"Erotic Stories" How I Became My Mom's Date Final Chapter

Erotic Stories How I Became My Mom's Date Final Chapter
Julie stood there with her hand over her open mouth as Sandy and I broke apart. She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. She stared at my cum soaked cock, and then looked as our mom closed her robe, and pulling it down, covering her ass, and pussy. 

"My God!!! What the fuck is going on here?!" I can't believe I just saw my brother screwing my mother!!" She said giving us an evil, angry stare.

"Don't you know how to knock?!" My mom said angrily. 

"I did. Apparently you couldn't hear it with all the moaning's you guys were making." Damn it Paul. Would you put your cock back in your underwear!" 

"Why? You use to like seeing it when we were younger."

"Wait! What??? You saw his cock? When did this happen?" Mom asked.

"On my sixteenth birthday." I answered. She gave me a birthday blow job."

"Oh really? Mom said looking at her blushing, embarrassed, daughter. 

"That's not all, on her eighteenth birthday, we had sex. Didn't we sis?!"

"Ohhhhh! So it's okay for YOU to have sex with your brother, but when he has sex with me, it's a whole different story." Mom said chuckling. 

"I'm sorry mom. I guess I just wasn't expecting to walk in on this."

"Just one question. Did you and your father ever....."

"No mom. He never touched me." Julie said cutting her off. 

We all sat at the kitchen table sorting and explaining the situation with Julie. She like me, wanted mom to be happy. When she heard how much we really loved each other, she came to terms that we were perfect for each other. 

"Who better than the two of you to know about one another. Same with Paulie and me. We know what we like and don't like. What makes us feel good and what turns us on." Julie said.

"Are you turned on by Paul, Julie?" Mom asked. 

"He is very handsome, and he still has a nice dick." Julie answered raising her eyebrows several times.

"Yes he is. And you don't have to tell me how nice of a cock he has. I already know." Mom said stroking my arm. 

Sandy stared into my eyes for a few moments. Then without even looking at Julie, asked her this question;

"You want to make your mother happy Julie?"

"Yeah mom. I always like to see you happy." Julie answered.

"Okay. Then prove it. Let me see how you suck your brother's cock!" 

"WHAT???? Acting surprised. 

"You heard me. Let me watch you suck his cock!" She commanded.

Julie was hesitant. She really didn't know if mom was k**ding or not. I knew she was dead serious. She wanted to watch Julie blow me. Even my cock was getting hard again listening to mom ordering her to blow me. She slowly got out of her chair, and walked toward me. I moved the chair, so that way she was able to kneel in front of me. It also gave Sandy a great side angle view, to watch Julie give me a blow job. 

She knelt down placing her hands on my legs. She rubbed the insides of my thighs, pushing her fingers up the leggings of my boxers. Then she rubbed my cock, one hand after the other. I slid down the chair a bit, getting aroused by her soothing glides over my cock. From there, she reached into the slit in my boxers, pulling out my dick. It still glistened with my mom's cum. Julie began to stroke my shaft, while kissing my crimson hood. She looked over in mom's direction, watching her put one leg on the table. She pulled her robe up, exposing her wet cunt. Julie was getting horny now too. She lifted up her purple shirt, showing off her black laced bra. It barely covered her C-cup tits. Half her areola's were visible, and her pouting nipples were resting just above the laced bra. 

She kept staring at our mom. Without warning, she shifted herself, putting her face in between Sandy's legs. 

Oh my God! Julie! What are you doing?" Mom gasped.

"I want to eat you out mom." She answered. I want to taste your fucking pussy!"

Without delay, Julie tongued Sandy's cunt. She tilted her head back moaning as Julie licked her clit. Seeing Julies ass tightening her sweat pants, I got up, lifting her up by her waist. She was bent over, eating out our mother as I pulled her sweatpants and thong down. Taking off her sneakers, I pulled her pants off one leg at a time. Once off, she got back down on her knees. I knelt behind her, sticking my cock in her wet pussy. She moaned on Sandy's cunt as she felt me inside her. Mom was holding her head, as I fucked Julie doggy style. 

I kept looking at Julie's ass. Her butt hole was very inviting. I wanted to stick my dick in her ass so bad, that just thinking about it made my cock throb more. Her pussy was like mom's. It got very wet. Her juices gelled into a thick goo from the friction of my cock against the walls of her twat. I'd figure I give it a shot. Seeing how much she enjoyed eating out our mother, maybe she wouldn't mind anal. I took my cock out, sliding it up her crack. Then I slip it back in her pussy. I'd take it out, sliding it up her ass crack. Then squeezing her cheeks together, grind my dick up the crack of her ass. 

"So far, so good." I said to myself. She wasn't questioning my intent. "Maybe she felt I was going to cum on her back." I thought. 

I moved a little higher. My dick was now level with her little asshole. Carefully,I guided my cock to the entrance of her sphincter. Her ass clenched the moment she felt the tip of my cock hit her asshole. I pushed my cock harder, poking a hole through her tightened ass. She cried out when the head of my cock was now buried inside her ass. 

"What's wrong honey?" Sandy asked.

"He's in my ass Mom!!" Julie answered. "He's fucking me in the ass!!" 

"Paul!! Get out of her ass!!" 

"No Mom. I want him to fuck me this way. I'm just surprised he's doing it.That's all."

Hearing Julie say that made me know that I didn't have to be gentle with her. I fucked her hard and fast, trying to shove every inch of my cock up her shit hole. This also made Julie eat out Sandy even harder and wilder. Our fun got so intensified, that all three of us came at the same time. When I came, I squirted my cum all over my sister's back, even getting some on her bra. The floor where Julie knelt, had a small puddle of gooey cum. And Julie's chin, along with the chair mom was sitting on, was covered with Sandy's cum. 

After we were done, we washed up, and cleaned our mess of sex. We sat at the table, drinking coffee, and laughing about what we just did. 

"Boy, It's too bad your father wasn't here. He could've joined in the fun." Mom said chuckling.

"But just think mom. If dad didn't leave you , then you and Paul would've never had sex." 

"You're right dear. I'm glad your father did leave me for that 22 year old whore. I got a better man right here." Giving me a kiss. "And Julie, I don't mind sharing him with you. I don't care for anal sex, but you're more than welcome to let Paul do it to you."

"Thanks mom. And thanks Paul. That was fantastic!!" 

We talked for hours, making plans on when we could do something like this again.