"Erotic Stories" My first time

Erotic Stories My first time
Sexual curiosity came to me at a young age. I was curious about men and what their dicks looked like. My father worked nights and when my mother got up to make her morning coffee I would sometimes crawl into bed with him. I loved putting the sheets over my head and pretending to be invisible. 
I did this not knowing my father slept naked.My father was a stocky bear chub. When I climbed under the sheets I saw my father's penis which happened to be hard as he snored. I was in awe of it. His dick was about 7 inches, fat, hairy and veiny with a big hanging nut sack. As gross as this sounds I became attracted to it. I wanted to touch it and put it in my mouth when I saw his dick.

I was 12 we got a swimming pool. The skinny 13 yr old neighbor boy would come over and swim with me. I loved looking at the outline of his dick in his wet bathing suit. I loved wrestling him when we had our shirts off because i liked how my chubby belly feIt against his skinny body. I would "accidently" brush my arm against his dick.

One day in the swimming pool I told him to close his eyes because I had a surprise for him. When he closed his eyes I swam over to him. As I stood in front of him I gently rubbed his dick through his bathing suit. He opened his eyes and was surprised but then smiled and said I like that. He took his dick out and l slowly jerked his dick in the corner of the pool. My mom came out to the pool and I stopped. Afterwards we put dry clothes on and went into the woods behind my house to play. He said he had to pee and I asked if I could watch. He pulled his shorts to his ankles and showed me his dick as he pissed. I loved watching the golden stream come out of him. For a teenager he was hung. His balls were huge and his dick was long and skinny. As he finished, he was shaking his dick. 

I asked him if I could kiss it and he said yes. I bent over and kissed the tip of it. When i stood up he asked me if I wanted to do what he saw a woman do in a movie. He told me that she put in her mouth and went up and down sucking it like a piece of candy until it shot out white stuff in her mouth. He also said she licked and sucked on the guys nuts as well. He told me he would show me how and asked me again if I wanted to try it. I told him yes and said we could pretend I was a girl. We took each others clothes off. We held our nudes bodies against each other . He told me he was gonna french kiss me. He pressed his lips against mine and put his tongue my mouth. 

I returned the favor and we tongue wrestled for a few minutes He told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. He put his dick in my mouth and put his hand on the back off my head and slowly guided me up and down until i did it on my own. It was so long and I remember gagging when I deepthroated him. I loved how it tasted and felt in my mouth. He told me me to suck and lick his nuts. I licked them clean and sucked both of his nuts while he jacked off. He moaned and I felt his dick swell against my forehead. He shot his load all over my face and in my mouth. Like a good little fat boy I slurped and swallowed it all up. It was a massive load. I still remember how it tasted. 

It was warm, sweet and salty. Afterwards he said it was his turn to be the girl. He grabbed my fat stubby dick and made it hard.My dick is short so he was able to put it all in his mouth.His mouth was so warm and wet. I moaned as he sucked on the head of my dick and flicked it with his tongue. I exploded in his mouth. My first orgasm was so intense and amazing We became suck buddies and met several times in the woods until he got a girlfriend. I will always remember him.