"Erotic Stories" Stopped at me sister Sharon's

Erotic Stories Stopped at me sister Sharon's
So today I had to go to my sister Sharon’s house to drop off some things. She met me outside and hugged me before I got out of the truck. As I hugged my 52 year old sister Sharon, my right hand was across her giant left boob. All three of my sisters have big boobs

“Did you get a good feel, Danny” she said and laughed. “They seem to keep growing.”

“Yes, they do, let me look.” I said.

She pulled back and thrust her chest out, and I looked at them and reached out and grabbed one of her tits.

“Danny!” she jumped back and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“C’mon Sharon, I’m your older brother and I moved out of our parent’s house before you got boobs. I never got to peek or nothing”

“You fucking pervert” and she pulled back and she said, “You got time for a cup of coffee?” and laughed.

“Yeah Sis”, and I shut the truck off and went inside.

Sharon handed me a cup of coffee, and we sat at the dining room table and chatted. I asked where her long time boyfriend Ron was. She said he went back to Oklahoma for a few weeks to help his family with the harvest on the farm, he was not due back for another week or two.

As we chatted, I kept looking at Sharon, she has aged the best out of all my siblings. Maybe because she is the youngest, or just because she tries to look good. So as we were laughing and chatting, I got bold and said, “Show me your tits Sharon.”

“Fuck you Danny what is wrong with you?” she flared

“Sharon, what? Ron is gone, hell I used to change your diapers, I’ve seen you naked a lot, just not since you got boobs!”

Sharon stood up and stepped back and said “No way! That’s just freaky Danny”

“Sharon, I been looking at the “girls” get bigger and bigger. You always tended bar and wore those low cut tops to get tips. Hell I bet a few good ol boys got a peek or two”

Sharon blushed a bit, calmed down, and said, “But we’re family”

“Yeah baby, but we ain’t gonna have k**s, show me your tits. Ron is not here, your daughter is not here, my wife is not here…gimme some some?”

Sharon shook her head in quasi disbelief, and pulled off her sweater and then pulled up her top and bra and her big tits fell to her belly. Well not quite her belly, but they hung down. Then real quick-like her top came down, her tits still braless.

“Damn Sis. Don’t hide em. I may never get this chance again.” I waved my hand to get her closer, and she slowly came closer, and was a foot in front of me when she pulled her top up. I reached out to caress her boob, my fingers playing with her nipple trying to get it hard.

“Mmmm that feels good”, Sharon said so I leaned over and lifted her giant boob to my mouth and started sucking on her nipple. She stiffened up, her head back.

“Oh fuck-k-k. Oh fuck, that is so good.”

I continued to suck, stopping only to latch on to the other nipple. I took my time loving on her massive tits. I lifted each one and felt their weight. They weighed a lot. Now I knew why she loved to go braless, a tee shirt with a flannel shirt over it, around the house.

I suckled and rolled her nipples as she held onto my head for balance. She was really digging it so I just went for it and reached under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. Her legs opened and she moaned more. I rubbed her pussy through her panties, and they were getting wet as I squeezed her mound and massaged her pussy lips, her clit trapped between them and massaged until she cum. I slipped two fingers past her panties into her pussy and pulled them out. They were glistening wet as I sucked then clean and grabbed her ass and pulled her close.

“I want to eat your pussy Sharon”

I did not give her a choice I pulled her to a chair in the living room and reached up under her skirt and I pulled her panties off, I pushed into the chair and knelt down, I got a giant whiff of her musky pussy, I push her legs onto my shoulders and began to lick my sister’s blonde, hairy pussy. She moaned as my tongue went deep into her pussy, my fingers pulling back her clit hood and licked her pretty big clit

Her skirt around her belly, her hands on my head, my beard tickling her as she cried out “Oh Fuck. Oh fuck. Ron hasn’t done this in a couple of years now. Oh fuck, you are gonna make me cum”

Encouraged, I licked and sucked her clit,I sucked her sweet labia and brought her to who knows how many orgasms. Once she got started they kept coming and coming. Soon she pushed me away saying “Enough! I can’t cum any more”

I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pics. I got up and she stood up and let me get a pic of her tits. She said “What do you want me to do for you brother?”

I told her that she had given me everything I wanted. It was just awesome. I was more than happy to give her pleasure after she showed me her tits. I said “Sharon, I needed to wash my face and hands of pussy.” I went to the bathroom to wash up before I went home Then I sent the pics to my computer. I come out of the bathroom showed Sharon the pics. She looked and smiled, and then she made me delete them right there, not knowing I sent a copy to myself.

I kissed her goodbye on the cheek, as was my usual way, hoped in my truck and went home to jerk off to my sis. I do not know if more will happen between Sis and me, but we both know I can eat pussy like a champ, who knows?