"Erotic Stories" The Naive Odd Job Girl

Erotic Stories The Naive Odd Job Girl
The Naive Odd Job Girl: The sun was shining today and it was warm, I had spent the weekend clearing out and had a few boxes ready to go into the loft but needed help as I couldn’t get up the ladder, I decided to look through the local classified ads. There were a few people looking for odd jobs / cleaning work so I threw a few replies out there and sat waiting for a response.

Within an hour I had a mail back from a student names Sam looking for some work and I sent back my address and was told they would pop round for a chat later in the day, I replied back that I was in all day and would look forward to seeing them.

As the day wore on I decided to grab a quick shower, putting on a clean pair of white boxer briefs and my robe I decided to have a quick cuppa before getting dressed and wait for my visitor.

I decided to surf a bit of porn and totally forgot the time when the doorbell rang, shit, I wasn’t even dressed but thought I had better go.

As I opened the door I nearly had a heart attack as standing there was a young girl, I was transfixed on her, an average looking girl in a white shirt, unbuttoned a bit, small breasts. My gaze lowered to a short black skirt and white ankle socks and black pumps.

“Hello” she said, “I am Sam” I stuttered back to her something and invited her in. “I apologize for not being dressed” I said “I wasn’t expecting you yet” truth be known I was expecting a guy but I was in no way complaining. 

We walked into the lounge and she sat on the sofa, I sat in the chair opposite her. I saw her gaze looking at my bare legs and I think she could see me looking at hers, she had lovely legs. She was very pleasant and I explained that I wanted to put some boxes up into the loft but my ladder was not a good one so didn’t want to do it alone, she looked at me and said it was not a problem and she would be glad to help. We agreed a price and as she was in no hurry we had a drink of cold lemonade and chatted. I offered to go get dressed and she told me not to worry, I was happy with that.

My mind was racing, at one point she bent down to tie her laces and I got a glimpse on her loose fitting bra which showed of her small boobs and I am sure I got a quick peek at her nipple, very nice indeed.

We talked a while and I learned a lot about her, she lived with her grandma, had no siblings and had never had a boyfriend, she had a very strict upbringing and in a way I was becoming a father figure having never had a male in her life and she was becoming very comfortable in my company.

After chatting for what seemed like hours we decided to go upstairs and get the boxes done, as I stood up my robe slipped open exposing my tight boxers, I couldn’t hide the excitement in me and I noticed her looking at me, “oops, sorry about that” I said as I fastened the robe again. She didn’t say a word but I could see from the look on her face that she liked what she saw, as she stood up her legs parted slightly and I got a quick peek at her lovely legs and panties; we headed for the stairs and I suggested she go up first, she stooped half way up to remove her footwear and again I was getting a lovely look up her skirt which I am sure she knew and seemed to be ok with, very nice.

We got to the top of the stairs and I showed her the boxes that had to go up and positioned the ladder. She looked a little scared as the ladder is not very good but I assured her that I would hold the ladder and even hold her so she would be safe. She seemed happy with that. I told her to take a few steps up and push the hatch to one side. I got behind her and held on to the sides of the ladder as she took the first couple of steps. We were very close and as she reached up to push the hatch I was about 2 inches from her sweet bottom, she lifted the hatch and as she pushed it forward her skirt raised and her panties were right at my face, at that time the ladder wobbled and my face and her bottom came into contact, I could smell the sweetness. I apologized for the contact and her only response was to not let her fall. 

As I passed the box up to her I suggested that I hold her hips to steady her further, an idea that she accepted. I asked her to stretch and push the boxes as far as she could and as she did that her ass was pushing further into my face, her panties had pushed slightly into her crack and my nose was right there. I could feel myself getting rock hard by now and as I passed the last box to her my robe again fell open and I couldn’t hide that fact, I again saw her looking. She took the box and again stretched to push it into the loft, I held her hips slightly pulling her closer. As I did that I could feel her pushing back onto my face, with my tongue slightly protruding I could taste the slight wetness between her legs. We held that position for what seemed like ages but I know it was only a few seconds. As she pulled the hatch back into place and started coming down the ladder I held her close to me so she wouldn’t fall. She came down the last couple of steps and I could feel my hard cock rubbing against her. “Good job Sam” I said as we put the ladder back.

I asked her if she had to rush off and when she said “No” I suggested another glass of lemonade.

We retreated back to the lounge, she sat back on the sofa and I sat in the chair opposite. She thanked me for holding her on the ladder and apologised for pushing back so hard on me as she thought I couldn’t breathe, I told her it was fine as I just wanted to make sure she was safe, could she really be that naive? 

She had become very relaxed and told me that she loved my company, “Better than going back to my Grandma” she said. As we chatted, in such a relaxed atmosphere, I kept getting a few peeks up her skirt, she knew I was looking but made no effort to hide it. She told me she had never had a boyfriend and she had never seen a man in undies before, she again apologized for pushing her ass in my face. I told her not to worry as I was just steadying her and happy to do it and the fact she had no male figure in her life meant she was missing out. I told her it was perfectly normal for a ‘father and daughter’ to act like that, she seemed very relaxed with that.

“Would you like to see them again?” I asked her, “Could I?” she asked, “Only if you don’t mind” she continued. “Well, I guess it would be OK, seeing as you have never seen a guy in undies before” and I proceeded to stand up and take of my robe.

Her eyes lit up as I stood in front of her in just my undies, my cock was clearly visible through the fabric. “Wow, it looks so awesome” she said. As her eyes were transfixed I could feel myself getting harder. I walked over to her and stood close so she could get a closer look, “Why does it get bigger?” she asked. I told her it was nothing to worry about as it happens to men. I did a twirl for her so she could see the back too and she was very happy to see her first semi nude guy. I asked her if she would let me have a close up of her in her underwear too, she asked me if it was ok to do that, “Of course it is, it is only fair as you are seeing me” I said.

She stood up and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, I could see the lovely flesh of her flat stomach and her tiny white bra, she undid her skirt and let if slip to the floor. “Wow, that is awesome” I said. “This is a good game” she said, giggling as we compared underwear, I suggested a closer look and she nodded. I got on my knees in front of her. Her panties were tight, I could see some pubic hairs coming out the side and clearly the outline of her pussy. I asked her to turn around so I could see her ass, she readily obliged and I could see she was enjoying the attention. Her panties were still slightly up the crack and I asked her to bend over slightly so I could get a better look.

I told her she had a lovely ass and I reached forward to pull them tighter up the crack, she didn’t seem to mind. She then told me that earlier when on the ladder it felt really good when my nose touched her, “Really? Would you like me to do it again?” “Yes” came the reply. I lent forward, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me, my nose pressed firmly against her butt hole, I felt her push back and give out a little moan. I moved my face up and down her crack with my tongue exploring her sweet bottom, she showed no resistance so I gently pulled her panties to one side and began to probe he ass with my tongue, I found the spot and gently pulled her cheeks apart and slowly pushed my tongue deep into her bottom. I felt her shaking and moaning and then I felt her pushing back which forced my tongue even deeper.

She kept saying how damn good it felt and I could feel myself bursting out of my boxers as I was so hard. She was breathing really heavily by now so I pulled out and slowly moved my tongue downwards towards her by now very wet pussy, as I entered her she gave out a loud moan. She pushed down on me and my tongue was now deep inside her and my nose firmly pressed into her ass. I sucked and flicked her clit and pushed my finger into her ass as I swallowed all her juices, she was trembling as she reached orgasm. I pulled away and stood up in front of her, my cock was now bulging and I beckoned her to pull my shorts off. She did without question and my cock sprung out in front of her face. I pulled her head towards me and slowly inserted my cock into her mouth. I pushed it right in and she seemed to take to it like a pro, sucking and licking and I even managed to push it right in up to the hilt, she choked a little but carried on with enthusiasm.

I pumped away fucking her face and she seemed to be enjoying it, slowly pulling out and then pushing it right back in again.

I knew I wasn’t going to last too long as having a nice warm young mouth around my cock was driving me crazy, she grabbed around my ass and seemed to be pulling me closer like she couldn’t get enough. Then without warning I felt her finger probing for my asshole, she found it and slowly started pushing her finger in, this sent me into a frenzy and I knew the end was near. We built up a rhythm and as her finger went in deeper so my cock went in deeper and she was taking the whole lot, would she swallow or would she spit? I had no way of knowing but I felt the build-up coming and then finally I let out an almighty groan as my hot spunk spurted out into her mouth, she pulled back and I ended up covering her face with my hot liquid.

After I finished I pulled away to catch my breath, I looked at her, she had cum all over her face, with her mouth open I could see she had a mouthful, she took a big gulp and swallowed what was in there, “Just like drinking a smoothie” she said as I could see a contented look on her face.

I suggested that Sam use the bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed. I put my robe back on but didn't see the need to put shorts back on as I was going to have a shower after she leaves. I made a fresh batch of lemonade and sat and waited for Sam. 

Sam came back soon after and had a cheeky grin on her face and sat again on the sofa to drink her lemonade. She looked radiant, as she sat I could still get a look at her lovely legs and a glimpse of her white panties, she was a truly wonderful girl. 

I asked her how she felt and if she had enjoyed her visit to me today. She told me she had experienced tingles and feelings that she had never felt before and was amazed at how good it felt. 

I asked her if she enjoyed me cumming in her mouth and over her face, she said she was amazed at how fast it came out and how much there was which is why she pulled back but in fact she loved the taste, just like a smoothie she said. 

Having been raised by her grandma and went to an all-girls school she had never had any interaction with boys and I was the first guy she had seen naked and was fascinated by the size and shape of my cock and how it got hard and even more so how it squirted. All of these things she couldn't ask at home and I told her I was glad she had that attitude and would gladly help her with anything moving forward. 

I paid her for what she had done plus a little bonus and she seemed very happy, she asked me if she could come back again, just for a chat and if there was any jobs to do like cleaning or washing up then she would like to do it for me, I told her she was welcome any time and the fact that she lived a few streets away made it easier. She told me she used messenger and we exchanged ID's and agreed to keep in touch that way so that her grandma wouldn't know. 

Time was pressing now so we agreed to chat online, we had a big hug and she left with a big smile on her face.