"Erotic Stories" Step Granddaughter's Helping hand

Erotic Stories Step Granddaughter's Helping hand
It's been about a month now since I had knee replacement surgery. I was a divorced, single man living in a two bedroom apartment, suitable, and affordable for a senior citizen. My c***dren were all grown with families of their own. My son and his family lived about a ten minute's drive away. He was the closest one to where I was living. 

My son married a woman ten years his senior. She had c***dren from a previous marriage, plus two from my son. Her daughter Amber still lived at home with them. Right after I had my surgery, I stayed with my son for a few days. Though I didn't mind staying there, I missed the comforts of my own place. It got too noisy with the k**s running around, or screaming at the top of their lungs, or the slamming of doors. The one thing I did enjoy about being there was the helpful Miss Amber. She would come into my room to fluff up my pillows, or help me walk around, holding me as I tried to get my leg strength back. She was always curious seeing my stitched up knee.She liked changing the dressing, so she could see where the doctors cut me open. 

She was also very attractive. She had gorgeous long blonde hair, with strands of pink all around her head. She stood 5' 7", with a sleek, slender body. She liked to wear low cut shirts to show some cleavage with her B-cup breasts, and hip hugging blue jeans, or yoga pants to show her curvy hips. and slender, streamline legs. Whenever I saw her, my cock would rise up as if it wanted to meet her personally. Especially when she would touch my leg. 

When I finally went home, I was happier than a pig in mud. Amber also came along to help out. She had talked to her mom and my son about coming over a couple days a week to help me with house cleaning and stuff. They both agreed to let her do this,and I was thrilled that she volunteered. 

After the stitches came out, My knee no longer had that tight feeling of my skin being pulled and twisted. My walking became better, though it was still hard for me to kneel, or squat. And with the use of a cane, was able to walk longer distances. 

Amber would come by every Wednesday and Saturday. Sometimes, she would sleep over staying Sunday as well. Whenever she came over, she would be in her tight black or light pink yoga pants. It was getting me horny as hell watching her bend over, or getting on her hands and knees, doing housework. Even after she left, I would think about her in those pants and jerk off until I came all over my hand. I wanted to fuck her, but didn't know how'd she would react. 

It was Saturday, and I knew Amber would be coming over soon. I was dying to see what she'd be wearing today. When she arrived, she was wearing my favorite black yoga pants, and a low cut tight pink shirt. As her usual custom, she'd walk in, giving me a peck on the cheek, and then want to sit with me to see the vertical scar on my leg. After that she'd go right to work. The best part of getting a hard on was when she would vacuum the floor. Once she finished vacuuming the main part of the carpet, she would use the hose adapter to get around the corners, and base boards. That's when her yoga pants would stretch, showing her white ass, and pink thong through the fabric. My cock was as hard as a rock now. I could feel the precum being squeezed out by my cock, wetting my underwear. My heart was pounding. I was building up the courage to get behind her. To wrap my arms around her petite waist. To let her feel my boner on her curvy ass. I was tired of jerking off after she left, or late at night, when she was sound asleep in the next room. 

She got up, stretching her back. "This was my chance." I thought to myself. With a heavy, deep breath, I walked up behind her. I pulled her close to me, wrapping my arms around her.

"Grandpa?" She said wiggling in my arms. "What are you doing?"

"Oh Amber. I can't help it. You're so fucking sexy. You really turn me on." Holding her tighter. 

"But grandpa. I'm way too young for you." Bending over and trying to wiggle out. 

When she did that, my cock pressed up right against her ass. That made my cock throb even more. As she wiggled, I slid my hand down her pants, feeling her hairy bush. She reared back, moaning as my fingers hit her clit. She closed her legs tight as I fingered her swollen clit. Her moans got louder and more intense as she squeezed my hand with her legs.

"Grandpa!! What are you doing to me? You're making my whole body tingle. My God!!! You're getting me excited." 

"That's what I want to do Amber. I want to get your body very excited. I want to make you tingle all over." 

"But why?" Still getting turned on by me rubbing her clit.

"Because everyday you come over, you wear such sexy clothes. Like these tight yoga pants. You make me horny every time, and I wanted you since day one."

I put my other hand up her shirt, squeezing her nice round boob. Her legs opened wider, letting me stick my finger in her twat. 

"Oooooo. My pussy. You're finger is inside my pussy." 

She stopped trying to wiggle out of my hold. She reached her arm back, grabbing me by the back of my head. She turned hers to meet mine, puckering her lips, kissing me on mine. I took my hand out of her pants, as she turned to face me.

"Goddamn it. I'm about to get laid by an old horny man." 

We went into my bedroom where we took off our clothes faster than two flies fucking. Her body was beautiful, lightly tanned, with narrow tan lines around her waist, and torso. Her tits were round,and stood out with no sagging. Her areola's were half dollar size, with little pointed nipples. My cock stood erect. Clear precum was leaking out, making a glazed stream down the head of my cock. She looked down, admiring the size and the hardness. I guess she never thought that a man my age could still be aroused without some kind of pill. 

She moved her hand to my erect boner. Gently she wrapped her long, slender fingers around it. My cock jerked upward as her fingers hit the sensitive nerves at the base of the hood. Gently she stroked it, hitting the bottom part of my small beer gut with the back of her hand. She seemed fascinated with the design of my cock. It had a large head, over two inches in height, and was the size of a half dollar at the base. The shaft was another four, to four and a half inches long. It may not have been porn star big, but it was pretty damn thick. 

She bent her back, placing her hands on my waist for support. She placed her mouth on my stiff boner, swallowing it down just past the head of my cock. She bobbed up and down, sucking on my head, while she tongue tickled my urethra of the precum that was oozing out. I closed my eyes as she gave me a blow job. It's been a long time since my cock got one, and I was definitely enjoying this young nubile's performance. 

She stopped when her back was starting to get sore. I had her lay belly down on the bed. I gave her a quick massage, getting the stiffness out of her back. When I was done with that, I had her lay on her back. I got in between her sleek, slender legs, diving my head in between her thighs. She closed her legs, trapping my head inside, as I lick the hell out of her pussy. She moaned several times over by the micro orgasms she was getting. 

"Oh my God grandpa. you know how to use your tongue." 

I don't think she ever experienced something like this in her young life. Boys her age were either to shy to eat out a girl, or had no clue where to lick. This will set them back when they decide to have sex with her. I can now imagine how soft, and shriveled up their cocks will get when she has to tell them what to do. 

After giving her many small orgasms, and one good size one, it was time to check the oil.
I knew her pussy was wet, but just how wet could I get it. I moved myself up, getting on top of her. She looked at me with excitement and fear, as I placed my cock on her wet twat.

"Grandpa. I can't believe you're going to stick that in me. It's too big for my tiny hole."

"Nonsense!" It'll fit just fine."

She gave out a loud scream as my cock penetrated through her narrow slit. Her legs opened wider, allowing my girth to rest in between her thighs. She gasped as I drove every inch into her warm, moist slit. She held on to me as I pumped my stiff rod into her tight vagina. My cock was pounding in pain,as blood was pushed into my cock faster than the main vein was able to pump it out. I knew I was getting ready to shoot my load. I took it out, then getting off the bed, had her put her face near my cock.I stroked it until a stream of white cum squirted on her face and hair. Then another squirt, hitting her nose and mouth. Then I rested my cock on her face, letting the remainder coat her lips. 

Damn Grandpa! That was awesome!!! Mmmm. Not bad." She said licking the cum off her lips. 

I sat down on the side of the bed, looking at her cum stained face. 

"Boy, I haven't cum that good in years." I said wiping some of it off her eyes and nose. "I told you that you really turn me on."

"I guess so Grandpa. And just to let you know......You turn me on too.. Sorry I said you were old. You being the age you are is just what girls need when it comes to sex. Someone who's very mature and experienced." 

"That's funny Amber. I use to say the same thing about women when I was your age."

We got up, and got cleaned and dressed. Housework was done for the rest of the day. Cuddling with my sexy granddaughter was top priority. 

"Grandpa. Even when you're all better, can I still come over to visit you,and spend time with you." She said winking.

"Yes baby. Grandpa would like that a lot.