"Erotic Stories" A fun night with my GF

Erotic Stories A fun night with my GF
Like every Friday night lately me and GF come home from the bar where we had several drinks and chats with some friends of ours. 

As I close and lock the front door my GF (who's already quite tipsy by now) immediatly walks to the fridge to get some more drinks. I shout that I'll be in the bedroom and to bring a glass for me as well.

As we watch some television and drink our glass of wine on the bed me and gf already start to stroke eachothers legs and giggle to each other. It's already been like a week since we last did sex together, and every friday the urge to enjoy each other ish at it's top. 

As the movie that we were somewhat watching ends gf decides that she wants to go for a shower before she snuggles into bed with me. Apparently she wasn't too drunk to go for a shower, though I couldn't say the same for myself.

I watch her and smile to her as she takes of her clothes in front of me. She slowly unclips her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts. Then she slides down her black thong, and I get already excited about the idea of sniffing them deep into my nose.

As she goes into the shower and I hear her turn it on. I immediatly grab the black panties out of the laundry basket to smell them. A feeling of satisfaction and warmth runs through my body as I keep inhaling her lovely smell. My excitement and lust for her grows with the second and for a moment I consider joining her in the shower. 

However, I'd rather just have fun with her in bed. So I took of my black top and pants. Took of my underwear and took some sexier lingerie out of my closet to wear instead. It was a black thong and black bra (not my most sexiest outfit, but I wanted to wear it again since we had good memories with it)

As she came back from the shower with a towel around her body and one for her hair to dry I watched her while I was laying down under the blankets. I pulled up the blankets and told her that there's a spot free for a sexy beautiful lady like her. As she entered the bed naked and we both were under the blankets our hands ran over each others body. She felt my lace lingerie and smiled as I started touching her butt and her amazing hard nipples.

I pushed the blankets away from us and pushed her down as I get on top of her. We started kissing and her hands went all over my body. I told her to sit down and enjoy herself as it was her turn to be pleasured. I slowly went down on her. Kissing her lips, than her neck, licking and kissing her breasts, kissing her tummy and then reaching her gorgeous vajay. As I took my first lick on her I already felt that she was quite wet herself. She must've got pretty excited as well by now. I slowly licked her clit and put a finger into her. Her moans were beautiful as always and a true motivation to keep pleasing her more. I licked her more and more and started to go faster in and out of her with my finger. Her moans getting louder and louder. She grabbed the wine bottle took a drink and then poured some over her breasts which slowly made its way down to her vajay. The taste of her juices and alcohol made me want even more of her. While I was fingering her with one hand the other one was working on my own puss puss.

She then offered that it was my turn to be pleasured too. She got up and sat on her knees on the bed while I did the same. We kissed and touched each others body while she took of my bra and threw it away. Our breasts and nipples were now touching each other and we moaned and smiled as we made love together. We whispered some sweet things in each others ear as she went with her fingers into my panties while I licked her neck and hold her tight.

We then both went back down on the bed and started doing scissors. Our wet pussies rubbing over and against each other. She then grabbed one of my vibrators and put it on my clit. She just knows my weakspot so well. I moaned and breath heavily as I see her smiling and entering a finger in me. The excitement builded up so nicely. She entered another finger in me and went in and out of me rapidy fast and I couldn't hold back anymore. My moans were load and my juices flowed out like a river as I came. As I catched my breath she smiled to me and I knew I wanted to redo her the favour of cumming.

I made her lay down again and told her to give the vibrator to me now. She did, but not before she licked my juices of. After she put it out of her mouth I put it in mine and then moved it on her clit. She loved it and immediatly started shocking with her body. Her legs wiggling like crazy and holding tight of the pillows on the bed. I looked up and smirked to her as I now did the exact same what she did to me. I moved a finger inside of her gently and started going fastr and faster. Her moans getting loud as well, and her juices already wetting the bed more and more. As she reached her moment of pleasure she moaned my name and said she actually wanted me to stop. However, I had no intention of doing so. Juices squirted out of her and made both me and the bed even more dirty. As she started to calm down I licked her delicious juices from her puss. We then kissed for a while and both tried to catch out breath again. Our sweaty, dirty and wet bodies laying down to each other and we cuddled and kisses more. Then I remember we took another shot of the wine and we passed out before we cleaned the bed our ourselves.