"Erotic Stories" Fucked my sons teacher in her classroom

Erotic Stories Fucked my sons teacher in her classroom
I fucked my sons teacher on her desk in her classroom. We had to be quiet because k**s were right outside the door. Though it was a unexpected encounter that lasted just five minutes or so, it had been hoped for two months ago when I met her. It started last year when she was introduced to me at the end of year awards assembly. I was talking to the principal when he introduced three or 4 teachers that would teach 5 grade next year and one would be my sons new teacher. One was a sexy Mexican another a sexy young blond with big breast and a nice little ass. The other ones typical 60 yo old teachers. I hoped that one of the sexy ones would be my sons teacher. As it turned out it was the blond, we will call her Amber. 

Amber and I met again during registration. She said "oh your the principal's friend I remember you." And its hard to forget you Amber I replied. " Better be good to my boy or I'll have your ass"!. She was shocked and her mouth flew open, I just laughed and said "meaning I will tell the principal, he owes me a favor or two. I then leaned in and whispered "besides your probably too young for me" Smiled and shook her hand and told her to take care of my boy as I walked away. As I walked out of the room I briefly glanced and noticed her standing there watching me leave. She probably had a smart comeback which I didn't let her get out. I next saw her one day picking up my son and noticed she had a nice lil ass. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a PHATTY or Donk, but it was a cute white girl butt. The second Friday of the school year I picked up my son and saw her nice lil ass in jeans as she was dressed really casually (look at pics 2 and 3 of her in jeans in the photo gallery). For some reason I snapped a couple pics of her. We waived and as I pulled up she said "nice car' and I said "you would look great in it". She started to blush and said something like "i better watch you". A couple days later I went to the local pub for a happy hour drink. Ironically I was meeting a wife I met on Xhamster and fuck from time to time who we will call Janet. Janet said she needed to see me and lets meet for a drink not just to fuck. Anyways I am sitting at the bar waiting for Janet and in comes Amber and 2 other teachers. We exchange pleasantries and she tells me how good my son is blah blah blah. I then tell her " I would offer you my chair but I am waiting for a female friend, plus you are here with your girls", and she surprised me by saying remember I am probably too young for you. I smiled and said good job with my boy TTYL. My friend came and of all things this bitch wanted to talk to me about the problems in her marriage. I am like yo I understand I enjoyed the sex and she is like "oh god no I am not trying to end it with you just needed to vent". I am Janet I am just a dick on the side not looking for anything else. And she is like ok well just fuck me. She said it a little too loud and the bartender and the other customers heard. She was like oh shit and meekly grinned and waived to everybody saying sorry. The thing is she waived and everybody saw the pearl cut diamond ROCK marriage ring. Anyways we have a drink or two then I take her in my car to the back of the parking lot and she gives me head before leaving. Two days later I have my son and go pick him up. Amber makes a point to come over and say something like "Mr Black you are baaaaad". And smiles and waives walking away. 

The next week the school had a fundraiser for athletics and she is serving. I noticed she is in daisy duke shorts and I like her little ass ALOT (look at picture 4). I mention to the principle that he is pulling out all stops with the girls in Daisy Dukes, and he says no I didn't want them to and thinking about sending them home. I'm like nah let a freak be a freak and he starts laughing and says "Derek don't fuck my girls" we laugh. Before leaving I walk over to her and say "remember I said something about having your ass 1st day of school, now I see it and I like"! She just blushes and says what about your married girl? I say set up a teacher conference for tomorrow or Wed. She is like ooooo k. 

True to form I get a email about 11am the next day and Amber is saying we need to have a conference to discuss my son. I agree for right after school as I don't have my son that day and his mother is picking him up. So I go in the school she walks me to the class and we chat a little and I then get up and sit on the edge of her desk as she is behind it. Here is our conversation

Amber: What are you doing
me: getting closer, you've been flirting with me a month why are you scared of me being closer
Amber: not at all but k**s are right outside
me: what would that stop us from doing
Amber: anything
me: what do you want to do
Amber: shrugs then laughs
me: stand up let me see that nice ass of yours
Amber: your married girl
me: she is married and I am here with you stand up turn around
Amber: ohhh ok 
As she stands and turns around I put my right hand on her waist and smack her ass with my left and she yelps

Amber: quiet k**s are right outside and coming in 15 min
me: then don't scream

I then stand up spin her around and grab her massive breast (look at pics 6,7,8,10 of her breast) and fondle them. I then suck on her neck and place her hand on my cock in my jeans. I suck on her neck and kiss her a little and tell her to pull out my dick. She pulls it out and plays with it for a minute and says

Amber: I want your cock

Right when she said it her country accent came out and for some reason I just started laughing. It was something in the way she said it. To this day I don't know what. Anyways I lean on the desk and push her down by her shoulders and she starts sucking on me (pic 5 yeah I know its bad). The head is horrible but I get hard rubbing my dick in her face and smacking her with it. I then pull her up and turn her around and bend her over the desk. She is like

Amber: omg we cant do it here, somebody might come in, do you have a condom, what if we get caught
me: shut up and bend your ass over
Amber: but but but wait i'm scared really

For some reason I start laughing again and my dick gets half soft. I rub her pussy a little then start fucking her (watch 1st s*******n seconds of the vid then stop) I fuck her for about 1 min and pull out my phone to record since I really am not into it. I then pull my dick out of her and have her go back down to sucking me. I had to HEAVILY edit the film for personal identifiers as I don't want Amber in any trouble. What you don't see is she goes down on her knees and starts acting scared again "what if the principle comes in" 

me: he's my old college football teammate, do you know how many lil white girls like you we fucked together in college
Amber: ehhhhh gross
me: you will not get into trouble now focus on this dick

Immediately she started blowing me better ( watch remainder of vid) then I bend her back over the desk and fuck her for a little. We had two knocks on the door during and when she was coming I had to cover her mouth. But we fuck for about 5 min then I nut on her back. Wasn't a big cumshot but it was a good one. We then get ourselves together exchange cell numbers and start talking louder so anybody outside would think she was in a parent conference. We then walk over to the door. The sexy Spanish teacher who was also at the bar is shocked when she realizes I am the parent Amber was in conference with. She looks at me kinda funny and I smile at her ( I want her next). After I get to my car she texts me that the Spanish teacher knows everything. I was like how?

Amber: I told her I was going to fuck you when we ran into you at the bar. Us teachers we have PIWF.
me:PIWF what the fuck is that
Amber: Parents I would fuck
me: so is was the mark
Amber: I told her I would fuck you before she could
me: OHHHHH shit yall crazy lmao. So she wants the dick
Amber: I told her it was good and that I am fucking you again tonight
me: lol

At that moment I knew I was going to fuck the shit out of the Spanish teacher also. I will tell that story when it happens. I tell her to send me some sexy pics etc and she sends me pics 6,7,8,9,10,11,12. We meet up later that night. She has some sexy panties on and I smack her ass a little and pull out my phone and snap a pic (picture 1). She screams omg what are you doing you. I put away the phone and bend her right over the couch and punish the pussy. We have now fucked 4 straight days. I am on the plane headed to the Vegas office so I wont hit it for a week. Maybe she will let me film next session. This is a true story please watch the vid read the story and look at the pics for it all to make sense. Again I share my exploits with you for your enjoyment. I know I am not a professional video guy but I hope you enjoy.