"Sex Stories" Old-Young

Sex Stories Old-Young
My grand-daughter, Amy, had just finished high school and would be starting college in the fall. Amy and two of her friends had decided to spend the summer traveling and stopped by to visit my wife and I. We have a nice set up and plenty of room for the girls. They could each have a room and swim in our pool. I was retired and looked forward to seeing them. My wife was still busy with a job and some volunteer stuff. It is good to have some young ladies around. 

The first day there Amy and her friends, Kendra and Lisa, came out to look at the pool. "The pool is nice, can we swim in it? I mean, do you mind if we skinny dip?" Kendra asked. "Sure, go ahead." I said. The ladies got naked and jumped in. It was nice to have some fit and attractive young ladies around. My old cock even twitched a little at the sight of their naked bodies. The ladies spent a good part of the day out around the pool and did not seem to mind me. 

"Hey gramps, you should join us." Kendra said. "You want me to join you?" I replied. "Sure, don't worry, we will not make fun of you." Lisa laughed. I thought why not. So I dropped my clothes and jumped in. My wife and I had been nudist for some time now. We swam and played. Then got out for some lunch. Every one stayed naked. I made sandwiches and the girls had wine. "Wow gramps, you are built way better for your age than I had expected." Kendra said. "Yeah, he looks better naked than some of my boyfriends." Lisa added. "gramps has always been a workout freak. Lets go get in the shower and go shopping." Amy added. Amy and Lisa ran off, Kendra walked over to me. "I would not mind seeing just how fit you are." Kendra whispered as she stroked my cock. I reached my out to her pussy and glided my finger over her clit "If you think you can handle it." I said. 

The ladies were only gone for a few hours and were back. Kendra was upping the pressure on me. She had always flirted with me as long as I had known her. She had grown into a very sexy young woman. Pert c cup tits, nice firm ass, flat stomach and bald snatch. I had gone into the kitchen as the girls were swimming again. Kendra followed me. "Well, let me see that cock of yours." Kendra said knelling in front of me. She took my cock in her mouth and it hardened instantly. She was not the best cock sucker but see was not the worst. "My goodness, that thing got even bigger." Kendra said. I pushed her onto her back and buried my face in her sweet cunt. It only took a minute for her to start begging me to fuck her. 

And fuck her I did. I pushed my old hard cock into that wet tight pussy of hers and pounded it like a man that had not had pussy in years. Kendra had her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me as she started to orgasm. Her pussy clamped tight around my cock and I pumped my old dusty cum into her. I sat up to see Amy and Lisa standing there. "I can't believe this, Kendra was the first to get his cock. Damn." Lisa said. "I hope you have more to go around" Amy said smiling as she sat on my lap facing me. She took my limp cum covered cock and started to rub it around her wet pussy. 

My old cock got hard and Amy slid it into her hungry pussy. It was not the first time it had been there. I laid back on my back and Amy started to ride me. "Hey, save some for me Amy." Amy stopped and got up. Lisa took her place and slid down my pole. She started to fuck me with passion, she had been thinking about this. I placed my thumb on her little clit and she orgasm quickly, her juices flowing down around my balls. She kept up for another minute and I flooded her womb with my old cum. I fucked Amy about twenty minutes later filling her sweet cunt to the top with my old jizz. 

"Will you fuck us some gramps?" Kendra asked. "Yeah, that is the best cock I have had." Lisa added. "You have seen some cock Lisa." Amy laughed. "fuck you Amy, you have had plenty of cock, I am surprised gramps could even touch the walls inside of you." The girls laughed. "I think we all love cock and have had some cock." Amy added. "Well ladies, I have plenty of cock and jizz to go around and my wife to make sure you have a pleasant stay." I smiled. "Just save of that cock and jizz for me." My wife said as she walked onto the pool deck naked and sat next to me. "Granny old kitty needs plenty of jizz to keep it happy." My old cock had some work to do but it did it and then some. It was the start of a very good summer.