"Erotic Stories" DP with Andy’s wife

Erotic Stories DP with Andy’s wife
I was traveling to Charlotte for work and asked my college buddy Andy if I could stay with him since he lived in there. I got to his house late at night via Uber from the airport. He was awake but his wife Kelcy was sleeping already. We hung for about an hour with some beers before we both went to bed. 

Some background: Kelcy was a friend of mine from high school that I had set Andy up with. Me and Kelcy used to flirt a bunch in high school but were friends, nothing more. Though she did used to sit in my lap at the lunch table and grind on my lap to feel my chubby. We never really talked about our sexual attraction though. 

The next day I took care of business matters. When I got back to Andy’s house he asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner with him and Kelcy. Sure, why not. 

After a while at dinner, somehow the topic of unfulfilled sexual fantasies came up. 

Andy asked me, “What’s your fantasy?”

Me and Andy had joked about double teaming girls in college but it never happened. But since we had joked before I decided to be forthright and say, “Double penetration. From porn it seems like it feels so good for everybody.”

Kelcy shot a look at Andy and then looked back at me and said, “That’s one of our fantasies too! We’ve actually been practicing at home with a dildo.”

It was awkwardly quiet for a moment. Kelcy and Andy were looking at each other for another second when Andy said, “Would you want to try it tonight?”

What!!! I had to keep cool. “Uh, sure,” I stammered out. 


We got back from the restaurant and Andy poured some wine for us. We sat on the couch getting tipsy with awkward glances and random sex talk for about 20 mins. Then Andy said “Should we talk about doing this?”

Kelcy excitedly replied, “Yes!!”

Andy suggested we start by getting naked and watching some DP videos from the Internet together. He set up so their computer cast to the TV in their living room. I sat on one end and Kelcy sat on the other. After getting a video going, Andy sat down in between us. 

This video showed an amateur trio on a bed. We watched in silence for a few minutes as the porn action got going. The girl was sitting with one guys cock in her ass waiting eagerly for the other to approach the bed and enter her pussy. Upon seeing this set up, Kelcy stated, “I want to do it just like that.”

After hearing that, I was so aroused. I think Andy was too. We could both tell she was really feeling this. I started to stroke my already-throbbing cock. Taking a cue, Kelcy took Andy’s cock in her left hand and started stroking him. She also began playing with her clit. 

We went like this for about 2 minutes. I really had to slow down jerking, almost come to a stop. Just watching the video was hot enough, let alone seeing Kelcy and Andy naked and playing with each other.

Then Kelcy dropped Andy’s cock and said “I’m ready to give this a try.” 

Andy asked, “Ok, so who should be on the bottom?”

Kelcy replied, “I want to look you in the face while we do this, so let’s have John get on the bottom.”

I can’t remember the last time I did anal! 

“John, lay down on the floor,” Kelcy instructed.

I quickly obliged, laying on the floor and holding my extremely hard cock upright in ready position. Kelcy stood up. “Ok, I am going to sit on John’s cock and we are going to ease our way into the anal part. Andy, you just jerk and watch while I adjust.”

“Ye m’am!” Andy said.

Kelcy turned around with her back to me. She quickly looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. “Ready?”

“I think so,” is all I could get out. 

She turned back around, looked down and lowered herself to my cock. She stopped with her asshole right at the tip of my dick. She looked up at Andy, who was holding his cock but had stopped stroking and had some precum leaking out. Then she slowly pushed the weight of her body down onto my cock, which was rock hard. Holy shit! Her ass was so tight and warm. I suddenly realized I wasn’t going to last very long in there. But I didn’t want to say anything and spoil the moment. She got about halfway down my cock when she came back up. She repeated that a few times slowly. Then, she dropped all the way onto my cock and leaned back with her hands and legs straddling me. She just sat there and started playing with her clit again. “Andy, it feels so good! I think I’m ready for you to enter my pussy.”

At that, Andy stood up. He approached us and then got down on his knees. He shuffled his way between her (and my) legs. I couldn’t see what was happening but I felt it! I felt his cock start to enter her pussy. I could feel it through the wall of her ass. Everything just got tighter. They both moaned. I held my breath - for a second I felt like I was going to cum. 

Then Andy slowly started stroking her pussy with his cock. Given our position there wasn’t a lot I could do so I just lay there. I craned my neck so I could see their faces. They were in ecstasy, as was I. Andy stroked her pussy for about a minute or so longer when her breathing started to pick up. “Guys,” Kelcy said, “this feels so good. I think I am going to cum soon!” Good, I thought, me too. 

The porn was still playing but by now it had switched to a bukkake video. Fuck, I thought. This video is going to make me cum even quicker. So I looked away. However I looked up and saw that she was watching the video intently while Andy was plowing her. She started playing with her clit again. Then it happened. She started cumming. She started making all kinds of noises as her ass and pussy contracted from the orgasms. I felt myself approaching orgasm too. Before I knew it, Andy proclaimed “Fuck I’m gonna cum too” and pulled out and started stroking his cock. He came all over her pussy and my balls. I could few his warm cum hit my balls and land on my legs. Kelcy then started bouncing up and down on my cock. That was it. 

“Unggh I’m cumming too” I blurted out. Kelcy kept bouncing and I started unloading my cum into her ass. I could tell that I had cum a lot. She kept going up and down until she could tell that I was finished.

Then she stood up, out of breath and red in the face. “That was amazing! Holy shit you guys came so much. Look at me!” She was right. Her entire pelvis area was covered with Andy’s cum and my cum was dripping out of her ass and down her leg.

The DP lasted no more than 5 minutes. We were all so aroused by it I guess. Kelcy went to shower while Andy and I got dressed and drank more wine talking about how hot that was. 

After Kelcy came back downstairs (completely naked!), she asked us if we wanted to watch more porn and discuss other fantasies. Of course, we agreed. 

We watched all kinds of porn - bukkakes, blowbangs, gangbangs. We had a lot in common it turned out. 

We didn’t DP again but after about an hour of watching porn and talking we did a three way mutual masturbation. Since Kelcy had showered she didn’t want us to cum on her so Andy and I just came on ourselves. After that we all decided it was time for bed. Before going upstairs Kelcy said to me, “Would you come back sometime if we set up a blowbang?”

“For sure! Any time!!” I replied. 

Needless to say, that wasn’t my last visit to Charlotte.