"Adult Stories" Claire gets totally fucked up

Adult Stories Claire gets totally fucked up
Hi, my name is Claire, I was an average 21 year old student, um, I don't know if I need to tell you what I look like, but I'm small, blonde, pale and until a week ago I was relatively innocent.  Oh my god, I've not been able to speak to anyone about this, but, um, please don't think badly of me...

It was Friday night, my flatmates Anne and Emily were out, but I had stayed in to finish some coursework...  I know, right?  Coursework on a Friday night?  Finally bored, I messaged Anne to see where they were.  I got a garbled message back, they were in a bar, getting chatted up by some pathetic freshers, I should come down...

Fuck it, I thought, why not?  Maybe one of those pathetic freshers would have a big, fat cock.  God knows, it had been a while since I'd had any action, my last boyfriend was useless and the few boys I had been with before only a little better.  Maybe I needed a real man...

I dressed pretty casually in jeans and a top with ankle boots, but, like, just in case, I put on my best panties, a cute pair in sheer purple with a lacy trim.  I'm a typical poor student so I set off to walk the mile or so into town.  

The route goes through an old industrial area, mostly now regenerated into housing and small businesses, it's pretty quiet at night.  Turning a corner, I literally walked right into this guy.

-Oops, sorry, I said, as we collided and he grabbed me to steady me.
-No problem.  He said, in an Eastern European accent.  He grinned.  He was certainly good looking, a well built, manual worker type, still dressed in overalls and work boots.  -You going for a drink?  He asked.
-Um, yeah.  I said, straightening myself out.  
-Would you like to come for a drink with me?

He wasn't shy, this guy.  -Er, I'm meeting friends actually.
-I'm Pawel, he said, extending a hand.
-Claire.  I shook and he took my hand and kissed it, kinda half-creepy, half old-fashioned gentleman.  
-Where are you going?
I was wary of him and didn't really want to say, -Um, just a student place down the road.
-You sure you don't want to come with me?
-Thanks, another time, maybe.
-Pah!  He shrugged, -See you around, Claire.  He smiled and walked off.

I watched him go, and he didn't turn around.  I shook my head, dismissed it and headed on to meet the girls.

The bar was pretty busy. It was, like I told Pawel, a student pub and I saw a few familiar faces, but no Anne or Emily, I fired off a message to them and fought my way to the bar to order.  

Standing there with a tenner in my hand as the bar staff ran around serving seemingly everyone else before me, I was starting to get frustrated, eventually waving my money in the air, to little avail.  When the barman went to serve a guy actually standing behind me I shouted at him.  -Hey!!!  It's me next!!!  I heard a chuckle over my shoulder and turned to look at a smiling hunk of a man, early twenties, like me, but definitely not a student.

-You are absolutely right, he said, -It's you next, but let me buy you a drink.
I declined politely, but he insisted.  -I just won £500 on the horses, he said, -and I want to share my good fortune.  
-In that case, I agreed, -I'll have a double Grey Goose and Diet Coke.  

He grinned and gestured to the barman.  -Get the lady what she wants, and I'll have a double Macallan with a little ice.

-I've never seen you around here before.  I said.
-You haven't been looking.

His name was Jamie, he was a gardener, tall, fit, wearing a simple t-shirt and black jeans, both arms tattooed in sleeves, one snakes, the other roses...  the vodka loosened me up a bit and I began harmlessly flirting with him.  He had an easy, confident manner and before long I was telling him all about my lack of love life, while he continued to ply me with drinks.   

On returning from the toilet, I suddenly didn't feel very well, dizzy and faint...  I staggered over to Jamie who took one look at me and ushered me out into the fresh air.  Outside, I thought I was going to throw up, but instead stumbled and felt myself passing out.  A pair of strong arms grabbed me and I remember looking up to see Pawel, lifting me under the armpits as Jamie grabbed my legs and I thought...

I woke up cold, with a pounding headache and sore wrists.  Oh fuck, what happened last night?  I opened my eyes to find myself naked bar my panties and boots and cable tied to a plastic chair.  WTF?  Murmurs of approval greeted my surfacing and I looked around to see a group of mostly men and one woman, also sitting on plastic chairs...  the only difference was they weren't tethered and they were still fully dressed.  I noticed Pawel and Jamie among them and I looked at them accusingly.  -What the actual fuck?  I shouted.  -What did you do to me? d**g me?

They said nothing, just grinned.  I struggled at my wrist bonds, but they started to dig in painfully.  My feet were free, and I wondered if I could stand and make a run for it...  I looked around, there was what looked like a fire exit in the far corner, but the guys were between me and it, -Fucking let me go, you fucks!!!  I screamed, prompting laughter from the group.  One guy stood up.  -Apologies, young Claire.  He said sweetly.  He was a slim middle aged man, wearing a tailored suit and, incongruously, a Kiss Me Quick hat.  He smiled and walked over to me.  -I'm the Fun Guy, he said, -and we only want to have some fun.  Don't you like fun, Claire?
-Fuck off, I spat and he slapped me hard across the face, stunning me. 
-Play nice, Claire.  He said, stroking my stinging cheek.  -We're not going to harm you...  hurt you, yes...  but not harm.  Do you know the difference, Claire?

I started to cry.  -Oh god, please let me go...  I won't tell anyone, I promise...
-Shh, soothed the Fun Guy, -we'll let you go, and we know, you won't tell anyone, but lets have some fun first.

He brushed my hair out of my tear stained cheeks with a hand and stroked my shoulder.

-I'm cold, I complained.  
-You'll soon warm up, don't worry, let me introduce the gang...

They were sat in a semi-circle around me and he started on the left with a repulsive fat man in a stained vest and cargo shorts.  -This gentleman is Nobby, and he likes nothing better than jamming his dirty fat cock into young girls gobs...  Nobby nodded in agreement.
-This beautiful lady is Dr Annabelle Leckie. he indicated the next in line, a smartly dressed, handsome middle aged woman who smiled in a professional, detached way, -The good doctor's ambition was to be the country's leading gynaecologist, unfortunately, she enjoyed her work too much...  Leckie nodded.
-Then we have Mr Jamal, the richest man in town, and his son, Jazzy.  They like nothing better than double teaming white sluts, don't you gentlemen?  

Jamal, an older, balding man said nothing, but Jazzy, well groomed, about 30 sneered.  -We're gonna fill you up with some Paki cock, you fucking slut!  Jamal put his hand on his son's arm to settle him. 
Fun Guy laughed.  -You sure are, Jazz. You sure are. And last but not least, our resident studs, who I think you know...Pawel and Jamie.

Pawel and Jamie waved, as if this was the most natural thing in the world.  I was flabbergasted.  

-What the fuck do you think you are doing!  I shouted, trying to gain some control.  
-We don't think,  Said Fun Guy, -we know.
-Please...  I begged, starting to cry again, -please...
-I've had enough of that for now, said Fun Guy, -Dr Leckie, quieten her, please.
-My pleasure, said Leckie, who walked over to me and pulling on some latex gloves brought a ring gag out of her jacket pocket.

I started to try to get up, but Fun Guy pinned me to the chair, and soon they were all around me and I was struggling as Nobby held my head and Jamal prised my mouth open and Leckie forced the gag between my teeth, securing it behind my head.  She then stood me up and Pawel wheeled a metal medical table into the centre of the room, which she pushed me over and held me down on as Jamie tied my ankles to the legs. It was freezing cold against my tiny breasts as she held me down. I felt a rope being fed between my wrist bonds and my arms were pulled upwards and backwards and I felt excruciating pain in my shoulders, forcing me to cry out, but the gag meant I could only gurgle out, saliva dripping down my chin.  Someone slapped my arse.  Then slapped again, harder.  -Steady on, said Fun Guy, -Lets not peak too soon.  Nobby, get your cock out.  

Nobby grinned and stood in front of me, dropping his disgusting shorts to reveal and even more disgusting penis.  Short and fat, like its owner, already semi erect, he pulled back his foreskin to show a cheesy rind of smeg on his glans. 

-Fuck me Nobby, don't you ever wash that thing?  Asked Fun Guy.
-Haha, this bitch is gonna clean it up for me.  And he pushed it into my mouth making me gag with the taste.  

Suddenly my mouth was really dry and he was struggling to fit his cock through the gag.  -She needs more spit, grumbled Nobby and he pulled his dick out and bent over to spit in my mouth.  A big glob right on my tongue, tasting of stale tobacco.  Now they all started to spit into my mouth, and Fun Guy put his fingers in to rub it around, pushing them to the back of my throat, making me gag more...  

-She's getting there, guys.  He said.  -Maybe we could lose the gag?  What do you think Claire, if we take the gag out, Nobby can fuck your face?

I couldn't comprehend all this, this wasn't really happening was it?  

Fun Guy slapped my face again, bringing me to.  -I asked you a question Claire!  

I couldn't even remember what the question was, I was crying again, but the tears wouldn't come.  

-Let me inspect the cunt's cunt.  I heard Leckie say.  That must've been agreed because I felt her fingers snake inside the leg of my knickers, probing towards my vagina which, to my horror was juicing up and I shifted slightly as she brushed my clit.  -Not bad, she said, -I think she is starting to get into it. 

I tried to say No, no, but I only grunted.

-Lets have some stimulants!  Suggested Fun Guy, rubbing his hands.

They all agreed and soon a silver platter with a mound of white powder was being passed around, some were snorting lines, some were dabbing, Fun Guy brought it over to me.  -Some Diet Coke, Claire.  He smirked, covering his wet finger with some of the powder and pushing it into my mouth.  

Suddenly, everything was on another level - Nobby, his dick now fully hard was pushing it back in my mouth, Leckie had a finger in my pussy and the Pakis were groping my tits.  -Great little tits on this white meat, eh son?  Asked Jamal, as they grabbed and pulled at my hardening nipples, and it was really painful as they started to dig their fingers in and I could see that they were leaving fingermarks,  meanwhile Leckie had put more fingers up me, I don't know how many, and she was starting to fuck me hard, hitting my g-spot, and I was fighting as best I could but I was feeling high from the coke and my headache was gone, but my arms were so sore, although I was starting to zone out and Nobby's cock twitched and he spunked all over my face...

-Plaster the dirty cunt!
-Filthy little fucker!
-We're gonna fuck you up, slut!
-Spit on the whore!
-Worthless fuckmeat!

Someone removed the gag and Jamal presented his big brown member to me, I opened my mouth obediently, resignedly and he pushed it in without ceremony, I started to choke. Jazzy got behind me and entered my vagina with his penis, -Make the cunt vomit Dad, he shouted, -I want to feel her cunt grip my cock when she retches, and he started to pound my pussy it time with Jamal in my mouth.  The gang were cheering the Pakis on now and I heard Jamie offer Pawel a twenty pound bet on Jamal coming first.  -Fuck off, said Pawel, -Jazzy always comes first.

As it turned out, neither of them were right, as it was me who started to come first...  God, I wished it wasn't but I couldn't help myself; pale-skinned fuckdoll in a Pakistani father/son/**** sandwich,  it was too much and I started to push back against Jazzy's cock as I felt his balls slapping against my clit and I gobbled Jamal...

-Oh my god, I moaned, -Oh please, please!!!!   
-She's begging for it guys, fucking give her it!  Urged Fun Guy.

They didn't need much more encouragement as Jamal unloaded in my mouth and Jazzy pulled out of my fanny and added his load to his Dad's on my face.  

-Great start, said Fun Guy, slapping my bare arse.   My knickers had been ripped off at some point.  -Lets get her off this table...  and lets get even more high!

I was stood up and they gathered around me, pushing me and slapping me, Nobby grabbed me and sank his teeth into my breast while grabbing my pussy.  -Time to really fuck this cunt up.  Said Fun Guy, spitting in my face, slapping me and putting me in a headlock.  -Who wants her ass?  Eh?  Who wants to fuck her ass?  He let me loose a bit and whispered in my ear. -You are gonna get your arse fucked, Claire.  Who do you want to do it?
-No-one, I cried, -Please don't!
-Methinks the lady doth protest too much!  He declared, misquoting.  -We all want to, Claire, but you get to choose.
-Jamie!  I sobbed.  Jeez, I don't know why I said that, I just couldn't help myself, -Jamie!  I repeated, -Jamie!
-Why do all the sluts like Jamie?  Pawel grumbled, -My cock is bigger and better than his.
-You'll get a chance, mate. Grinned Jamie.
-No fighting c***dren, chided Fun Guy, to me, -on your hands and knees slut, get that arse in the air.

I decided not to resist anymore and maybe it was the coke, but I felt a newfound confidence surging through me,
-Yes, you fuckers, take my virgin asshole, I want your cocks up me!  This made them laugh and Fun Guy pushed me to the floor and started to roughly finger fuck my cunt from behind. 
-Get that arse up! He demanded.  I obeyed, arching my back and splaying my anus.   They snipped the ties on my arms and I felt the strange, painful sensation as the circulation returned to my fingers and the muscles in my shoulders eased.  -That's a sweet little hole.  Fun Guy observed, teasing it with a finger tip, sending little shocks up inside me.  He produced a little vial of lube and rubbed it into my tight rosebud, inserting a finger in, my God, I had never felt anything like it, it was sore, sure, but also sweet, in a dirty, violated way.  Before long he had two fingers up there and when he withdrew them, he gave my vulva a little smack, making me yelp. -Jamie, do your thing.

Jamie gently at first pushed his tip inside my sphincter, I started to hyperventilate, -Look at her, the slut!  She fucking wants more.  Jamie obliged, pushing deeper until, I knew I couldn't take any more.  
-Please, I begged, -No further.  He started to withdraw, then pushed back again, then withdrew, then in again, building up in pace, till there was no doubt, I was getting fucked in the ass.  

Pawel wanted to face-fuck me and he offered me his long cock which I took, greedily, slurping up and down his shaft, making it slick and slippy and he grabbed my hair and started to choke me with it as Jamie plowed me from behind, Fun Guy was dancing around whooping now and Leckie was sitting on one of the chairs, skirt around her waist stockinged legs spread and she was fingering her own cunt and arsehole, Jamal was watching her and me, jerking himself off...  

Everything became a blur after that, Jamie spunked up my ass, Pawel in my mouth, then Jamal fucked me doggy as Leckie made me eat her wet holes, someone attached nipple clamps to me and they took turns dragging me around the room, spanking me, pinching and nipping me, pulling my hair, groping me, calling me names, spitting...  I was bitten a least three times, then Nobby got me to sit on his fat cock as Jazzy sodomised me and Jamie made me clean up his cock which had just been in my anus;  and the taste, and the smell, and the pain... and I couldn't imagine being more degraded, ragdolled now, Leckie attempting to push her entire forearm, slick with Vaseline right up my little pussy...  cunt.  I was no more than holes and meat to be used and abused by these dirty fuckers and I came again and again and again....

I don't know how long it lasted for.  Every hole was filled more than once, and I'm sure some of the guys must have been on Viagra or something...  they were relentless...  Nobby wanted me to rim his arsehole, but I started to retch so badly, Fun Guy had to slap my cunt hard to make me stop.

I lay on the floor, exhausted, cum leaking from all my orifices, and I hate to say it, I felt great.  I felt I had found a place for myself in life, a worthless fuck-pig, only good for being used...  

That was when I noticed the camera...  they had filmed the whole thing.

Fun Guy threw me my clothes.

-Get dressed and fuck off Claire.  He said.  You know we have filmed this and you know we will publish this if you tell anyone... we know everything about you, we've been through your purse and your phone and there's no escape... also, some of our members are very powerful and would crush you like an insect if you cause any trouble.  Listen, on a brighter note, we have all been very impressed by you, so we are inviting you back next Friday.  It's sometimes not as much fun when you know what to expect, but Nobby want's to bring his dog, an intact German Shepherd who knows what to do...  what do you think of that?  

I couldn't think of anything to say, just dumbly dressed and that was that.  They all said their farewells to each other, cool as you like, and left me there, only Pawel remained.  
-I'll take you home.  He said, gently taking my arm.

He did, dropping me off at my flat.  It was early morning, the sun just rising and the flat was quiet.  I looked in on Anne and Emily who were snoring peacefully, Emily had a guy with her.  I went to my room and undressed which was when I noticed a wad in my jeans pocket.  I took it out.  Written on the front were the words, 'For Claire, the whore'.  Inside was £1000.  I felt sick to my stomach.

A week later and it's Friday again.  I have just received a text from an unknown number.  'Be ready. One hour, slut.'  God, I am nervous, but excited and my pussy is wet already, soaking the gusset of the expensive lingerie I bought with my new-found wealth.  I have completely shaved my pussy and I prelubed my bumhole...  I'm stuck between being horrified and honoured...  please don't judge me, and don't tell anyone what I've told you...