"Sex Stories" Getting lucky with Sis

Sex Stories Getting lucky with Sis
It was about eight am when the phone woke me up. It was my sister on the phone. Karen wants to know if I would I like to go to the casino with her? 

“Sounds good to me, what time you picking me up.”

“Well I can’t go until Noonish” she said.

“Gee it’s a four-hour drive there, it won’t leave us much time to gamble.”

She says, “Well I thought we could stay overnight.”

I scratched my chin and told her ok , and she said she would drive and pick me up at Noon.

SoI ate my breakfast then showered and shaved and got ready. Sitting at the table and having my second cup of coffee, I stared to think back when we were k**s. I remember when I was fifteen and she was nineteen, I was lying on the sofa and she came out in a short night gown.

She started ironing her clothes; little did she know the light behind her let me see her tits like she had nothing on. If I close my eyes right now I can see them plain as day.

I don’t think to this day I saw a better pair of tits. At fifteen my cock got hard at a drop of a hat, now it takes two hats.

Well I’ll tell ya I whacked off a few hundred times thinking of them tits.

The horn brought me out of my daydream.

As I started to get in the car I noticed my sister had on a short skirt and a very tight pull over blouse, This was not like her, never a short skirt and always a sweater over her blouse, I always figured she was aware of the size of her tits, and it made her uncomfortable.

As she looked over her shoulder and backed out of the drive way I looked at her legs and saw a lot of thigh, then up to her tits, her nipples were trying to get out of her bra and blouse.

Damn, Karen I’m getting a hard on all ready

Well she drove the first two hours, I made like I was resting my eyes but I just looked at her legs and dreamed of what I’d do if I ever had the chance. Now keep in mind my sister never once acted in any way that she wanted sex with me, It was all one sided and on my part.

“Hey you want to drive a few hours now.” Karen said

“Sure pull over and I’ll take over.”

I got out and stated to walk around to change seats with her, But instead of her getting out she put her leg over the console and as I looked through the window, I saw her red panties right to her crotch, Man that made me hard as a rock.

As I walked around to the other side I fixed my cock so my hard on wasn’t so noticeable. Once in, I adjusted the rear view mirror, not so I could see out the back, but so I could see her legs and maybe another shot of her crotch.

As I drove I would steal a peek at her legs in the mirror, the skirt was up fairly high and I got a good view of a lot of leg. I was thinking of how I would love to kiss her inner thigh right up to her pussy lips, when all of a sudden she said “A penny for your thoughts.”

Ha if she only new, she would most likely never talk to me again. Hell! We never talked about sex before.

Now my sister was and still is a beautiful girl with a great body, but I always thought she didn’t care for sex that much. Hell her husband died ten years ago and she still has not gone on a date. As I pulled off the exit ramp to the casino she got her sweater and put it on, seemed funny it wasn’t cold, but she always covers them tits up, what a waste.

“Why don’t you get a room for us”, I she purred.

I asked, “Do you want me to get rooms that join?”

She said why pay for two rooms we could share a room, hell you are my brother.

I said ok.

As I walked to the desk I thought hell, I might even get a peek at them tits again. I told the man behind the desk I would like a room with two double beds. And keys for tw.

After I registered and paid for the room, I went to the slots and looked for her. I gave her a key and said I was going to go play BJ.

She laughs at me, I don’t know why. What’s so funny about me saying BJ for black jack?

Gee could she have thought about a Blowjob. Heh Heh

Now here I’m trying to play cards and I’m thinking, man to have my sister give me a blowjob, shit I almost came in my pants thinking about that.

They say dreams come true but mine never did. If they did I’d have made love to my sister many times by now. Well I’m not doing to good at cards and it’s getting late, I look for my sister she’s still playing the slots. Unaware that I’m watching her, I walk over and tell her I’m going to the room,” Ok” she says, “But here’s a new key, they changed our room. I’ll be up in a little bit.”

I take the elevator to the 7th floor room 442, Unlock the door and walk over to the bed. I sit on the bed and call the desk. “Hello I think you made a mistake, I asked for a room with two beds.”

“Pardon me, did you say my wife changed the room and wanted just one bed?”

“Ok thank you” . I start to wonder what’s going on, Man can it be what I’m hoping, I shower and go lie on the bed in my shorts, When I hear the lock being turned and the door opens, I make like I’m asleep, my sister goes into the bath room and leaves the door ajar just enough so I can see in, I watch as she takes her shoes off then her skirt then her blouse

That’s enough to make my cock hard as a rock.

She turns her back to me as she takes off her bra and panties, Um nice ass.

She steps in the shower and closes the curtain, I can’t wait for her to get out hoping I will get to see them tits.

What seems like an hour later the water stops and I see her hand reach out and grab a towel, she step out with the towel around her, shit.

She walks out into the room with a towel around her, “Hey I see they gave us one bed, well that will have to do” she says, “You’re not a bed hog are ya?”

“Can you turn around while I put something on please? Oh I’m sorry.

I feel her get in to bed, I turn over on my back, and can see she has her back towards me.

Seems like I was asleep for hours when I hear her ask if I’m asleep, I was just ready to answer when I feel her hand on my leg.

I don’t say a word, she starts rubbing my leg very slow her hand so close to my cock, all she has to do is move it a few inches and she will be on it. Holding my breath I’m waiting, but nothing she just lays there with her hand on my leg so close to my cock.

I can’t stand it my cock is throbbing; I ask if she’s awake very quiet, no answer from her, I ask again a little louder, nothing.

I put my hand on hers and wait to see if she moves, nothing she lets out a little snore, I raise her hand very gentle and pace it on my hard cock.

My cock jerks from her hand being on my cock, I lay there not moving, so afraid she would wake up and move her hand away. But after a few minutes her fingers wrap around my hard cock and she starts rubbing my cock. She turns my way and her mouth is very close to my ears.

“I know you’re awake, this is what you wanted for years, isn’t it?”

I turn my head towards her, “Yes it is”, and I kiss her and she rubs my cock harder and lets out a little moan.

My left hand moves over her left breast, I feel no towel she got in bed nude; this turns me on to no end.

Her tit is so soft and heavy not huge but just right, the nipple hard as a rock. I kiss her neck moving towards her tits, I wanted them all my life and I can’t wait another minute.

I suck on her left tit then her right one back and forth, I can’t get enough, I suck on one nipple then I want the other, I push both her tit’s together so I can suck on both nipple’s at the same time, then I slide my left hand down her belly, telling her to hold her tits together for me So I can still suck on them. 

My hand slides down to her cunt, and I feel how wet it is.

She spreads her legs very slowly; I’m so fucking hot, my cock is throbbing. I kiss under her breast then down her belly so slow, just enjoying the moment. I’m so hot I want to taste my sister’s cunt, but I want her hot as I am, I kiss right down to the very top of her cunt then I run my tongue over to her left inner thigh, kissing her inner thigh with wet kisses, I put her left leg over my shoulder then I kiss very softly across her cunt lips to her other leg, she lets out a moan as my lips brush her cunt lips.

I put her right leg over my shoulder, and move my lips to her cunt, I lick her cunt from the bottom up, she moans an pushes against my mouth I slide my tongue in her cunt and start sucking on her clit, its driving me crazy, I’m eating my sister’s cunt, and I want her to cum.

I slide my hands up over her tits, and I massage them and I just keep sucking and licking her cunt. She’s pushing against my face and she’s moaning, her body starts to tremble and she starts moaning and pushing against my face, I know she’s cumming, shudder after shudder till she stops, I move up to her face, “Karen, did you like that?”

“It was great I loved it”, she said. I look in her eyes, “I want you to taste your cunt” I I kiss her and slide my tongue in her mouth , she sucks my tongue and we kiss for a long time.

Then I look her in the eyes and tell her I want to fuck her tits

She smiles as I straddle her chest, I take my cock in my hand and rub it all over her tits. I love seeing her tits, but seeing my cock on them is driving me crazy.

“Stick out your tongue” I tell her, then I rub my cock over her tongue, she starts to lick the head of my cock, then she takes the head in her mouth, and starts to suck, I lean over her face and she puts her hands around on my ass and pulls me to her face, I see her mouth on my cock and its driving me crazy. I start fucking my sister’s face, the faster I go - the harder she sucks. I can’t hold back any longer, I tell her “I’m going to cum but don’t swallow it”
I shoot my load in her mouth and I’m moaning and fucking her face. As I pull my cock out of her mouth I see some cum on her lips. “Show me the cum in your mouth I want to see it”, she opens her mouth and I see all my white cum, “Now, swallow it for me,” she smiles and swallows, then licks her lips, then takes my cock and licks it clean.

She smiles did you like that? Yes I said I loved it. She smiles you are going to fuck me aren’t you little brother, I look at her, I’m going to fuck you all night long, I want my cock in you forever.

She says “Kiss me”, I lean down and kiss her lips.

My cock starts to grow because I know it will soon be in her cunt.

We lay there kissing and soon our passion rises, I can’t keep my hands off them tit’s, they are so soft and her nipples are so hard and big, I run my thumb over her nipple, Then I slide down and suck on it very slowly biting it very gentle. But to my surprise the nipple gets bigger, she reaches for my hard cock and strokes it ever so softly,” I want to feel you in me now”

. I roll over on her and she spreads her legs never letting go of my cock, I look into her eyes, “we could have done this when we were younger you know, I wanted you to fuck me”, then she smiles as she guides my cock into her hot wet cunt, as I drive my cock deep into her 

She arches up to meet my drive, I can feel her make her cunt so tight on my cock I can feel the texture of her hole. I start fucking her harder and harder, and she moans, and starts fucking me like crazy, our mouths on each other’s - sucking each other’s tongue. Karen moves her mouth from mine and moans “I’m cumming” , I was waiting for her as long as I could, she’s making funny noises as she cums, that makes me all the more hot and I can’t control it any longer my cock feels like it explodes as I cum.

I look at her and tell her It was the best love making I ever had.

She smiles, “Did you ever think of doing this when we were young?”

I tell her about the night I saw her tits and how I never forgot how they looked. She smiles at me; “Did you used to think of me when you jerked off?”

“All the time”, I tell her.
“I used to look in the bathroom and watch you jerk off, then I’d go play with myself in the bedroom thinking of your cock.”

“I never knew you wanted to fuck me till lately, I noticed you always looking at my breasts, you even got a cheap feel once in a while.”

I laugh, “I never knew if it was me doing it or you.”

“Well, you can feel them whenever you want to now.”

I lie on my back, and look at her, “I want to eat your pussy.”

She straddles my head, and I start licking her cunt, so wet and so hot for my mouth, she starts rocking on my tongue and starts to moan.

I stop and tell her “Oh now you’re not going to get done like this”

I slide her down on me, “play with your tits I want to watch”, I watch her playing with them tits that I love. “Now lick your nipple I want to watch”
I see her tongue over her hard nipple, I tell her to bend towards my face, but not to stop licking, my tongue flicks out and touches her tongue and her nipple wow this gets us both hot.

She looks at me, “I want it all tonight, and you missed a hole.”

I tell her to get on all fours. So she does, and puts her head down on the pillow and her ass up in the air.

I see her ass hole and her cunt, what a nice view.

I get behind her, take my cock in my hand and rub it all over her wet cunt, I slide the head in her cunt just a bit and wiggle my cock around, she pushes back wanting my cock, but I pull back, taking my cock and putting the head just barely in her ass.

The head is half in; as I put my hands on her hips, ”It’s up to you Sis, take it as much as you want I don’t want to hurt you.”

She pushes back very easy, the head goes in all the way, she starts to relax and I can feel my cock being sucked in her ass, wow it’s so tight, and it feels so great. Now she got half of it in, she reaches between her legs and cups my balls I feel her finger working its way in my asshole, she starts rocking back on my cock. I'm so hot, I start fucking her ass harder, pulling on her hips, driving my cock so deep in her ass.

I reach around and I play with her cunt with my fingers.

She starts fucking my cock with her ass like it will be her last fuck.

This time when she cums, she lets out a scream and moves her ass so hard and fast on my cock, I cum like a mad man, slamming her asshole with my cock.

I lay down on the bed next to her; we smile at each other as we fall asleep.