Then I went to work on him. I didn't start off slowly and build up a steady rhythm; I quickly bobbed my head back and forth, caressing the underside of his cock with my tongue, swirling my tongue around his glans at the top of the stroke, before quickly devouring him once more. His cock was a perfect size, too. Just big enough to fill my mouth without setting off my gag reflex. I watched as it glistened in the dying light, before being consumed by my hot and cock hungry mouth.

Bill did very well. He must have lasted about 5 minutes before I got the taste of something sweet and runny coating my tongue. I knew he would be cumming soon. I couldn't exactly raise the pace, as I'd started out at full pelt to start with. But within a minute, I would get my reward of a mouthful, and bellyful of thick, creamy cum from his aging balls. I kept his cock in my mouth, running my tongue around his meatus, drawing the last few drops of spunk from his softening cock. When he had no more to give me, I took his almost soft cock from my mouth, ran my tongue over his glans one last time, and then placed a gentle kiss on his shaft.

I stood before Bill once more, my tip already glistened by my own pre-cum, and his hand encased me once again. Slowly, he wanked my cock, putting in that twist that heightened my senses. His other hand came round to cup my scrotum, and he expertly rolled my balls around with his gentle fingertips. Within a couple of minutes, despite the booze in my system, I was verging on the edge of my own orgasm. My breathing became erratic. I moaned to Bill that I was going to cum. He stepped out of the firing line. The tingle in my backside had started. My body shook, almost uncontrollably, and I felt my balls rise towards my abdomen as the first wave of spunk flew from the tip of my penis into the surrounding shrubbery. Bill's hands worked quicker as he drew wave after wave from my balls, until finally, I had nothing left to give, and my cock began to slowly lower itself and return to it's normal, unexcited self.

'That was fucking amazing!' I blurted out to my dog walking companion.
'You weren't too bad, yourself!' he retorted.
We laughed, and proceeded to make ourselves presentable. We called for our dogs, who came to our sides in a few moments, and we finished our evening amble around the woods.

When I tell my dog that we are going for a walk in the woods, he gets a bit excited. So do I!!