"Sex Stories" The Medical Exam

Sex Stories The Medical Exam
I was in my mid 50’s and always considered myself as fairly fit. Today I got a letter from the surgery that I needed to go for my annual medical, well the thought of old Dr Harris prodding and poking me didn’t exactly feel me with excitement. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good doctor but I think he should have retired long ago, still I knew it would be all over in 10 minutes and I would be given a clean bill of health for another year.

I made the call and surprisingly they could fit me in later this morning, so I had my breakfast and took a shower, slipped on my clothes and set off for the 10 minute walk to the surgery.
I arrived early and was greeting with a smile from the receptionist, a young lady in her mid-20’s, always dressed smartly and always pleasant. “Good Morning Frank” she said, “Dr Harris got called on a house call so you will be seen by Dr Gross today”. Well, the name said it all. I was prepared for old Dr Harris fumbling about but now I had a new doctor and I have to say I was a bit apprehensive, I was just hoping that he was only gross by name and not by nature.

The buzzer went and the display board was telling me to go upstairs to room 7, I think I was starting to sweat as I walked up the stairs, I took a deep breath and walked in to room 7. I froze, I was speechless as I walked in, sat at the desk was this gorgeous woman, quite young and very pretty. “I am Dr Gross” she said, “Please take a seat”. I did as she asked but now my brain was racing, this hot little doctor was going to be giving me a bloody medical and it was as much as I could muster not to get a hard on there and then, I had to control myself. 

As she started asking me questions and updating the system I was looking her up and down, she was dressed in a white coat, a little tight if I am honest but from where I was sitting it showed off her curves nicely. She had small breasts and legs that went on for ever, they were tanned and smooth. She got up from her chair to get something and I could clearly see the outline of her panties through the material of her coat, this was going to be tough to keep my dignity.

She asked me to slip off my tee shirt so she could take my blood pressure, as she put the thing on my arm I could definitely smell her perfume, it was musky and with her being so close I could feel a stir down below. I had to keep control. “Your blood pressure is a little on the high side” she said, well I was not surprised by that really. She made some notes. “Now, if you could remove your jeans and jump on the scales for me, we will see what your weight is”. Now, Dr Harris did this too but he was an old guy so being in my boxers with him was never an issue but this was different. Off came the shoes and socks and I must admit I was fumbling with the button of my jeans and zipper, I think she could see my hands shaking. I stood there in front of her in just my boxer shorts, so glad that I had put on a clean pair. I stepped on the scales, weight seemed OK but she did say I could do with losing a little. 

As she sat asking me more meaningless questions my eyes were like a magnet to her legs, they were so smooth and as she sat typing away at inputting my information I did notice that they parted a little showing off a glimpse of tanned thigh, I sat down briefly so I could get a better look, oh yes, now I got a peek at her white panties. I am sure she saw me and as she got up to look in my ears she widened her legs giving me a clear shot of her panty clad pussy. It happened quickly but my mind freeze framed the view, tanned legs leading up to soft white panties and I am sure I saw the darkness of her pubic hairs through the fabric, ‘damn’ I thought. 

She sat back down typing more notes, this time keeping her knees together which I thought was a good move as I was still sitting there in my boxers. The got her stethoscope and asked me to stand up, I did as she asked praying that my now semi hard cock wouldn’t protrude too much. She checked my breathing which if I am honest was racing a bit as I still had the mental picture of her pussy in my mind.

She then asked me to drop my boxers to the floor, I was dreading this moment as when Dr Harris did this bit I had no issues. I did as she asked and she pulled her chair closer to me, her eyes were fixed on my slowly getting erect penis, with one hand on the stethoscope on my chest the other hand cupped my balls and she asked me to cough. I coughed and as I did so my cock bounced up and down, she asked me to cough 2 or 3 times which I did, her hand was so soft and with it holding my balls what started off as a semi was now a full blown erection. I am sure that as I coughed she gave then a little rub. She asked me to cough one last time, I think she enjoyed holding my balls with my now erect cock staring her in the face, I could feel a little pre-cum seeping out. “Impressive” she said as she rolled her chair back to her desk, as she did so I got another glimpse up her coat, the bottom button had now come undone due to the way she was sitting while holding my nuts. 

As she typed away I could feel myself going down and I was glad. As she turned back to me, not only could I see her panties once more, I already had that view implanted on my brain but I noticed her nipples protruding from her coat, she handed me a container and asked me for a urine sample, I knew that extra cup of tea would come in useful as I needed a pee. Without hesitation I took hold of my cock and before long a golden stream of piss was filling up the container, I was just hoping I didn’t over fill it. 

Job done but it was close, she then put a lid on it and typed more notes. 

“As you are not circumcised I need to check for infection under the skin” she said as she rolled her chair back in front of me, as she did so another button popped and he panties were now clearly visible. She took hold of my penis, and slowly pulled the skin back exposing the head, her touch was soft and the inevitable happened and my erection came back. It was not helping that she was pulling the skin back and forth like a slow wank but her knees were touching mine and looking down I could clearly see her panty clad pussy, I was now rock hard. Dr Harris never did this and I thought that if she carries on she will get a semen sample all over her pretty face. She stopped just in time and rolled her chair back to make more bloody notes, she must have been writing a novel here. Thinking that this must surely be over so I could go home and have a good wank, she then hit me with “At your age Frank, it would be good to have a prostate exam” OMG!! What? I thought. Well, I figured that as she had touched every part of my naked body a finger up my arse should be no problem, something Dr Harris had done last year and wasn’t so bad. “OK” I said with a stammer and croaky voice.

She led me over to this contraption that looked like something from a BDSM clinic (I had read an article, not that I had been) told me to put my knees on the pads and bend over and hold the bars at the bottom. I did as I was told. Knees apart, I bent right over and my balls dangling below. From the position I was in I could see her standing behind me, waiting in anticipation for a sharp jab of a finger shoot up my arse, when Dr Harris did this I was sure he had both hands on my back but that’s a story for another time. 

“Just relax yourself Frank” she said in a soft voice and then I felt her finger run up and down my crack searching for my hole. As she did so I could feel myself getting erect again, people pay good money for treatment like this, I thought. What happened next nearly made me soot my load up the wall, instead of getting the KY jelly she parted my cheeks and I felt her tongue working my hole, my arse tightened and then relax again as her tongue made entry, with her saliva making my hole wet I soon felt a finger slide in slowly, she spat more as her finger went in up to her knuckle, instead of just wiggling it to find my prostate she was actually fucking me slowly with her finger, I was just beginning to enjoy being finger fucked by this amazing doctor when I felt her other hand cup my balls and give them a little squeeze. My cock was now solid. She continued to finger me and I felt her other hand now move from my balls and reach round to my cock and her soft touch was slowly wanking me, this was not going to end well and just as I thought I was going to blow she withdrew her finger, I was breathing quite heavy by now and she pulled me off the contraption, sat back in her chair with me standing in front of her, “Now for the semen sample” she said, “How much have you got?” she asked as she leant forward and started to lick all the pre-cum off the tip of my cock, she grabbed the cheeks of my arse pulling me closer as she put the whole length slowly into her mouth, I grabbed her head and started to face fuck the sexy doctor. Her finger found my wet hole and when she inserted it again I knew I was close, her other hand found my tight balls and with a slight squeeze I let out a loud moan as I emptied myself into the doctors mouth, it seemed like my cum was never going to end and she was busy trying to swallow the whole load.

She looked up at me as I was trying to get my breath back, “oops” she said, “I’ve just swallowed the sample” we both laughed.

She rolled her chair back to her desk as I got myself dressed. “Clean bill of health but we might need another semen sample” she said. “Do you do house calls” I asked, “Maybe” she said with a grin.

I left the doctor’s office and walked down the stairs to the reception desk, Sally, the receptionist had a wry smile on her face. “I need to make an appointment with Dr Gross for a house visit” I said and as I looked down on Sally I could see down her blouse, nice firm titties I thought to myself. “I will talk to the doctor and call you with the appointment time” Sally said. I walked home contented and happy.