"Erotic Stories" How I Became My Mom's Date

Erotic Stories How I Became My Mom's Date
My parents had gotten divorced just a little under two years now. I was in the Marine Corps at the time, when I received a letter from my mom telling me how my old man was having an affair with this bimbo that he worked with. My heart was heavy with grief for my mom. Especially when my old man would always tell me to respect, and honor women, and when you find the right one, don't ever do anything stupid to fuck that up! Sound words now full of shit coming from a guy who hurt my mom with no remorse.

I had been discharged from the Marines for three months now. I was living with my mom, until I could get back to civilian life. Seven years away in the military sure changes a lot of things. When I came home, I gained a lot of muscle weight. I wasn't a bodybuilder, having muscle on top of muscle. But I was pretty toned and ripped. Mom and my older sister Julie, couldn't believe how much I'd changed, physically and mentally. I left as an 18 year old boy, and returned as a 25 year old man. 

One day, Julie came to the house. I could hear her and mom having a conversation. Their voices had raised, giving me a better clue to what they were talking about. I exited my room, headed downstairs, to the kitchen where mom and Julie were having their heated discussion. 

"Hey!! What's going on? What's with all the yelling?" I asked looking at both of them.

"It's nothing." My mom said turning toward the kitchen sink. 

"Her and dad have been divorced for nearly two years now, and she's made no attempt to go out and meet anyone!" Julie said a little bit perturbed.

"I haven't been on a date since your father, and that was in high school, many years ago." Mom stated as she pulled the kitchen chair out and sat down.

"Well you can't just sit in the house becoming a piece of furniture. You're almost 50, that's still young in today's word." Julie said.

"I'm 48 thank you. But the dating scenes today are way different than when I was a teenager. And I don't really care for that online dating crap. Too many fake people on there." 

"How would you know that mom?" I said breaking into the conversation. 

"Because your Uncle Richard said he went on a few of those sites, and there would be women who would contact him, saying they didn't live that far away from him, only to find out they were from some African country. I think he said Ghana, or some place like that. Then he said after a few days, they would come up with this bullshit story that one of their family members was in the hospital, and needed money or the doctor's wouldn't treat them. That's when he said bye-bye to them, and these dating sites." 

"Huh!! I never knew that. Good info to know. I sure as hell won't go on an online dating site." I said

"Well mom, you still need to go out. You can't just sit here and wait for dad to come running back to you." Julie huffed. 

"Then Julie, why not take mom out to a bar or something. Mom can dress up real nice like she did when she went out with dad. Then she could talk to possible suitors."

"What do you say mom? We can go this Friday." Julie said. 

"Oh.....Alright. But like I said. I'm very rusty at this. I'm not a lovesick, wide eyed, teenager anymore."

"It'll come back to you. You may even get lucky." Julie said laughing.

"I'm not going to have sex with the first guy I meet!" Mom retorted.

"I was only joking mom." Julie said shaking her head. 

Friday night came fairly quickly. Mom came downstairs wearing a light pink camisole over a tight white, almost sleeveless shirt, and a denim mini skirt. She also had on fishnet stockings, and brown velvet boots. Her long brown hair flowed down her shoulders, and rested on her back. She had on just the right amount of make-up, making her look 10 years younger. I gave her one of those cat call whistles as she came down the stairs. 

"Why thank you Paulie. Even though you're my son, I'l take that whistle." She said with a smile. "How do you like it?" Turning 360'. "Is it too much?"

"Mom you're freaking hot!!" I said trying to hold in the drool. It's too bad I'm your son. I'd go out with you."

"You are such a sweet young man." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Julie honked her horn indicating that she had arrived , and was waiting for mom. 

"Wish me luck Paulie. I'm going to be a nervous wreck."

"You'll be fine mom. You go have some fun."

I watched my mom walk out the door. I could see how her clothes hugged her very hot bod. Even as a tough Marine, I didn't have the guts to let her see the boner that was growing inside my pants.

Several hours went by before I saw mom walk into the house. The look on her face said it all. She wasn't too happy, and felt either uncomfortable going out, or felt disappointed that she didn't click with anyone. 

"You're home early. Everything go alright?"

"No Paulie. It didn't. I don't know, I'm just not use to this dating game." She said removing her boots. 

"Mom, come with me."


"Just come with me." I commanded.

She followed me into the kitchen. I pulled out a chair, telling her to sit down. She sat down, and I pushed the chair closer to the table. Then I went to the liquor cabinet and made a couple of drinks. I gave her one,and I had the other. Then I turned on the radio, where she had her favorite station tuned in.

"Okay mom. This is a bar that has a band playing your kind of music. You're here having a few drinks, listening to the band, and having a good time. Now I'm someone who sees you, and takes a liking to you. I come up to you and I say. 'Hi....My name is Paul. I noticed you were sitting here all by yourself. Are you with anybody here? Are you waiting for somebody to meet you here?' Now what do you say?"

"Well I would say....."

"No ma." Cutting her off. Role play it. Don't tell me what you would say. Tell me what you're going to say."

"Hi Paulie. Sorry. I mean Hi Paul. I'm Sandy. It's a pleasure to meet you. No, I'm not here with anybody, and I'm not waiting on someone."

"Would you mind my company?"

"Yes I would like that. Would you like to sit and chat?" 

"See mom. You know what to do. Now you try that with me."

"Okay. Hi. My name is Sandy. I couldn't help but notice that you were sitting all alone. Would you like some company?"

"That was perfect mom. Why didn't you do that tonight?" 

"Because they were mostly babies. Even younger than you. I don't want to be referred as a cougar."

Over the radio, an old ballad from the seventies was playing. 

"Oh wow. This was the first song I slow danced to many years ago." She said swaying her body on the chair. 

I got up, extending my arm toward her. "May I have this dance?" 

She put her hand in mine, getting up off her chair. She put her arms around my shoulders, as I put mine around her waist. We were dancing to Eric Clapton's 'You look wonderful tonight'. Though an oldie, it was the perfect song to play. I did tell her she looked wonderful. and that she is wonderful. For some strange reason, I felt a warm flush come over me. My body temp started to rise as I slow danced with my mom. She got closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I began to softly sing the song to her. She held me tighter, enjoying my serenade. I was no Eric Clapton, but she didn't seem to mind my singing voice. 

The song was over within a few minutes. "I wish they'd play another ballad. I was enjoying dancing with you." I said to her. She let go of me and went upstairs. I poured a couple more drinks as she came back into the kitchen with a CD. She put the CD in and selected the song she wanted. She saw her drink on the table, and picked it up, gulping down a shot of Jack Daniels. A new song was coming out of the speakers. This time it was another old slow song by Lynard Skynard. 'Tuesday's Gone'. This one was a little longer, and it gave my mom and me more time to dance. I didn't know if there was a sublime message with this song. Did she choose this because of the duration time of the song? Was it that she missed dad, and like their marriage, was gone with the wind? It didn't matter. She held me close again. This time her singing to the music. 

As we danced, holding each other tight. My cock started to rise in my pants. It was rubbing up against her denim mini skirt. 

"Honey.....Is that a hard on I'm feeling?" She said bumping up against boner.

"Umm....Uhhh......" Feeling somewhat embarrassed that I was getting turned on by my mom.

"Can I touch it?" She asked me in a serious tone.

"What?? You want to touch it?" I asked now stunned.

"Yes. I want to touch it. I want to feel it in my hand." Really being serious. 

"You're serious aren't you?" 

"Yes I'm being serious. Show me your cock!!"

"What will you show me? Asking as if it was now a game.

"I'll show you my entire body." You can have my tits, my ass, my pussy. You can have me. Now show me your fucking cock!!"

My mom made me feel like I was back in basic training, being ordered by my DI to drop and give him 20 push ups. Looking her in the eye, I undid my pants, pulling them down until they fell to my ankles. My cock was pitching a tent in my white boxers.My mom squatted down in front of me, going at eye level staring straight at my hard cock. She pulled my boxers over my boner, and then down past my hips, letting them fall on top of my pants. 

"Now that's a nice hard cock." She said. Admiring the size and thickness of it. "Did the Marines help you get this big and strong like the rest of your muscled, physique body?"

"No ma That was like that long before I joined the Marines." I said getting excited as she held my cock.

"That's too bad. It would've made me appreciate the Marines even more than I do now." She said giggling.

She grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels off the table. She took a big swig, then putting down the bottle, shoved my cock into her mouth. 

Oh my fucking God!!.... My own mother is giving me a fucking blow job." 

Every inch of my body tingled, as if I was standing electrical wires. She held on to my muscular hips as she sucked the piss out of my dick. She really liked my cock in her mouth. And I was certainly enjoying her give me one hell of a blow job. I don't know what my dad saw in that hussy he had an affair with, but he was fucking stupid leaving this beautiful woman for a 22 year old gold digger. 

"Come on Paul. Let's go upstairs to my room."

I pulled my pants up, turned off the radio, as she grabbed some more liquor. Turned off the kitchen light, and headed upstairs. We entered her room, where she turned her light on, put down the bottle of liquor and shot glasses, lit some candles, then turned off the light. She poured the liquor into the shot glasses. We clanged the glasses, and gulped down it's contents. 

The flames of the candles flickered in her beautiful blue eyes. I put my hands on each side of her face, caressing her soft slightly made up face. Her breathing became short and fast as she felt the warmth, and strength of my hands. Her eyes closed as her mouth opened, waiting for me to embrace her lips with a hot passionate kiss. I gave her soft, easy pecks, kissing her bottom lip, then going full. My tongue split her lips, contacting hers. Her lips swelled, making them very soft to the touch with mine. With the combo of alcohol, and nearly two years of pent up sexual frustration, she was itching to have a major orgasm. 

I slid her camisole off her shoulders, letting them fall to her bent elbows. She then took it off tossing it on her chair. She wasn't wearing a bra under her tight whit shirt. I could see the outline of her dark red areola's through her semi see through shirt. As she took off her mini skirt, I noticed that she was actually wearing a one piece outfit. Like the kind gymnast wear. But here, she was also wearing no underwear. Mom was indeed hoping to score tonight, even though she told Julie she doesn't have sex with the first guy she meets. Off came her boots, then her fishnet stockings. Her legs were beautiful and sexy. They were flawless in every way. They were very curvy, nice and smooth, and no varicose veins. While she stripped her clothes off, I did the same, removing my clothes, standing fully naked in front of my mom. 

Her face lit up as she scanned my muscular toned body. She nodded in approval, satisfied with what she was seeing. I too was impressed with my mom's body. Her tits were very perky and pout. Her nipples were hard and erect. Her pussy was covered by a nicely trimmed bush. Seeing her naked, you would never in a million years think she was 48.

We got on her bed, kissing passionately again. 

I lowered myself down, staring at her nice rack. I squeezed them both together, licking in between the crevice of her tits. Then I sucked on both her nipples. She moaned with pleasure as I did this. Her tits were soft to the touch, but firm in stature. I sucked real hard on her nipples, turning them into a dark shade of purple. Once I was done with her tits. I lowered down even further. I began kissing her around her pussy. Her clit peered out below her smooth bush. I opened my mouth, enveloping her wet pussy. My tongue was all over her twat, licking from her labia to her clit. Her hips swayed as my tongue massaged her pussy. She was enjoying every minute of me eating her out. Her orgasms were swift and fierce. At times she looked like the girl from the Exorcist. Maybe not as severe, but you get the idea. 

"Oh God!! Fuck me Paul!! Stick that cock of your's inside me."

I did as she said. I raised myself up until my cock felt her wet twat. I looked her in the eye, knowing that I was about to do what every straight son would fantasize doing with their hot mom. Fuck her brains out. My hard cock had no problem getting in my mom's pussy. It slid in nice and easy separating the thin skin of her labia, filling her tight vagina. 

"Oh baby.....That feels so good." She said wrapping her arms tight around me.

"Oh wow mom! You have a nice tight pussy. It does feel so good. I want to cum in you. Is that okay? Asking like a little boy.

"Yes, yes. Cum inside me. Fill me up."

I fucked my mom hard and fast. I was really enjoying fucking her. Hearing her moans, and feeling her kisses and hot breath on my neck. Just the fact of screwing my mom got me very excited. My cock felt like it was getting bigger. It seemed it was getting stretched to the max We both moaned as we fucked under candlelight. I hoisted my torso up, using my arms as leverage support. I arched my back downward, giving her every inch, with every thrust. It wasn't long before I shot my load, in her hot tight cunt. 

"Ahhhhh!!" I said after the first load coated the walls of her vagina. Then another sigh of relief when the second shot came out. Then a third short one. My cock oozed out the remainder, filling her cunt with my sperm. 

We laid there on the bed, me on top still pumping my cock in her pussy. Within 10 minutes, I was hard again, and did it all over again.

"I'm never going to forget this wonderful night Paul."

"Me neither mom. Me neither. Fucking her even harder.